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King Kong
Director: Peter Jackson (Dir)
Release Date:   14 Dec 2005
Premiere Information:   World premiere in New York: 5 Dec 2005
Production Date:   6 Sep 2004--13 Apr 2005 at Stone Street Studios, Wellington, New Zealand
Duration (in mins):   187-188
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Cast: Featuring Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow)  
    Jack Black (Carl Denham)  
    Adrien Brody (Jack Driscoll)  
    Thomas Kretschmann (Captain Englehorn)  
    Colin Hanks (Preston)  
    Andy Serkis (Kong/Lumpy)  
    Evan Parke ([Mr.] Hayes)  
    Jamie Bell (Jimmy)  
    Lobo Chan (Choy)  
    John Sumner (Herb[ert])  
    Craig Hall (Mike)  
    Kyle Chandler (Bruce [Baxter])  
    William Johnson (Manny)  
    Mark Hadlow (Harry)  
    Geraldine Brophy (Maude)  
    David Denis (Taps)  
    David Pittu (Weston)  
    Pip Mushin (Zelman)  
    Jim Knobeloch (Thuggish executive)  
    Ric Herbert (Sleazy executive)  
    Lee Donahue (Studio assistant)  
    Tom Hobbs (Young assistant)  
    Tiriel Mora (Fruit vendor)  
  Venture Crew Jed Brophy    
    Frank Edwards    
    Richard Kavanagh    
    Stephen Hall    
    Tim Wong    
    Steve Reinsfield    
    Lee Hartley (Radio operator)  
    Troy O'Kane    
    Toa Waaka    
    John Clarke    
    Greg Smith    
    Chris Bailey    
    Tamihana Nuku    
    Michael Lawrence    
    Crawford Thompson    
    William Wallace    
    Joe Folau    
    John Wraight    
    Matthew Chamberlain    
    Louis Sutherland    
    Jason Whyte    
    Ray Woolf (Helmsman)  
    David Dengelo    
    Peter McKenzie    
    Peter Ford    
    Russell Dubois    
    Billy Jackson (NY child)  
    Katie Jackson (NY child)  
    Tania Rodger (Hooverville mother)  
    Samuel Taylor (Hooverville child)  
  Vaudeville acts Hilton Denis    
    Geoff Dunstan    
    Daniel Tusia    
    Paul Wilson    
    Shannon Wilson    
    Jesse Rasmussen    
    Sosina Wogayehu    
    Peter Corrigan    
    Collin Boggars    
    Susan Eastwood    
    Caran Dallas    
    Darryl John    
    Felicia O'Brien    
    Phillip Grieve (Laughing man)  
  Burlesque dancers Belindalee Hope    
    Crushanin Dixor-McIvor    
    Jodie Taylor    
    Jacinta Wawatai (Feral child)  
    Terence Griffiths (Skull pole vaulter)  
    Vicky Haughton (Sharwoman)  
  Theatre actors Luanne Gordon    
    Lorraine Ashbourne    
    Edwin Wright    
    Glen Drake    
    Tim Gordon (Hotel clerk)  
    Julia Walshaw (Woman in Broadway show)  
    Ross Duncan (Audience member)  
    Stephen Buckley (Cab driver)  
    Lee McDonald (Chorus line tap dancer)  
    Stig Eldred (Army commander)  
    Geoff Timblick (Pressman)  
    Geoff Allen (Pressman)  
    Matthew Dravitzki (Trampled theatre-goer)  
    John Dybvig (NY police officer)  
  NY bystanders Bob Burns    
    Kathy Burns    
    Jo Gertler    
    Jennifer Gertler    
  Pilots Rick Baker    
    Jim Dietz    
    William Randall Cook    
    Gene De Marco    
  Gunners Peter Jackson    
    Rick Porras    
    Frank Darabont    
    Hamish Bruce    
    Chic Littlewood (Old security guard)  
    Matt Wilson (Photographer)  
    Lawrence Jarden (NY police chief)  
    Jim McLarty (Photographer)  
    Latham Gaines (Photographer)  

Summary: In 1933, after the New York vaudeville revue she is performing in closes due to poor ticket sales, versatile entertainer Ann Darrow is left sad and penniless. Reluctantly she takes the advice of Manny, a fellow trouper, and asks theatrical producer Weston if she can audition for a show written by her favorite playwright, Jack Driscoll. Weston turns her down, but suggests she try out for a friend’s burlesque show. Meanwhile, in a New York screening room, moviemaker-showman Carl Denham works hard to convince four backers to continue financing his half-shot adventure epic. Denham insists that a map he recently acquired of an uncharted South Sea island will lead his film crew to a “primitive world, never before seen by man.” The backers are skeptical, however, and while they are discussing his future in private, Denham steals the film and flees in a cab with his assistant, Preston. During the ride, the devoted Preston informs Denham that their size-four star has quit the production. Undaunted, Denham stops in front of a burlesque theater to look for possible size-four replacements and spies the slender Ann approaching. Denham watches Ann as she debates going inside and follows her after she decides against it. When a famished Ann is caught stealing an apple from a produce stand, Denham intercedes on her behalf. Over a hot restaurant meal, Denham starts to pitch her his island adventure story. To his delight, Ann adds her own romantic twists to the plot, and Denham happily offers her the lead. Noting that “good things never last,” Ann turns him down, however, until Denham mentions that Jack Driscoll is writing the script. Ann agrees to join the production, which she has been led to believe is headed for Singapore. That night, as Denham, Ann, her narcissistic co-star Bruce Baxter, and the film crew are loading their equipment onto the S.S. Venture , Englehorn, the captain, refuses to take Denham because he has no manifest. Aware that the police are descending on him, Denham bribes Englehorn to change his mind. He then tricks Jack, who has written a mere fifteen pages of the screenplay, into sailing with them. Jack is forced to bunk in the cargo hold of the freighter, where Englehorn usually houses the wild animals he captures with chloroform. The next morning, Ann gets off to a rocky start with Jack when she mistakes the boyish Preston for him. Jack is attracted to Ann, however, and soon the two are falling in love. As they near Sumatra, Denham, who has kept the map a secret from all but Preston, finally tells Jack where they are actually headed. Their conversation is overheard by Jimmy, an impressionable young sailor, and Jimmy, who is engrossed in reading Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness , informs the rest of the crew. Jimmy’s mentor, black first mate Mr. Hayes, tells Denham about a castaway they once rescued who had escaped from the mysterious Skull Island off Sumatra, where a huge “creature, neither beast nor man” resided. Denham shrugs off the tale and later, when Englehorn announces he has received a warrant for Denham’s arrest and is taking the ship to Rangoon, Denham begs him to continue to Skull Island. Englehorn refuses but just then, a dense fog encircles the ship. Despite the crew’s best efforts, the ship becomes jammed on the rocky outer edge of the island. The next morning Denham, Ann, Jack, Bruce and the film crew take a rowboat to the island proper. Immediately they notice human skulls lining the way to some rocky ruins and a huge gate and wall separating the shore from the lush interior jungle. Among the ruins the group discovers a dark young girl with reddish eyes. Seeing the blonde Ann the girl points menacingly at her, then bites Denham when he tries to give her some chocolate. Seconds later, the group is surrounded by sinister, red-eyed tribesmen, who spear the film’s soundman through the chest. A great animal roar thunders through the jungle, and the tribe swarms the group and takes Ann hostage. The group is saved when Englehorn and the ship’s crew appear with machine-guns. That night on the ship, Denham argues with Englehorn about leaving, unaware that tribesmen have snuck on board and abducted Ann. The ship finally breaks free of the rocks, but Jack realizes Ann is missing and demands that Englehorn return for her. Ann, meanwhile, is anointed by tribal elders during a frenzied human sacrifice ceremony and is strung up on a crude altar fashioned from tree limbs. Tribesmen then raise the towering altar, just as Denham and the others storm the shore. Through chinks in the great wall Denham sees a twenty-five-foot tall silverback gorilla emerge from the jungle and snatch Ann. Englehorn gives Denham twenty-four hours to rescue Ann, and without telling the others about the gorilla, Denham leads his film crew and some of the sailors into the jungle. The giant ape, meanwhile, races through the jungle with Ann tucked into his enormous hand. Ann escapes briefly after stabbing the ape with teeth decorating a tribal necklace she is wearing, but he quickly recaptures her. While stopped to rest, Denham, Bruce and cameraman Herbert sneak away from the group and discover a herd of brontosaurs grazing on jungle foliage. Ecstatic, Denham orders Bruce to approach the dinosaurs while the camera runs. Before he can get close, however, meat-eating raptors descend on the brontosaurs and cause a stampede. The entire group is caught up in the stampede, and Herbert is killed by a hungry raptor. The attack is halted after crewmen begin firing their machine-guns. Later, when Bruce declares his desire to leave without Ann, Jack accuses him of cowardice. On a cliff overlooking the entire island, the giant ape, meanwhile, finally puts Ann down and starts to eat. While he is distracted, Ann tries to slip away, but the ape stops her and roars to show his dominance. In response Ann breaks into her vaudeville routine. The ape is amused by Ann’s acrobatics and dancing and, laughing, knocks her over with his fingers. When the exhausted Ann finally stops, the ape throws a tantrum, then calms and departs. Seeing her chance, Ann runs off into the jungle. Nearby the various crew members, led by Mr. Hayes, are confronted by the ape. To Jimmy’s horror, the ape flings Mr. Hayes to his death when he tries to shoot him. The ape then begins shaking a log bridge on which Jack and others are fleeing, and the surviving men land in a damp pit. Ann, meanwhile, avoids being eaten by a giant lizard by hiding inside a hollowed-out log. When a Tyrannosaurus rex then comes along and chases her, the ape appears and rescues her. While holding Ann, the ape does battle with three T-Rexes, vanquishing them one by one. In the pit, the men then are attacked by giant centipedes, crickets, toothy slugs and other deadly creatures but finally are saved by Englehorn, Bruce and the remaining sailors. Although the others doubt that Ann is alive, Jack vows to find her. Without telling Jack, Denham decides to use Ann to lure the ape to the ship, where he will bombard him with Englehorn’s chloroform. Back on the cliff, when Ann realizes the ape is admiring the breathtaking sunset, she pats her chest and says “beautiful.” Later, while the ape sleeps, Jack climbs the cliff and discovers Ann nestled in the ape’s hand. The two sneak off, but the ape awakens and, after battling enormous batlike creatures, chases them to the ship. As planned, Denham hurls bottles of chloroform at the ape, who finally collapses next to the ship. Sometime later in New York, Denham prepares to present the ape, whom he has named King Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World, in a Broadway theater. Denham is the toast of the town, and the audience eagerly awaits his exotic Christmas-time spectacle. Tethered by iron chains, the sedated Kong wows the packed theater. As part of the show, Denham has recreated, Broadway-style, Ann’s tribal sacrifice using a blonde lookalike. When flashbulbs on some photographers’ cameras start popping in his face, Kong becomes enraged and tears free of his chains. Tossing spectators right and left, he storms outside and begins a frenzied, violent search for Ann. Fearing for Ann's safety, Jack commandeers a cab to find her and is pursued by Kong. Before the cab crashes on the icy streets, Jack leads Kong to the theater where Ann has been performing as a chorus girl, having refused to participate in Denham’s Kong show. Outside the theater Ann and the ape reunite, and Ann allows Kong to carry her off. The two enjoy a brief frolic on an icy Central Park pond before soldiers begin firing on Kong. With Ann in hand, Kong races to climb the Empire State Building, the tallest skyscraper in the city. While resting on the observation deck, Kong and Ann watch the sunrise together. When Kong pats his chest, Ann realizes he is repeating her gesture from the island and says, “beautiful.” Moments later, army pilots in biplanes begin strafing Kong with machine-gun fire. Kong climbs the building’s spire and swats at the planes, downing some. Jack, meanwhile, races up to the observation deck just as a weakening Kong grabs Ann, who has followed him to the top, and places her safely inside the deck. The pilots keep plugging Kong with bullets until Ann finally rushes out and screams at them to stop. After Ann and the dying Kong exchange a final tender look, Kong slips silently off the skyscraper and falls to the street below. There, a crowd of onlookers quickly forms. Denham pushes his way to Kong’s body and, quoting from an Arabian tale, declares that airplanes did not kill Kong—"It was beauty killed the beast."  

Production Company: Universal Pictures (NBC Universal)
  Wingnut Films, Ltd.  
Distribution Company: Universal Pictures (NBC Universal)
Director: Peter Jackson (Dir)
  Randall William Cook (2d unit dir)
  Carolynne Cunningham (1st asst dir)
  Dave Norris (2d unit 1st asst dir)
  Robyn Murphy (2d unit 1st asst dir)
  Marty Walsh (1st asst dir, Miniatures 1st unit)
  Marc Ashton (Key 2d asst dir)
  Stephanie Weststrate (2d asst dir)
  Sarah Lowe (2d unit 2d asst dir)
  Richard Matthews (Addl 2d asst dir)
  Skot Thomas (2d 2d asst dir)
  Byron Darling (3rd asst dir)
  Jacqui Pryor (3rd asst dir)
  Zo Hartley (3rd asst dir)
  Del Chatterton (3rd asst dir)
  Darren Mackie (3rd asst dir)
  Anna Groves (2d unit 3rd asst dir)
Producer: Jan Blenkin (Prod)
  Carolynne Cunningham (Prod)
  Fran Walsh (Prod)
  Peter Jackson (Prod)
  Philippa Boyens (Co-prod)
  Eileen Moran (Co-prod)
  Annette Wullems (Assoc prod)
Writer: Fran Walsh (Scr)
  Philippa Boyens (Scr)
  Peter Jackson (Scr)
  Merian C. Cooper (Based on a story by)
  Edgar Wallace (Based on a story by)
Photography: Andrew Lesnie (Dir of photog)
  David B. Nowell (Aerial dir of photog)
  Richard Bluck (2d unit dir of photog)
  Alex Funke (Visual eff dir of photog, Miniatures 1st unit)
  Lee Bramwel (Cam supv, Weta Digital Ltd.)
  Matt Mueller (Senior photog)
  Iva Lenard (Reference photog)
  Guy Robinson (Sky photog)
  Simon Harding (Cam op)
  Cameron McLean (Cam op)
  Rhys Duncan (Cam op)
  Dana Little (Cam op)
  Sally Eccleston (Cam op)
  Adam Clark (Cam op)
  John Cavill (2d unit cam op)
  Colin Deane (1st asst cam)
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  Andrew Stroud (2d unit 1st asst cam)
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  Luis Olivares (Digital assist op)
  Bram Tulloch (2d unit digital assist op)
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  Alys Rowe (Cam trainee)
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  Andrew Sych (Spacecam tech)
  Becky Roberts (Cam coord, Prod)
  Reg Garside (Gaffer)
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Film Editor: Jamie Selkirk (Film ed)
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  Nicole Spackman (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Rodney Muganza (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Ionanis Kotsapis (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Sione Sionetama (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Lawrence Taula (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Rory Byrne (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Sam Tack (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Albert Taurerewa (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Blair Martin (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Shanon Stevens (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Adam Bulman (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Craig Richardson (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Howard Carr (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  John Duffy (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Samuel Von Kersenberg (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Stephen Gilbert (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  David Miskell (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  David Radford (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Dustin Archer (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Timothy Munro (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Simon Chisnall (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Vicki Russell (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Mark Unwin (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Aaron McGuire (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Mathew Austin (Paint labourer, New York streets set)
  Michael Harper (Signwriter)
  Jeffrey Koning (Signwriter)
  Stephen Archer (Signwriter)
  Barry Jack (Sign writer, New York streets set)
  Dean Johnstone (Sign writer, New York streets set)
  Kurt Hobman (Sign writer, New York streets set)
  Chris Meder (Set dresser)
  Amber Richards (Set dresser)
  Andy McLaren (Set dresser)
  Tim Barlowe (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Jeanette Goode (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Jacqueline Gilmore (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Gillian West-Walker (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Justine King (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Nikki Jones (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Eliza Meldrum (Set dresser, New York streets set)
  Ben Whale (Asst dresser)
  Michael Roberts (Asst dresser)
  Eric Thesen (Boat builder)
  Daniel Dorman (Boat builder)
  Murray Robinson (Boat builder)
  Brett Blenkin (Const mgr)
  Norman Willerton (Const mgr)
  Trevor Gillan (Const mgr, Wet set)
  Michael Heffernan (Const mgr)
  Grant Fahey (Const mgr, Greens)
  Jim Marsden (Const foreman)
  Derek Misseldine (Const foreman)
  Colin Davidson (Const foreman)
  Chris Gifford (Const foreman, Steel)
  Alan Wyllie (Const foreman, New York streets set)
  Alistair Fyfe ([Const] leading hand)
  Karl Anton ([Const] leading hand)
  Johno Morton ([Const] leading hand)
  Gareth King ([Const] leading hand)
  Michael Patterson ([Const] leading hand)
  Paul Hay Chapman ([Const] leading hand)
  Mike Bonnar ([Const] leading hand, Rock & foam)
  Jack Reid ([Const] leading hand, New York streets set)
  Mark Kitchin ([Const] leading hand, New York streets set)
  Jim Walker ([Const] leading hand, New York streets set)
  Tim Barnett ([Const] leading hand, New York streets set)
  Andrew Lloyd ([Const] leading hand, New York streets set)
  Roger Houston (Carpenter)
  William MacPhedran (Carpenter)
  Tom Marsh (Carpenter)
  Aaron Thomas (Carpenter)
  Ross Hoby (Carpenter)
  Alan Wilton (Carpenter)
  Alex Mulholland (Carpenter)
  Andrew Hastings (Carpenter)
  Dave Richards (Carpenter)
  Mark Locker (Carpenter)
  Matthew Easton (Carpenter)
  Nicholas Sutton (Carpenter)
  Nick Wilson (Carpenter)
  Reece Nicol (Carpenter)
  Amos Ibell (Carpenter)
  Gregory Hooper (Carpenter)
  Keith Begley (Carpenter)
  Andy Rust (Carpenter)
  Anthony Wilson (Carpenter)
  Arnaud Schweitzer (Carpenter)
  Garry MacDonald (Carpenter)
  Gary Schott (Carpenter)
  James Matthews (Carpenter)
  Iain Cooper (Carpenter)
  John Brien (Carpenter)
  William Maxwell (Carpenter)
  Kevin Anderton (Carpenter)
  Lio Fili (Carpenter)
  Robert McGovern (Carpenter)
  Toby Buxton (Carpenter)
  Tom Kipa (Carpenter)
  Tony Kling (Carpenter)
  Simon Marshall (Carpenter)
  Ian Miller (Carpenter)
  Tony Rapira (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Mike Ranson (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Pat Mabey (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Dave Moore (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Andy Rust (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Anthony Kelly (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Barry Traynor (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Campbell Gledstone-Brown (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Dale Hudson (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Damian Lund (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Dean Gledstone-Brown (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Declan McEwery (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Graham Neal (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Eric Boyle (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Eti Eves (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Gary Russell (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Sandy Wilmar (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Gregory Long (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Jeffrey Brown (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  William Simpson (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Peter Mackinnon (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Rob Kraamwinkel (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Ryan Esler (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  John Howe (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  John Keegan (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Warner Anton (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  John Ternent (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Mark Stevens (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Kevin Willcocks (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Kevin Butson (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Merlin Smith (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Jules Hancock (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Michael Plant (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Michael Donohue (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Rei Duncan (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Tane Jarrett (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  Jon Tack (Carpenter, New York streets set)
  William Wilson (Hammerhand)
  Phil Lamberg (Hammerhand)
  Ruth Carr (Hammerhand)
  Simon Barker (Hammerhand)
  Graham Watkins (Hammerhand)
  Ian Batten (Hammerhand)
  Joanna Williams (Hammerhand)
  Lawrence Pritchard (Hammerhand)
  Nash Carr (Hammerhand)
  Paul Lovato (Hammerhand)
  Aaron Davies (Hammerhand)
  David Lacey (Hammerhand)
  Garrett Haney (Hammerhand)
  Keith Newdick (Hammerhand)
  Matthew Goodin (Hammerhand)
  Murray Johnson (Hammerhand)
  Shane Wood (Hammerhand)
  William Finch (Hammerhand)
  Stuart Walter (Hammerhand)
  Damian Kotsapas (Hammerhand)
  Luke Butters (Hammerhand)
  Reuben Gibbs (Hammerhand)
  Roger Frater (Hammerhand)
  Rod Te Nana (Hammerhand)
  James Maney (Hammerhand)
  Quentin Tait (Hammerhand, Rock & foam)
  Zachary Cousins (Hammerhand, Rock & foam)
  Peter Forde (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  William Walker (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Sam Shepherd (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Te Mata Te Rangi (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Allan Rockell (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Daena Nichols (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Garry Bonnar (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Mike Ryan (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Michael Macphail (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Paul Bashford (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Rob Westholm (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Victor Crooks (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Travis Mackay (Hammerhand, New York streets set)
  Beau Walsh ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Edward Clark ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Finn Marsden ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Jethro Pullyn ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Axel Wakelin ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Royce Goddard ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Stephen Goddard ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Sue Ward ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Tama Liumaihetau ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Te Ngaru Grant ([Const] skilled labourer)
  Kathleen Tapsell ([Const] skilled labourer, Craft)
  Jack Budd ([Const] skilled labourer, Rock & foam)
  Daniel Marwick ([Const] labourer)
  Dilvenis Lorente ([Const] labourer)
  Murray Douglas ([Const] labourer)
  Timothy Hastings ([Const] labourer)
  Sa Johnston ([Const] labourer)
  Tui Simmonds ([Const] labourer)
  Andrew Clifton ([Const] labourer)
  Dylan Faint ([Const] labourer)
  Ricky Plant ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Stephen Tuiletfuga ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Tony Kraamwinkle ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Xerxes Smith ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Raweyn Davis ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Peter Ingram ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Thomas Paton ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Nicole Hay ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Andy Hope ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Bradley McMillan ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Daniel Moore ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Daniel Peta ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  John Burke ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Hjalmar Arnold ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Sjef Van Gaalen ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Andrew Kaye ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Craig Spaulding ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  David Hadley ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Dylan Taylor ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Dylan Todd ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Gillian Christian ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Peter Kaye ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Kelly O'Keeffe ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Matthew Coogan ([Const] labourer, New York streets set)
  Alfred Memelink (Venture chief eng)
  Erwin Koedyke (Venture caretaker)
  Dustin Viggers (Venture caretaker)
  Leighton Viggers (Venture caretaker)
  Sol Clement (Steelworker)
  Cedomir Popovich (Steelworker)
  Richard Jermyn (Steelworker)
  Hamish Bruce (Steelworker)
  Kim Ferguson (Steelworker)
  Bruce Morton (Steelworker)
  Simon Lowe (Greens foreman)
  Drew Fraser (Greens foreman)
  Dan King (Greens leading hand)
  Michael White (Greens leading hand)
  Kerry Priston (Greens leading hand)
  Paula Carswell (Greens leading hand)
  Quinn Roberts (Greensman)
  Shaun Bolton (Greensman)
  Buck Couchman (Greensman)
  Andrew Driver (Greensman)
  Nic Larsen (Greensman)
  Hemi Kemp (Greensman)
  Anna Saunt-Lord (Greensman)
  Anthony Russell (Greensman)
  Daniel Carswell (Greensman)
  Duane Williams (Greensman)
  Kenneth Mitchell (Greensman)
  Peter White (Greensman)
  Murray Hartley (Greensman)
  Jacob Townley (Greensman)
  Warren Kennedy (Greensman)
  Alexander McDougall (Greensman)
  Andrew Richardson (Greensman)
  David Kolff (Greensman)
  Carole Pettitt (Greensman)
  Daniel Aird (Greensman)
  Edmund Wealthall (Greensman)
  Richard Sturkenboom (Greens landscaper)
  Clinton James (Greens landscaper)
  Marie Campbell (Greens landscaper)
  Bindia Kolff (Greens landscaper)
  Anthony Weinberg (Greens landscaper)
  Matthew Handscomb (Greens landscaper)
  Paora Flavell (Greens landscaper)
  Jody Conaglen (Greens skilled labourer)
  Tatiana Terezakis (Greens skilled labourer)
  Lisa Twort (Greens skilled labourer)
  Lucy Woolhouse (Greens, Miniatures 1st unit)
  Dave Goodin (Miniature greens supv)
  Frankie Durham (Miniature greens tech)
  Jimmy Walsh (Miniature greens tech)
  Justine Scott (Miniature greens tech)
  Ken Mitchell (Miniature greens tech)
  Kristos Focas (Miniature greens tech)
  Nicky Giles (Miniature greens tech)
  Genevieve Cooper (Miniature greens scenic artist)
  Kirsty Williams (Miniature greens scenic artist)
  Luke Hawker (Miniature greens mold making supv)
  Brent Ingram (Miniature greens mold maker)
  Craig Poll (Miniature greens mold maker)
  Joe Dunckley (Miniature greens mold maker)
  Pietro Marson (Miniature greens urethane caster)
  Wairarapa Aviation Ltd. (Helldivers made by the team at)
Costumes: Terry Ryan (Cost des)
  Eliza Godman (Asst cost des)
  Carolyn M. Fenton (Cost supv)
  Emma Harre (Key standby cost)
  Cilla Leckie (Cost coord)
  Erin O'Neill (Buyer)
  Amanda Neale (Buyer)
  Julie Zavala-Ron (Head machinist)
  Tom Caddy (Art finisher)
  Anna Munro (Textile artist)
  Rick McGill (Milliner)
  Siosi Tamapolu (Cost runner)
  Lucy McLay (Cost asst)
  Miriam Christie (Cost asst)
  Susan Casey (Cost asst)
  Sheree Roud (Cost asst)
  Hillary Crawford (Cost asst)
  Lee Williams (Cost asst)
  Lucy Reece (Cost asst)
  Hamish Brown (Cost asst)
  Lucy Adams (Cost asst)
  Samantha Brown (Cost asst)
  Melissa Mundt (Cost asst)
  Lachlan Mayclair (Cost asst)
  Katrina Collins (Cost asst)
  Greta Tapper (Cost asst)
  Sandie Sixtus (Cost asst)
  Zoe Fox (Cost asst)
  Karen McGovern (Cost asst)
  Maja Neumann (Cost asst)
  Alice Paton (Cost asst)
  Kate Trafford (Cost asst)
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  Awanui Te Huia (Extras dresser)
  Paul Hambleton (Extras dresser)
  Sally Gray (Extras dresser)
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  Aaron Huriwaka (Asst armourer)
  Gareth McGhie (Skull Island cost supv)
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  Sally Grey (Cost tech &/or on-set dresser, Skull Islanders)
  Sam Farquar (Cost tech &/or on-set dresser, Skull Islanders)
  Tamsyn Hunnewell (Cost tech &/or on-set dresser, Skull Islanders)
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  Vanessa Kirkham (Cost tech &/or on-set dresser, Skull Islanders)
Music: James Newton Howard (Mus)
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  Dave Irons (Miniatures eng)
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  Andrew Camenisch (Kong facial setup lead)
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  David Ostler (Kong fur groom lead)
  Dave Cardwell (Senior modeler)
  Florian Fernandez (Senior modeler)
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  Can Tuncer (Digital modeler)
  Phil Van der Reyden (Digital modeler)
  Jon Veal (Digital modeler)
  Nicole Weber (Digital modeler)
  Julian Butler (Lead creature TD)
  Rudy Grossman (Lead creature TD)
  Andrea Merlo (Lead creature TD)
  Steve Preeg (Lead creature TD)
  Eric Tang (Lead creature TD)
  Christine Arboit (Creature TD)
  Dugan Beach (Creature TD)
  Fernando Borges-Pacheco (Creature TD)
  Glen Christie (Creature TD)
  Michael Corcoran (Creature TD)
  Emanuel Druckmann (Creature TD)
  Briana Hamilton (Creature TD)
  James Jacobs (Creature TD)
  Lars Johansson (Creature TD)
  Florian Linner (Creature TD)
  Tim McCallum (Creature TD)
  Eric Petey (Creature TD)
  Aaron Pfau (Creature TD)
  Jens Schwarz (Creature TD)
  Adam Glendon Sidwell (Creature TD)
  Marco Vidaurre (Creature TD)
  Fiona Foster (Pre-prod dept mgr)
  Simeon Duncombe (Lead texture painter)
  Mykola Gabchenko (Lead texture painter)
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  Hillary Yeo (Lead texture painter)
  Belinda Allen (Texture painter)
  Mia Askew (Texture painter)
  Ned Barraud (Texture painter)
  Kyla Bendall (Texture painter)
  Jennifer Bloomfield (Texture painter)
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  Jessica Cowley (Texture painter)
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  Mark Miller (Texture painter)
  Natalia Nevshupova (Texture painter)
  Lorraine Reen (Texture painter)
  Anne Ritter (Texture painter)
  Asa Svedberg (Texture painter)
  Angela Ursillo (Texture painter)
  Kara Vandeleur (Texture painter)
  Trish Van't Hul (Texture painter)
  Malcolm Wright (Texture painter)
  Kelly Boak (Texture dept coord)
  Geoff Tobin (Lead massive TD)
  Richard Hopkins (Senior cam TD)
  Sergei Koudriavtsev (Senior cam TD)
  Wolfgang Niedermeier (Senior cam TD)
  Albrecht Steinmetz (Senior cam TD)
  Eric Gambini (On-set cam TD)
  Michael Bain (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Erik Bierens (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Elisenda Faustino (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Paul Flanagan (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Stefan Galleithner (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Christoph Gaudl (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Peter Godden (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Allan Torp Jensen (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Oliver Kirchhoff (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Lars Kramer (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Gary Laurie (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Kurt Nellis (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Michael Sarkis (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Rolf Schneider (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Joe Woodward Stevenson (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Denis Trutanic (Cam TD/Matchmover)
  Paula Bell (Lead paint artist)
  Christine Cram (Lead paint artist)
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  Christine Feistl (Lead paint artist)
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  Michael Brazelton (Paint artist)
  Seth Miller (Paint artist)
  Karla Ventocilla Curby (Paint artist)
  John-Michael Bills (Lead roto artist)
  Martin Body (Lead roto artist)
  Tim Cheng (Lead roto artist)
  Peter Demarest (Lead roto artist)
  Hugo Dominguez (Lead roto artist)
  Agnes Gould (Lead roto artist)
  Sandro Henriques (Lead roto artist)
  Arek Komorowski (Lead roto artist)
  David Luke (Lead roto artist)
  Laura Murillo (Lead roto artist)
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  Jennifer Scheer (Lead roto artist)
  Sam Stewart (Lead roto artist)
  Mark Bowen (Roto artist)
  Adam Bradley (Roto artist)
  Kate Burgess (Roto artist)
  Evan Christie (Roto artist)
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  Danny Jones (Roto artist)
  Katya Hatice Kivilcim (Roto artist)
  David Owen (Roto artist)
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  Junko Abe Schugardt (Roto artist)
  Roxanne Sutherland-Valentine (Roto artist)
  Sandy Houston (Paint & roto supv, Weta Digital Ltd.)
  Quentin Hema (Paint & roto supv, Weta Digital Ltd.)
  Brian Van't Hul (Visual eff on set supv)
  Matt Villa (Visual eff ed)
  Matt Holmes (Senior VFX ed, Weta Digital Ltd.)
  Lucas Putnam (VFX ed, Ed dept)
  Andy Stevens (Assoc VFX ed, Ed dept)
  Jenny Vial (Visual eff admin)
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  Kate Hawkins (Visual eff prod coord)
  CAFEFX, Inc. (Addl visual eff)
  Asylum (Addl visual eff)
  Kim Lavery (Addl VFX prod)
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  Malcolm Angell (VFX senior on-set surveyor)
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  Stan Alley (VFX on-set surveyor)
  Helmar Gerhardt (Blastcode developer)
  Christian Rivers (Anim dir)
  Eric Leighton (Anim dir)
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  Samati Boonchitsitsak (Anim)
  Alex Burt (Anim)
  Josh Cooper (Anim)
  Frederic Cote (Anim)
  Robb Denovan (Anim)
  Richard Dexter (Anim)
  Joel Fletcher (Anim)
  Ben Forster (Anim)
  Kameron Gates (Anim)
  Aron Hatfield (Anim)
  Traci Horie (Anim)
  Wayne Howe (Anim)
  Victor Huang (Anim)
  Patrick Kalyn (Anim)
  Ronny Kim (Anim)
  Nadine Lavoie (Anim)
  Staffan Linder (Anim)
  Randy Link (Anim)
  Sophie Lodge (Anim)
  Robyn Luckham (Anim)
  Joel Meire (Anim)
  Gwilym Morris (Anim)
  Brett Purmal (Anim)
  Matthew Riordan (Anim)
  Kenny Roy (Anim)
  Kristin Solid (Anim)
  Jon Turburfield (Anim)
  Don Waller (Anim)
  George Y. S. Wong (Anim)
  Shawn Dunn (Anim tech supv)
  William Dwelly (Anim TD)
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  Clare Burgess (Anim dept mgr)
  Cheryl Kerr (Anim dept mgr)
  Mike Wallis (Anim coord)
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  Hanzhi Tang (3D lighting lead)
  Michael Baltazar (3D lighting TD)
  Kelly Bechtle-Woods (3D lighting TD)
  Philip Borg (3D lighting TD)
  Sam Bui (3D lighting TD)
  Graeme Demmocks (3D lighting TD)
  Patrick Felgueras (3D lighting TD)
  Robert A.D. Frick (3D lighting TD)
  David Gould (3D lighting TD)
  Michael Grobe (3D lighting TD)
  Anne Hall (3D lighting TD)
  Christopher Hamilton (3D lighting TD)
  Christian Hipp (3D lighting TD)
  Katherine Hurst (3D lighting TD)
  Jeff A. Johnson (3D lighting TD)
  Tim Ketzer (3D lighting TD)
  Balazs Kiss (3D lighting TD)
  Susie May Kleis (3D lighting TD)
  Mike Lemmon (3D lighting TD)
  Aron Makkai (3D lighting TD)
  Tom Mikota (3D lighting TD)
  Keith F. Miller (3D lighting TD)
  Daryl Munton (3D lighting TD)
  Dylan Neill (3D lighting TD)
  Carlos-Christian Nickel (3D lighting TD)
  Jennifer Nona (3D lighting TD)
  Paul George Palop (3D lighting TD)
  Jae Wook Park (3D lighting TD)
  Trina M. Roy (3D lighting TD)
  Mahria Sangster (3D lighting TD)
  Jason Schugardt (3D lighting TD)
  Glen Sharah (3D lighting TD)
  Vincent Thomas (3D lighting TD)
  Andrew Titcomb (3D lighting TD)
  Ben Toogood (3D lighting TD)
  Andres Vitale (3D lighting TD)
  Nancy S. Wallis (3D lighting TD)
  Joyce Young (3D lighting TD)
  Buckley Collum (3D digital destruction TD)
  Rob Conn (3D digital destruction TD)
  Mark Davies (3D digital destruction TD)
  Zachary Franks (3D digital destruction TD)
  Hiroaki Muramoto (3D digital destruction TD)
  Alex Nowotny (3D digital destruction TD)
  Alireza Razmpoosh (3D digital destruction TD)
  Kawaldeep Singh (3D digital destruction TD)
  Kevin Romond (Lead digital water TD)
  Allen Hemberger (3D digital water TD)
  Jason Lazaroff (3D digital water TD)
  Michael Root (3D digital water TD)
  Chris Young (3D digital water TD)
  Chu M. Tang (Shader writer)
  Alexandra Kirchdoerfer (Asst TD)
  Christine Penn (Asst TD)
  Mark Evans (Asst TD)
  Joe Ardent (Asst TD)
  Johan Aberg (Compositing seq lead)
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  Doug Cram (Asst compositor/Senior paint artist)
  Paul Redican (Asst compositor/Senior paint artist)
  Hamish Schumacher (Asst compositor/Senior paint artist)
  Kathryn Horton (2d compositing dept mgr)
  Karl Chisholm (Spec eff on-set coord)
  Geoff Curtis (Senior spec eff tech)
  Mike McDonald (Spec eff tech)
  Iain Hutton (Spec eff tech)
  Darian Lumsden (Spec eff tech)
  Dave Booth (Spec eff tech)
  Doug Falconer (Spec eff tech)
  Geoff Goss (Spec eff tech)
  Peter Zivkovic (Spec eff tech)
  Phil McLaren (Spec eff tech)
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  Chris Lawton (Spec eff tech)
  Dean Clark (Spec eff tech)
  Oliver Gee (Spec eff tech)
  Dean Bushby (Spec eff tech)
  Rodney Ford (Spec eff tech)
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  Sarah Bailey-Harper (Spec eff admin)
  Jonny Gridlay (Spec eff asst)
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  Weta Digital Ltd., Wellington, New Zealand (Digital vis eff des and created by)
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  Nick Booth (Scan/Record supv, Scan/Record dept)
  Daniel Ashton (Scan/Record tech, Scan/Record dept)
  David Hampton (Scan/Recording op, Scan/Record dept)
  Lance Lones (Pipeline eng supv)
  Luca Fascione (Pipeline eng)
  Taisuke Tanimura (Pipeline eng)
  Lawrence Chai (Software developer)
  Shane Cooper (Software developer)
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  Adrian Samuels (Digital resource mgr)
  Carrie Thiel (Motion ed/Destruction coord)
  Dejan Momcilovic (Motion capture supv, Weta Digital Ltd.)
  Lisa Wildermoth (Motion capture dept mgr/1st asst dir)
  John Curtis (Mocap tech)
  James Van der Reyden (Mocap studio TD)
  Jacob Botting (Mocap stage mgr)
  Emily Pearce (Mocap prod asst)
  Raymond Massa (Motion data tracker)
  Chris Moss (Motion data tracker)
  Scott Owen (Motion data tracker)
  Bassim Haddad (Lead motion ed)
  Tom Holzinger (Lead motion ed)
  Danilo Buendia (Motion ed)
  Mario De Dios Barbero (Motion ed)
  Daniel Eriksson (Motion ed)
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  Giant Studios, Inc. (Motion capture systems)
  Motion Analysis Corporation (Motion capture systems)
  Helmar Gerhardt (Blastcode developer)
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  Pacific Title (Titles by)
  Chris Guise Weta Workshop (Titles des)
  Sommerware Systems Inc. (Film data software)
Dance: Shona McCullagh (Choreographer)
Make Up: Peter Swords-King (Makeup & hair des)
  Rick Findlater (NZ makeup & hair supv)
  Michal Bigger (Make up to Ms. Watts)
  Georgina Lockhart Adams (Makeup & hair artist)
  Angela Mooar (Makeup & hair artist)
  Nancy Hennah (Makeup & hair artist)
  Susie Glass (Makeup & hair artist)
  Catherine Maguire (Makeup & hair artist)
  Allie Rutherford (Makeup & hair artist)
  Deb Watson (Makeup & hair artist)
  Edyta Koscielecki (Makeup asst)
  Erin Kelly (Makeup asst)
  Hayden Bloomfield (Makeup asst)
  Amy McLennan (Makeup asst)
  Frankie Karena (Makeup asst)
  Jamie McIntosh (Makeup asst)
  Susan Durno (Makeup asst)
  Natasha Lees (Makeup asst)
  Lisa Ferguson (Makeup asst)
  Jessica Lalande (Wigmaker)
  Jamie H. Wilson (On-set coord, Skull Islanders)
  Gino Acevedo (Spec makeup eff supv, Skull Islanders)
  Dominie Till (Spec makeup eff supv, Skull Islanders)
  Amy McLellan (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Davina Lamont (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Elizabeth Hilton (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Emily-Jane Sturrock (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Fiona Sole (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Gareth Jensen (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Gavin Skudder (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Trish Glover (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Les Nairn (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Margiana Cullinan (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Megan Dordevich (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Rose Parsons (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Samantha Lyttle (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Saul Barnes (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Sheree Gillespie (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Steven Boyle (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Warren Smith (Spec makeup eff & wig tech &/or on-set application, Skull Islanders)
  Frances Richardson (Foam latex tech, Skull Islanders)
  Ryk Fortuna (Silicon prosthetics, Skull Islanders)
Production Misc: Victoria Burrows (Casting)
  Liz Mullane (Casting)
  John Hubbard (Casting)
  Dan Hubbard (Casting)
  Ann Robinson (Casting)
  Avy Kaufman (Addl New York casting)
  Miranda Rivers (Extras casting coord)
  Amanda Duncan (Casting asst)
  Dra McKay (Casting asst)
  Anne Bruning (Unit prod mgr)
  Brigitte Yorke (Prod mgr)
  David Sa'ena (2d unit unit mgr)
  Belindalee Hope (Prd mgr, Miniatures 1st unit)
  Arwen Munro (Prod coord)
  Clare Olsen (Prod coord)
  Bob Buck (Extras coord)
  Pip Lingard (On set coord)
  Angela Waller (2d unit prod coord)
  Kat Stephens (Prod coord, Miniatures 1st unit)
  Victoria Sullivan (Scr supv)
  Veronique Lawrence (2d unit scr supv)
  Merrin Ruck (Scr supv, Miniatures 1st unit)
  Elizabeth Himelstein (Dialect coach)
  Tanya Blumstein (Dialect coach)
  Melissa Goldstein (New York researcher)
  Carrie Miller (Research librarian)
  Jared Connon (Loc mgr)
  Peter Tonks (Loc mgr)
  Leonne Kassler (Loc coord)
  Boris Kunac (Asst loc mgr)
  Mat Gordon (Loc asst)
  Mark Waniga (New York loc scout)
  Carl Bellavia (New York loc scout)
  Sam Rohn (New York loc scout)
  Brenna Townshend (Asst to Mr. Black)
  Milano Miodino (Asst to Miss Watts)
  Annaliese Levy (Asst to Miss Watts)
  Phil Nixey (Asst to Mr. Brody)
  Stephanie Kuttner (Asst to Mr. Serkis)
  Matthew Dravitzki (Asst to Peter Jackson)
  Josie Leckie (Asst to Fran Walsh)
  Thea Govorko (Asst to Jan Blenkin & Carolynne Cunningham)
  Mel Morris (Asst to Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop Ltd.)
  Jenny Williams (Asst to Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop Ltd.)
  Erin Horton (Asst to prod, Prod)
  Helene Takacs (Asst prod coord)
  Colette Birrell (Asst prod coord)
  Aimee Aspinall (Asst prod coord)
  Piers Gilbertson (On set prod asst)
  Fiona Bartlet (On set prod asst)
  Petrina Hodgson (On set prod asst)
  Ngaire Woods (On set prod asst)
  Joanna Bunce (On set prod asst)
  Rod Smith (On set prod asst)
  Jo Foster (On set prod asst)
  Edith Thompson (On set prod asst)
  Rachael Boggs (On set prod asst)
  Clare McKee (Prod asst)
  Mac Warbrick (Prod asst)
  Carter Nixon (Wingnut Films prod asst)
  Amy Brennan (Wingnut Films prod asst)
  Caroline Lackey (Wingnut Films prod asst)
  Victoria Burkhart (2d unit prod asst)
  Anthony Norris (2d unit on set PA)
  Ben Wood (Prod asst, Weta Workshop Ltd.)
  Emily Griffiths (Prod asst, Weta Workshop Ltd.)
  Laura-Jane Botting (Prod asst, Prod)
  Andrew Cochrane (Prod asst, Prod)
  Juliette Davis (Prod asst, Prod)
  Jade Lorier (Prod asst, Prod)
  Nicky Muir (Prod asst, Prod)
  Shane Rangi (Prod asst, Prod)
  Liz Bowen (2d unit unit asst)
  Tim Haigh (Unit asst, Addl miniatures unit)
  Natasha Turner (Asst coord, Addl miniatures unit)
  Jilly Guice (Extras standby)
  Chantelle Bowkett (Standby asst)
  Simon Ward (Standby asst)
  Katherine Milne (Standby asst)
  Andrea Plested (Standby asst)
  Paul Booth (Extras standby asst)
  Rebecca Johnston (Extras standby asst)
  Hannah St. John (Extras standby asst)
  Jamie Lawrence (Prod runner)
  Tom Hobbs (Prod runner)
  Joel Anscombe-Smith (Prod runner)
  Mike Minogue (Prod runner, Miniatures 1st unit)
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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Country: New Zealand and United States
Language: English

Music: "Fanfares Nos. 1, 2 and 3, The Sailors, the Aeroplane, Elevated Sequence, Jungle Dance, The Escape." "Aboriginal Sacrifice Dance" and "King Kong March" from the underscore of the 1933 film King Kong by Max Steiner.
Songs: "I'm Sitting on Top of the World," music by Ray Henderson, lyrics by Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis, performed by Al Jolson, courtesy of Geffen Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises; "Bye Bye Blackbird," music by Ray Henderson, lyrics by Mort Dixon, performed by Peggy Lee, courtesy of Geffen Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises.
Composer: Mort Dixon
  Ray Henderson
  Sam M. Lewis
  Max Steiner
  Joe Young
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Universal City Studios, LLLP 16/12/2005 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001301752
MFPV Film, GmbH 16/12/2005 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001301752

PCA NO: 42322
Physical Properties: Sd: SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound; Dolby Digital EX; dts in selected theatres
  Lenses/Prints: prints by Technicolor; lenses by ARRI Rental

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: Historical
  with songs
Subjects (Major): Apes
  Motion picture directors
  Prehistoric animals
Subjects (Minor): Airplanes
  Chorus girls
  Death by animals
  The Depression, 1929
  Empire State Building (New York City)
  Falls from heights
  Heart of Darkness (Novel)
  Human sacrifice
  Motion picture actors and actresses
  Motion picture cameramen
  Motion picture crews
  New York City
  Rites and ceremonies
  Sea captains
  Ship crews
  South Sea islands
  Theatrical producers
  Tribal life

Note: King Kong is a remake of the 1933 RKO Radio Pictures release of the same name (see above entry). The original film was directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack and starred Fay Wray as “Ann Darrow,” Robert Armstrong as “Carl Denham” and Bruce Cabot as “Jack Driscoll.” Ruth Rose and Joseph Creelman wrote the first film’s screenplay, and Cooper and Edgar Wallace were credited with “original idea.” Cooper and Wallace received an onscreen story credit on the 2005 film. Portions of composer Max Steiner's score for the 1933 film was incorporated into James Newton Howard's score for the 2005 film. Willis O’Brien conceived the first film’s groundbreaking stop-motion animation. The closing credits of the 2005 King Kong included the following dedication: "This film is dedicated with love and respect to the original adventurers of Skull Island: Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack, Willis H. O'Brien, Max Steiner, Robert Armstrong and . . . the incomparable Fay Wray. They continue to inspire all those who follow in their footsteps." The filmmakers thanked a number of people in the ending credits, among them, actress and former vaudevillian June Havoc, Wray’s daughter Victoria Riskin and other individuals and companies affiliated with various aspects of the production.
       As noted in many sources, director Peter Jackson was inspired to become a filmmaker after he saw the original King Kong on television as a nine year old in New Zealand. In a 19 Jan 1997 The Times (London) article, Jackson claimed that the day after he saw the 1933 picture, he got out his “'parents’ Super 8 camera and started taking pictures of the Plasticine dinosaurs. I can’t tell you what an effect it had on me.’” Six years later the still-obsessed Jackson made a cardboard cutout of the Empire State Building and painted a Manhattan backdrop, intending to recreate the film’s final sequence using a King Kong puppet. Over the years, Jackson has acquired many items, including O’Brien’s special effects camera and various King Kong models, associated with the original film.
       According to The Times (London) article, executives at Universal, which released the 2005 film, did not know that King Kong was Jackson’s favorite movie when they suggested he direct the remake. Universal first approached Jackson about the film in early 1996, while he was making the horror picture The Frighteners for the studio. The Times article stated that Universal had first offered the film to Roland Emmerich, who had directed the studio’s 1996 blockbuster Independence Day . As noted in various sources, Universal’s original offer to Jackson included a $6.5 million director’s fee.
       Jackson and his co-screenwriter and life partner, Fran Walsh, completed a draft of the script in Dec 1996, according to the The Times (London) article. Shooting was scheduled to start in May 1997. The book The Making of King Kong: The Official Guide to the Motion Picture stated that Jackson first planned to use a combination of stop-motion animation, animatronics and digital effects to bring Kong and Skull Island to life. For six months, a large crew at Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, Jackson’s Stone Street production houses near Wellington, New Zealand, worked on the project, designing and building miniatures of Skull Island, Kong and various other creatures.
       Although Jackson reportedly had always intended to set the story during the Depression, an Apr 2003 Newsweek article stated that in the first draft of the script, the Ann Darrow character was written as a “Lara Croftian explorer.” Kate Winslet, who had starred in Jackson’s 1994 film Heavenly Creatures , and Minnie Driver were mentioned as possible stars in the The Times (London) article.
       According to a 17 Jan 1997 HR article, the King Kong remake, which was to be a joint venture between Universal and Disney’s Miramax Pictures, was shelved temporarily because of feared competition with Disney’s 1998 remake of the 1949 RKO picture Mighty Joe Young , and TriStar’s big-budget remake of the 1956 Japanese film Godzilla , released in the same year.
       Initially, production on King Kong was rescheduled for 1998, but as noted in various sources, the subsequent box-office failure of Mighty Joe Young and Godzilla caused Miramax to back out of the project. Jackson then began work on his hugely successful Lord of the Rings trilogy, which took seven years to complete. During that period, Philippa Boyens, who also worked with Jackson and Walsh on the Lord of the Rings screenplays, was brought in to collaborate on the King Kong script.
       In Aug 2003, news sources announced that Jackson had signed a $20 million contract against 20 percent of the gross to write, produce and direct King Kong . Jackson’s deal included salaries for collaborators Walsh and Boyens. After Boyens was hired, the script returned solidly to its 1933 roots. The 2005 version contains numerous allusions and tributes to the original, including a line in which Denham curses an RKO director named Cooper for stealing his leading lady. Some of the remake’s dialogue was taken directly from the 1933 script, most notably Denham’s closing “beauty and beast” line. In addition, dancers who appear in Kong’s New York show were dressed like the Skull Island tribesmen from the original movie. According to The Making of King Kong , the prop department of the 2005 film made exact replicas of the prop spears used by the 1933 dancers, which Jackson had purchased in an auction. Music that accompanied their dance was taken directly from Steiner’s score for the 1933 picture.
       Although the remake retained the first film’s overall structure and storyline, Jackson, Walsh and Boyens expanded on and changed some critical plot elements. In the original, Jack Driscoll, Ann’s human love interest, is the ship’s first mate. The 1933 script had neither a writer character, nor a male co-star. In the remake, lines spoken by “Bruce Baxter” as his film-within-a-film character were lines spoken by Bruce Cabot in the original. Ann’s character is more developed in the remake than in the 1933 film. In the original, the impoverished Ann is easily persuaded to join the voyage and is terrified of Kong throughout the story. As noted by many critics, in the original, Ann and Kong have an odd sexual relationship, but in the remake, their relationship is born out of respect and friendship.
       Denham in the original film is more sympathetic than in the remake, and is not suffering financial or legal difficulties. In Son of Kong , the 1933 sequel to the original King Kong (see entry below), however, Denham does dodge creditors and subpoenas resulting from Kong’s rampage through Manhattan. The original Denham was based on Merian C. Cooper, a larger-than-life adventurer/filmmaker. In The Making of King Kong , Boyens claimed that, in addition to Cooper, her revised Denham character was based somewhat on director Orson Welles and that the idea for having Denham steal his own film came from a story she once heard about Welles. In the 1960s, Welles reportedly used some of the money given to him by backers to make a Western to shoot a completely different film, Falstaff (see above entry). Jackson also used Welles as a model for actor Jack Black’s hair and costumes. According to a 5 Dec 2005 Newsweek article, Jackson picked Black to play Denham after repeated viewings of Black’s 2003 film School of Rock , in which Black played a resourceful, rascally teacher.
       According to The Making of King Kong , except for the opening and closing theater scenes, the entire film was studio-made. Jackson and his film crew went to great lengths to make the production as detailed and historically accurate as possible. The film’s complex visual approach combined miniature and motion-capture footage with regular live-action, “green-screen” live-action (in which actors play against a blank green screen onto which computer-generated special effects shots are added later) and live-action against motion-capture footage. According to a Dec 2005 Entertainment Weekly article, the final film contained 1,600 computer-generated shots, which required 500 animators to construct.
       When conceiving Skull Island, the production design team, led by Grant Major, used the artwork of nineteenth-century illustrator Gustave Doré as inspiration. (Doré was also a visual source for the 1933 King Kong .) In keeping with Doré’s style, Jackson wanted close objects to be silhouetted and dark, and distant objects to be flatter and brighter. Jungle footage was derived from a combination of live-action sets, miniatures and digital elements. Wind machines helped make the jungle sets appear more natural.
       Inspiration for the island’s inhabitants came from a National Geographic magazine photo, according to The Making of King Kong . The photo depicted an African tribesman with extremely dark skin and eyes that were reddened with berry juice for ceremonial purposes. To create a similar look for the island villagers, the makeup department made red sclera contact lenses to fit over the performers’ eyes. The actors, who were of Asian and African descent, were spray-painted to make their skin appear darker. The village set was built on Mount Crawford, near Weta. Only the lower third, or forty feet, of the village set was built to scale. The top portion was filmed as miniatures.
       For the New York sets, according to The Making of King Kong , the design team did extensive historical research, finding images and blueprints from the period and reproducing some exactly. Blueprints and photographs of the Empire State Building were followed carefully to recreate the building, both as sets and digitally. Sets included the building’s entrance lobby, observation decks, stairways, exterior walkway, ladders and cone tip.
       Designers studied period photographs of New York streets to determine how many extras (real and computer-generated) to include in a given scene. Several blocks of New York sets were built in Seaview, near Wellington. As none of the buildings in the set exceeded five meters, their tops were added digitally. At the height of construction, the art department employed as many as 475 to 500 people. For the interior of the Broadway theater, Jackson shot at the Civic Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand.
       As noted in The Making of King Kong , precise replicas of Curtiss Helldiver airplanes were built for the film, using drawings procured from the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Aircraft consultant Gene De Marco (who also plays a pilot in the film) duplicated the plane’s instrument panels, with some actual flight instruments from the period included. For some of the shots of the S.S. Venture , Jackson refitted an actual freighter built in the 1950s. The ship’s interiors were constructed as individual sets, however, and other shots were done using miniatures.
       According to The Making of King Kong , Adrien Brody did most of his own stunt driving during the icy cab chase scene. Jackson’s children, Billy and Katie, appear in the film as “NY children,” and Jackson and fellow director Frank Darabont appear as “Gunners.” The inclusion of the directors is another homage to the original King Kong , as Cooper and Schoedsack appeared as gunners in the 1933 film. Rick Baker, who worked on the 1976 King Kong , plays a pilot. Although their appearance in the film has not been confirmed, an online source adds the following actors to the cast: Jarl Benzon, T. M. Bishop, Sandro Kopp, Todd Rippon, Nicholas Marino and Matt Panzera.
       For the 1933 King Kong , animator Willis O’Brien used different-sized, fur-covered miniatures to represent Kong onscreen. The 2005 Kong was computer generated, although Kong’s movements and facial expressions were created by the use of motion-capture techniques that utilized the body and movements of actor Andy Serkis. Serkis, who also plays sailor “Lumpy” in the film, spent eighteen months developing his Kong character, according to a 20 Dec 2005 LAT article. Serkis’ research included working for several months as a keeper to four gorillas at the London zoo. Serkis also studied mountain gorillas at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International in Rwanda prior to production.
       As noted in the LAT article, Serkis, who played “Gollum,” another motion-capture character, in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, performed scenes with Watts during principal photography, although only Naomi Watts appeared on camera. For those scenes, Serkis wore a furless, muscled gorilla suit and arm extensions to simulate a gorilla’s knuckle-dragging gait. Sometimes he was placed on cranes and ladders so that sight lines between him and Watts would make visual sense when edited. Serkis’ gorilla vocalizations were lowered electronically and amplified through a close-mike.
       After principal photography, Serkis spent another two months on the motion capture stage at Weta Digital. There Serkis performed his live-action scenes again, playing off the other actors’ footage, which was projected in front of him on hand-held monitors. To accommodate Kong’s long-armed gait, sets on the motion capture stage were built on two levels. While wearing a padded body suit, weights on his arms and legs to approximate an oversized gorilla’s larger and slower movements, fake Kong teeth and a microphone, Serkis enacted all of his on-camera shots. Attached to Serkis’ body were hundreds of electronic markers sending information about his movements to a computer-controlled camera. The computer then translated the footage into realistic 3-D animation. To capture Kong’s subtle eye and facial movements, over 130 markers were attached to Serkis’ face.
       As noted in The Making of King Kong , with the exception of one flightless bird, which was done as a puppet, dinosaurs and other Skull Island creatures were devised digitally using 3-D imaging technology. Unlike other aspects of the production, for the depiction of the dinosaurs Jackson did not demand absolute accuracy, preferring instead a more fanciful approach. The drawings of Charles Knight, an early “dinosaur artist,” inspired some of the creatures’ design. The pit scene, in which several crew members are attacked and devoured by oversized spider crabs, insects and slugs, was modeled on a scene from the 1933 King Kong that was shot but cut from the final film. One of the insects was inspired by wetas, cricket-like insects native to New Zealand (and the source of Jackson’s special effects facility’s name).
       In Oct 2005, James Newton Howard replaced Howard Shore, who had worked with Jackson on all of the Lord of the Rings films, as the film’s composer. According to a Nov 2005 DV article, Shore and Jackson parted ways due to “differing creative aspirations.” Shore, who also orchestrates and conducts his scores, averaged only eight minutes of recording per day, a pace that threatened the tight schedule. He had been recording his unfinished score for nine days when he was replaced.
       According to DV , Howard composed all of the film’s major musical themes in three days and only spent six weeks writing and recording the score. In order to meet the studio’s deadline, he used six orchestrators and three conductors to record fifteen to twenty minutes of music a day. Due to the last-minute changes, most of the recording was done on weekends and at night at three different Los Angeles sound stages.
       During filming, Jackson shot weekly production “diaries,” which he posted on a fan-based website. The diaries began on the first day of principal photography and continued through the final phase of post-production and the New York and Wellington premieres. Although behind-the-scenes “making of” documentaries are common on DVD releases, the King Kong diaries marked the first time that a director chronicled the filmmaking process on a weekly basis and made it available to the public before the picture's release. In addition to showing the technical aspects of the production, the diaries revealed Jackson’s exhaustion and seventy-pound weight loss. A day before the film’s national opening, Universal released a three-and-a-half-hour DVD of all the production diaries shot during principal photography.
       In Mar 2005, according to a Var item, Jackson invited about 200 people, including Universal executives and exhibitor representatives, to view eighteen minutes of footage from the film. Although Jackson displayed some of the film’s miniatures and explained its special effects, he required that all attendees sign confidentiality agreements and prohibited cameras and cell phones in the theater. According to an Entertainment Weekly article, in Jun 2005, Universal then launched an elaborate publicity campaign for the film, which included broadcasting a two-and-a-half minute trailer on ten of its NBC networks.
       According to an Oct 2005 DV item, Jackson’s original contract with Universal “contemplated a running time of about 2 ½ hours, with a budget around $175 million” and included a penalty for Jackson if the production went over budget. The film’s final budget was around $207 million, and its running time, three-plus hours (twice as long as the 1933 picture). Jackson agreed to pay $32 million in overages, according to the DV item, after Universal executives screened the picture and endorsed the longer running time. In addition to studio money, onscreen credits note that the picture was "filmed with the support of the financial incentives provided by the New Zealand Large Budget Screen Production Grant."
       For its 5 Dec 2005 New York world premiere, the picture was shown on thirty-eight screens, with a total of 8,000 seats in two Times Square complexes. A twenty-foot Kong replica was installed nearby. In recognition of King Kong’s place in New York cultural history, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg declared the day “King Kong Day” and gave Jackson the keys to the city.
       The picture opened nationally in 3,568 theaters, the second largest U.S. opening in Hollywood history (after Shrek II ). During its Friday-Sunday opening weekend, it earned $50.1 million, the fourth-largest December box-office take. Because of the film’s big budget and intensive marketing campaign, many studio analysts described the early ticket sales as disappointing. The film’s long running time, which limited the number of possible daily screenings, was cited as the primary reason for the smaller-than-expected opening week box office. The film retained its number one status through the following Christmas weekend, however, a sign that its appeal was growing. As of 16 Jan 2006, the film's North American box office receipts totalled over $204,000,000.
       The film received mostly glowing reviews. Critic Roger Ebert called it “surprisingly involving and rather beautiful,” while the NYT reviewer gushed, “It is shameless and exalted, absurd and sublime, vulgar and grand. It’s what movies were made for.” King Kong was included on AFI’s ten Movies of the Year list for 2005 and received three Academy Awards: Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects. The film received one additional Academy Award nomination, for Art Direction. Jackson received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director, and Howard’s musical score was nominated for a Golden Globe. The picture also earned a National Board of Review Special Achievement Award for its special effects.
       According to a Nov 2005 HR item, In-Three, a company that converts traditional films into 3-D, was working on a 3-D version of King Kong. Although a Universal spokesman denied that the picture would be converted to 3-D, the HR item speculated that a 3-D version would likely be shown in theaters “several months into the movie’s run.”
       In 1976, Universal released its first remake of the 1933 picture, also titled King Kong . That version, produced by Dino De Laurentiis and directed by Jack Guillerman, starred Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. De Laurentiis produced a sequel to the 1976 remake in 1986, titled King Kong Lives . To coincide with Jackson's remake’s release, in Dec 2005 Warner Bros. released a special edition DVD version of the 1933 King Kong . The DVD contains a 159-minute documentary about the original, which Jackson supervised. The documentary includes a Weta-produced reconstruction of the lost spider-pit scene and re-created models and scenery. For more information on films featuring King Kong and King Kong’s cultural legacy, see entry above for the 1933 King Kong .

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