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Love Me Forever
Alternate Title: On Wings of Song
Director: Victor Schertzinger (Dir)
Release Date:   27 Jun 1935
Production Date:   18 Mar--27 Apr 1935
Duration (in mins):   90-91, 93 or 110
Duration (in reels):   10
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Cast:   Miss Grace Moore (Margaret Howard)  
    Leo Carrillo (Steve Corelli)  
    Robert Allen (Phillip Cameron)  
    Spring Byington ([Clara] Fields)  
    Michael Bartlett (Michael Bartlett [co-star of La Boheme])  
    Luis Alberni (Luigi)  
    Douglas Dumbrille (Miller)  
    Thurston Hall (Maurizzio)  
    Gavin Gordon (Mitchell)  
    Charles Moore (Janitor)  
    Charles McAvoy (Miller's henchman)  
    Harry Barris (Piano player)  
    Maxine Lewis (Blues singer)  
    Wyrley Birch (Auctioneer)  
    Olin Howland (Carlton)  
    Tudor Williams (Colline)  
    Sammy Stein (Joe)  
    David Clyde (Hank)  
    Arthur Kay (Musicial director)  
    Milan Roder (Musical director)  
    Fred W. Malatesta (Italian man)  
    Marion Lord (Boisterous woman)  
    Angelo Rossi (Rudolph)  
    Dora Clemant (Head fitter)  
    Josef Swickard (Bonini)  
    Irene Crane (Mimi)  
    Jack Mulhall (Gambler)  
    Lloyd Whitlock (Gambler)  
    George Webb (Gambler)  
    Jean DeBriac (Gambler)  
    Charles Sherlock (Gambler)  
    Sam Ash (Gambler)  
    Edwin Argus (Gambler)  
    Nick Copeland (Gambler)  
    Francis Sayles (Gambler)  
    Arthur Stuart Hull (Guest)  
    Wedgwood Nowell (Guest)  
    Bess Flowers (Guest)  
    Marie Wells (Guest)  
    Corinne Williams (Guest)  
    Valerie DeLorenzo (Guest)  
    Vincent Cessarelli (Alcindoro)  
    Franco Corsaro (Chaunard)  
    Max Barwyn (Waiter)  
    Nick Thompson (Waiter)  
    Natale Corrosia (Waiter)  
    Louis Mercier (Waiter)  
    Rudolf Myzet (Waiter)  
    Helene Barclay (Check-room girl)  
    Ralph McCullough (Secretary)  
    Dagmar Oakland (Secretary)  
    Betty May (Secretary)  
    Rodolfo Hoyos (Marcel)  
    Hayden Stevenson (Prompter)  
    Jack Costello (Kibitzer)  
    Edward Allen (Kibitzer)  
    Alphonse Martell (Attendant)  
    Edmund Burns (Polo player)  
    Arnold Gray (Polo player)  
    Joe Poppin (Polo player)  
    Dick Gordon (Polo player)  
    James Millican (Polo player)  
    Abe Dinovitch (Doorman)  
    Blue Washington (Doorman)  
    Art Miles (Doorman)  
    Constantine Romanoff (Doorman)  
    Harry Mount (Page boy)  
    Robert St. Angelo (Henchman)  
    Jack Gallagher (Henchman)  
    Ethan A. Laidlaw (Henchman)  
    Abdullah Abbas (Henchman)  
    George Magrill (Henchman)  
    Harry Strang (Henchman)  
    Albert J. Smith (Henchman/Head carpenter)  
    Charles Sullivan (Taxi driver)  
    Carlo Schipa (Taxi driver)  
    Charles R. Moore (Janitor)  
    Kansas DeForrest (Dancing girl)  
    Lorinne Crawford (Dancing girl)  
    Valerie Hall (Dancing girl)  
    Alice Deon (Dancing girl)  
    Peggy Robbins (Dancing girl)  
    Juanita Field (Dancing girl)  
    Rhea Neissen (Dancing girl)  
    Von Adair (Dancing girl)  
    Budd Fine (Guard)  
    Tom Herbert    
    John Merkyl    
    Jack Clark    
    Gladys Gale    
    Edna Lyall    
    Wilfred Lucas    
    Elvira Curci    
    Louis Natheaux    
    Phil Dunham    
    Grace Goodall    
    William Arnold    
    Phillips Smalley    
    Celeste Edwards    
    Eric Wayne    
    Gertrude Carr    
    Coit Albertson    
    Ruth Sherrington    
    Margaret Morgan    
    Peggy Leon    
    Frank Yaconelli    
    Harry Semels    
    Genaro Spagnoli    
    John Ardizoni    
    William Worthington    
    Lorimer Johnston    
    Cecil Weston    
    John C. Fowler    
    Joe Mack    
    Wilfrid North    
    Louis LaVoie    
    Count Rudolf von Stefenelli    
    Charles DeLaMotte    
    Mary Emery    
    Baron Hesse    
    Naomi Winters    
    Tony Merlo    
    Victoria Stuart    
    Lenora Nova    
    Jane Draper    
    Quenda Hackett    
    Pauline High    
    Robert Dale    
    Rebecca Wassem    
    Louise Dean    
    Jean Beeks    
    Ivan Christy    
    Ethel Bryant    
    Elaine Waters    
    Yvonne Bertrand    
    Gay Waters    
    Edwards Davis    
    Edith Haskins    
    Sonia Saunders    
    Clara Fried    
    Betty Socks    
    Dorothy Grumbell    
    Ruth Griffith    
    Bee Montclair    
    Nell Baldwin    
    Alix Norman    
    Andre Cheron    
    Barbara Cohen    
    Grace Williams    
    Patricia Royale    
    Beth Hartman    
    Mrs. Geraghty    
    Rita Donlin    
    Evelyn Pierce    
    Dorothy Johnson    
    Charles Marsh    
    Jack Gardner    
    Oliver Echardt    
    Isabelle LaMal    
    William Jeffrey    
    Bert Lindley    

Summary: In Lake Placid, New York, singer Margaret Howard turns down Boston heir Phillip Cameron's marriage proposal despite the fact that she is broke and must auction her family's estate. Attending the auction is Steve Corelli, a music lover who has gambled his way into the big time. Steve hears Margaret sing and hires her to work at his cafe. Steve wants Margaret to sing opera, but when his nightclub audience is unappreciative, he transforms it into a dinner theater called "La Marguerita." Margaret's opening night performance of Rigoletto is a success, and to celebrate, Steve invites her to his apartment where he has a suite of rooms for her, but Margaret refuses his invitation. The next morning, Margaret finds Phil waiting in her dressing room and cancels her rehearsal schedule to spend the day with him. Steve, afraid of losing Margaret to Phil, tells her that the Metropolitan Opera wants to audition her so that she will not go to Boston with Phil. Then, Steve pays exorbitant fees to have Margaret study with the best teachers and finally manages to get a member of the Met, Maurizzio, to attend one of her performances. When Steve goes to tell Margaret of her success, he finds her in Phil's arms and after entertaining the thought of killing Phil, becomes drunk and goes gambling. Miller, the proprietor of the gambling house, demands payment from Steve after he loses $15,000. Steve pays him with a bad check and goes into hiding. Luigi, Steve's assistant, takes Margaret to see Steve, and he tells her that he cannot attend her opening night at the Met, but promises to listen to her performance on the radio. On opening night, Margaret tells Phil that he is not the one for her. Meanwhile, Steve cannot bear merely listening to Margaret sing La Boheme , so he goes to the Met and learns that Margaret has paid off Miller with a loan from Maurizzio. At the conclusion of Margaret's performance, she sees Steve in the audience and they blow kisses to one another. 

Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corp.  
Production Text: Harry Cohn, President
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures Corp.  
Director: Victor Schertzinger (Dir)
  Arthur Black (Asst dir)
Producer: Max Winslow (Assoc prod)
Writer: Jo Swerling (Scr)
  Sidney Buchman (Scr)
  Victor Schertzinger (Story)
Photography: Joseph Walker (Photog)
  Joseph August (Cam)
  Vic Scheurich (2d cam)
  George Kelly (Asst cam)
  Al Keller (Asst cam)
  George Hager (Set lighting foreman)
Art Direction: Stephen Goosson (Art dir)
Film Editor: Gene Milford (Film ed)
  Viola Lawrence (Film ed)
  Aaron Nibley (Film ed)
Costumes: Elizabeth Courtney (Women's wardrobe)
  Russell Hanlon (Men's wardrobe)
  Forrest Butler (Ward)
Music: Louis Silvers (Mus dir)
  Gaetano Merola (Operatic numbers cond by)
  Victor Schertzinger (Thematic mus)
Sound: Bert Lee (Sd)
  Herbert Noursh (Sd)
  John Livadary (Sd rec)
  Paul G. Neal (Sd eng)
  Earl Snyder (Microphone)
Make Up: Lenore Benton (Hair)
  Helen Hunt (Hair)
  William Knight (Makeup)
Production Misc: Mercy Weireter (Scr clerk)
  Marvin Brewer (Elec)
  Red McDonald (Elec)
  Walter Featherstone (Elec)
  Harry Bischoff (Elec)
  Claude Rich (Elec)
  Al Later (Elec)
  Bob Charlesworth (Elec)
  James Lloyd (Head grip)
  Tom Connolly (Grip)
  George Leveque (Grip)
  Ellis Hatch (Grip)
  Les Haas (Grip)
  Bert Worrell (Grip)
  William Lally (Props)
  Jack Wrenn (Props)
  Stanley Dunn (Props)
  H. E. Pierce (Doorman)
  Reginald Le Borg (Tech dir of opera sequences)
Stand In: Ione Ried (Double for Grace Moore)
  Nell Cook (Stand-in for Grace Moore)
Country: United States

Songs: Quartet from the opera Rigoletto , music by Giuseppe Verdi, libretto by Francesco Maria Piave; "Musetta's Street Song" and "Tiny Hands" from the opera La Bohème , music by Giacomo Puccini, libretto by Giuseppe Giacosa and Luigi Illica; "Love Me Forever," music by Victor Schertzinger, lyrics by Gus Kahn; "Funiculì Funiculà," music and lyrics by Luigi Denza; "Il bacio" by Luigi Arditi, arranged by Victor Schertzinger.
Composer: Luigi Arditi
  Luigi Denza
  Giuseppe Giacosa
  Luigi Illica
  Gus Kahn
  Giacomo Puccini
  Victor Schertzinger
  Giuseppe Verdi

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Columbia Pictures Corp. 1/7/1935 dd/mm/yyyy LP5642

PCA NO: 976
Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: Western Electric Noiseless Recording

Genre: Musical
Subjects (Major): Art patronage
  Metropolitan Opera (New York City)
  Romantic rivalry
Subjects (Minor): Antiques
  La Bohème (Opera)
  Missing persons
  New York City
  Lake Placid (NY)
  Proposals (Marital)
  Rigoletto (Opera)

Note: According to HR production charts, Love Me Forever began production under the title On Wings of Song . The Var review states that in the film's original version, "Steve Corelli" was killed at the end, while HR states that "Steve" was shot in the wings of the theater as "Margaret" sent him a message over the radio. NYT noted that Thurston Hall's character "Maurizzio" was made up to resemble Giulio Gatti-Casazza, who managed the Metropolitan Opera House in New York from 1908 until 1935. Several reviewers compared the film with Grace Moore and Victor Schertzinger's 1934 picture, One Night of Love (see below). Love Me Forever was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Recording. 

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