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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Director: David Fincher (Dir)
Release Date:   25 Dec 2008
Premiere Information:   New York and Los Angeles openings: 25 Dec 2008
Production Date:   6 Nov 2006--early Mar 2007 in New Orleans
Duration (in mins):   166-167
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Cast: In order of appearance: Cate Blanchett (Daisy [Fuller])  
    Julia Ormond (Caroline [Williams])  
    Faune Chambers (Dorothy Baker)  
    Elias Koteas (Monsieur Gateau)  
    Donna Duplantier (Blanche Devereux)  
    Jacob Wood (Martin Gateau)  
    Earl Maddox (Man at train station)  
    Ed Metzger (Teddy Roosevelt)  
    Jason Flemyng (Thomas Button)  
    Danny Vinson (Priest giving last rites)  
    David Jensen (Doctor at Benjamin's birth)  
    Joeanna Sayler (Caroline Button)  
    Taraji P. Henson (Queenie)  
    Mahershalalhashbaz Ali (Tizzy [Weathers])  
    Fiona Hale (Mrs. Hollister)  
    Patrick Thomas O'Brien (Dr. Rose)  
    Marion Zinser (Mrs. Horton)  
    Peter Badalamenti (Benjamin 1928-31)  
    Danny Nelson (General Winston)  
    Paula Gray (Sybil Wagner)  
    Lance Nichols (Preacher)  
    Rampai Mohadi (Ngunda Oti)  
    Troi Bechet (Filamena Gilea)  
    Phyllis Somerville (Grandma Fuller)  
    Elle Fanning (Daisy age 7)  
    Ted Manson (Mr. Daws)  
    Clay Cullen (Young Mr. Daws)  
    Edith Ivey (Mrs. Maple)  
    Robert Towers (Benjamin 1932-34)  
    Jared Harris (Captain Mike [Clark])  
    Sonya Leslie (Daisy's nurse)  
    Yasmine Abriel (Prostitute with Benjamin)  
    Madisen Beaty (Daisy age 10)  
    Tom Everett (Benjamin 1935-37)  
    Don Creech (Prentiss Mayes)  
    Christopher Maxwell (Rick Brody)  
    Joshua DesRoches (Vic Brody)  
    Richmond Arquette (John Grimm)  
    Josh Stewart (Pleasant Curtis)  
    Brad Pitt (Benjamin Button)  
    Ilia Volok (Russian interpreter)  
    Tilda Swinton (Elizabeth Abbott)  
    David Ross Paterson (Walter Abbott)  
    Taren Cunningham (Young Elizabeth Abbott)  
    Myrton Running Wolf (Dennis Smith)  
    Stephen Monroe Taylor (Sailor)  
    Devyn Tyler (Queenie's daughter age 14)  
    Adrian Armas (David)  
    Wilbur Fitzgerald (TV reporter)  
    Ashley Nolan (Woman doctor)  
    Louis Herthum (Man at Caroline's party)  
    Katta Hules (Caroline age 12)  
    Rus Blackwell (Robert Williams)  
    Joel Bissonnette (David Hernandez)  
    Deneen D. Tyler (Queenie's daughter age 40)  
    Spencer Daniels (Benjamin age 12)  
    Chandler Canterbury (Benjamin age 8)  
    Charles Henry Wyson (Benjamin age 6)  
    Jessica Cropper (Featured dancer)  
    Katherine Crockett (Featured dancer)  

Summary: In 2005, as hurricane Katrina bears down on New Orleans, Caroline Williams sits in a hospital room with her elderly mother, Daisy Fuller, who is near death. Although anxious over her mother's condition, Caroline is startled when Daisy abruptly relates the tale of a renowned blind watchmaker, Monsieur Gateau, and his Creole wife, Blanche Devereux, who, in 1917, see their son Martin off to the First World War: Gateau labors many months on an enormous clock which, after news of Martin’s death, the watchmaker presents to the newly opened Canal Street train station. At the great clock’s unveiling, attended by former president Theodore Roosevelt, guests are surprised to see that the clock runs backwards. Gateau explains that the reverse movement represents his longing that they might turn back time to recover all the young lives lost during the great war. While Caroline wonders if her mother has begun hallucinating, Daisy directs her to retrieve an old diary from her suitcase and asks her daughter to read it to her. Puzzled, Caroline opens the book and finds that it begins with a will, dated April 1985, for Benjamin Button who declares that he has nothing to pass on but his life story: On Armistice Day in November 1918, Thomas Button fights his way through celebrating crowds to find his wife Caroline dying at home after giving birth to a son. Upon seeing his newborn infant, Thomas responds with revulsion and, snatching the baby, runs to the canal with the intent of drowning the child. Frightened by a policeman, Thomas wanders the streets, then finally places the baby on the steps of a retirement home. Moments later, African American proprietor Queenie and her beau, Tizzy Weathers, stumble across the baby who, the startled couple finds, has the wizened body of an old man. Upon examination by a doctor later, the baby is given little chance to survive as he suffers from a variety of ailments common-place to the elderly. Undaunted, Queenie, who has never been able to conceive, decides to keep the baby, whom she christens Benjamin. Surviving infancy against the odds, Benjamin spends his early years in a wheelchair due to his age related infirmities. Unaware that he is a child, Benjamin is content to be among the elderly residents of the home, despite the constancy of death around him. When Benjamin is seven, Queenie and Tizzy take him to a revivalist meeting where, under enthusiastic admonitions from the preacher, Benjamin takes a few steps. Later, as Benjamin becomes proficient walking with a double set of canes, he meets Tizzy’s Pygmy friend, Mr. Ngunda Oti, who impresses him with stories about his nomadic life. In 1930, just after Benjamin turns twelve, resident Grandma Fuller introduces him to her seven-year-old granddaughter, Daisy who is fascinated by the peculiar old-young Benjamin. Smitten by Daisy’s dark red hair and bright blue eyes, Benjamin quickly make friends with her, but when the pair are discovered one night playing “secrets,” Grandma Fuller sends Daisy away, and scolds the confused Benjamin. A little later, Queenie proudly announces that she and Tizzy are going to have a baby, whose birth, Benjamin admits, changes his home life. Benjamin's new loneliness is softened by a friendship with incoming resident Mrs. Maple, who teaches him to play the piano. At fifteen, Benjamin realizes that his body is gradually getting younger and healthier. One afternoon, Benjamin accompanies resident Mr. Daws, who repeatedly claims to have been struck by lightening seven times, to Poverty Point harbor where they meet tug boat owner Captain Mike Clark. Believing Benjamin to be an old man, Mike playfully takes him to a brothel where Benjamin spends an enthusiastic evening. Walking home later, Benjamin meets a stranger, who, unknown to him, is his father. Thomas invites him for a drink, tells him about owning a button factory and asks if he might visit him on occasion. Soon after, Daisy resumes visiting Grandma Fuller on weekends and renews her acquaintance with Benjamin. One evening, Benjamin confides in Mrs. Maple his suspicion that he is growing younger, and she reflects that it will be difficult for Benjamin to see everyone he loves grow old and die without him. When Benjamin is taken aback, Mrs. Maple assures him that people must lose loved ones to realize their importance. In early 1936, now seventeen-year-old Benjamin signs on with Mike and his refitted boat, the Chelsea . Before he departs, Daisy tells Benjamin to write to her from all his ports-of-call. In the present, Caroline, who has been skeptical of the odd tale, finds a box in Daisy’s suitcase that holds a packet of postcards from Benjamin to Daisy from various ports throughout the world. Startled, Caroline resumes reading with more interest: During Benjamin’s years at sea, Daisy writes to him regularly, relaying her growing love of dance and eventual acceptance into a prestigious New York dance academy. While working in the northern Russian port of Murmansk one winter, the crew of the Chelsea lives in the Winter Palace hotel where Benjamin becomes intrigued by an edgy English woman, Elizabeth Abbott, whose husband Walter is the British chief trade minister and a spy. Accidentally encountering each other in the hotel lobby late one night, Benjamin and Elizabeth strike up a tentative conversation and over the next several nights meet to talk and drink tea until dawn. One evening Elizabeth introduces Benjamin to caviar and vodka and confides that at nineteen, she attempted to swim the English Channel. After failing, she never tried again, and regrets wasting her life. Soon, Benjamin and Elizabeth begin a passionate, secret affair, and Benjamin writes to Daisy that he has fallen in love. The day before America declares war on Japan, Elizabeth and Walter depart without warning or farewell. Learning that the Chelsea has been commissioned as a salvage and rescue ship for the U. S. Navy, Benjamin decides to stay on as cook. Throughout the war, Benjamin and the Chelsea ’s crew see no battles, only retrieve its wreckage. One night, the Chelsea is the first salvage boat to reach a transport ship destroyed by a submarine torpedo. When the submarine surfaces and opens fire upon the Chelsea , Mike boldly rams the craft, but his boat is demolished and he dies in Benjamin’s arms. Benjamin and one other survivor are rescued, then in May 1945, the twenty-six year old Benjamin returns home to New Orleans. Reunited with Queenie, Benjamin learns with sadness that Tizzy has died. Soon after, Daisy comes back to New Orleans and is amazed but delighted to find the physical changes in Benjamin. Although the couple shares a pleasant dinner, Benjamin is uneasy with Daisy’s casual attempt to seduce him afterward and explains that the moment is not right. After Daisy returns to New York, Benjamin receives another visit from Thomas, who confesses that he is Benjamin’s father. Apologizing for abandoning him, Thomas, who is sickly and dying, tells Benjamin about his mother Caroline and promises to leave Benjamin his house and factory. Greatly disheartened by the revelation, Benjamin returns to Queenie’s, but later, recalling advice from Mike, returns and forgives his father. After Thomas dies, Benjamin travels to New York to see Daisy, but quickly feels out of place with her and her dance co-workers, and quickly departs. In the present, Daisy confesses to Caroline that, at twenty-three, she was absorbed in her career and could not care for Benjamin. Daisy then gives Caroline photos chronicling her dance career which, Caroline is amazed to learn, included Daisy’s selection as the only American asked to dance with the Bolshoi Ballet. As the storm continues to rage, Caroline resumes reading the diary: Having continued to grow physically younger, the solitary Benjamin continues as handyman at the home for some years. Then a telegram from a friend summons him to Paris where Daisy has been struck by a car. Bitter that her crushed leg has abruptly ended her career, Daisy refuses Benjamin’s offer to take her home and sends him away. Back in New Orleans, Benjamin teaches himself to sail his father’s boat, the Button Up , and has several inconsequential romances. In 1962, Daisy returns to New Orleans and, upon reuniting with Benjamin, the couple realizes that, at nearly the same age emotionally and physically, they finally are romantically ready for each other. When Daisy joins Benjamin on an extended cruise on the Button Up down the Gulf and to Florida, Benjamin sadly reflects that, although he is happy, nothing ever lasts. Back at the retirement home in New Orleans some weeks later, Benjamin and Daisy learn that Queenie has died. Benjamin then sells his father’s house and purchases a duplex for himself and Daisy. The couple spend the next few years happily, and although Daisy briefly indulges in self-pity over aging, she recovers and opens a dance school for children. When Daisy becomes pregnant at age forty-three, Benjamin frets that the child might inherit his unique affliction, as well as the fact that he can never be a proper parent as he continues to grow younger. Soon after, Benjamin is briefly cheered when he hears a news report that the now sixty-two-year-old Elizabeth has become the oldest woman to swim the English Channel. Although Daisy goes into labor prematurely, she gives birth to a healthy daughter. In the present, as Caroline reads that they named the baby after Benjamin’s mother, she realizes with shock that Benjamin is her father. Distressed, Caroline resumes reading the diary: When their daughter is barely a year old, Benjamin insists that Daisy cannot raise them both, but Daisy remains certain they will manage together. Unconvinced, Benjamin secretly sells the summer house, the button factory and the sail boat and, leaving all the money to Daisy and Caroline, slips away one night. In the present, an angry Caroline demands to know where Benjamin went, but Daisy confesses that she does not know. In the diary, Caroline is touched to find several post cards addressed to her on her birthdays from age two to thirteen, written by Benjamin, who apologizes for not being with her. A letter to Caroline describes Benjamin’s subsequent itinerant lif. It also expresses his wish that she might have a life of which she is proud and, if not, that she have the courage to start again. Caroline returns to the diary's last pages: When Caroline is twelve, Benjamin, yearning to see his daughter once more, visits Daisy’s dance studio one night. Astonished by his youthful appearance, the now fifty-five-year-old Daisy, who has married a widower whom Caroline believes is her father, tells Benjamin that he was correct to leave them when he did. Later that night, Daisy goes to Benjamin’s hotel where they spend one last night together. After Caroline finishes the diary, Daisy relates that some years after that last encounter, she was summoned by child welfare to the retirement home where a twelve-year-old Benjamin has all the symptoms of dementia and does not recognize her. Now a widow, Daisy gradually assumes care of Benjamin and eventually moves into the home to care for him as he becomes a child, then a toddler and, finally, an infant. In 2002, the old Gateau clock is replaced with a sophisticated timepiece, and one evening the following spring, as Daisy cradles the baby Benjamin, he looks at her with seeming recognition, then dies. After Caroline sadly wishes she could have known Benjamin, a nurse calls her away to discuss the hurricane’s progress. Freed of her burden of passing on Benjamin’s legacy to his daughter, Daisy bids good-night to Benjamin and dies. 

Production Company: Parmount Pictures (A Viacom Company)
  Warner Bros. (A TimeWarner Company)
  A Kennedy/Marshall Company  
Production Text: A David Fincher Production
a Kennedy/Marshall Production
a Kennedy/Marshall Production; a David Fincher Production
Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures (A Viacom Company)
Director: David Fincher (Dir)
  Bob Wagner (1st asst dir)
  Allen Kupetsky (2d asst dir)
  Pete Waterman (2d 2d asst dir)
  Stephen Lonano (2d 2d asst dir, New Orleans)
  Carl Kouri (3rd asst dir, Montreal)
Producer: Kathleen Kennedy (Prod)
  Frank Marshall (Prod)
  Ceán Chaffin (Prod)
  Jim Davidson (Assoc prod)
  Marykay Powell (Assoc prod)
  Peter Mavromates (Assoc prod / Post prod supv)
Writer: Eric Roth (Scr)
  Eric Roth (Scr story)
  Robin Swicord (Scr story)
Photography: Claudio Miranda (Dir of photog)
  Kim Foster Marks (Cam op)
  Jonas Maximus Steadman (1st asst photog)
  John Pingry ("B" 1st asst photog)
  Michael Watson (2d asst photog)
  Chris Strong (Chief lighting tech)
  Brian Fosnaugh (Asst chief lighting tech)
  Keith Batchelor (Dimmer op)
  Nathan Borck (Dimmer op, New Orleans)
  Loren Johnson (Elec)
  Ivan C. Allen (Elec)
  Tony Varoula (Elec)
  Dan Jones (Elec)
  Sydney Brisco (Elec)
  Bruce Jackson (Elec, New Orleans)
  Renaldo Jackson (Elec, New Orleans)
  John Manocchia (Chief rigging elec)
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  Richard Maldonado (Set lighting foreperson)
  John Jack Davies (Set lighting sub-foreperson)
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  Merrick Morton (Still photog)
  Matt Gaumer (Cam loader, New Orleans)
  The Camera House (Cameras & data capture provided by)
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  S.two Digital Filmmaking (Cameras & data capture provided by)
Art Direction: Donald Graham Burt (Prod des)
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Film Editor: Kirk Baxter (Ed)
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Set Decoration: Victor J. Zolfo (Set dec)
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  Outback Post, LLC. (Digital opt by)
  Rock Paper Scissors (Digital opt by)
  Scarlet Letters (Titles)
Dance: Michelle Johnston (Choreog)
  Stella Choe (Asst to choreog)
Make Up: Greg Cannom (Spec makeup created and applied by)
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Production Misc: Laray Mayfield (Casting)
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Stand In: Mickey Giacomazzi (Stunt coord)
Color Personnel: Motion Picture Imaging (Digital Intermediate provided by)
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  Lowry Digital (Image processing by)
  R. Patrick Cooper (Lead image processing specialist)
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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Country: United States
Language: English

Music: “When the Saints Go Marching In,” by James M. Black, performed by Doc Paulin’s Marching Band, courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Records; “We Shall Walk Through the Streets of the City,” traditional, performed by Doc Paulin’s Marching Band, courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Records; “Dixie,” traditional, performed by Mickey Finn & Big Tiny Little, courtesy of GNP Crescendo; “Didn’t He Ramble,” by Milton Joseph Batiste, performed by Olympia Brass Band, courtesy of Mardi Gras Records; “Country Club,” “Elite Syncopations” and “The Chrysanthemum,” written & performed by Scott Joplin, courtesy of Shout! Factory, by special arrangement with Natural Energy Lab; “There’ll Come A Time (Wait and See),” written by Joe Manone & Miff Mole, performed by Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra featuring Bix Beiderbecke, courtesy of Columbia Records by arrangement with SONY BMG Entertainment; “Ostrich Walk,” by Edwin Edward, James La Rocca, H. N. Ragas, Anthony Sbarbaro & Larry Shields, performed by Frank Trumbauer and His Orchestra featuring Bix Beiderbecke, courtesy of Columbia Records by arrangement with SONY BMG Music Entertainment; “Polonaise in A Flat Major, Op. 53,” by Frédéric Chopin; “Big Butter and Egg Man,” by Louis Armstrong & Percy Venable, performed by Sidney Bechet Trio, courtesy of Disques Vogue SA, Paris and SONY BMG Music Entertainment (France) SA. By arrangement with SONY BMG Music Entertainment; “Bethena (A Concert Waltz)” by Scott Joplin; “Wah Dee Dah,” by Irving Mills, J. Russel Robinson & Ned Washington, performed by Cab Calloway, courtesy of JSP Records; “Basin Street Blues,” by Spencer Williams, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, courtesy of Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “Milenberg Joys,” by Paul Mares, Walter Melrose, Ferdinand Morton & Leon Rappolo, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, courtesy of Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “That’s a Plenty,” by Ray Gilbert & Lew Pollack, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “Old Spinning Wheel,” by Billy Hill, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, courtesy of Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “So Long Blues,” traditional, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, courtesy of Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “Weary Blues,” by Arthur Matthews, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, courtesy of Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “Bill Bailey (Won’t You Please Come Home),” traditional, arranged by DeDe Pierce, performed by Preservation Hall Jazz Band, courtesy of Preservation Hall Recordings by arrangement with North Star Media; “Tin Roof Blues,” by Georges Brunies, Paul Joseph Mares, Walter Melrose, Ben Pollack, Leon Rappolo & Melville Stitzel, performed by Cliff Jackson, courtesy of DA MUSIC GmbH & Co KG, Germany; “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” by Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf, & Thomas “Fats” Waller, performed by Cliff Jackson, courtesy of DA MUSIC GmbH & Co KG, Germany; “Moment Musical for Piano in F Minor,” by Franz Schubert, courtesy of The San Juan Music Group & Cleopatra Records; “Arabeske for Piano in C Major, Op. 18,” by Robert Schumann, courtesy of The San Juan Music Group & Cleopatra Records; “Out of Nowhere,” by Johnny Green and Edward Heyman, performed by Sidney Bechet, courtesy of EPM; “Dear Old Southland,” by Henry Creamer & Turner Layton, performed by Louis Armstrong, courtesy of Columbia Records by arrangement with SONY BMG Entertainment; “Daphne,” by Jean Reinhardt, performed by Django Reinhardt, courtesy of DRG Records Incorporated Special Markets; “Carousel Ballet,” by Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II; “I’ll Fly Away,” by Albert E. Brumley; “Skokiaan,” by Augus Msarurgua, performed by Perez Prado & His Orchestra, courtesy of The RCA Records Label by arrangement with SONY BMG Music Entertainment; “Chasse into Chaine” (theme from “Don Sebastian” by Gaetano Donizetti), arranged & performed by Steven V. Mitchell, courtesy of Mignon Furman and Danceables Productions; “Impact Report,” by Ivor Slaney, courtesy of 5 Alarm Music; “Wish Someone Would Care,” written & performed by Irma Thomas, courtesy of Mardi Grad Records.
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Composer: Spencer Williams
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Source Text: Based on the short story "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," by F. Scott Fitzgerald in Collier's (27 May 1922).
Authors: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Paramount Pictures Corporation 29/12/2008 dd/mm/yyyy PA1613867
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 29/12/2008 dd/mm/yyyy PA1613867

PCA NO: 44743
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Digital; dts Digital Sound; SDDS Synamic Digital Sound in selected theatres
  Lenses/Prints: Technicolor; deluxe

Genre: Fantasy
Subjects (Major): Aging
  Death and dying
  New Orleans (LA)
Subjects (Minor): African Americans
  Automobile accidents
  English Channel
  Fathers and sons
  Mothers and daughters
  Mothers and sons
  Paris (France)
  Retirement homes
  Submarine boats
  Train stations
  Voyages and travel
  World War I
  World War II

Note: In the only opening credits, the Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. studio logos are formed by a shower of buttons. All other credits appear at the end of the film. After the film's conclusion, major credits, including those of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, appear before the title, followed by the full credits, which include a cast list in order of appearance. The closing credits included an acknowledgment to Sony Pictures Television for the clip for America 2Night . A written acknowledgment in the closing credits thanks the people of New Orleans, the people of Louisiana and Québec Production Services. Many of the musicians and composers of songs heard in the film were associated with the New Orleans jazz and blues music scene. Some of the songs credited onscreen as “traditional” have confirmed composers, whose names have been added to the music and song credits listed above.
       Voice-over narration is heard intermittently throughout the film, by Blanchett as “Daisy Fuller” and Pitt as “Benjamin Button.” When Daisy relates the story of “Mr. Gateau” (Elias Koteas) to “Caroline (Julia Ormond),” the film suggests the look of an old newsreel, with a number of scratches, frame jumps and occasional blurring. The depictions of “Mr. Daws (Ted Manson)” being struck by lightening appear in over-exposed, sepia tone in sped-up motion and also give the impression of aged film stock. After Daisy’s death, Benjamin’s voice is heard over the images of various characters, acknowledging the influence each had on his life. The final image of the picture is that of Mr. Gateau’s large clock, still running backwards, relegated to a storage room in the train station, as flood water from hurricane Katrina reaches it.
       The film differs in several ways from the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story on which it was based. The story is set in ante-bellum Baltimore where the Buttons are a socially prominent couple. Unlike the film, in which Thomas Button owns a button factory, in the story, Benjamin’s father is named Roger Button and is president of a wholesale hardware store. A major difference between story and film is in the progression of Benjamin’s “condition.” In Fitzgerald’s story, Benjamin is born as a fully developed, adult-sized old man capable of speech and reasoning, who experiences life, physically, emotionally and intellectually in reverse order. In the film, although Benjamin’s infant-sized body begins life with the characteristics of old age, he experiences life in the normal fashion, from infancy to maturity and eventually senility while his body grows younger. In the story, although Roger Button is aggravated by his son’s situation, he does not abandon him, as does Thomas Button in the film, an action that shapes Benjamin’s entire life. Unlike the film’s fantasy element of Mr. Gateau's backwards running timepiece, the story makes no effort to explain Benjamin's condition.
       While the film links Benjamin and Daisy from childhood and gradually leads to their romance in middle-age, with Fitzgerald’s story, the relationship and ultimate marriage of Benjamin to “Hildegarde Moncrief” is only fleetingly romantic and dissolves because of Benjamin’s dismay over his wife's natural aging as well as her frustration over his having no control over his reverse aging. Unlike the film, in which Benjamin and Daisy's daughter has a major role yet never knows Benjamin, in the story Benjamin and Hildegarde's son, Roscoe, is exasperated by his father’s condition, especially when it forces him to care for his father when Benjamin becomes a teenager, then a young child.
       Interest in adapting the Fitzgerald short story for the screen began in the 1980s. Various news items from 1989 through 2000 reveal the following information about early attempts to produce the film: In 1985, Columbia Pictures began development of a “Benjamin Button” project, hiring Robin Swicord to adapt the Fitzgerald story. By 1989 the project had migrated to Universal Studios, where producer Ray Stark held the story rights. At that time, Tom Pope was to adapt and Frank Oz direct the film, which, according to a 26 Feb 1989 LAT “Cinefile” item, was to star comedian Martin Short. By Feb 1996, after several failed attempts to get the production off the ground, the husband-and-wife producing team of Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, who produced the 2008 final released film, joined Stark. At that time, Agnieszka Holland was attached as director and Daniel Day-Lewis was offered the starring role. In Feb 1999, the project had developed into a co-production between Paramount and Universal, with Phil Alden Robinson in negotiations to direct. A 3 Jul 1999 HR “Rambling Reporter” item stated that Steven Spielberg was attached to the project and hoped to cast Tom Cruise in the lead. No other sources mention Spielberg’s interest in the production, but the director has been a frequent associate of Kennedy and Marshall since the 1980s.
       By Feb 2000, Spike Jonze was in discussions to direct The Curious Case of Benajmin Button , and Charlie Kaufman was listed as developing the Swicord draft. Director Ron Howard was also mentioned as having considered taking on the film. In Jun 2003, Gary Ross reportedly was to direct and was working with Eric Roth, who is credited onscreen for the film’s screenplay, on rewriting Swicord’s draft. [Swicord shares a “screen story by” credit with Roth on the released film.] Army Archerd’s Var column on 12 Aug 2004, recorded that David Pinter would direct Roth’s script. A Jul 2005 DV article mentions Jim Taylor as a writing contributor to the Roth-Swicord script. Other contemporary sources add Todd Graff as a contributing writer.
       A 5 Jul 2005 DV article disclosed a two-picture deal between Paramount and director David Fincher, one film of which was to be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button . Fincher, who had worked with Pitt on two prior films, Se7en (1995) and Fight Club (1999), was instrumental in signing the actor for the part. Production charts from 6 Feb 2007, as well as various other contemporary sources, add R&B singer Eric West to the cast, but he does not appear in the released film.
       According to a 2008 book on the making of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , Fincher noted that Pitt would only accept the role if he could appear as Benjamin throughout the entire film, not just at a particular age. In the completed film, this was achieved by visual effects that allowed the image of Pitt's head to be merged digitally with the bodies of other actors. Pitt thus was able to appear as Benjamin from his early years, with the infirm body of a child-sized, old man, then age backwards to a fully grown man, and finally a young person with the maturity and life-experience of an aged man. The book also noted that the production of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was one of the first business enterprises to utilize New Orleans as a shooting location after the devastation of the 2005 hurricane Katrina, which frames the story and is part of the plot in the Caroline and Daisy sequences of the film.
       According to a 15 Nov 2008 EW article, the film’s budget was $150,000,000. Various sources list its North American box office gross in excess of $127,000,000. Reviews generally were positive with Todd McCarthy of Var calling the film “A richly satisfying serving of deep-dish Hollywood storytelling… (made) in an impeccable classical manner.” The HR review described it as a film of “urgent drama and romantic fatalism…strikingly brought to the screen…superbly made and winningly acted.”
       The Curious Case of Benjamin Button , which was selected by AFI as one of the ten Movies of the Year for 2008, won Academy Awards for Art Direction, Makeup and Visual Effects. It also received the following Academy Award nominations: Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role (Pitt), Performance by an actress in a supporting role (Taraji P. Henson as "Queenie"), Cinematography, Costume Design, Film Editing, Original Score, Sound Mixing, Adapted screenplay, Director and Best Picture. The film also received Golden Globe nominations for Best Director, Best Picture--Drama, Best Original Score and Best Screenplay for Roth and Swicord. Other accolades include the following: Fincher was nominated by the DGA for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2008; ASC nominated Claudio Miranda for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases; PGA nominated Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Ceán Chaffin for the Motion Picture Producer of the Year Award. The SGA nominated Pitt for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role, Henson for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role and the main members of the cast for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. The WGA nominated Roth and Swicord for Best Adapted Screenplay. 

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