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Cry Dr. Chicago
Director: George Manupelli (Dir)
Release Date:   1971
Duration (in mins):   98
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Cast:   Alvin Lucier (Dr. Chicago)  
    Mary Ashley (Sheila Marie)  
    Steve Paxton (Steve)  
    Claude Kipnis (Clo Clo)  
    Viera Collaro (Viera and Lily)  
    Joseph Wehrer    
    William Finneran    
    Alan Schreiber    
    Michael Frost    
    Betty Wong    
    Shirley Wong    
    Lincoln Scott    
    Pat Oleszko    
    Roberta Bloom    
    Ruth Reichl    
    Liz Hall    
    Kathy Schuetz    
    Carol Kladder    
    Nick Bertoni    
    Jack Starkweather    

Summary: Dr. Chicago, a man who sports a moustache and sunglasses, is hired to run the household for a group of eccentric people. The doctor recites quotes from Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and flees the mansion shortly after. 

Production Company: Margaret Leahy Productions  
Director: George Manupelli (Dir)
Producer: Robert Halper (Prod)
Writer: George Manupelli (Wrt)
Photography: George Manupelli (Photog)
Film Editor: Tom Berman (Ed)
Music: George Burt (Mus arr)
Sound: Robert Ashley (Sd)
  Robert Sheff (Sd)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text:

Physical Properties: Sd:
  col: Eastman Color

Genre: Comedy
Subjects (Major): Eccentrics
  The Raven (Poem)

Note: Although a print of this film was not viewed, the above credits and plot summary were taken from the 21 Jul 1971 Var review of the film. The review noted that onscreen credits gave special thanks to "Cranbrook House," a museum and public gardens located in Detroit, MI, where the film possibly was shot. No release information has been found for the film, which may have had limited public screenings.  

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Daily Variety   13 Jul 1971.   
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Variety   21 Jul 1971   p. 16.

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