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Director: Pete Docter (Dir)
Release Date:   29 May 2009
Premiere Information:   Cannes Film Festival screening: 13 May 2009; Los Angeles opening: 29 May 2009
Production Date:   began 12 Jun 2007
Duration (in mins):   96
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Cast:   Ed Asner (Carl Fredricksen)  
    Christopher Plummer (Charles [F.] Muntz)  
    Jordan Nagai (Russell)  
    Bob Peterson (Dug)  
    Delroy Lindo (Beta)  
    Jerome Ranft (Gamma)  
    Bob Peterson (Alpha)  
    John Ratzenberger (Construction foreman Tom)  
    David Kaye (Newsreel announcer)  
    Elie Docter (Young Ellie)  
    Jeremy Leary (Young Carl)  
    Mickie T. McGowan (Police officer Edith)  
    Danny Mann (Construction worker Steve)  
    Don Fullilove (Nurse George)  
    Jess Harnell (Nurse AJ)  
    Josh Cooley (Omega)  
    Pete Docter (Campmaster Strauch)  
  Additional voices: Mark Andrews    
    Bob Bergen    
    Brenda Chapman    
    Emma Coats    
    John Cygan    
    Paul Eiding    
    Tony Fucile    
    Teresa Ganzel    
    Sherry Lynn    
    Laraine Newman    
    Teddy Newton    
    Jeff Pidgeon    
    Valerie Lapointe    
    Jan Rabson    
    Bob Scott    

Summary: In the 1930s, a newsreel featuring the exploits of world explorer Charles F. Muntz and his discoveries of exotic animals deeply impress young, would-be explorer Carl Fredricksen. The news report highlights Muntz’s latest discovery, the skeleton of an unknown giant bird, brought back from the wilds of South America’s Paradise Falls. However, when scientists declare the skeleton inauthentic and label him a fraud, Muntz vows to validate his discovery and redeem his reputation. Along with his pack of companion dogs, Muntz flies away in his dirigible, The Spirit of Adventure , to return to Paradise Falls. As he walks home, Carl imagines his own adventures, only to be distracted by enthusiastic cries from a dilapidated, boarded-up house. Upon investigating, Carl finds another young adventurer who has turned an upstairs room into the bridge of a dirigible and covered the crumbling walls with newspaper accounts of Muntz’s exploits. Amazed to discover that the energetic fan is a girl named Ellie, Carl agrees to join her adventurer club and she presents him with a grape soda cap membership button. After Ellie encourages Carl to walk across a decayed plank and he falls and breaks his arm, she secretly visits him at home, climbing up to his second story bedroom from the outside. Proudly showing Carl her Adventure Scrapbook, Ellie reveals several drawings and pictures of Paradise Falls and a page that says “Stuff I’m Going to Do,” followed by many blank pages waiting for future adventures. Years later, Carl and Ellie marry, and move in and repair the old house where they met. Carl becomes a balloon salesman and despite his and Ellie’s continued yearning for adventure, they find genuine pleasure in the simplicity of their daily lives together. After Ellie loses their baby and learns she can never have others, Carl, hoping to restore her zest for life, starts an adventure fund. Over the years he and Ellie collect money for the fund in a big jar set in the middle of their living room in front of a large painting of Paradise Falls with a drawing of their house atop the cliff over the falls. As time passes, however, Carl and Ellie use the adventure fund for unexpected household and personal expenses, and find themselves no closer to their dream of visiting Paradise Falls. One day, well into his retirement, Carl boldly purchases airline tickets to South America, but Ellie, in failing health, is hospitalized soon after. Before dying, Ellie presents Carl with her Adventure Scrapbook. Alone, Carl, now using a cane and hearing aids, remains housebound, only going outside to confront the urban planners and construction workers who are building sprawling edifices through the once placid neighborhood. One afternoon, a young Wilderness Explorer Scout, Russell, comes to Carl’s door and explains that he needs to earn one more merit badge, for helping the elderly, in order to become a Senior Explorer. Annoyed, Carl sends the enthusiastic Russell in search of a non-existent sniper bird. Just after Russell departs, a large construction truck pulls up and bumps the mailbox that Carl and Ellie put up years earlier. Outraged, Carl refuses the driver’s sincere apology, lashing out with his cane and knocking the man down. Soon after, Carl is summoned to court where he is declared a public menace and ordered to surrender his home. A few days later, attendants from the Shady Oaks retirement home arrive and, resigned, Carl packs a few clothes and Ellie’s scrapbook. Carl then asks the men for a moment to bid the house farewell, but moments later they hear a loud “whooshing” noise as a huge tarp falls away from behind the house, revealing hundreds of balloons filled with helium, which are anchored through the chimney and pull the house from its foundation. As Carl cheers wildly from a window, the house rises into the air. Releasing drapes sewn together to form giant sails, Carl, who has also crafted a steering mechanism to the drapes, maneuvers the house higher and higher, and with the aid of a compass, heads south toward Paradise Falls. Only a little ways into his flight, Carl is startled to hear a knock on the front door and opens it. There he finds a terrified Russell clinging to a corner of the porch, underneath which he had been searching for the sniper prior to Carl’s lift-off. Once safely inside, Russell prattles unceasingly, forcing Carl to turn off his hearing aids. When the house sails into a storm, Carl exhausts himself tying down all of his and Ellie’s valuables while an enthusiastic Russell steers the buffeting house. The next morning upon waking, Carl is incredulous when Russell insists that he has brought the house to Paradise Falls using a hand-held Global Positioning System device. Disbelieving, Carl cuts a few balloons loose to lower the house, assuring Russell that he can catch a bus home. Descending through a heavy fog, the house just misses several strange formations before crashing hard onto the ground, sending Carl and Russell tumbling out the front door. As the balloons begin to drag the house toward a cliff, Carl lunges after the trailing hose and, with Russell holding onto him, manages to prevent the house from plunging over. A strong wind blows the remaining fog away and Carl recognizes the wild, lush lands of Paradise Falls. Tethering themselves to the house to act as anchors, Carl and Russell set off towards the famous falls Carl has dreamt of all his life. Nearby, unknown to the pair, a pack of dogs chase a speeding object across the jungle floor and are only driven away from their goal when Carl’s hearing aids emit a high, piercing whistle. When they stop to rest, Russell wanders into the woods. As he begins eating a chocolate bar, a large bird abruptly pokes through the foliage to nibble on the candy. Believing the huge, colorful bird is the sniper Carl had told him about earlier, Russell lures the bird out to Carl, who is irritated when it begins to follow them as they resume pulling the house toward the falls. Russell names their new companion Kevin, but the bird bolts moments later when the group is hailed by a male voice. To Carl and Russell’s amazement, they discover that the voice belongs to a golden retriever dog who introduces himself as Dug, then explains that his master created the special collar that allows him to communicate. Dug adds that, as a good tracker, he has been sent to search for a rare bird. Kevin returns at that moment, delighting both Russell and Dug, but Carl grumpily returns to pulling the house in an attempt to ignore the distressing distractions. Meanwhile in the distance, the dogs' pack leader, Alpha, a doberman, consults with his subordinates, Beta, a rottweiler, and Gamma, a bulldog, who laugh at Alpha, whose collar has been damaged and is causing his usually deep voice to be high pitched. Although Beta and Gamma wonder why Alpha sent the scatterbrained Dug in search of their quarry, Alpha, using a miniature communications device on Gamma’s collar, contacts Dug, who then reports that he has captured the bird. Tracking Dug via the GPS on his collar, Alpha and his cohorts follow. Although Carl hopes to get rid of Dug by throwing one of the stabilizing tennis balls attached to the bottom of his cane, Dug retrieves and returns the ball. Soon after, as night falls, Carl and Russell are forced to stop when the house bumps into the cliff wall, shattering a window. When it begins to rain, Russell struggles unsuccessfully to put up a tent and admits that since his father never spent much time with him, he has never learned how to camp properly. When Russell asks Carl to promise to protect Kevin, Carl hesitates until the boy uses the same “cross-your-heart” vow frequently used by Ellie long ago. The next morning, when Kevin answers faint cries from the jungle, Dug explains they are Kevin’s babies and Russell is dismayed that his new friend is a girl. After having gathered food for her offspring, Kevin bids them farewell, only to bolt at top speed upon hearing a noise. Alpha, Beta and Gamma confront Carl and Russell, but when Dug cannot explain Kevin’s absence, the dogs forcibly escort them, along with the sagging house, to their master. At a large crevice in the side of the cliff, the group is met by a snarling pack of dogs called off by a man who Carl is stunned to recognize as his former idol, Charles Muntz. Pleased to be recognized, Muntz invites Carl and Russell inside his cave dwelling, where the two gape at the Spirit of Adventure dirigible which is still fully functional. Muntz then gives Carl a tour of his displayed collection of skeletons of rare creatures he has captured over his many years in Paradise Falls. To Carl and Russell’s amazement, the dogs set about preparing a lavish dinner for them, led by chef dog Epsilom. Meanwhile, Muntz repairs Alpha’s collar, returning his low, threatening voice. As punishment for allowing Kevin to escape, Alpha places Dug in an e-collar, called the “cone of shame” by the pack. Muntz then confides to Carl that he initially suspected his visitors had come to capture Kevin, whose species he has hunted these many years to clear his name of the accusation of fraud. Carl grows uneasy when Muntz mentions other unsuccessful explorers who have come in the past and points out numerous moldy helmets and clothes piled in a corner. As Russell blurts out that Kevin can be lured by chocolate, Carl spots the bird perched on the house outside just as she calls to her brood, attracting the pack and Muntz’s attention. Realizing they are all in danger, Carl and Russell flee with Dug. While Kevin swoops down to retrieve Russell, Carl struggles to pull the house away and Dug intercepts Alpha and the others. Carl and Russell manage to leap to another cliff top while still clinging to the hose and the house, but Kevin injures her leg while assisting them. Freed from the cone after his confrontation with Alpha, Dug rejoins Russell, Carl and the bandaged Kevin, who is placed safely on the porch. Alpha and the others report back to Muntz, who realizes that he can track Kevin through Dug’s collar sensor. That night as an agitated Kevin calls to her babies, Muntz attacks the group from his dirigible, trapping Kevin in a net and setting fire to the house. When Carl turns his attention to saving the house, allowing Muntz to fly away with the captured bird, Russell accuses the older man of giving up Kevin and flings down his merit badge sash in disgust. Angry, Carl retreats to the house where he comforts himself by looking through Ellie’s scrapbook. Always believing that the pages after the “Stuff I’m Going to Do” page have remained blank, Carl is amazed to find they are, instead, full of pictures of his and Ellie’s life together. On the last page under a picture of the beaming old couple, Ellie has written: “Thanks for the adventure—now go have a new one.” Deeply moved, Carl retrieves Russell’s sash only to find the youngster has flown away, using several balloons and a leaf blower as a steering device, to rescue Kevin. Unable to get the house airborne, Carl begins throwing out his and Ellie’s belongings until the house, nearly empty, lifts off. Joined by the loyal Dug, Carl steers the house after Russell, who has crashed into Muntz’s dirigible and has been captured and tied up by the dogs. Ecstatic to have finally captured Kevin, Muntz callously orders Russell thrown overboard when he sees Carl chasing them. Carl succeeds in reaching the dirigible in time to catch Russell, then assures the boy that he will rescue Kevin. After tethering the house to the dirigible with the hose, Carl sneaks aboard with Dug’s help and distracts the pack by hurling the tennis balls from his cane, which he then tosses aside. Meanwhile, Muntz orders a fleet of bi-planes, piloted by dogs, to cut the dead weight house away, but the pilots are distracted when Russell yells “Squirrel!” Having reached Kevin, Carl uses a disruption provided by Dug and Alpha on the bridge to crawl out the window with the bird and climb a ladder to the dirigible’s broad top. When Dug forces Alpha into an object similar to the cone of shame, the pack transfers their loyalty to him. Muntz confronts Carl and Kevin on the top of the dirigible, but in his mad attempt to recapture Kevin, he gets entangled in the balloon strings and falls to his death, as Carl, Russell, Kevin and Dug safely remain atop the Spirit of Adventure . Realizing the activity has cast the sinking house adrift, Carl watches sadly as it disappears down through the mist. After landing the dirigible safely on the jungle floor, Carl and Russell are delighted to meet Kevin’s babies. Happily reunited with her family, she bids farewell to her friends and Carl, Russell and Dug fly the dirigible home. Soon after, Carl attends Russell’s Wilderness Scout presentation and, after the boy is made a Senior Explorer, presents him with the grape soda cap button of his and Ellie’s adventure club. While the old man, boy and dog sit outside Fenton’s Ice Cream store watching cars go by, back in Paradise Falls, Carl and Ellie’s home settles onto the cliff just above the falls.  

Production Company: Walt Disney Pictures (The Walt Disney Company)
  Pixar Animation Studios (The Walt Disney Company)
Production Text: A Pixar Animation Studios film
Distribution Company: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures  
Director: Pete Docter (Dir)
  Bob Peterson (Co-dir)
Producer: Jonas Rivera (Prod)
  John Lasseter (Exec prod)
  Andrew Stanton (Exec prod)
  Denise Ream (Assoc prod)
Writer: Pete Docter (Story)
  Bob Peterson (Story)
  Tom McCarthy (Story)
  Bob Peterson (Scr)
  Pete Docter (Scr)
  Ronnie del Carmen (Addl scr material)
Photography: Patrick Lin (Dir of photog cam)
  Jean-Claude Kalache (Dir of photog lighting)
Art Direction: Ricky Nierva (Prod des)
  Bryn Imagire (Shading art dir)
  Ronnie del Carmen (Story supv)
  Shannon Ryan (Story mgr)
  James S. Baker (Story artist)
  Ken Bruce (Story artist)
  Enrico Casarosa (Story artist)
  Josh Cooley (Story artist)
  Rob Gibbs (Story artist)
  Justin Hunt (Story artist)
  Bill Presing (Story artist)
  Tony Rosenast (Story artist)
  Bobby Alcid Rubio (Story artist)
  Peter Sohn (Story artist)
  Nick Sung (Story artist)
  Jason Katz (Addl storyboarding)
  Matthew Luhn (Addl storyboarding)
  Jeff Pidgeon (Addl storyboarding)
  Julie Lynn (Story consultant)
  Mary Coleman (Creative development)
  Kiel Murray (Creative development)
  Karen Paik (Creative development)
  Veronica Watson (Story coord)
  Brian Wright (Story coord)
  Jennifer Birmingham (Art mgr)
  Daniel López-Muñoz (Character art dir)
  Albert Lozano (Character art dir)
  Nat McLaughlin (Environment art dir)
  Don Shank (Environment art dir)
  Daniel Arriaga (Prod artist)
  Noah Klocek (Prod artist)
  Greg Dykstra (Sculptor)
  Paul Conrad (Graphic des)
  Craig Foster (Graphic des)
  Tony Fucile (Development artist)
  Dominique Louis (Development artist)
  Teddy Newton (Development artist)
  Wendell Luebbe (Development artist)
  Patrick McDonnell (Development artist)
  Richard McGuire (Development artist)
  Jeff Pidgeon (Development artist)
  William Cone (Addl prod art)
  Sandeep Menon (Art intern)
  Andrea Rhodes (Art intern)
  Stephanie B. Hamilton (Art coord)
  Erik Langley (Art coord)
  Amy Hale (Art prod asst)
  Alex Harvill (Matte paint lead)
  Randy Berrett (Matte painter)
  Huy Nguyen (Matte painter)
  Paul Topolos (Matte painter)
  Francisco Delatorre (Matte paint tech)
  Patrick James (Matte paint tech)
  Matthew Webb (Matte paint tech)
  Jeffrey K. Wong (Matte paint tech)
Film Editor: Kevin Nolting (Film ed)
  Laura Leganza Reynolds (Ed mgr)
  Shannon Ryan (Ed mgr)
  Katherine Ringgold (Film ed)
  Gregory Amundson (Assoc ed)
  Thomas Gonzales (Asst ed)
  C. J. Hsu (Asst ed)
  Amera Rizk (Asst ed)
  Robert Grahamjones (Addl ed support)
  Stan Webb (Addl ed support)
  David Suther (Addl ed support)
  Thomas M. Harrigan (Addl ed support)
  Kevin Rose-Williams (Addl ed support)
  Dallis Anderson (Ed coord)
  Jeanne Applegate (Ed asst)
  Walt Disney Studios (Negative cutting by)
Music: Michael Giacchino (Mus)
  David Slusser (Prod music ed)
  Tim Simonec (Orch & cond)
  Dan Wallin (Rec & mixed by)
  Stephen M. Davis (Mus ed)
  Reggie Wilson (Mus contractor)
  Booker White (Supv mus copyist)
  Peter Boyer (Addl orch)
  Jack J. Hayes (Addl orch)
  Larry Kenton (Addl orch)
  Michael Giacchino (Addl orch)
  Andrea Datzman (Score coord)
  Greg Dennen (Scoring crew)
  Ryan Robinson (Scoring crew)
  Rich Wheeler (Scoring crew)
  Chris Montan (Exc mus prod)
  Tom MacDougall (Mus supv)
  Andrew Page (Mus prod dir)
  Donna Cole-Brulé (Mus bus affairs)
  Ashley Chafin (Mus prod coord)
  Jill Heffley (Mus prod asst)
  Siobhan Sullivan (Mus prod asst)
  Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage (Mus rec & mixd at)
Sound: Tom Myers (Sd des)
  E. J. Holowicki (Addl sd des)
  Skywalker Sound A Lucasfilm Ltd. Company Marin County, California (Post-prod sound services by)
  Michael Silvers (Supv sd ed)
  Tom Myers (Supv sd ed)
  Michael Semanick (Re-rec mixer)
  Tom Myers (Re-rec mixer)
  Vince Caro (Orig dial mixer, Post prod)
  Doc Kane (Orig dial mixer, Post prod)
  Al Nelson (Sd eff ed)
  J. R. Grubbs (Sd eff ed)
  Teresa Eckton (Sd eff ed)
  Pascal Garneau (Foley ed)
  Joanthan Null (Foley ed)
  Steve Slanec (ADR ed)
  Mac Smith (Asst supv sd ed)
  Jana Vance (Foley artist)
  Dennie Thorpe (Foley artist)
  Frank Rinella (Foley mixer)
  Sean England (Foley rec)
  Tony Sereno (Mix tech)
  Nathan Nance (Mix tech)
  Ron Roumas (Rec)
  Clint Smith (Rec)
  Dustin Cawood (Asst sd des)
  Benny Burtt (Sd eff apprentice)
Special Effects: Gary Bruins (Eff supv)
  Mary Van Escobar (Eff mgr)
  Mariko Nobori (Mgr, Image mastering)
  Dominic Glynn (Lead eng, Image mastering)
  Rod Bogart (Lead eng, Image mastering)
  Beth Sullivan (Admin mgr, Image mastering)
  Robert Tachoires (Media control mgr, Image mastering)
  Robin Young (Image mastering coord, Image mastering)
  André Pang (Software engineering, Image mastering)
  Drew TTV Rogge (Software engineering, Image mastering)
  Andra Smith (Media control transfer op, Image mastering)
  Glenn Kasprzycki (Media control transfer op, Image mastering)
  Jeff Whittle (Media control transfer op, Image mastering)
  Richard Pinkham (Media control transfer op, Image mastering)
  Jeff Wan (Cam op, Image mastering)
  Mark Dinicola (Cam op, Image mastering)
  John Hazelton (Projection, Image mastering)
  Timothy Kennelly (Projection, Image mastering)
  Joshua Hollander (Dir of stereoscopic prod, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Bob Whitehall (Stereoscopic supv, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Sandra Karpman (Tech lead, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Darwyn Peachey (Tech consultant, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Paul McAfee (Mgr, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Courtney Casper (Coord, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Tiffany Erickson Houghton (Rendering, Stereoscopic 3D)
  Susan Bradley (Creative film service art dir & title des, Post production)
  Laura Meyer (Creative film services graphics, Post prod)
  Anne Pia (Mgr, Rendering pipeline group)
  Christopher C. Walker (Tech lead, Rendering pipeline group)
  Kate Cronin (Rendering pipeline group team)
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Production Misc: Kevin Reher (Casting)
  Natalie Lyon (Casting)
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  James Ford Murphy (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Thomas Porter (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Susan T. Tatsuno (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  John Warren (Prod resources, Pixar studio team)
  Leah Marshall (Bus & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Rob Rieders (Bus & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Bob Roden (Bus & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Jody Weinberg Silverman (Bus & legal affairs, Pixar studio team)
  Leeann Alameda (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Steven Argula (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Robin Chandler (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Deborah Coleman (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Andy Dreyfus (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Donald Evans (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Magen Sara Farrar (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Adam Gates (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Hilary Goss (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Cherie Hammond (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Holly Lloyd (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Sean McGinn (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Desiree Mourad (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Shannon Nicosia (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Silvia Palara (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Laurie Schrey (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Amanda Sorena (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Hasia Sroat (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Jesse Weglein (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Clayborn Welch (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Wells (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Timothy Zohr (Marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Galyn Susman (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Steve Bloom (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Sarah Chiappinelli (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Sarah Dunham (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Tim Fox (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Tony Kaplan (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Morgan Karadi (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Catherine Kelly (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Aaron Koressel (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Sara Maher (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Sureena Mann (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Erica Milsom (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Claire Munzer (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Claire Munzer (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Brice Parker (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Vargo (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Walsh (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Sutien Wong (DVD & promo prod, Pixar studio team)
  Emily Forbes (Development, Pixar studio team)
  James Roderick (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Samantha Wilson (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Emily Zulauf (Development, Pixar studio team)
  Yvonne Brazil (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Christen Carter (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Kimberly Clark (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Eleuterio Cruzat Jr. (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Lisa Ellis (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Tiffany Reno Fung (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Tricia Green (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Dawn Haagstad (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Pamela Harbidge (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Alicia McCullagh (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Robin McDonald (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Erin McGarry (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Jennifer Dunlap (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Jennylyn Mercado (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Marcos Navarrete (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Kacy Naylor (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Jennifer Nealan (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Allison Parker (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Erica Perkins-Youman (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Stephanie Sheehy (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Amie Shinohara (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Claire Ucovich (Human resources, Pixar studio team)
  Megan Albert (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Mickayela Jade Beatty (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Nancy Garretson Case (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Daniel Combs (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Rachel Ergas (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Marguerite K. Enright (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Heather Feng-Yanu (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Timothy Glass (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Marc S. Greenberg (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Kaitlin Hendrick (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Kentaro Hinoki (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Heather D. C. Jackson (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Joseph (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Jennifer McCormick (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Michelle Moretta (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Rosana Neciuk (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Tanya Oskanian (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Karen Perry (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Kristina Ruud (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Michelle Simons (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Marc Sondheimer (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Wendy Dale Tanzillo (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Shari Villarde (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Deana Walker (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Annette Wang (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Sue Williams (Admin & finance, Pixar studio team)
  Mary Beech (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Kelly Bonbright (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Ben Butcher (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Aidan Cleeland (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Kat Chanover (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Emery Low (Consumer products, Pixar studio teams)
  Leigh Ann MacFadden (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Rodriguez (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Schnabel (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Kiki Thorpe (Consumer products, Pixar studio team)
  Anthony A. Apodaca (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Allison June Barlow (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Nick Berry (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Loren Carpenter (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  David DiFrancesco (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Liz Gazzano (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Roger Gould (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Matthew Martin (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Donna Quattropani (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Krista Sheffler (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Carol Wang (Theme parks & 360, Pixar studio team)
  Dana Batali (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Katrin Bratland (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  James Burgess (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Per Christensen (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Ray Davis (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Julian Fong (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  George Harker (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher N. Harvey (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Ian Hsieh (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  David Laur (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brian K. Saunders (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brian Savery (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher Scoville (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brenden Schubert (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Annabella Serra (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Shade (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Brian Smits (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Wayne Wooten (Renderman development, Pixar studio team)
  Christopher Ford (Renderman sales and marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Renee Lamri (Renderman sales and marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Moxom (Renderman sales and marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Dylan Sisson (Renderman sales and marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Wendy Wirthlin (Renderman sales and marketing, Pixar studio team)
  Renee Adams (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Bradly Andalman (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  John R. Anderson (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Anton (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Lorraine Aochi (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Bianchi (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Stas Bondarenko (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Ian Buono (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Andrew Butts (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Michael Chann (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Kenneth Culp (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Alden Chew (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Rob Cook (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Sean Cotter (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Tony DeRose (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Thomas Drake (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  George Elkoura (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Sean Feeley (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Gregory Finch (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Kurt Fleischer (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Eric Gregory (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Thomas Hahn (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Mark T. Henne (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Tara Hernandez (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Kitt Hirasaki (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Wilson Taylor Holliday (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Richard Hurrey (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Hayley Iben (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Paul Isaacs (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Shriram Neelakanta Iyer (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Masa Jow (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Michael Kass (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Jason Kim (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Kenrick Kin (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Murat N. Konar (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Brett Levin (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Yun Lien (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Aaron Luk (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Michelle Lai (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Mark Meyer (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Alex Mohr (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Daniel Leaf Nunes (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Cory Omand (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Jonathan Page (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Silvia Palara (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Bret Parker (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Lena Petrovic (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Corey Revilla (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Justin Ritter (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Susan Salituro (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Florian Sauer (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Chris Schoeneman (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Patrick Schork (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Craig Schroeder (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Stefan Schulze (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Kay Seirup (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  John Shannon (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Bill Sheffler (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Sarah Shen (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Burton Siu (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Eliot Smyrl (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Justin Solomon (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Jacob Speirs (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  C. Bart Sullivan (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Allison Styer (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  J. Warren Trezevant (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Erin Tomson (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Dirk Van Gelder (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Sigmund Vik (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Brad West (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Jason Williams (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Andy Witkin (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Adam Woodbury (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Richard Yoshioka (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  David G. Yu (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  Luke Zulauf (Software development, Pixar studio team)
  DeAnn Cobb (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Samuel Daffner (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Kim Donovan (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Christine Freeman (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  David R. Haumann (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Elyse Klaidman (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Michelle N. Lindsey (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Randy Nelson (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Meg Ocampo (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Adrienne Ranft (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Juliet Roth (Pixar University & archive, Pixar studio team)
  Tom Carlisle (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Craig Payne (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  James Theodore Andereggen (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  John Bennett (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Matthew Gagnebin (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Paul Gillis (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Michael Hitson (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Hsiao H. Liu (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Cherise Miller (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Schreiber (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Brian Torres (Facilities, Pixar studio team)
  Dennis "DJ" Jennings (Purchasing & Pixar studio store, Pixar studio team)
  Kristin Gamble (Purchasing & Pixar studio store, Pixar studio team)
  Jeanie Gray (Purchasing & Pixar studio store, Pixar studio team)
  Valerie Hathaway (Purchasing & Pixar studio store, Pixar studio team)
  Sara Trumpler (Purchasing & Pixar studio store, Pixar studio team)
  Kenny Condit (Shipping & receiving, Pixar studio team)
  Edgar A. Ochoa (Shipping & receiving, Pixar studio team)
  Kevan Parmelee (Shipping & receiving, Pixar studio team)
  Marco Castellanos (Shipping & receiving, Pixar studio team)
  Keith Kops (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Peter Matthew Bontrager (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Marlon Castro (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Paul Chideya (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Al Cimino (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Richard Cogger (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Gerald E. Hackett III (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Ramon Hannon (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Michael Hitson (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Kristine A. Javier (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Raymond List (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Jean C Luevano (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Marisa Mariscal (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Noah Skinner (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Brian Smith (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Joni Superticioso (Safety & security, Pixar studio team)
  Luxo Café (Craft services by)
  Jennifer Johnston (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Luis Alarcon-Cisneros (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Francisco A. Figueroa (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Lauren Grbich (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Fidel Guzman (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Erika Lamb (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Candelaria Lozano (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Marie Nilsson (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Greer Nuttall (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Luigi Passalacqua (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  John Ricks (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Olga Velazquez (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Samantha Wilson (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
  Corbin Young (Craft services, Pixar studio team)
Animation: Scott Clark (Supv anim)
  Thomas Jordan (Character supv)
  John Halstead (Sets supv)
  John Pottebaum (Simulation and crowds supv)
  Humera Yasmin Khan (Rendering supv)
  Ralph Eggleston (Lighting dir)
  Harley Jessup (Lighting dir)
  Lou Romano (Lighting dir)
  Dana Murray (Layout mgr, Cam & staging)
  Mahyar Abousaeedi (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Robert Anderson (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Josh Anon (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Andrew Cadelago (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Gregg Olsson (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Sukwon Park (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Mark Sanford (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Mark Shirra (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Matthew Silas (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Sylvia Gray Wong (Layout artist, Cam & staging)
  Shawn Brennan (Post-anim cam artist, Cam & staging)
  Stephen Krug (Layout coord, Cam & staging)
  A. J. Riebli III (Anim mgr)
  Shawn Krause (Dir anim)
  Dave Mullins (Dir anim)
  Michael Venturini (Dir anim)
  Simon Allen (Anim)
  Dovi Anderson (Anim)
  Rodrigo Blaas (Anim)
  Jason Boose (Anim)
  Bolhem Bouchiba (Anim)
  Adam Burke (Anim)
  Shaun Chacko (Anim)
  Kevin Chesnos (Anim)
  Simon Christen (Anim)
  Christopher Chua (Anim)
  Louis Clichy (Anim)
  Brett Coderre (Anim)
  Jonathen Collins (Anim)
  Tim Crawfurd (Anim)
  Don Crum (Anim)
  Doug Dooley (Anim)
  Everett Downing Jr. (Anim)
  Ike Feldman (Anim)
  Doug Frankel (Anim)
  Curran W. Giddens (Anim)
  Mark C. Harris (Anim)
  Aron Hatfield (Anim)
  Aaron Hartline (Anim)
  Travis Hathaway (Anim)
  Guilherme Sauerbronn Jacinto (Anim)
  Rob Jensen (Anim)
  Nancy Kato (Anim)
  Patty Kihm (Anim)
  Ken Kim (Anim)
  Vladimir Kooperman (Anim)
  Bruce Kuei (Anim)
  John CC Lee (Anim)
  Wendell Lee (Anim)
  Holger Leihe (Anim)
  Angus MacLane (Anim)
  Austin Madison (Anim)
  Matt Majers (Anim)
  Michael Makarewicz (Anim)
  Amber Martorelli (Anim)
  Dan Mason (Anim)
  Steve Mason (Anim)
  Richard McKain (Anim)
  Paul Mendoza (Anim)
  Daniel Nguyen (Anim)
  Kevin O'Hara (Anim)
  Andreas Procopiou (Anim)
  Brett Pulliam (Anim)
  K. C. Roeyer (Anim)
  Roger Rose (Anim)
  Gini Cruz Santos (Anim)
  Andrew L. Schmidt (Anim)
  Brett Schulz (Anim)
  Doug Sheppeck (Anim)
  David Earl Smith (Anim)
  Michael Stocker (Anim)
  Raphael Suter (Anim)
  Rob Duquette Thompson (Anim)
  Jean-Claude Tran Quang Thieu (Anim)
  Kristophe Vergne (Anim)
  Stephen Wong (Anim)
  Michael Wu (Anim)
  Kureha Yokoo (Anim)
  Tom Zach (Anim)
  Ron Zorman (Anim)
  Andrew Beall (Fix anim lead)
  Sequoia Blankenship (Fix & addl anim)
  Guillaume Chartier (Fix & addl anim)
  Bertrand Chung (Fix & addl anim)
  Eric Degner (Fix & addl anim)
  Lindsay VanderGalien (Fix & addl anim)
  Neil Helm (Fix & addl anim)
  Tsung-Yin Hsieh (Fix & addl anim)
  Jae Hyung Kim (Fix & addl anim)
  Joseph Mingoo Lee (Fix & addl anim)
  Terry Song (Fix & addl anim)
  Becki Tower (Fix & addl anim)
  Arik Ehle (Crowds anim lead)
  Daniel Campbell (Anim shot support tech)
  Todd R. Krish (Anim shot support tech)
  Kate Ranson-Walsh (Anim coord)
  Jaclyn Simon (Anim coord)
  Russell J. Stough (Anim coord)
  Deirdre Warin (Char mgr)
  Tom Sanocki (Char modeling & articulation lead)
  Paul Aichele (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Michael Comet (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Bernhard Haux (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Sonoko Konishi (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Alonso Martinez (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Alexander Nehls (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Andrew H. Schmidt (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Brian Tindall (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Audrey Wong (Char modeling & articulation artist)
  Robert Moyer (Char shading & groom lead)
  Byron Bashforth (Char shading & groom artist)
  Masha Ellsworth (Char shading & groom artist)
  Laura Hainke (Char shading & groom artist)
  Jonathan Hoffman (Char shading & groom artist)
  Ana G. Lacaze Jordan (Char shading & groom artist)
  Junyi Ling (Char shading & groom artist)
  Daniel McCoy (Char shading & groom artist)
  Ben Porter (Char shading & groom artist)
  Doug Rigby (Char shading & groom artist)
  Chuck Waite (Char shading & groom artist)
  Athena Xenakis (Char shading & groom artist)
  Bill Zahn (Char shading & groom artist)
  Jamie Frye (Char paint artist)
  Ernesto Nemesio (Char paint artist)
  Claudia Chung (Char cloth lead)
  Emron Grover (Char cloth artist)
  Fran Kalal (Char cloth artist)
  Carmen Ngai (Char cloth artist)
  Edgar Rodriguez (Char cloth artist)
  Hoon H. Kim (Char coord)
  Lauren Topal (Char prod asst)
  Alex Mandel (Simulation & crowds mgr)
  Frank Aalbers (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Jessica Abroms (Simulation & crowds artist)
  John Bodley (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Edwin Chang (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Kevin G. Der (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Michael Frederickson (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Daniel Gallagher (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Henry Garcia (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Stephen Matthew Gustafson (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Paul Kanyuk (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Chris King (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Hsiao-Hsien Lo (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Michael Lorenzen (Simulation & crowds artist)
  J. D. Northrup (Simulation & crowds artist)
  George Nguyen (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Chen Shen (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Brad Winemiller (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Jane Yen (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Andrew Oates (Simulation & crowds artist)
  Sanjay Bakshi (Global tech eng)
  Gordon Cameron (Global tech eng)
  Christopher S. Co (Global tech eng)
  Louis Feng (Global tech eng)
  Jacob Merrell (Global tech eng)
  Jack Paulus (Global tech eng)
  William Reeves (Global tech eng)
  David Ryu (Global tech eng)
  Chen Shen (Global tech eng)
  Jane Yen (Global tech eng)
  Meng Yu (Global tech eng)
  Ian Vollick (Global tech eng)
  Brian Wright (Char eff coord)
  Kevin Gordon (Sets mgr)
  Sophie Vincelette (Sets modeling & dressing lead)
  Mark Adams (Sets modeling artist)
  Steven James (Sets modeling artist)
  Kristifir Klein (Sets modeling artist)
  Nick Pitera (Sets modeling artist)
  Suzanne Slatcher (Sets modeling artist)
  Gastón Ugarte (Sets modeling artist)
  Greg Peltz (Sets modeling artist)
  Pamela J. Choy (Sets modeling & articulation artist)
  Tom Miller (Jungle dressing lead)
  Christina Garcia (Sets dressing artist)
  Alison Leaf (Sets dressing artist)
  P. Antonio Piedra (Sets dressing artist)
  Colin Hayes Thompson (Sets shading lead)
  Eric Andraos (Sets materials lead)
  Alexander Adell (Shading artist)
  Neil Blevins (Shading artist)
  Benjamin Beech (Shading artist)
  Michael Kilgore (Shading artist)
  Mach Tony Kobayashi (Shading artist)
  David Munier (Shading artist)
  Richard Snyder (Shading artist)
  Weera Tom Wichitsripornkul (Shading artist)
  Maria Lee (Sets paint artist)
  Rui Tong (Sets paint artist)
  Maxwell Planck (Sets tech lead)
  Fareed Behmaram-Mosavat (Sets tech lead)
  Jun Han Cho (Sets tech development)
  Landon Gray (Sets tech development)
  Matt Kuruc (Sets tech development)
  Michael Ross (Sets tech development)
  Zoe Boxer (Sets coord)
  Kim Collins (Sweatbox mgr, Inventory)
  Alice Clendenen (Sweatbox mgr, Inventory)
  Pamela Darrow (Lighting mgr)
  Becky Neiman (Lighting mgr)
  Mitch Kopelman (Tech lighting lead)
  Airton Dittz Jr. (Lead lighting artist)
  Jesse Hollander (Lead lighting artist)
  Peter Sumanaseni (Lead lighting artist)
  Maria Yershova (Lead lighting artist)
  Lloyd Bernberg (Seq lighting lead)
  Chris Fowler (Seq lighting lead)
  Andrew Pienaar (Seq lighting lead)
  Jonathan Pytko (Seq lighting lead)
  Sudeep Rangaswamy (Seq lighting lead)
  Michael Sparber (Seq lighting lead)
  Brian Boyd (Master lighting artist)
  Ye Won Cho (Master lighting artist)
  Charu Clark (Master lighting artist)
  Steven James (Master lighting artist)
  Jae H. Kim (Master lighting artist)
  Luke Martorelli (Master lighting artist)
  Ian Megibben (Master lighting artist)
  Esdras Varagnolo (Master lighting artist)
  Tim Best (Key lighting artist)
  Jeremy Birn (Key lighting artist)
  Keith Cormier (Key lighting artist)
  Kathleen Cosby (Key lighting artist)
  Ian House (Key lighting artist)
  Sungyeon Joh (Key lighting artist)
  Eileen O'Neill (Key lighting artist)
  Farhez Rayani (Key lighting artist)
  Angelique Reisch (Key lighting artist)
  Kim Ross (Key lighting artist)
  Afonso Salcedo (Key lighting artist)
  Julien Schreyer (Key lighting artist)
  Erik Smitt (Key lighting artist)
  Kenneth Sullivan (Key lighting artist)
  Kyoung Lee Swearingen (Key lighting artist)
  Mimia Arbelaez (Shot lighting artist)
  Jeffrey Benedict (Shot lighting artist)
  Don Bui (Shot lighting artist)
  Mathieu Cassagne (Shot lighting artist)
  Ed Chen (Shot lighting artist)
  Wen-Chin Hsu (Shot lighting artist)
  Josée Lajoie (Shot lighting artist)
  Min Hyung Lee (Shot lighting artist)
  Burt Peng (Shot lighting artist)
  Vandana Reddy Sahrawat (Shot lighting artist)
  David Shavers (Shot lighting artist)
  Jacob Merrell (Illumination eng)
  Carl Nai Frederick (Lighting optimization eng)
  Susan Frank (Lighting coord)
  Eric Rosales (Rendering mgr)
  Jay Carina (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Susan Fisher (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Philip Graham (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Rogan Griffin (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Alexander Kolliopoulos (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Nick Lucas (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Corey Mayne (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Mary Van Escobar (Eff mgr)
  Alexis Angelidis (Development & eff artist)
  Eric Froemling (Development & eff artist)
  Jon Reisch (Development & eff artist)
  Alan Browning (Eff artist)
  Chris Chapman (Eff artist)
  Tolga Göktekin (Eff artist)
  Seth Holladay (Eff artist)
  Joshua Jenny (Eff artist)
  Jason Johnston (Eff artist)
  Keith Daniel Klohn (Eff artist)
  Enrique Vila (Eff artist)
  Bill Watral (Eff artist)
  Trish Carney (Eff coord)
  Intel (CPUs for final rendering)
  Marionette (Animated on)
  Pixar's RenderMan (Rendered with)
Color Personnel: David Lortsher (Colorist)
  Susan Brunig (Col grading op)
  Terry Claborn (Col timer)
MPAA Rating: PG
Country: United States
Language: English

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Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Disney Enterprises, Inc./Pixar 0/0/2009 dd/mm/yyyy  

PCA NO: 45254
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Digital; dts Digital Sound; SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound in selected theatres
  col: deluxe
  Widescreen/ratio: 3-D
  Lenses/Prints: Prints by deluxe and Technicolor

Genre: Comedy
Sub-Genre: Animation
Subjects (Major): Aged persons
Subjects (Minor): Airplanes
  Construction foremen
  Electronic voice boxes
  Falls from heights
  GPS receivers
  Ice cream parlors
  Motion picture theaters
  Retirement homes
  Wounds and injuries

Note: In the opening sequence of Up , the young “Carl Fredricksen” sits in a movie theater watching a black and white “Movietown News Spotlight” newsreel on the exploits of his hero, “Charles Muntz.” The news report mimicks the narrative style of Hollywood newsreels of the 1930s and 1940s. The four-minute montage sequence covering Carl and “Ellie’s” marriage and life together is presented completely without dialogue, accompanied only by an orchestral score. The closing credits design is that of a scrapbook with various photographs, buttons and mementos scattered throughout the crawl. After the closing crew credits, there is a list of individuals and companies given a "special thanks," followed by a list of babies born to crew members during production. The end credits include a dedication to four individuals, listed as "the real life Carl and Ellie Fredericksens who inspired us to create our own adventure books."
       According to a 20 Mar 2009 DV article, Up was the first cartoon and 3-D title to be selected as the opening night film at the Cannes Film Festival. The article noted that the festival’s organizers wanted to support the efforts of Hollywood studios to release more 3-D animated features. Up was Pixar’s first film produced and released in 3-D. In the 8 May 2009 issue of Screen International , director Pete Docter stated that he had come up with the idea for creating an animated story about a “grouchy old man” and a floating house in 2004. The article indicates that animation production lasted thirteen months with sixty animators, then an additional twelve months were spent on lighting, shading and texturing.
       A 1 Jun 2009 LAT article noted that although the idea of flying with the aid of helium balloons may seem whimsical, “cluster ballooning” is classified as an actual adventure sport, practiced throughout the world, dating back to 1937. In 2003, Lions Gate released the Australian live-action production Danny Deckchair , starring Rhys Ifans, directed by Jeff Balsmeyer, and based on the true story of a truck driver who flew several miles in a lawn chair powered by numerous helium-filled balloons.
       Despite some industry concern regarding the success of an expensive animated feature film, Up was met with critical and popular success, eventually topping the studio’s previous box office 2004 hit, The Incredibles . Critics praised the story for featuring a senior citizen and an overweight, Asian-American child. Of special note in several reviews was the montage of Carl and Ellie’s marriage, which featured powerful issues rarely seen in children’s films, such as Ellie’s miscarriage and the failing health of the elderly. The LAT critic called the sequence “a small gem that will stay with you for a lifetime.” Docter described it as “One of the things I am most proud of in the film,” and described how the sequence, which provided critical motivational back story for understanding Carl, was originally almost twenty minutes long and featured dialogue and sound effects. The LAT article adds that in the film’s research, Docter and co-writer Bob Peterson looked at several Super-8 home movies and, concluding that the sequence would be more effective without dialogue, pared it down to its most essential elements. Reviews also noted that Up was directly influenced by the 1925 First National production, The Lost World , based on a novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, that features a plateau and cliffs identical to those in “Paradise Falls.”
       Up was selected by AFI as one of the ten Movies of the Year for 2009. The film received Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature and Original Score, and nominations for Sound Editing, Original Screenplay and Best Picture. In addition, the film received the Golden Globe award for Best Animated Film and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score. The PGA awarded Up Best Animated Film after also nominating it for Best Picture. 

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