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Director: Brad Bird (Dir)
Release Date:   29 Jun 2007
Premiere Information:   World premiere in Los Angeles: 22 Jun 2007
Production Date:   began 13 Mar 2006
Duration (in mins):   110-111
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Cast:   Patton Oswalt (Remy)  
    Ian Holm (Skinner)  
    Lou Romano ([Alfredo] Linguini)  
    Brian Dennehy (Django)  
    Peter Sohn (Emile)  
    Peter O'Toole (Anton Ego)  
    Brad Garrett ([Auguste] Gusteau)  
    Janeane Garofalo (Colette)  
    Will Arnett (Horst)  
    Julius Callahan (Lalo & François)  
    James Remar (Larousse)  
    John Ratzenberger (Mustafa)  
    Teddy Newton (Lawyer, Talon Labarthe)  
    Tony Fucile (Pompidou & Health inspector)  
    Jake Steinfeld (Git, lab rat)  
    Brad Bird (Ambrister Minion)  
    Stéphane Roux (TV narrator)  
  Additional voices: Jack Bird    
    Andrea Boerries    
    Marco Boerries    
    Lindsey Collins    
    Thomas Keller (Restaurant patron)  
    Brad Lewis    
    Lori Richardson    
  Paris loop group: Eric Aubrahn    
    Patrick Béthune    
    Anne Dolan    
    Jodi Forrest    
    Steve Gadler    
    David Gasman    
    Matthew Geczy    
    Randall Holden    
    Tercelin Kirtley    
    Mark Lesser    
    Sharon Mann    
    Marie-Eugénie Maréchal    
    Pascal Massix    
    Marc Perez    
    Douglas Rand    
    Stéphane Roux    
    Estelle Simon    
    Sybille Tureau    
    Allan Wenger    
    Jean Marie Ancher    

Summary: In France, Remy, a rat with a highly developed sense of taste and smell, feels alienated from his fellow rats, especially his simple-minded brother Emile. While the others forage for garbage, Remy favors only the subtlest ingredients of leftover foodstuffs. One day, after Remy sniffs out rat poison in a potential meal, his father, Django, the colony leader, names him their official poison checker. Angry that they steal food rather than foraging off the land, Remy ignores Django’s continued warnings against consorting with humans, and slips from the safety of their home in a farmhouse rooftop into the kitchen. There, Remy spots a television biography about famed Parisian chef Auguste Gusteau, whose philosophy, that anyone can cook, inspires the rat, who is further inflamed by his first taste of the farm’s fresh fruits and vegetables. Walking on his hind legs to keep his front paws clean, he seeks out new flavors in the farmlands, with Emile as a reluctant accomplice. Exulting at the smoky taste of a mushroom barbequed over the chimney top, Remy determines to steal saffron from the kitchen, where the elderly farm woman is sleeping in front of the television set. Inside, Emile is horrified to learn that Remy can read, while Remy grows despondent upon hearing on the television that Gusteau has died of a broken heart after earning a scathing review from food critic Anton Ego. Just then, the old woman awakens and, spotting Remy, pulls out a rifle and shoots wildly. In the ensuing chase, the old woman shoots upward at Emile, who is trapped on the chandelier, causing the ceiling slowly to crumble, revealing the colony of rats inside. When Django calls for a mass evacuation, Remy returns to the kitchen for Gusteau’s cookbook, entitled Anyone Can Cook . Barely escaping out the window, Remy cannot catch up with the colony members, who float into the sewer system on makeshift boats. Almost swept away by a waterfall, Remy stays afloat on the cookbook. In the sewer, he waits for days in vain for signs of his brethren. Starving, he leafs through the cookbook and imagines that an illustration of Gusteau is talking to him. Gusteau instructs Remy to focus on the future rather than the past, so Remy scampers up the pipes to a room in which a party is being held. Just as he is about to eat some bread, however, Gusteau scolds him for robbery, promising that food will always come to those who love to cook. Remy moves on, landing on a rooftop from which he sees the stunning, glittering city of Paris, and realizes he is just blocks from Gusteau’s restaurant. Peeking in the window above Gusteau’s kitchen, Remy witnesses the room’s complicated inner workings. Led by the diminutive and scheming Chef Skinner, the other cooks, including Colette, work in perfect choreography. There as well is bumbling Alfredo Linguini, whose late mother Renata was Gusteau’s girlfriend, and who now hopes to obtain a job. Skinner reluctantly allows Linguini to be hired as a garbage boy. Despite Gusteau’s declaration to Remy that Linguini is just as important as anyone in the kitchen, Remy scoffs, scandalized to see the garbage boy spilling the soup and then attempting to correct his mistake by throwing spices into it willy-nilly. Distraught, Remy falls through a crack in the window into the kitchen, where he is almost scalded by the broiler, flattened by the cart wheels and trampled by feet. Finally finding his way to an open window, Remy is drawn back to the kitchen floor by the scent of the wretched soup, which he feels compelled to repair in a flurry of creative delight. Just then, Skinner sees Linguini near the soup and excoriates him for meddling with the food. When the waiter mistakenly serves the soup to a patron, Skinner and Linguini are terrified of the reaction, but the diner—a critic—adores the taste. Tasting the expert concoction, Skinner suspects Linguini of a ruse, and as punishment, promotes him to a cook under Colette’s tutelage, demanding that Linguini make the soup while Skinner watches. When Skinner spots Remy nearby, Linguini traps the rat in a glass jar and is about to dump him in the Seine when he notes the rat’s terrified face, and responds by admitting he is desperate to keep this job, his latest in a history of failed employment. Slowly realizing that Remy understands him and is the real cook, although he cannot translate the rat’s squeaking, Linguini frees Remy, asking only that he help recreate the soup, and although Remy at first races off, he soon returns. In the morning, while the restaurant employees read that the critic has declared Remy’s soup a revelation, Remy attempts to direct Linguini by nipping at his skin under his uniform, which results in Linguini performing acrobatic leaps and then retreating in pain into the pantry closet, where he insists they find another method of communication. Hearing Linguini, Skinner opens the door and spots Remy, and when he lunges for the rat, Remy slips into Linguini’s translucent paper toque. Returning to the kitchen, Linguini is about to walk into a waiter, but Remy pulls his hair, inadvertently discovering that he can control Linguini’s movements by tugging various tufts. That night, they practice at home, with Remy pulling at his hair while a blindfolded Linguini makes dinner. After many spills and close calls with the knife, they form an impressive team, each unable to succeed without the other. The next day, the soup impresses Skinner. Linguini attempts to be suave with Colette, who rebuffs him, pointing out that she must be the toughest in the kitchen in order to survive in a male-dominated world. Meanwhile, Skinner is secretly developing a line of dreadful fast foods featuring Gusteau’s name. In his office, he finally reads the letter from Renata, which reveals that Linguini is Gusteau’s son and heir to the restaurant. Suspicious of Linguini, Skinner instructs his lawyer to investigate, and the lawyer steals a hair from Gusteau’s old toque to compare against Linguini’s in a DNA test. Over time, Colette softens toward Linguini, tutoring him and, inadvertently, Remy in the fine arts of food preparation. One day, with the customers clamoring for new dishes, Skinner decides to discredit Linguini by assigning him Gusteau’s failed recipe for sweetbreads, which includes veal stomach, cuttlefish tentacles and anchovy licorice sauce. Inspired, Remy improvises, manipulating Linguini hyperactively all over the kitchen to gather ingredients. At Colette’s insistence that they must follow the recipe, Remy forces Linguini to push Colette aside. The customers rave about Linguini’s dish, infuriating both Colette and Skinner. Under the bright kitchen lights, Skinner thinks he spots Remy’s silhouette in Linguini’s toque, and hoping to learn his secrets, invites Linguini into his office. Skinner plies the teetotaler with wine, but despite Linguini’s drunkenness, he reveals nothing. Meanwhile, Remy slips outside, only to find Emile in the alley. After a joyful reunion, Remy wants to share his haute cuisine with his brother, and although Gusteau’s image tries to talk him out of stealing food, Remy refuses to listen. Afterward, Emile insists that Remy return with him to the colony, where Django throws a party to welcome him. When Remy explains that he is not staying, however, Django angrily accuses him of talking like a human, and shows his son the rows of dead rats adorning the window of a famed rat-trap shop. “You can’t change nature,” Django declares, to which Remy replies, “Change is nature.” In the morning, Remy enters the kitchen full of brio, but finds Linguini passed out. Remy manipulates him around the kitchen with sunglasses on to hide the fact that he is asleep, and at the boy’s silence, Colette assumes he is too arrogant to talk to her. Declaring she was a fool to like him, she slaps him, at which he finally wakes and runs after her. He wants to tell her the truth, but Remy pulls his hair so that instead he falls on her with a passionate kiss. At his home, Ego has learned about Gusteau’s new popularity and, incensed that anyone would frequent the place after he has condemned it, determines to critique it again. At the same time, the lawyer informs Skinner that Linguini is Gusteau’s rightful heir, and mentions that his toque contained rodent hair. One day soon after, Remy falls into the Paris streets and is chased by repulsed humans, reminding him how the human population views him. Back at the restaurant, Emile waits with his rat buddies, expecting to be fed. Remy reluctantly sneaks into the pantry and accidentally uncovers Gusteau’s will, which names Linguini as his son. He takes the will, but Skinner sees him, and in the ensuing chase, Remy almost loses the papers but finally outwits Skinner. Soon, the entire crew is celebrating Skinner’s ouster as they destroy his fast food. Linguini then rents a lovely apartment with a cozy nook for Remy. As Linguini gains more press, the attention goes to his head, and when Linguini cites Colette as his only inspiration, a wounded Remy fights with the boy, who drops him outside. There, Skinner sees and, finally discerning the truth, reports a rat infestation at Gusteau’s to the health inspector. That night, Remy vengefully invites the colony for a snack after closing time. Meanwhile, Linguini searches sorrowfully for Remy, and finding him in the kitchen, he approaches Remy in friendship, unaware that hundreds of rats are hiding. Just then, Emile falls, exposing the rats. Linguini throws them all out, furious, while Remy is heartbroken. The next night, Emile sees Skinner ensnare Remy in a steel trap and lock him in a car trunk. While Ego intimidates the crew, Skinner enters in disguise and watches gleefully. In the cage, Remy has given up, but Gusteau’s image convinces him he has never known his real self. Suddenly, Django and Emile appear and free him from the trap, and Remy hugs them, but announces he is a cook and must return to the restaurant. There, Linguini, who is failing spectacularly, defends Remy and admits that the rat is the real chef. The whole kitchen departs in disgust, including Colette, crying. Alone, Linguini is about to give up when Colette returns, having spotted Gusteau’s cookbook in a store window, which has convinced her of his philosophy. Django enters, too, with the colony, and tells Remy that he is willing to help. Although the health inspector arrives just then, the rats lock him in the pantry. Remy organizes the rats into teams and orchestrates their kitchen work, while Linguini waits tables on rollerskates. Despite Colette’s skepticism, Remy decides to cook ratatouille for Ego, and teaches her a particularly delicate and delicious version. When they present it to Ego, he is immediately transported to his childhood, during which his mother comforted him with the home-cooked dish. Recalling finally his great love of food, Ego waits until the restaurant empties to meet the chef. Ego listens carefully, in silence, to Linguini’s introduction of Remy, and watches the rat cook. The next day, Ego's review comes out, stating that despite the overall irrelevance of critics, their importance lies in championing someone new or unusual. “The genius at Gusteau’s is the finest chef in France,” he writes. However, the restaurant is soon closed by the health inspector, ruining Ego’s credibility. Some time later, at La Ratatouille, the new restaurant at which Remy is chef, Colette is sous chef and Linguini is the waiter, and Ego happily dines nightly. Outside, the rats dine at their own tables in the garden while the line of humans stretches down the block.  

Production Company: Pixar Animation Studios (The Walt Disney Company)
  Walt Disney Pictures  
Distribution Company: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution (The Walt Disney Company)
Director: Brad Bird (Dir)
  Jan Pinkava (Co-dir)
Producer: Brad Lewis (Prod)
  John Lasseter (Exec prod)
  Andrew Stanton (Exec prod)
  Galyn Susman (Assoc prod)
Writer: Brad Bird (Scr)
  Jan Pinkava (Orig story)
  Jim Capobianco (Orig story)
  Brad Bird (Orig story)
  Emily Cook (Addl story material by)
  Kathy Greenberg (Addl story material by)
  Bob Peterson (Addl story material by)
  Jim Capobianco (Addl story supv)
  Jason Katz (Addl story supv)
  Rachel Raffael-Gates (Story mgr)
Photography: Sharon Calahan (Dir of photog/Lighting)
  Robert Anderson (Dir of photog/Cam)
Art Direction: Harley Jessup (Prod des)
  Jay Ward (Art mgr)
  Dominique Louis (Development art dir)
  Daniel Arriaga (Environment des)
  Jason Deamer (Character des)
  Greg Dykstra (Character des)
  Carter Goodrich (Character des)
  Dan Lee (Character des)
  Brian Green (Character supv)
  Teddy Newton (Addl character des)
  Tony Fucile (Addl character des)
  Luis Grane (Addl character des)
  Nelson "Rey" Bohol (Prod artist)
  Mark Cordell Holmes (Prod artist)
  Albert Lozano (Prod artist)
  Randy Berrett (Prod artist)
  Nate Wragg (Prod artist)
  Don Shank (Addl prod artist)
  Becky Neiman (Addl prod artist)
  Craig Foster (Graphic des)
  Collette Davies Nedelchev (Graphic des)
  Susan Bradley (Graphic des)
  Jerome Ranft (Sculptor)
  Michael Fu (Matte supv)
  Randy Berrett (Matte painter)
  Paul Topolos (Matte painter)
  Alex Harvill (Matte tech artist)
  Matthew Webb (Matte tech artist)
  Jay Carina (Matte tech artist)
  William Cone (Addl visual development)
  Buck Lewis (Addl visual development)
  Bud Luckey (Addl visual development)
  Valérie Bishop (Graphics translations)
  Amy Hale (Graphics translations)
  Images in Motion (Molds and casting)
  David Park (Art coord)
  Cathleen Carmean (Art prod asst)
  Deborah Coleman (Art prod asst)
  Jay Epperhart (Art intern)
  Willy Hwang (Art intern)
  Erin Magill (Art intern)
  Robert Page (Art intern)
  Jared Purrington (Art intern)
  Thomas Thesen (Art intern)
  Miranda Walker (Art intern)
Film Editor: Darren Holmes (Film ed)
  A. J. Riebli III (Editorial mgr)
  Stan Webb (2d film ed)
  Robert Grahamjones (2d film ed)
  Katherine Ringgold (2d film ed)
  Greg Snyder (1st asst ed)
  Kevin Rose-Williams (2d asst ed)
  Elizabeth Mantia (2d asst ed)
  C. J. Hsu (2d asst ed)
  Thomas Gonzales (2d asst ed)
  David Suther (2d asst ed)
  Patrick Day Kennedy (2d asst ed)
  Margaret Lily Andres (2d asst ed)
  Nicholas C. Smith (Addl ed)
  Greg Snyder (Addl ed)
  Courtney Bergin (Editorial coord)
  Mary Van Escobar (Editorial coord)
  Buena Vista Negative Cutting (Negative cutting by)
Set Decoration: Robert Kondo (Sets art dir)
  David Eisenmann (Sets supv)
  Michael Warch (Sets/Layout mgr)
  Shawn Brennan (Senior cam op)
  Patrick Lin (Layout lead)
  Gregg Olsson (Seq lead)
  Mark Sanford (Seq lead)
  Sylvia Gray Wong (Seq lead)
  Mahyar Abousaeedi (Layout artist)
  Josh Anon (Layout artist)
  Cortney Armitage (Layout artist)
  Andrew Cadelago (Layout artist)
  Patrick James (Layout artist)
  Sungyeon Joh (Layout artist)
  Sukwon Park (Layout artist)
  Evan Pontoriero (Layout artist)
  Suzanne Slatcher (Layout artist)
  Simon Dunsdon (Previsualization)
  Brian Christian (Previsualization)
  Evan Smith (Layout coord)
  Noelle Page (Layout coord)
  Ivo Kos (Set modeling lead)
  Jun Han Cho (Sets tech lead)
  Jacob Brooks (Modeling artist)
  Andrew Dayton (Modeling artist)
  Jae H. Kim (Modeling artist)
  Kristifir Klein (Modeling artist)
  Michael Krummhoefener (Modeling artist)
  Gary Schultz (Modeling artist)
  Raymond V. Wong (Modeling artist)
  Tom Miller (Set dressing lead)
  Phat Phuong (Set dressing lead)
  Christina Garcia (Set dressing artist)
  Joshua Jenny (Set dressing artist)
  Andrew Pienaar (Set dressing artist)
  Mark Adams (Addl set artist)
  Brian Tindall (Addl set artist)
  Chuck Waite (Addl set artist)
  Noelle Page (Sets coord)
  Paul McAfee (Sets coord)
  Evan Smith (Sets coord)
Music: Michael Giacchino (Mus)
  Tim Simonec (Mus orch and cond)
  Dan Wallin (Mus rec and mixed by)
  Stephen M. Davis (Mus ed)
  Reggie Wilson (Mus contractor)
  Booker White Walt Disney Music Library (Supv mus copyist)
  Jack J. Hayes (Addl orch)
  Larry Kenton (Addl orch)
  Tommy Morgan (Harmonica)
  Frank Marocco (Accordian)
  Abe Laboriel (Bass guitar)
  Harvey Mason (Drums)
  David Slusser (Prod mus ed)
  Alan Schlaifer (Asst mus ed)
  Paul Apelgren (Asst mus ed)
  Chad Seiter (MIDI supv and preparation)
  Andrea Datzman (Score asst)
  Adam Michalak (Scoring crew)
  Greg Loskorn (Scoring crew)
  Greg Dennen (Scoring crew)
  Ryan Robinson (Scoring crew)
  Chris Montan (Exec mus prod)
  Tom MacDougall (Mus supv)
  Andrew Page (Mus prod dir)
  Donna Cole-Brulé (Mus bus affairs)
  Lydia Paweski (Mus prod coord)
  Jill Heffley (Mus asst)
  Siobhan Sullivan (Mus asst)
  Sony Pictures Scoring Stage (Mus rec at)
  Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage (Mus mixed at)
Sound: Randy Thom (Sd des)
  Will Files (Asst sd des)
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  Skywalker Sound, A LucasFilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, CA (Post prod sd services by)
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Special Effects: Michael Fong (Supv tech dir)
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Production Misc: Kevin Reher (Casting)
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  Jeremiah Macias (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Bob Morgan (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Terry Lee Moseley (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Michael A. O'Brien (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Mark Pananganan (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Wil Phan (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Auburn C. Schmidt (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Nelson Sette Siu (Desktop & infrastructure)
  David Sotnick (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Elle Yoko Suzuki (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Andy Thomas (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Rudy Jason Vucelich (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Peter Ward (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Jay Weiland (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Ian Westcott (Desktop & infrastructure)
  Dana Batali (Renderman development)
  James Burgess (Renderman development)
  Loren Carpenter (Renderman development)
  Per Christensen (Renderman development)
  Ray Davis (Renderman development)
  Tom Duff (Renderman development)
  Julian Fong (Renderman development)
  Christopher Ford (Renderman development)
  Ian Hsieh (Renderman development)
  Renee Lamri (Renderman development)
  David Laur (Renderman development)
  Mark Leone (Renderman development)
  Katrin Petersen (Renderman development)
  Brian K. Saunders (Renderman development)
  Brenden Schubert (Renderman development)
  Jonathan Shade (Renderman development)
  Dylan Sisson (Renderman development)
  Brad West (Renderman development)
  Wendy Wirthlin (Renderman development)
  Wayne Wooten (Renderman development)
  Mary Coleman (Development)
  Ryan Lynch (Development)
  Kiel Murray (Development)
  Molly Nealan (Development)
  Karen Paik (Development)
  Ruth Palmer (Development)
  Jeff Pidgeon (Development)
  Juliet Pokorny (Development)
  Katherine Sarafian (Development)
  Mary Beech (Consumer products)
  Kelly Bonbright (Consumer products)
  Ben Butcher (Consumer products)
  Kat Chanover (Consumer products)
  T. Q. Jefferson (Consumer products)
  Morgan Karadi (Consumer products)
  Emery Low (Consumer products)
  Jonathan Rodriguez (Consumer products)
  Christopher Schnabel (Consumer products)
  Krista Sheffler (Consumer products)
  Donald Evans (Marketing)
  Leeann Alameda (Marketing)
  Angela Bliss (Marketing)
  Ed Chen (Marketing)
  Deborah Coleman (Marketing)
  Erin Dogan (Marketing)
  Andrew Dreyfus (Marketing)
  Steven Fleig-Argula (Marketing)
  Adam Gates (Marketing)
  Hilary Goss (Marketing)
  Cherie Hammond (Marketing)
  Sean McGinn (Marketing)
  Desiree Mourad (Marketing)
  Shannon Nicosia (Marketing)
  Burt Peng (Marketing)
  Jeffrey Raymond (Marketing)
  James Roderick (Marketing)
  Laurie Schrey (Marketing)
  Amanda Sorena (Marketing)
  Clayborn Welch (Marketing)
  Timothy Zohr (Marketing)
  Osnat Shurer (Pixar shorts)
  Anthony A. Apodaca (Pixar shorts)
  Steve Bloom (Pixar shorts)
  Ann Brilz (Pixar shorts)
  Jaclyn Brodsky (Pixar shorts)
  Edwin Chang (Pixar shorts)
  Alice Clendenen (Pixar shorts)
  Tim Fox (Pixar shorts)
  Liz Gazzano (Pixar shorts)
  Roger Gould (Pixar shorts)
  James Hummel (Pixar shorts)
  Tony Kaplan (Pixar shorts)
  Holly Lloyd (Pixar shorts)
  Sara Maher (Pixar shorts)
  Alex Mandel (Pixar shorts)
  Sureena Mann (Pixar shorts)
  Erica Milsom (Pixar shorts)
  Brice Parker (Pixar shorts)
  Bill Polson (Pixar shorts)
  Britta Bradley (Admin & finance)
  Nancy Garretson Case (Admin & finance)
  Shaila Chopra (Admin & finance)
  Daniel Combs (Admin & finance)
  Rachel Ergas (Admin & finance)
  Heather Feng-Yanu (Admin & finance)
  Timothy Glass (Admin & finance)
  Kentaro Hinoki (Admin & finance)
  Heather D. C. Jackson (Admin & finance)
  Mark Joseph (Admin & finance)
  Thomas LeBlanc (Admin & finance)
  Karen Perry (Admin & finance)
  Stephanie Pham (Admin & finance)
  Kristina Ruud (Admin & finance)
  Todd Shaiman (Admin & finance)
  Michelle Simons (Admin & finance)
  Joan Smalley (Admin & finance)
  Kirsten Ames Staubli (Admin & finance)
  Wendy Dale Tanzillo (Admin & finance)
  Shari Villarde (Admin & finance)
  Cameron Walker (Admin & finance)
  Deana Walker (Admin & finance)
  Annette Wang (Admin & finance)
  Sue Williams (Admin & finance)
  Katherine Wilt (Admin & finance)
  Nancy M. Wong (Admin & finance)
  Tom Carlisle (Facilities)
  Craig Payne (Facilities)
  Kent Barnes (Facilities)
  John Bennett (Facilities)
  Marco Castellanos (Facilities)
  Wendy Collins (Facilities)
  Kenny Condit (Facilities)
  Joe Garcia (Facilities)
  Paul Gillis (Facilities)
  Keith Johnson (Facilities)
  Brian G. McKenna (Facilities)
  Cherise Miller (Facilities)
  Edgar A. Ochoa (Facilities)
  Kevan Parmelee (Facilities)
  Peter Schreiber (Facilities)
  Brian Torres (Facilities)
  Lori McAdams (Human resources)
  Yvonne Brazil (Human resources)
  Kimberly Clark (Human resources)
  Eleuterio Cruzat Jr. (Human resources)
  Lisa Ellis (Human resources)
  Tiffany Reno Fung (Human resources)
  Tricia Green (Human resources)
  Dawn Haagstad (Human resources)
  Pamela Harbridge (Human resources)
  Danielle Levin (Human resources)
  Robin McDonald (Human resources)
  Marcos Navarrete (Human resources)
  Elizabeth Palmore (Human resources)
  Erica Perkins-Youman (Human resources)
  Jennifer Pollard (Human resources)
  Stephanie Sheehy (Human resources)
  Monica VanDis (Human resources)
  Shelley Katayama (Prod resources)
  Terry McQueen (Prod resources)
  Eben F. Ostby (Prod resources)
  Susan T. Tatsuno (Prod resources)
  John Walker (Prod resources)
  Hana Yoon (Prod resources)
  Howard Look (Software development)
  Renee Adams (Software development)
  John R. Anderson (Software development)
  Lorraine Aochi (Software development)
  Ian Buono (Software development)
  Andrew Butts (Software development)
  Michael Chann (Software development)
  Christopher Colby (Software development)
  Rob Cook (Software development)
  Tony DeRose (Software development)
  Karen Clendenin (Software development)
  George Elkoura (Software development)
  Sean Feeley (Software development)
  Kurt Fleischer (Software development)
  Lisa Forssel (Software development)
  Tara Hernandez (Software development)
  Wilson Taylor Holliday (Software development)
  Hayley Iben (Software development)
  Geoffrey Irving (Software development)
  Paul Isaacs (Software development)
  Lucas R. A. Ives (Software development)
  Oren Jacob (Software development)
  Rob Jensen (Software development)
  Pushkar Joshi (Software development)
  Michael Kass (Software development)
  Jason Kim (Software development)
  Murat N. Konar (Software development)
  Tashana Landray (Software development)
  Yun Lien (Software development)
  Wendell Luebbe (Software development)
  Michelle Lunn (Software development)
  Mark Meyer (Software development)
  Tim Milliron (Software development)
  Kamal Mistry (Software development)
  Daniel Leaf Nunes (Software development)
  Cory Omand (Software development)
  Chris Perry (Software development)
  Susan Salituro (Software development)
  Florian Sauer (Software development)
  Chris Schoeneman (Software development)
  Patrick Schork (Software development)
  Stefan Schulze (Software development)
  Kay Seirup (Software development)
  Bill Sheffler (Software development)
  Sarah Shen (Software development)
  Burton Siu (Software development)
  Eliot Smyrl (Software development)
  Allison Styer (Software development)
  J. Warren Trezevant (Software development)
  Sigmund Vik (Software development)
  Andy Witkin (Software development)
  Adam Woodbury (Software development)
  Lisa S. Young (Software development)
  Leah Marshall (Legal)
  Pat Mosey (Legal)
  Rob Rieders (Legal)
  Bob Roden (Legal)
  Jody Silverman (Legal)
  Carrie Winchell (Legal)
  Randy Nelson (Pixar university & archives)
  DeAnn Cobb (Pixar university & archives)
  Samuel Daffner (Pixar university & archives)
  Christine Freeman (Pixar university & archives)
  Elizabeth Greenberg (Pixar university & archives)
  Juliet Greenberg (Pixar university & archives)
  David R. Haumann (Pixar university & archives)
  Elyse Klaidman (Pixar university & archives)
  Adrienne Ranft (Pixar university & archives)
  Nader Safinya (Pixar university & archives)
  Peggy Tran-Le (Pixar university & archives)
  Sarah Walker (Pixar university & archives)
  Kristin Gamble (Purchasing & relocation)
  Dennis "DJ" Jennings (Purchasing & relocation)
  Keith Kops (Safety & security)
  Marlon Castro (Safety & security)
  Paul Chideya (Safety & security)
  Al Cimino (Safety & security)
  Richard Cogger (Safety & security)
  Gerald E. Hackett III (Safety & security)
  Ramon Hannon (Safety & security)
  Michael Hitson (Safety & security)
  Kristine Javier (Safety & security)
  Noah Skinner (Safety & security)
  Brian Smith (Safety & security)
  Joni Superticioso (Safety & security)
  Luxo Café (Craft services)
  Osvaldo Tomatis (Craft services)
  Luis Alarcon-Cisneros (Craft services)
  Francisco A. Figueroa (Craft services)
  Lauren Grbich (Craft services)
  Larry Henderson (Craft services)
  Candelaria Lozano (Craft services)
  Francisco Martinez (Craft services)
  Jose Martinez (Craft services)
  Oscar Martinez (Craft services)
  Marie Nilsson (Craft services)
  Luigi Passalacqua (Craft services)
  Pier Giorgio Peruccon (Craft services)
  Guillermo Segovia (Craft services)
  Olga Velazquez (Craft services)
  Frank Aalber (Pixar Productions)
  Alexander Adell (Pixar Productions)
  Gregory Amundson (Pixar Productions)
  Darla K. Anderson (Pixar Productions)
  Alexis Angelidis (Pixar Productions)
  Jeanne Applegate (Pixar Productions)
  Matt Aspbury (Pixar Productions)
  Alan Barillaro (Pixar Productions)
  David Batte (Pixar Productions)
  Fareed Behmaram-Mosavat (Pixar Productions)
  Chris Bernardi (Pixar Productions)
  Bert Berry (Pixar Productions)
  Jennifer Birmingham (Pixar Productions)
  Neil Blevins (Pixar Productions)
  Colin Bohrer (Pixar Productions)
  Zoe Boxer (Pixar Productions)
  Max Brace (Pixar Productions)
  Ken Bruce (Pixar Productions)
  Torbin Xan Bullock (Pixar Productions)
  Christopher M. Burrows (Pixar Productions)
  Benjamin Burtt (Pixar Productions)
  David Carney (Pixar Productions)
  Trish Carney (Pixar Productions)
  Liz Kupinski Carter (Pixar Productions)
  Ben Catmull (Pixar Productions)
  Corinne Cavallaro (Pixar Productions)
  Brenda Chapman (Pixar Productions)
  Kevin Chesnos (Pixar Productions)
  Youngjae Choi (Pixar Productions)
  Jiayi Chong (Pixar Productions)
  Pamela J. Choy (Pixar Productions)
  Anthony Christov (Pixar Productions)
  Scott Clark (Pixar Productions)
  Louis Clichy (Pixar Productions)
  Jonathen Collins (Pixar Productions)
  Michael Comet (Pixar Productions)
  Robin Cooper (Pixar Productions)
  Pete Docter (Pixar Productions)
  Ralph Eggleston (Pixar Productions)
  Susan Frank (Pixar Productions)
  Alex Geddes (Pixar Productions)
  Rob Gibbs (Pixar Productions)
  Craig Good (Pixar Productions)
  Craig Grasso (Pixar Productions)
  Anthony Greenberg (Pixar Productions)
  John Halstead (Pixar Productions)
  Stephanie Hamilton (Pixar Productions)
  Nigel Hardwidge (Pixar Productions)
  Stacey Hendrickson (Pixar Productions)
  Kearsley Higgins (Pixar Productions)
  Timothy Hittle (Pixar Productions)
  Daniel Holland (Pixar Productions)
  Jesse Hollander (Pixar Productions)
  Richard Horine (Pixar Productions)
  Jason Hudak (Pixar Productions)
  Steven Clay Hunter (Pixar Productions)
  Richard Hurrey (Pixar Productions)
  Barry Johnson (Pixar Productions)
  Thomas Jordan (Pixar Productions)
  Jean-Claude Kalache (Pixar Productions)
  Brad Kane (Pixar Productions)
  Michael Kilgore (Pixar Productions)
  Glenn Kim (Pixar Productions)
  Hoon H. Kim (Pixar Productions)
  Robert Kinkead (Pixar Productions)
  Noah Klocek (Pixar Productions)
  Keith Daniel Klohn (Pixar Productions)
  Elissa Knight (Pixar Productions)
  Sabine Koch (Pixar Productions)
  Tia Kratter (Pixar Productions)
  Shawn Krause (Pixar Productions)
  Jacob Kuenzel (Pixar Productions)
  Erik Langley (Pixar Productions)
  Ken Lao (Pixar Productions)
  Jeremy Lasky (Pixar Productions)
  Chris Lawrence (Pixar Productions)
  Alison Leaf (Pixar Productions)
  Ellen Moon Lee (Pixar Productions)
  John Lee (Pixar Productions)
  Scott Kemmer (Pixar Productions)
  Susan E. Levin (Pixar Productions)
  Gillian Libbert (Pixar Productions)
  Brian London (Pixar Productions)
  Daniel López Muñoz (Pixar Productions)
  Nicholas Lucas (Pixar Productions)
  David MacCarthy (Pixar Productions)
  Victoria R. Manley (Pixar Productions)
  Jake Martin (Pixar Productions)
  Stephen May (Pixar Productions)
  Nat McLaughlin (Pixar Productions)
  Meaghan Miller (Pixar Productions)
  David Munier (Pixar Productions)
  Victor Navone (Pixar Productions)
  Mark Nielsen (Pixar Productions)
  Ricky Nierva (Pixar Productions)
  Kevin Nolting (Pixar Productions)
  Rosaleen O'Byrne (Pixar Productions)
  Adrian Ochoa (Pixar Productions)
  Brandon Onstott (Pixar Productions)
  Bob Pauley (Pixar Productions)
  Laura Phillips (Pixar Productions)
  Steve Pilcher (Pixar Productions)
  Mark Piretti (Pixar Productions)
  Maxwell Planck (Pixar Productions)
  Bobby Podesta (Pixar Productions)
  Thomas Porter (Pixar Productions)
  Amila Puhala (Pixar Productions)
  Patrik Puhala (Pixar Productions)
  Steve Purcell (Pixar Productions)
  Rich Quade (Pixar Productions)
  Kori Rae (Pixar Productions)
  Lee Rasé (Pixar Productions)
  Denise Ream (Pixar Productions)
  Jim Reardon (Pixar Productions)
  Kathleen Relyea (Pixar Productions)
  Laura Reynolds (Pixar Productions)
  Jonas Rivera (Pixar Productions)
  Amera Rizk (Pixar Productions)
  Nickolas Rosario (Pixar Productions)
  Roger Rose (Pixar Productions)
  Anthony Rosenast (Pixar Productions)
  Kim Ross (Pixar Productions)
  Dale Ruffolo (Pixar Productions)
  Shannon Ryan (Pixar Productions)
  Gary Rydstrom (Pixar Productions)
  John Sanford (Pixar Productions)
  Dan Scanlon (Pixar Productions)
  Stephen Schaffer (Pixar Productions)
  Ferdi Scheepers (Pixar Productions)
  Andrew H. Schmidt (Pixar Productions)
  Ken Schretzmann (Pixar Productions)
  Ross Scroble (Pixar Productions)
  J. Garett Sheldrew (Pixar Productions)
  Mark Shirra (Pixar Productions)
  Jay Shuster (Pixar Productions)
  Patrick Siemer (Pixar Productions)
  Matthew Silas (Pixar Productions)
  Brian Smits (Pixar Productions)
  Erik Smitt (Pixar Productions)
  Marc Sondheimer (Pixar Productions)
  Renee Steen (Pixar Productions)
  Doug Sweetland (Pixar Productions)
  Tessa Swigart (Pixar Productions)
  Renee Tam (Pixar Productions)
  Derek Thompson (Pixar Productions)
  Jenni Tsoi (Pixar Productions)
  Gastón Ugarte (Pixar Productions)
  Lindsay VanderGalien (Pixar Productions)
  Sophie Vincelette (Pixar Productions)
  Carol Wang (Pixar Productions)
  Deirdre Warin (Pixar Productions)
  Andrea Warren (Pixar Productions)
  John Warren (Pixar Productions)
  Bill Watral (Pixar Productions)
  Maggie Weidner (Pixar Productions)
  Emma Weyerman (Pixar Productions)
  Bob Whitehill (Pixar Productions)
  Andy Whittock (Pixar Productions)
  Derek Williams (Pixar Productions)
  Bill Wise (Pixar Productions)
  Anna Wolitzky (Pixar Productions)
  Brian Wright (Pixar Productions)
  Meng Yu (Pixar Productions)
  Ed Catmull (Exec team)
  John Lasseter (Exec team)
  Ali Rowghani (Exec team)
  Jim Morris (Exec team)
  Lois Scali (Exec team)
Animation: Mark Andrews (Story supv)
  James S. Baker (Story artist)
  Enrico Casarosa (Story artist)
  Josh Cooley (Story artist)
  Ronnie del Carmen (Story artist)
  Louis Gonzales (Story artist)
  Brian Larsen (Story artist)
  Matthew Luhn (Story artist)
  Ted Mathot (Story artist)
  Kevin O'Brien (Story artist)
  Bill Presing (Story artist)
  Peter Sohn (Story artist)
  Nathan Stanton (Story artist)
  Alexander Woo (Story artist)
  Mike Cachuela (Addl storyboarding)
  Brian Fee (Addl storyboarding)
  Doug Frankel (Addl storyboarding)
  Justin Hunt (Addl storyboarding)
  Scott Morse (Addl storyboarding)
  Louis Gonzales (Animatic artist)
  Andrew Jimenez (Animatic artist)
  Shannon Wood (Scr supv)
  Dallis Anderson (Story coord)
  Kesten Migdal (Story coord)
  Dylan Brown (Supv anim)
  Mark Walsh (Supv anim)
  Audra Koklys Plummer (Anim mgr)
  David DeVan (Directing anim)
  Michael Venturini (Directing anim)
  Bolhem Bouchiba (Anim preprod)
  Doug Dooley (Anim preprod)
  Andrew Gordon (Anim preprod)
  Robert H. Russ (Anim preprod)
  Andrew L. Schmidt (Anim preprod)
  Kureha Yokoo (Anim preprod)
  Kristophe Vergne (Anim preprod)
  Carlos Baena (Anim)
  Rodrigo Blaas Nacle (Anim)
  Jason Boose (Anim)
  Bolhem Bouchiba (Anim)
  Adam Burke (Anim)
  Shaun Chacko (Anim)
  Brett Coderre (Anim)
  Tim Crawfurd (Anim)
  Don Crum (Anim)
  Patrick Delage (Anim)
  Doug Dooley (Anim)
  Everett R. Downing (Anim)
  Ike Feldman (Anim)
  Doug Frankel (Anim)
  Tom Gately (Anim)
  Andrew Gordon (Anim)
  Stephen Gregory (Anim)
  Travis Hathaway (Anim)
  John Kahrs (Anim)
  Nancy Kato (Anim)
  Patty Kihm (Anim)
  Ken Kim (Anim)
  Karen Kiser (Anim)
  Jaime Landes (Anim)
  John Lee (Anim)
  Holger Leihe (Anim)
  Austin Madison (Anim)
  Matt Majers (Anim)
  Michal Makarewicz (Anim)
  Amber Martorelli (Anim)
  Daniel Mason (Anim)
  Steve Mason (Anim)
  Jon Mead (Anim)
  Paul Mendoza (Anim)
  Sarah Mercey-Boose (Anim)
  Cameron Miyasaki (Anim)
  Dave Mullins (Anim)
  James Ford Murphy (Anim)
  Dan Nguyen (Anim)
  Matt Nolte (Anim)
  Kevin O'Hara (Anim)
  Bret Parker (Anim)
  Sanjay Patel (Anim)
  Brett Pulliam (Anim)
  Robert H. Russ (Anim)
  Gini Cruz Santos (Anim)
  Andrew L. Schmidt (Anim)
  Brett Schulz (Anim)
  Doug Sheppeck (Anim)
  David Earl Smith (Anim)
  Peter Sohn (Anim)
  Ross Stevenson (Anim)
  Michael Stocker (Anim)
  Raphael Suter (Anim)
  Rob Duquette Thompson (Anim)
  Jean-Claude Tran Quang Thieu (Anim)
  Kristophe Vergne (Anim)
  Ian White (Anim)
  Anthony Ho Wong (Anim)
  Stephen Wong (Anim)
  Michael Wu (Anim)
  Kureha Yokoo (Anim)
  Ron Zorman (Anim)
  Andrew Beall (Fix anim lead)
  Sequoia Blankenship (Fix and addl anim)
  Simon Christen (Fix and addl anim)
  Chiwook Han (Fix and addl anim)
  Jae Hyung Kim (Fix and addl anim)
  Bruce Kuei (Fix and addl anim)
  K. C. Roeyer (Fix and addl anim)
  Tom Zach (Fix and addl anim)
  Ziah Sarah Fogel (Crowds supv)
  Arik Ehle (Crowds anim lead)
  Simon Allen (Crowd anim)
  Dovi Anderson (Crowd anim)
  Alex Fleisig (Crowd anim)
  Elliott Roberts (Crowd anim)
  Daniel Campbell (Anim tech support)
  Todd R. Krish (Anim simulation artist)
  Wendell Lee (Addl anim)
  Angus MacLane (Addl anim)
  J. Warren Trezevant (Addl anim)
  Gennie Rim (Anim coord)
  Daniel A. Goodman (Anim tech coord)
  Russell J. Stough (Anim fix coord)
  Veronica Watson (Anim prod asst)
  Michael Garner (Character mgr)
  Kim Collins (Character mgr)
  Paul Aichele (Character lead)
  Christian Hoffman (Character lead)
  Sonoko Konishi (Character lead)
  Tom Sanocki (Character lead)
  Jason Bickerstaff (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Brian Boyd (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Austin Lee (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Carmen Ngai (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Jonathan Paine (Modeling & articulation artist)
  John Singh Pottebaum (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Kevin Singleton (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Ian Steplowski (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Thomas Lance Thornton (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Brian Tindall (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Audrey Wong (Modeling & articulation artist)
  Gentle Giant (Character scans)
  Sangwoo Hong (Addl modeling & articulation)
  Sajan Skaria (Addl modeling & articulation)
  Mark Therrell (Addl modeling & articulation)
  Sarita White (Character coord)
  Belinda Van Valkenburg (Shading art dir)
  Daniel McCoy (Shading supv)
  Sanjay Bakshi (Groom supv)
  Lourdes Marquez Alba (Shade/Paint/Groom mgr)
  Byron Bashforth (Character shading lead)
  Eric Andraos (Shading artist)
  Alec Bartsch (Shading artist)
  Stephan Vladimir Bugaj (Shading artist)
  Marc Cooper (Shading artist)
  Sarah Fowler Deluna (Shading artist)
  Michael Fu (Shading artist)
  Patrick Guenette (Shading artist)
  Ana G. Lacaze Jordan (Shading artist)
  Stephen King (Shading artist)
  Junyi Ling (Shading artist)
  Robert Moyer (Shading artist)
  George Nguyen (Shading artist)
  Alex Seiden (Shading artist)
  Sonja Struben (Shading artist)
  Colin Hayes Thompson (Shading artist)
  Eric Tomson (Shading artist)
  Athena Xenakis (Shading artist)
  Jamie Frye (Digital painter)
  Yvonne Herbst (Digital painter)
  Maria Lee (Digital painter)
  Ernesto Nemesio (Digital painter)
  Japeth Pieper (Digital painter)
  Bill Zahn (Digital painter)
  Laura Hainke (Lead groom artist)
  Michael Todd (Fur & hair groom)
  Bill Zahn (Fur & hair groom)
  Mira Nikolic (Addl shading)
  Josh Qualtieri (Addl shading)
  Jack Paulus (Addl shading)
  Brian M. Rosen (Addl shading)
  Lori Klocek (Shading packet artist)
  Bryn Imagire (Shading packet artist)
  Kesten Migdal (Shade/Paint coord)
  Jason "jtop" Topolski (Shade/Paint coord)
  Pamela Darrow (Sweatbox mgr)
  Eric Rosales (Sweatbox coord)
  Christine Waggoner (Simulation supv)
  Mari Aizawa (Crowds/Simulation mgr)
  Shane M. Thomas (Crowds/Simulation coord)
  David Ryu (Crowds tech lead)
  Paul Kanyuk (Crowds artist)
  Michael Lorenzen (Crowds artist)
  Claudia Chung (Tailoring, Crowds & Simulation)
  Carmen Ngai (Tailoring, Crowds & Simulation)
  Jessica Abroms (Simulation artist)
  Ben Andersen (Simulation artist)
  Jacob Brooks (Simulation artist)
  Claudia Chung (Simulation artist)
  Christina Garcia (Simulation artist)
  George Nguyen (Simulation artist)
  Edgar Rodriguez (Simulation artist)
  Alex Seiden (Simulation artist)
  Thomas Lance Thornton (Simulation artist)
  Matthew Webb (Simulation artist)
  Brad Winemiller (Simulation artist)
  Jane Yen (Simulation artist)
  David Baraff (Dynamics software lead)
  Mark Henne (Addl crowds development)
  Lena Petrovic (Addl crowds development)
  Michael Lorenzen (Addl simulation support)
  Ian Steplowski (Addl simulation support)
  Kim White (Lighting supv)
  Michael Garner (Lighting mgr)
  Dana Murray (Lighting mgr)
  Stefan Gronsky (Tech lighting lead)
  Justin Ritter (Lighting technology lead)
  Lloyd Bernberg (Master lighting artist)
  Tim Best (Master lighting artist)
  Brian Boyd (Master lighting artist)
  Scott G. Clifford (Master lighting artist)
  Airton Dittz Jr. (Master lighting artist)
  Danielle Feinberg (Master lighting artist)
  Steven James (Master lighting artist)
  Mitch Kopelman (Master lighting artist)
  Luke Martorelli (Master lighting artist)
  Jonathan Pytko (Master lighting artist)
  Vandana Reddy Sahrawat (Master lighting artist)
  Michael Sparber (Master lighting artist)
  Kenneth Sullivan (Master lighting artist)
  Peter Sumanaseni (Master lighting artist)
  Esdras Varagnolo (Master lighting artist)
  Jeremy Vickery (Master lighting artist)
  Maria Yershova (Master lighting artist)
  Jeremy Birn (Shot lighting artist)
  Ye Won Cho (Shot lighting artist)
  Charu Clark (Shot lighting artist)
  Keith Cormier (Shot lighting artist)
  Kathleen Cosby (Shot lighting artist)
  Bena Currin (Shot lighting artist)
  Chris Fowler (Shot lighting artist)
  Julie Garcia (Shot lighting artist)
  Ian House (Shot lighting artist)
  Sungyeon Joh (Shot lighting artist)
  Josée Lajoie (Shot lighting artist)
  Jessica Giampietro McMackin (Shot lighting artist)
  Ian Megibben (Shot lighting artist)
  Eileen O'Neill (Shot lighting artist)
  Sudeep Rangaswamy (Shot lighting artist)
  Angelique Reisch (Shot lighting artist)
  Afonso Salcedo (Shot lighting artist)
  Julien Schreyer (Shot lighting artist)
  David Shavers (Shot lighting artist)
  Sonja Struben (Shot lighting artist)
  Kyoung Lee Swearingen (Shot lighting artist)
  Cari Nai Frederick (Lighting technology)
  Jack Paulus (Lighting technology)
  Arun Rao (Lighting technology)
  Jason "jtop" Topolski (Lighting coord)
  Sarah Chiappinelli (Lighting prod asst)
  Apurva Shah (Eff supv)
  Kevin Gordon (Eff mgr)
  Ben Andersen (Eff artist)
  Gary Bruins (Eff artist)
  Juan J. Buhler (Eff artist)
  Chris Chapman (Eff artist)
  Patrick Coleman (Eff artist)
  Trent Crow (Eff artist)
  Eric Froemling (Eff artist)
  Tolga Göktekin (Eff artist)
  Seth Holladay (Eff artist)
  Jason Johnston (Eff artist)
  Chris King (Eff artist)
  Mach Tony Kobayashi (Eff artist)
  Tom Nixon (Eff artist)
  Darwyn Peachey (Eff artist)
  Jon Reisch (Eff artist)
  Chen Shen (Eff artist)
  Enrique Vila (Eff artist)
  Nick Berry (Eff coord)
  Humera Yasmin Khan (Rendering supv)
  Kim Collins (Rendering mgr)
  Don Schreiter (Rendering lead)
  Domenic Allen (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Jay Carina (Rendering & optimization artist)
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  Sandra Karpman (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Mark VandeWettering (Rendering & optimization artist)
  Paul McAfee (Rendering coord)
  Pamela Darrow (Tech development mgr)
  Ronen Barzel (Tech development team)
  Gordon Cameron (Tech development team)
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  Martin Nguyen (Food development lead)
  Marionette (Animated on)
Color Personnel: David Lortsher (Image mastering col grading op)
  Susan Brunig (Image mastering asst col grading op)
  Terry Claborn (Col timer)
MPAA Rating: G
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "Le Festin," written and produced by Michael Giacchino, performed by Camille, recorded by Paul Silveira and Dan Wallin, mixed by Dan Wallin, French translation by Boualem Lamhene, Camille appears courtesy of EMI Music France/Virgin Music Division.
Composer: Michael Giacchino
  Boualem Lamhene
  Paul Silveira
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Disney Enterprises, Inc. 30/7/2007 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001354935
Pixar 30/7/2007 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001354935

PCA NO: 43486
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Digital; dts Digital Sound; SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound in selected theatres
  col: Technicolor
  Lenses/Prints: Kodak

Genre: Comedy-drama
Sub-Genre: Animal
Subjects (Major): Bumblers
  Paris (France)
Subjects (Minor): Animal traps
  Fathers and sons

Note: A note in the closing credits reads: "In loving memory of Dan Lee 1969—2005.” Lee was a longtime Pixar animator who died of cancer during the production of Ratatouille . The credits include a "quality assurance guarantee" that no motion capture shortcuts were used in the production of the film. A lengthy list of thank-yous and names of babies born during the production, a common Pixar practice, are included at the end of the closing credits, including the statement "...and a special Ratatouille thank you to Steve Jobs." In addition, the credits list soundtrack and video game information.
       The story begins with a portion of a television program on the life of famed French chef “Auguste Gusteau,” with an unseen narrator explaining how he won and lost fame. The sequence is followed by the film’s title, which is the only credit to run before the main action begins. After the title, “Remy” is seen bursting through the farmhouse window. The shot ends in a freeze-frame with Remy’s voiceover proclamation: “This is me.” Most of the rest of the story consists of a flashback told by Remy to his friends at his restaurant, La Ratatouille. Patton Oswalt, as Remy, narrates in voice-over at the beginning and end of the story, and sporadically within the film. Only during the final scene is it made clear that Remy has been relating the story to his friends. Several times during the film, Remy’s love of food is depicted by a black screen with vivid swirls and explosions, equating a flavor with a mini-fireworks display.
       The end credits play over a sequence featuring animated rats. Unlike the film’s computer-animated, three-dimensional graphics, the end credits feature stylized, two-dimensional animation. The credit sequence was created by Nate Wragg, who was hired, according to an Aug 2007 HR article, after his drawings were discovered by the filmmakers. That article also stated that Pixar chose to make the credits in a conventional, hand-drawn style because the film’s tight production schedule demanded that all computer resources be allocated to the main film.
       As noted in the press kit and contemporary sources, Jan Pinkava invented the film’s premise and worked on the film for three years. A 28 Jun 2007 HR article noted that Ratatouille was to mark the first feature film for Pinkava, a thirteen-year veteran of Pixar. However, Pixar heads John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and Steve Jobs were unsatisfied with the direction of the project. In a Jun 2007 Time article, Lasseter stated that “The leadership and vision in the story [with Pinkava] were not there.” Writer-director Brad Bird, who had directed the 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles (see above), had been involved with initial meetings about Ratatouille , and after contributing several story ideas, was asked to take over the project around Oct 2005. As noted in a Jun 2007 WSJ article, Bird took over direction and rewrote “all but two lines in the dialogue,” prompting Pinkava to leave both the project and the studio. Bird maintained the previous production schedule, giving him a mere eighteen months to finish the film, with the original budget of $100 million.
       A Jun 2007 LAT feature described the ways in which Bird altered the production after signing on. He redesigned the rats so they were more realistic, walking on four legs rather than two and including their natural, long tail. “They were trying to deratify the rats,” Bird stated, but he insisted on making the rodents appealing without erasing their characteristics. While the basic plotline, cast of characters and creative team remained the same, as noted in the Jun 2007 HR article, Bird removed several themes he considered extraneous, including those dealing with prejudice, family, art and criticism. In addition, the new script killed off Gusteau and raised “Colette” to a major character.
       The film’s press kit and contemporary sources point up Ratatouille ’s myriad technical accomplishments. The animated food was created, prepared and styled in a real kitchen, then photographed in order to be created in CGI, or computer-generated imagery. The filmmakers visited French restaurants and used specific references from their kitchens. Gusteau’s dining room was inspired by an amalgam of several famous Parisian restaurants, including Guy Savoy, Taillevent, La Tour d’Argent and Le Train Bleu. In addition, producer Brad Lewis trained under Thomas Keller, chef of the famous Napa Valley restaurant The French Laundry. (Keller also voiced a restaurant customer in the film.) Sets/layouts manager Michael Warch, a former professional chef, acted as culinary consultant, cooking the food and ensuring that the pots, cutlery and presentation were authentic. Bird stated in a Jun 2007 Long Beach Press-Telegram interview that the filmmakers strove to avoid photo-realism, which can be “frightening.”
       To create the most realistic animated rats, the artists brought in dozens of cages of rodents to observe and photograph their behavior. As noted in the press kit, because rats are small and flexible, months were spent testing models to create extreme poses that looked both authentic and expressive. The animators focused on 30,000 key hairs per rat, while Remy had over one million hairs. Another important aspect of the production, one commented on in the reviews, was the photography and lighting. Director of Photography/Lighting Sharon Calahan stated in the press materials that she based the film’s color palette on the “silvery and diffused” light of a fall afternoon in France.
       The following information about the film’s casting was gleaned from the press materials: Lou Romano, who voiced “Alfredo Linguini,” had served as a production designer on The Incredibles and had voiced some smaller roles in earlier Pixar productions. After hearing his voice on a temporary track, Bird hired him for the role. Bird wrote the character of “Anton Ego” for British actor Peter O’Toole, with his voice and mannerisms in mind. John Ratzenberger, whose voice has been in every Pixar film since 1995’s Toy Story , was cast as the waiter "Mustafa."
       In Jan 2006, after years of fractious negotiations between the two studios over financial arrangements, Disney announced plans to purchase Pixar. During much of Ratatouille ’s production, however, the purchase had not been completed, so in Feb 2006, as noted by DV , Disney agreed to release the film with Pixar covering all production costs and paying Disney a distribution fee. The deal was described as a “backup” in case the merger fell through. However, the acquisition was completed on 5 May 2006 for a reported $7.4 billion, making Pixar a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney. As a result of the merger, according to a Jun 2007 LAT article, Disney financed the entire production, which cost more than $200 million, with worldwide marketing expenses. A Jun 2007 Var article stated that the high cost of the merger put more pressure on Ratatouille to perform financially, to “prove the money [for the purchase of Pixar] was well spent.”
       In addition to the financial pressure, the film posed some challenges in terms of marketing. Numerous animated animal films had been released in the few years prior to Ratatouille , creating what some felt was a saturated market. In addition, Bird stated in a Jun/Jul 2007 Entertainment Weekly interview that there was more resistance to the project than the studio expected, with many reacting in disgust to the idea of animated rats. As noted in a Jun 2007 WSJ article, Disney, worried as well about the reaction of viewers to a realistic rat shown cooking food, for the first time held sneak-previews of a Pixar film in more than 800 theaters. The article also stated that the filmmakers considered changing the title, in case it was too hard to pronounce, but instead decided to spell it phonetically in the advertising.
       An Apr 2007 NYT feature added that Disney planned an all-day television advertising campaign and posted on its website a nine-and-a-half-minute teaser from the film. In addition, the trailer played as much as a year before the film’s release, and an elaborate promotional video circulated online during the spring. Although Disney originally planned to promote the film with a line of Ratatouille Chardonnay, according to a Jul 2007 LAT article, Costco Wholesale Corp. pulled out of the deal after receiving criticism from opponents of underage drinking, and from California wineries concerned with the film’s promotion of a French product.
       Despite the challenges, however, Ratatouille proved a huge commercial and critical success. The American premiere was on 29 Jun 2007, with the French premiere the following night. The worldwide box-office gross as of Jan 2008 was $619 million, making it the only G-rated film to place in the top ten moneymakers of 2007. Critics were universally laudatory, as a result of which Ratatouille was ranked the best-reviewed film of the year on, a film review compilation website. The NYT review called the film “a nearly flawless piece of popular art, as well as one of the most persuasive portraits of an artist ever committed to film. It provides the kind of deep, transporting pleasure, at once simple and sophisticated, that movies at their best have always promised.”
       The film received a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film and was nominated for a Best Visual Effects Academy Award and thirteen Annie Awards from the International Animated Film Society, including Best Picture. Composer Michael Giacchino received a Grammy nomination for Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media. In addition to being named one of AFI’s Movies of the Year, Ratatouille topped numerous film critic associations’ awards and Top Ten lists for 2007. The film won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and earned nominations for Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Original Screenplay.  

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