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Groundhog Day
Director: Harold Ramis (Dir)
Release Date:   12 Feb 1993
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles opening: 12 Feb 1993; New York opening: week of 12 Feb 1993
Production Date:   began 16 Mar 1992
Duration (in mins):   98
Duration (in feet):   9,085
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Cast:   Bill Murray (Phil [Connors])  
    Andie MacDowell (Rita [Hanson])  
    Chris Elliott (Larry)  
    Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned [Ryerson])  
    Brian Doyle-Murray (Buster [Greene])  
    Marita Geraghty (Nancy [Taylor])  
    Angela Paton (Mrs. Lancaster)  
    Rick Ducommun (Gus)  
    Rick Overton (Ralph)  
  [and] Robin Duke (Doris the waitress)  
    Carol Bivins (Anchorwoman [Nan])  
    Willie Garson (Phil's assistant Kenny)  
    Ken Hudson Campbell (Man in hallway)  
    Les Podewell (Old man)  
    Rod Sell (Groundhog official)  
    Tom Milanovich (State trooper)  
    John Watson, Sr. (Bartender)  
    Peggy Roeder (Piano teacher)  
    Harold Ramis (Neurologist)  
    David Pasquesi (Psychiatrist)  
    Lee R. Sellars (Cop)  
    Chet Dubowski (Bank guard Felix)  
    Doc Erickson (Bank guard Herman)  
    Sandy Maschmeyer (Phil's movie date)  
    Leighanne O'Neil (Fan on street)  
    Evangeline Binkley (Jeopardy! viewer)  
    Samuel Mages (Jeopardy! viewer)  
    Ben Zwick (Jeopardy! viewer)  
    Hynden Walsh (Debbie)  
    Michael Shannon (Fred)  
    Timothy Hendrickson (Waiter Bill)  
    Martha Webster (Waitress Alice)  
    Angela Gollan (Piano student)  
    Shaun Chaiyabhat (Boy in tree)  
    Dianne B. Shaw (E. R. nurse)  
    Barbara Ann Grimes (Flat tire lady)  
    Ann Heekin (Flat tire lady)  
    Lucina Paquet (Flat tire lady)  
    Brenda Pickleman (Buster's wife)  
    Amy Murdoch (Buster's daughter)  
    Eric Saiet (Buster's son)  
    Lindsay Reinsch (Woman with cigarette)  
    Roger Adler (Guitar player)  
    Ben A. Fish (Bass player)  
    Don Rio McNichols (Drum player)  
    Brian Willig (Saxophone player)  
    Richard Henzel (D. J. voice)  
    Rob Riley (D. J. voice)  
    Scooter (The Groundhog [Punxsutawney Phil])  


Production Company: Columbia Pictures (A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company)
Production Text: Columbia Pictures Presents
A Trevor Albert Production
A Harold Ramis Film
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures (A Sony Pictures Entertainment Company)
Director: Harold Ramis (Dir)
  C. O. Erickson (Unit prod mgr)
  Michael Haley (1st asst dir)
  John L. Roman (2d asst dir)
  Sam Hoffman (2d 2d asst dir)
  Cyd Adams (2d 2d asst dir)
  Steve Boyum (2nd unit dir, Second unit)
  J. Alan Hopkins (2d unit 1st asst dir, Second unit)
  Gaetano "Tom" Lisi (2d unit 1st asst dir, Second unit)
  Brian W. Boyd (2d unit 2d asst dir, Second unit)
Producer: Trevor Albert (Prod)
  Harold Ramis (Prod)
  Whitney White (Assoc prod)
  C. O. Erickson (Exec prod)
Writer: Danny Rubin (Scr)
  Harold Ramis (Scr)
  Danny Rubin (Story)
Photography: John Bailey (Dir of photog)
  Michael Stone (Cam op)
  Peter Kuttner (1st asst cam)
  Beth Cotter (2d asst cam)
  Linda Gacsko (Loader)
  Mike G. Moyer (Chief lighting tech)
  Mark R. Lindberg (Asst chief lighting tech)
  Morgan Michael Lewis (Key grip)
  Mark E. Matthys (Best boy grip)
  Bradley T. Matthys (Dolly grip)
  Louis Goldman (Still photog)
  James Blanford (Dir of photog, Second unit)
  George Kohut (Dir of photog, Second unit)
  Michael Kohnhorst (Cam op, Second unit)
  Ann Lukacs (Cam op, Second unit)
  Tom Lewis (Chief lighting tech, Second unit)
  Dennis E. de la Mata (Key grip, Second unit)
Art Direction: David Nichols (Prod des)
  Peter Lansdown Smith (Art dir)
  Gary Baugh (Asst art dir)
  James J. Murakami (Asst art dir)
  Amy Berk (Art dept coord)
Film Editor: Pembroke J. Herring (Ed)
  Craig Herring (Addl ed)
  Lin Coleman (1st asst ed)
  Tony Ciccone (1st asst ed)
  Sandra French (2d asst ed)
  Jim Durante (Apprentice ed)
  Kimberly Lord (Apprentice ed)
  Donah Bassett & Associates (Negative cutter)
Set Decoration: Lisa Fischer (Set dec)
  Joel Prihoda (Leadman)
  Amie Frances McCarthy (Prop master)
  Ron Bolanowski (Asst prop master)
  Phil Read (Const coord)
  Karen Fletcher-Trujillo (Set des)
Costumes: Jennifer Butler (Cost des)
  Mike Butler (Cost supv)
  Julie Lynn Glick (Costumer)
  Patrick Caulfield (Costumer)
Music: George Fenton (Mus)
  Sharon Boyle (Mus supv)
  Sally Boldt (Mus ed)
  John Richards (Scoring mixer)
  Jeff Atmajian (Orch)
Sound: George H. Anderson (Supv sd ed)
  Kevin Barlia (Sd ed)
  Ed Callahan (Sd ed)
  David Giammarco (Sd ed)
  John A. Larsen (Sd ed)
  Cindy Marty (Sd ed)
  Linda Martin (Asst sd ed)
  Ann Ducommun (Asst sd ed)
  Les Lazarowitz (Prod mixer)
  Jeff Williams (Boom op)
  Scott R. Thomson (Sd cable)
  Sony Pictures Studios Culver City, California (Sd services by)
  Sergio Reyes (Re-rec mixer)
  B. Tennyson Sebastian II (Re-rec mixer)
  Bill W. Benton (Re-rec mixer)
  Mary Andrews (ADR ed)
Special Effects: Tom Ryba (Spec eff)
  Art Anthony (Spec prosthetic makeup)
  Cinema Research Corporation (Opticals by)
  Pittard/Sullivan/Fitzgerald (Title des)
Make Up: Dorothy Pearl (Key makeup)
  Deborah K. Dee (Makeup)
  Emanuel "Manny" Millar (Key hair stylist)
  Gunnar Swanson (Hair stylist)
Production Misc: Howard Feuer (Casting)
  Judi Townsend (Scr supv)
  Alecia LaRue (Prod coord)
  Margaret J. Orlando (Prod secy)
  Margaret A. Mitchell (Prod accountant)
  Suzanne Herrington (Asst to Mr. Ramis)
  Dawn Erickson (Asst to Mr. Albert)
  Bob Hudgins (Loc mgr)
  Kimberly K. Miller (Asst loc mgr)
  George J. DiLeonardi (Transportation capt)
  Dan Maxwell (Transportation co-capt)
  Nicole Arbusto (Casting asst)
  Holzer, Roche & Ridge Casting, Inc. (Extras casting)
  Susan B. Mencke (Craft service)
  Tomkats Catering (Catering)
  Bill Hoffman (Animal trainer/Handler)
  Kim Miller (Animal trainer/Handler)
  Nancy Willen (Unit pub)
  Rafe Blasi (Unit pub)
  James Richard Weis (Key set prod asst)
  Christina J. Stauffer (Set prod asst)
  Brian M. Schwartz (Set prod asst)
  Valerie Flueger (Set prod asst)
  Judd Nissen (Prod office asst)
  Jennifer Bird (Prod office asst)
  Jane Brody (Chicago casting)
  Ritchie Copenhaver (2d unit loc mgr, Second unit)
  Mary Carlson (2d unit scr supv, Second unit)
  Julie Chandler (2d unit scr supv, Second unit)
  Craig Hosking (Helicopter pilot, Second unit)
Stand In: Terry Fryer (Piano hand double)
  Jim Kindelon (Bill Murray stand-in)
  Stacy Logan (Stunts)
  Maryann Kelman (Stunts)
  Steve Boyum (Stunts)
  James R. Mammoser (Stunts)
  Frank P. Calzavara (Stunts)
  Jim McCarthy (Stunts)
  Rudy Calzavara (Stunts)
  Linda Perlin (Stunts)
  Ed Fernandez (Stunts)
  Randy Popplewell (Stunts)
  James Fierro (Stunts)
  Gina Reale (Stunts)
  Glory Fioramonti (Stunts)
  Rich Wilkie (Stunts)
  Mark Harper (Stunts)
  Jeffrey Martin Williams (Stunts)
  Rick LeFevour (Stunt coord)
Color Personnel: Technicolor® (Prints by)
MPAA Rating: PG
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "Weatherman," written by George Fenton and Harold Ramis, produced by George Fenton, performed by Delbert McClinton, courtesy of Curb Records; "I Got You Babe," written by Sonny Bono, performed by Sonny & Cher, courtesy of Atco Records by arrangement with Warner Special Products; "Pennsylvania Polka," written by Lester Lee & Zeke Manners, performed by Frankie Yankovic, courtesy of Columbia Records by arrangement with Sony Music Licensing; "Take Me Round Again," written and produced by George Fenton, performed by Susie Stevens; "You Don't Know Me," written by Eddy Arnold & Cindy Walker, performed by Ray Charles, courtesy of Ray Charles Enterprises; "Eighteenth Variation From Rapsodie On A Theme Of Paganini," written by Sergei Rachmaninoff; "Phil's Piano Solo," written, produced and performed by Terry Fryer; "Almost Like Being In Love," written by Alan Jay Lerner & Frederick Loewe, performed by Nat King Cole, courtesy of Capitol Records by arrangement with CEMA Special Markets; The musical composition: "La Bourree Du Celibataire" (Jacques Brel) ©MCA/Caravelle Music France (Tropicales Catalogue).
Composer: Eddy Arnold
  Sonny Bono
  Jacques Brel
  George Fenton
  Terry Fryer
  Lester Lee
  Alan Jay Lerner
  Frederick Loewe
  Zeke Manners
  Sergei Rachmaninoff
  Harold Ramis
  Cindy Walker
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. 8/4/1993 dd/mm/yyyy PA608003

PCA NO: 31714
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Stereo® at Selected Theatres
  Lenses: Filmed in Panavision®

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Festivals
  Small town life
  Time travel
Subjects (Minor): Amnesia
  Beds and bedsteads
  Death and dying
  Good Samaritans
  Polka (Dance)
  Radio announcers
  Television news anchors
  Television producers
  Weather forecasting
  Wild animals


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