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Director: Peter Weir (Dir)
Release Date:   1985
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles and New York openings: 8 Feb 1985
Duration (in mins):   113
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Cast:   Harrison Ford (John Book)  
    Kelly McGillis (Rachel)  
    Josef Sommer (Schaeffer)  
    Lukas Haas (Samuel)  
    Jan Rubes (Eli Lapp)  
  and Alexander Godunov (Daniel Hochleitner)  
  Co-starring Patti LuPone (Elaine)  
    Danny Glover (McFee)  
    Brent Jennings (Carter)  
    Angus MacInnes (Fergie)  
    Frederick Rolf (Stoltfus)  
    Viggo Mortensen (Moses Hochleitner)  
    John Garson (Bishop Tchantz)  
    Beverly May (Mrs. Yoder)  
    Ed Crowley (Sheriff)  
    Timothy Carhart (Zenovich)  
    Sylvia Kauders (Tourist lady)  
    Marian Swan (Mrs. Schaeffer)  
    Maria Bradley (Schaeffer's daughter)  
    Rozwill Young (T-Bone)  
    Paul S. Nuss (Amish)  
    Emily Mary Haas (Amish)  
    Fred Steinharter (Amish)  
    John D. King (Amish)  
    Paul Goss (Amish)  
    Annemarie Vallerio (Amish)  
    Bruce E. Camburn (Amish)  
    William Francis (Town man)  
    Tom W. Kennedy (Ticket seller)  
    Ardyth Kaiser (Couple in garage)  
    Thomas Quinn (Couple in garage)  
    Eugene Dooley (Detective)  
    Victoria Scott D'Angelo (Detective)  
    Richard Chaves (Detective)  
    Tim Moyer (Detective)  
    Nino Del Buono (Detective)  
    James Clark (Detective)  
    Norman Carter (Detective)  
    Craig Clement (Detective)  
    Robert Earl Jones (Custodian)  
    Michael Levering (Hoodlum)  
    Cara Giallanza (Hoodlum)  
    Anthony Dean Rubes (Hoodlum)  
    Bernie Styles (Counterman)  
    Blossom Terry (Mother in station)  
    Jennifer Mancuso (Little girl)  


Production Text: Paramount Pictures Presents
An Edward S. Feldman Production
Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures Corp. (Gulf & Western Industries, Inc.)
Director: Peter Weir (Dir)
  Ted Swanson (Prod mgr)
  David McGiffert (1st asst dir)
  Pam Eilerson (2d asst dir)
Producer: Edward S. Feldman (Prod)
  Wendy Weir (Assoc prod)
  David Bombyk (Co-prod)
Writer: Earl W. Wallace (Scr)
  William Kelley (Scr)
  William Kelley (Story)
  Pamela Wallace (Story)
  Earl W. Wallace (Story)
Photography: John Seale (Dir of photog)
  Dan Lerner (Cam op)
  Bruce MacCallum (1st asst cam)
  Chaim Kantor (2d asst cam)
  Gary B. Tandrow (Gaffer)
  Robin Knight (Key grip)
  Bernie Schwartz (Dolly grip)
  Lawrence K. Freeman (Elec best boy)
  Chuck Clifton (2d unit cam)
  Josh Weiner (Stills)
Art Direction: Stan Jolley (Prod des)
Film Editor: Thom Noble (Ed)
  White Gloves, Inc. (Negative cutting)
Set Decoration: John Anderson (Set dec)
  Craig Edgar (Set des)
  David M. Goldman (Props)
  Carlos L. Acosta (Props)
  Frank L. Brown (Leadman)
  Robert Krume (Const coord)
Costumes: Shari Feldman (Cost supv)
  Dallas D. Dornan (Cost supv)
  Paula Cain (Costumer)
  Michael W. Hoffman (Costumer)
Music: Maurice Jarre (Mus comp)
  Maurice Jarre (Mus composed by)
  Richard Stone (Supervising mus ed)
  Bob Glass (Re-rec mixer)
  Don DiGirolamo (Re-rec mixer)
  Record Plant Scoring (Scoring)
Sound: Barry D. Thomas (Sd mixer)
  Forrest R. Williams (Boom man)
  Todd-AO (Sd re-rec at )
  Buzz Knudson (Re-rec mixer)
  George Watters, II (Supervising sd eff ed)
  Cecelia Hall (Supervising sd eff ed)
  Norval Crutcher (Sd eff ed)
  Frank Howard (Sd eff ed)
  Alan L. Nineberg (Sd eff ed)
  Andrew Patterson (Sd eff ed)
  Paul Bruce Richardson (Sd eff ed)
  Fred Stafford (ADR supv)
  Pamela Bentkowski (Foley ed)
  Alan Bromberg (Foley ed)
  Joan E. Chapman (Asst ed)
  Michael Amundsen (Apprentice ed)
  Humberto Gatica (Rec mixing)
Special Effects: John R. Elliott (Spec eff)
  Pacific Title (Titles and opticals)
Make Up: Michael A. Hancock (Makeup supv)
  Bette L. Iverson (Hairstylist)
  Leland V. Crawford (Hairstylist)
  Marie Delrusso (Makeup artist)
Production Misc: Dianne Crittenden (Casting)
  Michael Meehan (Loc mgr)
  Hope Williams (Scr supv)
  Cynnie Troup (Scr supv)
  Clifford D. Hill (Transportation)
  Judy Pritchard (Secy to Mr. Swanson)
  Ilene Starger (Casting assoc)
  Gail Walton (Loc casting (Philadelphia))
  Elina deSantos (Loc casting (Philadelphia))
  Tom Scott (Loc casting (Lancaster))
  Sandra Rabins (Prod auditor)
  Capt. Eugene Dooley Philadelphia Police Department (Police advisor)
  John D. King (Amish advisor)
  Cara Giallanza (Prod asst)
  Diane Schneier (Prod asst)
  Ruth Tighe (Prod asst)
  Lynn Stewart (Prod asst)
  Eyal Geva (Asst to Mr. Weir)
  Gloria Slate (Asst to Messers. Feldman and Bombyk)
  Michael Klastorin (Pub)
  Nora Dunfee (Amish dialect consultant)
  Michel Mention (Asst to Maurice Jarre)
Stand In: Gary Epper (Stunts)
  Bob Minor (Stunts)
  Anderson Martin (Stunts)
  Glenn Wilder (Stunt coord)
  Gary Epper (Stunt coord)
Color Personnel: Bob Noland (Col timer)
  Technicolor® (Col by )
MPAA Rating: R
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: “(What A ) Wonderful World,” by Sam Cooke, Herb Alpert & Lou Adler, Abco Music, Inc., performed by Greg Chapman; “Shocking Behavior,” by Paul Chiten & Sue Sheridan; “Party Down,” by Alan Brackett & Scott Shelly.
Composer: Lou Adler
  Herb Alpert
  Alan Brackett
  Paul Chiten
  Sam Cooke
  Scott Shelly
  Sue Sheridan
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Paramount Pictures Corporation 12/3/1985 dd/mm/yyyy PA241490

PCA NO: 27540
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Stereo® in Selected Theatres
  Lenses: Lenses and Panaflex® cameras by Panavision®

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Crime


Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Hollywood Reporter   25 Jan 1985   p. 3, 34.
Los Angeles Times   8 Feb 1985   p. 1, 16.
New York Times   8 Feb 1985   p. 18.
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