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The 40 Year Old Virgin
Director: Judd Apatow (Dir)
Release Date:   19 Aug 2005
Production Date:   17 Jan--1 Apr 2005
Duration (in mins):   111 or 115-116
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Cast:   Steve Carell (Andy [Stitzer])  
    Catherine Keener (Trish)  
    Paul Rudd (David)  
    Romany Malco (Jay)  
    Seth Rogen (Cal)  
    Elizabeth Banks (Beth)  
    Leslie Mann (Nicky)  
    Jane Lynch (Paula)  
    Gerry Bednob (Mooj)  
    Shelley Malil (Haziz)  
    Kat Dennings (Marla)  
    Jordan Masterson (Mark)  
    Chelsea Smith (Julia)  
    Jonah Hill (E-Bay customer)  
    Erica Vittina Phillips (Jill)  
    Marika Dominczyk (Bernadette)  
    Mindy Kaling (Amy)  
    Mo Collins (Gina)  
    Gillian Vigman (Woman at speed dating)  
    Kimberly Page (Woman at speed dating)  
    Siena Goines (Woman at speed dating)  
    Charlie Hartsock (Speed dating MC)  
    Nancy Walls (Health clinic counselor)  
    Cedric Yarbrough (Dad at health clinic)  
    David Koechner (Dad at health clinic)  
    Jeff Kahn (Dad at health clinic)  
    Nick Lashaway (Boy at health clinic)  
    Loren Berman (Boy at health clinic)  
    Julian Foster (Boy at health clinic)  
    Loudon Wainwright (Priest)  
    Lee Weaver (Joe)  
    Gloria Helena Jones (Sara)  
    Jazzmun (Prostitute)  
    Miki Mia (Waxing lady)  
    Denise Meyerson (Robin)  
    Shannon Bradley (Bar girl)  
    Brianna Lynn Brown (Bar girl)  
    Elizabeth Carey (Bar girl)  
    Elizabeth DeCicco (Bar girl)  
    Hilary Shepard (Bar girl)  
    Barret Swatek (Bar girl)  
    Carla Gallo (Toe-sucking girl)  
    Michael Bierman (16 year-old Andy)  
    Marisa Guterman (Girl with braces)  
    Laura Bottrell (College girl)  
    Stormy Daniels (Porn star)  
    Kevin Hart (Smart Tech customer)  
    Wayne Federman (Smart Tech customer)  
    Ron Marasco (Smart Tech customer)  
    Joseph T. Mastrolia (Smart Tech customer)  
    Kate Luyben (Woman buying videotapes)  
    Joseph A. Nuñez (Man buffing floor)  
    Matthew McKane (Motorist)  
    Rose Abdoo (Mother at restaurant)  
    Steve Bannos (Father at restaurant)  
    Brooke Hamlin (Daughter at restaurant)  
    Miyoko Shimosawa (Waitress at restaurant)  
    Marilyn Dodds Frank (Woman who bought television)  

Summary: Andy Stitzer, the 40-year-old stock supervisor at a Smart Tech electronics store in Studio City, California, lives a quiet and solitary life. One day his co-workers, David, Jay and Cal, need another person for their after-hours poker game at the store, and although they consider Andy odd, they invite him. After the game, the talk turns to sex, and Andy is asked to share a raunchy story from his own life. Andy awkwardly attempts to oblige, but when he remarks that a woman’s breasts feel like a bag of sand, the other men realize that Andy is a virgin and vow to take him under their wing. The next morning, Andy goes to work and discovers to his horror that everyone at the store knows his secret. David, who is still lovelorn over a faithless ex-girl friend with whom he broke up two years earlier, draws Andy into his confidence and persuades him to go out with the guys that weekend. That night, Andy thinks back over his youthful experiences with women, all of which were so disastrous that he eventually gave up on sex. When the weekend comes, the men go to a bar to look for women, and Andy leaves with the drunken Nicky, who takes him for a terrifying ride before crashing the car and throwing up on him. The following day, an attractive woman named Trish comes into the store, and although Andy is not a salesperson, his co-workers push him into waiting on her. Trish has a store across the street, where she sells other people’s possessions over the Internet. She and Andy have a natural rapport, but Andy hardly knows how to react when she gives him her phone number. After work, the guys get the normally teetotalling Andy drunk and advise him to acquire some sexual experience before pursuing Trish. With the encouragement of his new friends, Andy submits to excruciating chest waxing, attends a “speed dating” event and tries unsuccessfully to masturbate to David’s pornographic videos. The guys even arrange a date for Andy with a prostitute who turns out to be a transvestite. Finally, Andy works up the nerve to ask Trish for a date, and she happily accepts. Andy does not drive, so Trish picks him up, and after dinner they return to her apartment and prepare to go to bed together. While Trish is out of the room, Andy tries to figure out how to use a condom, but the mood is broken when Trish’s teenage daughter, Marla, walks in with her boyfriend. The evening ends abruptly, but Andy resolves to see Trish again and tell her the truth. On their next date, before Andy can bring up the subject of his virginity, Trish tells him that she has three daughters and a grandchild. She then proposes that they keep their relationship platonic for the time being. Andy is delighted with the suggestion, and they agree to postpone sex until they have been on twenty dates. With the pressure of intimacy removed, Andy and Trish’s relationship thrives. Andy’s career also advances, as store manager Paula, who has made her own sexual interest in Andy known, makes him a salesperson and eventually promotes him to floor manager. One night, Andy confides his dream of opening his own stereo store, and Trish offers to help him raise the money by selling the valuable collection of mint-condition action figures he has owned since he was a boy. When Marla insists on going to a family planning clinic to learn about birth control, Andy offers to accompany her. During a sex education class, Marla is teased by the other teenagers for being a virgin, and Andy announces that he is also a virgin. On the way home, Marla promises to keep his secret from her mother. On the night of his twentieth date with Trish, Andy is suddenly overwhelmed by all the changes Trish has brought to his life and picks a fight with her. He then goes to a bar, where Jay is throwing a party to celebrate his girl friend’s pregnancy. Andy gets drunk and goes home with Beth, who works in a bookstore near Smart Tech. Beth is wild and sexually uninhibited, but Andy quickly loses interest and leaves. When he returns home, he finds Trish, who had come over to make up with him, inspecting David’s pornography collection with disgust. Andy declares his love, but Trish runs out and drives away, with Andy in pursuit on his bicycle. After chasing Trish through traffic, Andy crashes through a moving billboard, and when Trish rushes to his side, he confesses, “I’m a virgin. I always have been.” Andy and Trish marry, and make rapturous love on their wedding night. 

Production Company: Apatow Productions  
Distribution Company: Universal Pictures (NBC Universal)
Director: Judd Apatow (Dir)
  Michele Panelli-Venetis (1st asst dir)
  Rusty Mahmood (2d asst dir)
  Pete Dress (2d 2d asst dir)
Producer: Judd Apatow (Prod)
  Clayton Townsend (Prod)
  Shauna Robertson (Prod)
  Steve Carell (Exec prod)
  Jon Poll (Exec prod)
  Seth Rogen (Co-prod)
  Andrew Jay Cohen (Assoc prod)
Writer: Judd Apatow (Wrt)
  Steve Carell (Wrt)
Photography: Jack Green (Dir of photog)
  Lawrence Karman (Cam/Steadicam op)
  Ryan Green (Cam op)
  Peter A. Green (1st asst cam)
  Chad L. Rivetti (1st asst cam)
  Stephen Douglas MacDougall (2d asst cam)
  Megan Forste (2d asst cam)
  Matthew Tucker Korte (Film loader)
  H. Mark Vuille (Chief lighting tech)
  David Thielhart (Best boy elec)
  Frank Jimenez Jr. (Set lighting tech)
  Jon D. Morrison (Set lighting tech)
  Jason L. Salonen (Set lighting tech)
  Mike Macias (Set lighting tech)
  Ron Provenzano (Set lighting tech)
  Tom Wholey (Set lighting tech)
  Frank Dorowsky (Rigging gaffer)
  Scott Keys (Best boy rigging elec)
  Renzo Bartolotta (Rigging elec)
  Brian Dennis (Rigging elec)
  Jerry C. Deats (Key grip)
  Jeffrey Johnson (Best boy grip)
  Sean Devine (Dolly grip)
  Brad Boyer (Dolly grip)
  Dale Cole (Grip)
  Ray Garcia (Grip)
  Antonio Garrido (Grip)
  Roderick G. Farley (Grip)
  Craig Garfield (Grip)
  Ron Santoyo (Grip)
  Douglas L. Wall (Grip)
  Kent Baker (Key rigging grip)
  Robert Dudley (Rigging best boy grip)
  Tony Blaszczyk (Rigging grip)
  Steven Frohardt (Rigging grip)
  Dave Ellis (Rigging grip)
  Steve House (Rigging grip)
  Suzanne Hanover (Still photog)
  Jay Huntoon (Video assist/Playback)
  Ira D. Toles (24 frame/Video playback)
  Randy Offer (Projectionist)
  Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. (Cam dollies)
Art Direction: Jackson De Govia (Prod des)
  Tom Reta (Art dir)
  Sarah Emily Nelson (Art dept coord)
  Susan A. Burig (Graphic des)
  Josh Sheppard (Storyboard artist)
  Lindsey Sjoberg (Art prod asst)
Film Editor: Brent White (Ed)
  Melissa Bretherton (Addl ed)
  Craig Alpert (Addl ed)
  Alex Hepburn (1st Avid asst ed)
  Michael Hofacre (Avid asst ed)
  Ray Neapolitan (1st film asst ed)
  Laura Behary (Film asst ed)
  Nathan Bruner (Editorial prod asst)
  Cambric White (Editorial prod asst)
  Gary Burritt (Negative cutter)
Set Decoration: K. C. Fox (Set dec)
  Lorrie Campbell (Set des)
  Cosmas A. Demetriou (Set des)
  Mark Woods (Leadman)
  Sean Mannion (Prop master)
  Bradley Good (Asst prop master)
  Christopher A. Schultz (Asst prop master)
  Jennifer Fleury (On set dresser)
  Amelia Drake (On set dresser)
  Mike Virnig (Set dresser)
  Scott Garrett (Set dresser)
  Larry Boyd (Set dresser)
  Dominick R. Bruno (Set dresser)
  Peggy Casey (Buyer)
  Dennis De Waay (Const coord)
  Jamie Orendorff (Gen foreman)
  Eric De Waay (Gangboss)
  Mario D'Alfonso (Labor foreman)
  Raymond C. Lopez (Plaster foreman)
  Enrico Paronelli (Head painter)
  Andy Flores (Stand-by painter)
  Richard Boris (Greens foreman)
Costumes: Debra McGuire (Cost des)
  Joseph T. Mastrolia (Cost supv)
  Katrina Mastrolia (Cost supv)
  Jennifer Iizuka (Key set cost)
  Michael A. Russell (Key set cost)
  Thomas E. Mastrolia (Set cost)
  Winifred Clements (Cost buyer)
  Ashlyn Angel (Cost prod asst)
Music: Lyle Workman (Mus)
  Jonathan Karp (Mus ed)
  Kathy Nelson (Exec in charge of mus for Universal Pictures)
  Manish Raval (Mus consultant)
  Tom Wolfe (Mus consultant)
  Chris Fogel (Score mixer)
  Joe Chiccarelli (Rec eng [mus])
  Brian Carrigan (Scoring op)
  Julian Bratolyubov (Mus preparation)
  Capitol Records ([Mus] rec at)
Sound: David MacMillian (Sd mixer)
  Harrison Marsh (Boom op)
  Kevin E. Patterson (Sd utility)
  Steve Maslow (Re-rec mixer)
  Gregg Landaker (Re-rec mixer)
  George Anderson (Supv sd ed)
  Tammy Fearing (ADR supv)
  James Matheny (Dial ed)
  Larry Kemp (Dial ed)
  Cindy Marty (Sd FX ed)
  Cherie Tamai (1st asst sd ed)
  Bill Burns (ADR asst ed)
  Andy Malcolm (Foley artist)
  Goro Koyama (Foley artist)
  Don White (Foley rec mixer)
  Anna Malkin (Foley rec asst)
  Greg Steele (ADR mixer)
  Greg Zimmerman (ADR rec)
  Brion Paccassi (Dubbing rec)
  Rich Coleman (Dubbing rec)
  Footsteps Post Production Sound, Inc. (Foley rec services)
  Thom Ehle (Dolby sd consultant)
Special Effects: Richard Stutsman (Spec eff supv)
  William H. Schirmer (Spec eff supv)
  Right Lobe Design Group (Titles)
  Custom Film Effects (Digital opticals)
Dance: Anne Fletcher (Choreog)
  Zachary Woodlee (Asst choreographer)
Make Up: Thomas Real (Key hair stylist)
  Nanxy Tong-Heater (Asst hair stylist)
  Kim Santantonio (Asst hair stylist)
  Ann Pala Taylor (Key makeup artist)
  Felicity Bowring (Asst makeup artist)
Production Misc: Allison Jones (Casting)
  Marla Garlin (Casting)
  Michelle Rejwan (Casting asst)
  Casting Associates (Extras casting)
  Tracy Dixon (Extras casting)
  Carol Grant (Extras casting)
  David Kramer (Extras casting)
  Wendy Hoffmann (ADR voice casting)
  Clayton Townsend (Unit prod mgr)
  Gary R. Wordham (Prod supv)
  Lisa Rodgers (Post prod supv)
  Nancy Karlin (Scr supv)
  Meredith Humbracht (Prod coord)
  Selena Pivac (Asst prod coord)
  Michael Mittendorff (Asst to Mr. Apatow)
  Andrew Epstein (Asst to Mr. Apatow)
  Brook Worley (Asst to Mr. Townsend)
  Brendan O'Brien (Asst to Ms. Robertson)
  John C. Kruize (Prod accountant)
  Gail Rose Abrahamson (Post prod accountant)
  Lori Scowley (1st asst accountant)
  Karen Faust (2d asst accountant)
  Cindy Nevins-Coon (Payroll accountant)
  Nancy A. Terriberry (Const accountant)
  Luis R. Quintero (Accounting clerk)
  Larry Ring (Loc mgr)
  Robert Paulsen (Key asst loc mgr)
  Alex Kivlen (Asst loc mgr)
  Brad Warden (Asst loc mgr)
  Michael Betz (Asst loc mgr)
  Summer Valdés (Prod secy)
  David Mendoza (Key set prod asst)
  Jason Kumalo (Set prod asst)
  Fallon Johnson (Set prod asst)
  Michelle Schrauwers (Set prod asst)
  Pete Jablonski (Office prod asst)
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  Terence Rosemore (Prod asst)
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  Steve Weinmuller (Transportation coord)
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  Mario's Catering (Caterer)
  Ernest H. Lauterio (Craft service)
  William Turchyn II (Craft service)
  Erika Bryce (Medic)
  Tammy Kalka (Medic)
  Paws for Effect (Animals provided by)
Stand In: Buddy Joe Hooker (Stunt coord)
  Billy Burton, Jr. (Stunt player)
  Eddy Donno (Stunt player)
  Tony Donno (Stunt player)
  Debbie Evans (Stunt player)
  Tim Gilbert (Stunt player)
  Greg Harris (Stunt player)
  Jayme Jensen (Stunt player)
  Ralph Odum (Stunt player)
  Chad Randall (Stunt player)
  Jimmy Roberts (Stunt player)
  Gayle Sherman (Stunt player)
  Erik Stabenau (Stunt player)
  Michael Weis (Stunt player)
  Scott Wilder (Stunt player)
  Shawn Kautz (Stunt player)
Color Personnel: Dan Muscarella (Col timer)
MPAA Rating: R
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "A Life of Illusion," written by Joe Walsh and Kenny Passarelli, performed by Joe Walsh, courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group, by arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing; "Minute by Minute," written by Michael McDonald and Lester Abrams, performed by Michael McDonald; "Takin' It to the Streets," written by Michael McDonald, performed by Michael McDonald; "Undawhere," written by DJ Calboz, Jr., performed by DJ Calboz, courtesy of Gyrate Music; "Side Project," written and performed by Transcenders; “Fine Women,” written and performed by Transcenders; “Hot This Year,” written and performed by Transcenders, Mykill Miers appears courtesy of Abnormal Entertainment, LLC; "Rump Shaker," written by Aqil Davidson, Anton Lamont Hollins, Teddy Riley, Markell Demont Riley, David J. Wynn, Etterlene Jordan, Eldra DeBarge, William DeBarge, David Porter and Pharrell L. Williams, performed by Wreckx-N-Effect, courtesy of Geffen Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises, contains a sample of "Blind Alley," performed by The Emotions, courtesy of Concord Music Group, Inc.; "Train of Disaster," written by Brian Tichy, performed by Brian Tichy, courtesy of Marc Ferrari/Mastersource; "Word Up," written by Larry Blackmon and Tomi Jenkins; "Sharing the Night Together," written by Ava Aldridge and Eddie Struzick, performed by Dr. Hook, courtesy of Capitol Records, under license from EMI Film & Television Music; "Anchors Aweigh," written by Alfred H. Miles, Charles A. Zimmerman, George Lottman and Domenico Savino; "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," written by Valerie Simpson and Nickolas Ashford, performed by Michael McDonald, featuring Ashford & Simpson; “I Got Ants in My Pants,” written by James Brown, performed by James Brown, courtesy of Universal Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises; “J.O.D.D.,” written by Maurice Young, Khia Chambers, Marqinarius Holmes and Antonio Alls, performed by Trick Daddy (featuring Khia and Tampa Tony), courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp., by arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing; “Push It,” written by Herby Azor and Raymond Davies, performed by Salt ‘N’ Pepa, courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group, under license from Universal Music Enterprises; “If I Was Your Girlfriend,” written by Nicole Wray, Antonio Hooker, Al-Rad Lewis, Willie Beck, James Williams, Marshall Jones, Leroy Bonner, Marvin Pierce, Ralph Middlebrooks and Clarence Satchell, performed by Nicole Wray, courtesy of Roc-A-Fella Records, L.L.C., contains a sample of “FIRE,” performed by Ohio Players, courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group, under license from Universal Music Enterprises; “Get Yur Freak On,” written by Melissa Elliott and Timothy Mosley, performed by Missy Elliott, courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group, by arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing; “Stand Up Tall,” written by Dylan Mills and Darryl Nurse, performed by Dizzee Rascal, courtesy of XL Recordings Ltd.; “Just Got Lucky,” written by Christopher John Bostock and Timothy Wayne Ball, performed by Jo Boxers, courtesy of Sony BMG UK & Ireland Ltd., by arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment; “Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While),” written by Edward Holland, Jr., Brian Holland and Lamont Herbert Dozier, performed by Michael McDonald; "Midare," arranged by Helene Colesse and Paul Amphoux, performed by Ayako Hotta-Lister, courtesy of Arc Music Productions International Ltd.; “Hello,” written by Lionel Richie, performed by Lionel Richie, courtesy of Motown Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises; “Shiawase Nara Te Wo Tatakou,” written by Rihita Kimura; “I’m Every Woman,” written by Valerie Simpson and Nickolas Ashford, performed by Chaka Kahn, courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc., by arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing; “Tammy’s Dream,” written by R. Ellen, performed by Charlie Ventura, courtesy of Pure Music Inc.; “Sonia,” written by Sonny Clark and Wardell Wilson, performed by Sonny Clark Trio, courtesy of Pure Music Inc.; “Sheepskin Tearaway,” written by Peter Doherty and Dot Allison, performed by Babyshambles, courtesy of Rough Trade Records; “Believe It or Not (The Greatest American Hero-Theme),” written by Mike Post and Stephen Geyer, performed by Joe Scarbury, courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group, by arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing; “After Party,” written by Rufus Moore, Marques Houston, Jerome Jones and Tony Scott, performed by Young Rome featuring Omarion, courtesy of Universal Records, under license from Universal Music Enterprises, Omarion appears courtesy of Epic Records/Sony Urban Music, by arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment; “Red Light Special,” written by Kenneth Edmonds, performed by TLC, courtesy of Arista Records, by arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment; “Candy,” written by Pharrell L. 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Composer: Lester Abrams
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Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Universal City Studios, LLLP 23/11/2005 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001297356

PCA NO: 41963
Physical Properties: Sd: dts; SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound; Dolby Digital in selected theatres
  col: Fotokem; Kodak Motion Picture Film
  Lenses/Prints: Technicolor; filmed with Panavision cameras & lenses

Genre: Comedy
Sub-Genre: with songs
Subjects (Major): Friendship
Subjects (Minor): Adolescents
  Collectors and collecting
  Mothers and daughters
  Pornography and pornographers
  San Fernando Valley (CA)
  Stores, Retail

Note: Although key art for its DVD release, as well as many other sources, list the film's title as The 40-Year-Old Virgin , the onscreen title card does not include any hyphens. The film ends with two choreographed songs from the musical Hair , performed in a park by all of the characters. The song “Aquarius” is intercut with scenes of Andy singing as he lies in bed with Trish after hours of lovemaking. The end credits include the following statement: “The filmmakers wish to thank Mark Burnett, Perry Goldstein, Michael McDonald—you rock!” In several scenes set in the electronics store, singer McDonald’s concert DVD is played on the display televisions, to the great annoyance of the character “David.”
       According to production information on the film’s website, the character of “Andy Stitzer” was based in part on a comedy sketch Steve Carell created while performing with the Chicago improvisational troupe Second City. In a Newsweek interview, Carell recalled that the sketch involved an inexperienced man trying to bluff his way through a conversation about sex, much like the scene in the film in which Andy reveals his virginity to his co-workers. Carell and co-stars Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Romany Malco and Jane Lynch improvised much of their dialogue, according to news items and the DVD commentary by director and co-writer Judd Apatow and Rogen. The film marked Carell's first produced screenplay.
       Portions of the film were shot on location on Ventura Boulevard in Encino and other sites in the San Fernando Valley. Apatow noted in the DVD commentary that a provocative billboard ad for a phony perfume called “Eruption” was displayed on Ventura Boulevard for three months during the film's production. Leslie Mann, who portrays “Nicky,” is Apatow’s wife. Nancy Walls, who plays the counselor at the family planning clinic, is married to Carell. One online source included the following actors in the cast, although some of them may have appeared in deleted scenes: Penny Drake, Jenna Fischer, Mandy Freund, Nicole Randall Johnson, Brandon Killham, Stephanie Nicole Lemelin, Jamie Elle Mann, Suzy Nakamura, Brittany Skye, Phyllis Smith, Wyatt Smith, Kira Turnage and Christopher T. Wood.
       A 14 Aug 2005 LAT article reported that Apatow held seven research screenings of the film and repeatedly made minor changes based on audience reaction. One particular scene, in which Andy watches a pornographic video, tested poorly until Apatow cut out the most graphic footage. The 40 Year Old Virgin marked Apatow’s directing debut.
       The viewed print of the film was the “unrated” DVD edition, which contained seventeen minutes of footage that were not in the theatrical release. In addition to numerous expletive-laced lines of dialogue throughout the film, the additional footage includes a scene in which a painfully aroused Andy calls an erectile dysfunction drug’s help line after his first date with “Trish,” various conversations between the employees of the electronics store and an extended fantasy sequence with Andy and porn star Stormy Daniels.
       The DVD also includes, as added content, several scenes that were shot but deleted from the final film. These include a scene in which the police show up after Nicky crashes the car, then arrest Andy, who has reluctantly taken Nicky’s place in the driver’s seat; one in which an inebriated Andy sings “The First Time,” from the stage musical Zorba , in a karaoke bar; and one in which Andy and his friends get high and share their most embarrassing sexual experiences. There was also a longer hotel room scene between Andy and the transvestite prostitute. In this scene, Andy is ready to lose his virginity, but when the prostitute admits he is a man, they end up sitting on the bed together, eating ice cream and watching television.
       Critics generally praised the picture, among them LAT 's Kenneth Turan, who pointed out that the film had a down-to-earth poignancy within its frequently "raucous and rude" jokes. One comic scene, which was featured prominently in the film's trailers and television ads, showed Andy having his prominent chest hair being painfully removed at a waxing salon. In interviews, Carell stated that the scene had to be completed in just one take because it was his real chest hair being waxed.
       The film earned $20.6 million in its opening weekend, according to DV . Screen International reported that The 40 Year Old Virgin was the first R-rated film since The Passion of the Christ in Feb 2004 to hold the number one box office spot for two consecutive weekends. In addition to being selected as one of AFI's ten Movies of the Year for 2005, The 40 Year Old Virgin was nominated by the Broadcast Film Critics Association as Best Comedy Movie of the year and received a Writers Guild of America Award nomination for Apatow and Carell for Best Original Screenplay and a L.A. Film Critics Award to Catherine Keener for Best Supporting Actress for her work in The 40 Year Old Virgin , Capote (see above), The Interpreter and The Ballad of Jack and Rose

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