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Director: Tobe Hooper (Dir)
Release Date:   1982
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles and New York openings: 4 Jun 1982
Duration (in mins):   114
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Cast: Starring JoBeth Williams (Diane Freeling)  
    Craig T. Nelson (Steve Freeling)  
    Beatrice Straight (Dr. Lesh)  
    Dominique Dunne (Dana Freeling)  
    Oliver Robins (Robbie Freeling)  
  [and] Heather O'Rourke (Carol Anne Freeling)  
  Featuring Marty Casella (Marty)  
    Richard Lawson (Ryan)  
    Zelda Rubinstein (Tangina)  
    James Karen (Mr. Teague)  
    Dirk Blocker (Jeff Shaw)  
    Michael McManus (Ben Tuthill)  
    Helen Baron (Woman buyer)  
    Virginia Kiser (Mrs. Tuthill)  
    Allan Graff (Sam)  
    Robert Broyles (Pool worker #1)  
  [and] Lou Perry (Pugsley)  
    Clair Leucart (Bulldozer driver)  
    Joseph R. Walsh (Joey)  
    Noel Conlon (Husband)  
    Sonny Landham (Pool worker #2)  
    Bill Vail (Implosion man)  
    Jeffrey Bannister (Implosion man)  
    Phil Stone (Football announcer) NBC Sports


Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.  
Production Text: A Tobe Hooper Film
A Steven Spielberg Production
Distribution Company: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.  
Director: Tobe Hooper (Dir)
  Dennis Jones (Prod mgr)
  Pat Kehoe (1st asst dir)
  Bob Roe (2d asst dir)
Producer: Steven Spielberg (Prod)
  Frank Marshall (Prod)
  Kathleen Kennedy (Assoc prod)
Writer: Steven Spielberg (Scr)
  Michael Grais (Scr)
  Mark Victor (Scr)
  Steven Spielberg (Story)
Photography: Matthew F. Leonetti (Dir of photog)
  Dennis Matsuda (Cam op)
  John Leonetti (1st asst cam)
  Tom Klines (2d asst cam)
  Bruce McBroom (Still photog)
  Pat Blymyer (Gaffer)
  Hugo Cortina (Best boy)
  John Linder (Key grip)
  Mark Averill (Dolly grip)
  Leonetti Cine Rentals Hollywood (Ultracam 35 cameras and JDC anamorphic lenses provided by)
Art Direction: James H. Spencer (Prod des)
  Ed Verreaux (Prod illustrator)
Film Editor: Michael Kahn (Ed)
  R. Fields (Assoc ed)
  Mel Friedman (Asst ed)
  Albert Coleman (Asst ed)
  Brian Ralph (Negative cutter)
Set Decoration: Cheryal Kearney (Set dec)
  Craig Raiche (Prop master)
  Michael L. Muscarella (Const coord)
Costumes: Ann Lambert (Cost supv)
  Buffy Snyder (Ladies cost)
  Charles DeMuth (Men`s cost)
Music: Jerry Goldsmith (Mus)
  Ken Hall (Mus ed)
  Arthur Morton (Orch)
Sound: Art Rochester (Sd mixer)
  Richard Thornton (Boom person)
  Stephen Hunter Flick (Supv sd ed)
  Richard L. Anderson (Supv sd ed)
  Mark A. Mangini (Sd eff ed)
  John Chih Chao Dunn (Sd eff ed)
  Bonnie Koehler (Dial ed)
  Warren Hamilton, Jr. (Dial ed)
  Alan Howarth (Spec sd eff)
  John Roesch (Foley walker)
  Joan Rowe (Foley walker)
  Bill Varney (Re-rec mixer)
  Steve Maslow (Re-rec mixer)
  Kevin O'Connell (Re-rec mixer)
Special Effects: Richard Edlund (Visual eff supv)
  Mike Wood (Mechanical eff supv)
  Jeff Jarvis (Spec eff foreman)
  Mitch Suskin (Visual eff coord)
  MGM Title (Titles)
  Industrial Light and Magic Marin County, CA. (Spec visual eff prod at)
  Bruce Nicholson (Opt photog supv, ILM)
  Conrad Buff (Visual eff ed supv, ILM)
  Nilo Rodis (Eff art dir, ILM)
  Bill Neil (Eff cam, ILM)
  Rick Fichter (Eff cam, ILM)
  Tom Smith (Prod supv, ILM)
  Laurie Vermont (Prod coord, ILM)
  Michael Pangrazio (Matte painting supv, ILM)
  Neil Krepela (Matte photog, ILM)
  John Bruno (Anim supv, ILM)
  Gary Platek (Laser and cloud eff, ILM)
  Lorne Peterson (Modelshop supv, ILM)
  Paul Huston (Chief model maker, ILM)
  Sam Comstock (Technical anim supv, ILM)
  Peter Romano (1st asst cam, ILM)
  Robert Hill (1st asst cam, ILM)
  Garry Waller (1st asst cam, ILM)
  Kim Marks (1st asst cam, ILM)
  Ray Gilberti (2d asst cam, ILM)
  Jim Veilleux (Cam-addl scenes, ILM)
  John Ellis (Opt printer op, ILM)
  Mark Vargo (Opt printer op, ILM)
  Don Clark (Opt printer op, ILM)
  Dave Berry (Opt printer op, ILM)
  Ed Jones (Opt line-up, ILM)
  Tom Rosseter (Opt line-up, ILM)
  Ralph Gordon (Opt line-up, ILM)
  Tim Geideman (Opt technician, ILM)
  Duncan Meyers (Opt technician, ILM)
  Bob Chrisoulis (Opt technician, ILM)
  Ease Owyeung (Model maker, ILM)
  Barbara Gallucci (Model maker, ILM)
  Marc Thorpe (Model maker, ILM)
  Sean Casey (Model maker, ILM)
  Charlie Bailey (Model maker, ILM)
  Dave Sosalla (Model maker, ILM)
  Bruce Richardson (Model maker, ILM)
  Steve Gawley (Model maker, ILM)
  Grant Smith (Model maker, ILM)
  Larry Tan (Model maker, ILM)
  Jeff Mann (Model maker, ILM)
  Scott Marshall (Model maker, ILM)
  Marghe McMahon (Model maker, ILM)
  Toby Heindel (Model maker, ILM)
  Art Vitello (Key anim, ILM)
  Jose Able (Anim, ILM)
  Milt Gray (Anim, ILM)
  Terry Windell (Anim, ILM)
  James C. Keefer (Anim prod supv, ILM)
  Renee Holt (Anim asst supv, ILM)
  Mike Lessa (Key asst, ILM)
  Jack Mongovan (Asst anim, ILM)
  Peggy Tonkonogy (Asst anim, ILM)
  Scott Caple (Asst anim, ILM)
  Bob Deluca (Asst anim, ILM)
  Ellen Lichtwardt (Asst anim, ILM)
  Kathryn Lenihan (Matte anim, ILM)
  Kim Knowlton (Matte anim, ILM)
  Jay Davis (Matte anim, ILM)
  Judy Elkins (Matte anim, ILM)
  Craig Barron (Asst matte photog, ILM)
  Michael Shannon (Addl matte anim, ILM)
  Howard Stein (Visual eff ed, ILM)
  Peter Amundson (Asst visual eff ed, ILM)
  Ted Moehnke (Supv stage tech, ILM)
  Pat Fitzsimmons (Stage foreman, ILM)
  Dick Dova (Stage tech, ILM)
  Bobby Finley, III (Stage tech, ILM)
  Edward Hirsh (Stage tech, ILM)
  John McCleod (Stage tech, ILM)
  Peter Stolz (Stage tech, ILM)
  Thaine Morris (Stage tech, ILM)
  Dave Childers (Stage tech, ILM)
  Harold Cole (Stage tech, ILM)
  Terry Chostner (Still photog, ILM)
  Roberto McGrath (Still photog, ILM)
  Kerry Nordquist (Still photog, ILM)
  Paula Paulson (Spec wire performance, ILM)
  Lisa Jean Mower (Spec ward, ILM)
  Laura Kaysen (Prod accountant, ILM)
  Chrissie England (Admin supv, ILM)
  Mary Lou Hale (Prod secy, ILM)
  Kathy Shine (Prod secy, ILM)
  Ed Breed (Prod procurer, ILM)
  Paula Karsh (Prod procurer, ILM)
  Jerry Jeffress (Elec system des, ILM)
  Kris Brown (Elec system software, ILM)
  Mike MacKenzie (Elec eng, ILM)
  Gary Leo (Elec eng, ILM)
  Marty Brenneis (Elec eng, ILM)
  Bessie Wiley (Elec tech, ILM)
  Melissa Cargill (Elec tech, ILM)
  Christi McCarthy (Elec coord, ILM)
  Mike Bolles (Des eng, ILM)
  Ed Tennler (Draftsman, ILM)
  Gene Whiteman (Equip eng supv, ILM)
  Udo Pampel (Machinist, ILM)
  Conrad Bonderson (Machinist, ILM)
  David Hanks (Apprentice machinist, ILM)
  Chris Rand (Apprentice machinist, ILM)
  Wade Childress (Equip maintenance, ILM)
  Michael Smith (Equip maintenance, ILM)
Make Up: Dottie Pearl (Makeup)
  Toni Walker (Hairdresser)
  Craig Reardon (Spec eff make-up)
Production Misc: Mike Fenton (Casting)
  Jane Feinberg (Casting)
  Marci Liroff (Casting)
  Beverly Webb (Prod coord)
  Marion Tumen (Scr supv)
  Paul Pav (Loc mgr)
  Patty Rumph (Asst to Mr. Marshall)
  Janice Pober (Asst to Mr. Spielberg)
  Christopher Reynolds (Prod assoc)
  Daphne Stacey (Asst to Mr. Hooper)
  Gary Hellerstein (Transportation coord)
  Jerry Moore (Craft service)
  Richard L. Calkins (Rip's owner & trainer)
  Don Levy (Unit pub)
Stand In: Glenn Randall Jr. (Stunt coord)
  Cindy Folkerson (Stunts)
  Dana Gendian (Stunts)
  Jaimi Gendian (Stunts)
  Beth Nufer (Stunts)
  Felix Silla (Stunts)
  George Wilbur (Stunts)
  Jean Epper (Stunts)
  Bob Yerkes (Stunts)
  Bob Herron (Stunts)
Color Personnel: Bob McMillian (Col timing)
  Metrocolor┬« ([Col by])
MPAA Rating: PG
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Company & SLM Entertainment, Ltd. 8/7/1982 dd/mm/yyyy PA142980

PCA NO: 26466
Physical Properties: Sd: Recorded in Dolby Stereo in selected theatres

Genre: Horror

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Hollywood Reporter   21 May 1982   p. 3, 24.
Los Angeles Times   4 Jun 1982   p. 1, 10.
New York Times   4 Jun 1982   p. 16.
Variety   26 May 1982   p. 14.

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