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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Director: Peter Jackson (Dir)
Release Date:   17 Dec 2003
Premiere Information:   World premiere in Wellington, New Zealand: 1 Dec 2003; London opening: 11 Dec 2003
Production Date:   11 Oct 1999--22 Dec 2000 at Camperdown Studios, Wellington, New Zealand; addl seq shot in 2002 and 2003
Duration (in mins):   200
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Cast: Featuring Alan Howard (Voice of the Ring)  
  Cast in alphabetical order Noel Appleby (Everard Proudfoot)  
    Alexandra Astin (Eleanor Gamgee)  
    Sean Astin ([Samwise] Sam [Gamgee])  
    David Aston (Gondorian soldier 3)  
    John Bach (Madril)  
    Sean Bean (Boromir)  
    Cate Blanchett (Galadriel)  
    Orlando Bloom (Legolas)  
    Billy Boyd ([Peregrin] Pippin [Took])  
    Sadwyn Brophy (Eldarion)  
    Alistair Browning (Damrod)  
    Marton Csokas (Celeborn)  
    Richard Edge (Gondorian soldier 1)  
    Jason Fitch (Uruk 2)  
    Bernard Hill (Theoden)  
    Ian Holm (Bilbo [Baggins])  
    Bruce Hopkins (Gamling)  
    Ian Hughes (Irolas)  
    Lawrence Makoare (Witchking/Gothmog)  
    Ian McKellen (Gandalf)  
    Bret McKenzie (Elf escort)  
    Sarah McLeod (Rosie Cotton)  
    Maisie McLeod-Riera (Baby Gamgee)  
    Dominic Monaghan ([Meriadoc] Merry [Brandybuck])  
    Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)  
    John Noble (Denethor)  
    Paul Norell (King of the Dead)  
    Bruce Phillips (Grimbold)  
    Miranda Otto (Eowyn)  
    Shane Rangi (Harad leader 2)  
    John Rhys-Davies (Gimli[/Voice of Treebeard])  
    Todd Rippon (Harad leader 1)  
    Thomas Robins (Deagol)  
    Andy Serkis (Gollum/Smeagol/Addl character voice)  
    Harry Sinclair (Isildur)  
    Peter Tait (Shagrat)  
    Joel Tolbeck (Orc lieutenant 1)  
    Liv Tyler (Arwen)  
    Karl Urban (Eomer)  
    Stephen Ure (Gorbag)  
    Hugo Weaving (Elrond)  
    David Wenham (Faramir)  
    Elijah Wood (Frodo [Baggins])  
  Featured Orcs Sala Baker    
    Robert Pollock    
    Ross Duncan    
    Pete Smith    
    Jed Brophy    
    Lee Hartley    
  Featured children Billy Jackson    
    Katie Jackson    
  Additional character voices Tom George    
    Anthony May    
    Craig Parker    
    Joel Tolbeck    
    Kevin Howarth    
    Mark Bowden    
    Con O'Neil    
    Brian Sergent    
    Royd Tolkien (Gondorian ranger)  
    Justin Nicholls (Gondorian ranger)  

Summary: In Middle-earth, an alliance of Humans, Elves, the tree-like Ents and others has defeated the armies of Orcs, Urak-Hais and other evil creatures ruled by the Dark Lord Sauron in two great battles. However, the benevolent beings of Middle-earth are still in danger from the power-hungry Sauron, who searches for the ring of power that will insure his dominion over the world. Still undiscovered by Sauron is the present bearer of the ring, the little Hobbit Frodo Baggins, who is journeying to the Sauron-held land of Mordor with the ring, planning to destroy it in the only way possible, by tossing it into the fires of Mount Doom. Frodo grows weaker from the burden of carrying the ring, whose dark magic physically and mentally weakens its bearer, and so must increasingly rely on the strength of his loyal and caring friend, Hobbit Samwise Gamgee. Guiding them to their destination is Gollum, a former ringbearer who has been twisted by his obsession to repossess it and who is secretly planning to kill them. Although Sam is suspicious of Gollum, Frodo is blinded to the creature’s deception. Frodo and Sam are former members of a fellowship of nine who volunteered to destroy the ring. Their compatriots are the Human Aragorn, Legolas the Elf, Gimli the Dwarf, the White Wizard Gandalf and Hobbits Peregrin “Pippin” Took and Meriadoc “Merry” Brandybuck. The ninth member of their group, the Human Boromir, was killed battling Sauron’s evil warriors, called Uraks. Although separated prior to the battles, the remaining six reunite and then join their allies in King Theoden’s land of Rohan to mourn their dead and celebrate their victory. There, Pippin becomes curious about the “seeing stone” confiscated by Gandalf from the defeated, corrupt wizard Saruman, who used it to communicate with Sauron. While examining the stone, Pippin becomes entranced by the eye of Sauron that suddenly appears in the stone and must be rescued by Gandalf. Afterward, Pippin tells Gandalf the visions he saw in the stone—a white tree and a burning city—and from this, Gandalf realizes that Sauron will soon attack Minas Tirith, the ancient City of Kings, and that Sauron now believes that Pippin is the ringbearer. Riding his white horse Shadowfax, Gandalf takes Pippin to the city because he believes the Hobbit will be safer under his care. Upon arriving in Minas Tirith, Gandalf finds Lord Denethor, the city’s steward, mad with grief over the death of his favorite son Boromir. When told of the impending attack, Denethor dementedly suspects that Aragorn, the heir to the throne, seeks to supplant him and refuses to act on Gandalf’s warning. Later, Gandalf tells Pippin that he senses Sauron has gathered forces from many places for the attack and tells the Hobbit about the Witchking, who is Sauron’s strongest commander. As Sauron’s armies march toward Minas Tirith, and the deadly Nazguls, led by the Witchking, fly over them, Gollum urges Frodo and Sam up a steep “secret stair.” Resenting Sam, Gollum plants the idea in Frodo’s weakening mind that Sam covets the ring. While the Hobbits sleep, Gollum discards their food supply, then accuses Sam of eating it. Later, seeing Frodo struggle with the ring, Sam offers to carry it while he recuperates, but Frodo, whose mind has been poisoned by Gollum’s insinuations, orders Sam to leave him. Meanwhile, Aragorn’s great love, the Elven princess Arwen, has joined the exodus of Elves leaving Middle-earth for the “undying lands” of the West. Although her father Elrond has claimed to foresee no chance for her future with Aragorn, she envisions her unborn child, the son of Aragorn, and realizes that there is a slim possibility of a life with him. Abandoning the Elven procession, she returns to Elrond, who reluctantly confirms her vision and realizes that, as she has chosen to relinquish her immortality, her fate is now tied to the success of Aragorn’s mission to overthrow Sauron. To save her from dying, Elrond has the broken blades of a sword belonging to Aragorn’s kingly ancestors reforged, which, according to an old prophecy, might help bring about the victory of the Humans. When Denethor does nothing to prepare for the coming battle in Minas Tirith, Gandalf has Pippin climb the beacon tower to light it, thus initiating the lighting of signal beacons across the land, which alerts the Kingdom of Rohan that Minas Tirith needs help. Theoden orders his nephew Eomer to gather his fighting men, while Eomer’s sister, Eowyn, longs to fight for her people, but cannot, because she is a woman. Drawn to Aragorn, she expresses confidence in his leadership. Meanwhile, Denethor’s younger son Faramir, whose valiant warriors failed to hold back the invaders at the river, orders his men to Minas Tirith. As they near the city, Nazguls riding flying reptiles called Fell Beasts pursue them. To allow the men to enter the city, Gandalf rides out and with a white light dispatches the Nazguls. Inside, Denethor chides Faramir for his failure and claims that he would have preferred that Faramir died in Boromir’s place. To win his father’s approval, Faramir leads his men on a suicide mission. As Faramir and his men ride out to certain death, Denethor orders Pippin to sing for him while he eats. At the Rohirrim encampment, Theoden and Aragorn realize that the enemy will seriously outnumber them. Eowyn, sympathetic to Merry’s wish to join the fight, makes him an esquire and gives him a sword, despite Eomer’s observation that the Hobbit’s arms are too short for battle. During the night, Elrond comes to Aragorn with the reforged sword of his people and foretells that more enemy warriors will be coming from the south. He suggests Aragorn’s only hope is to recruit the ghosts of warrior soldiers who reside in the mountains. Elrond assures him that, with the sword of his ancestors to prove that he is king, the soldiers will follow him into battle and urges him to become what he was born to be. Eowyn, however, seeing him saddle up, feels that he is abandoning the Rohans on the eve of battle. Sensing that she is attracted to him, Aragorn gently tells her that he is unable to give her what she seeks. Although Theoden places Eowyn in charge of those left behind, she disguises herself as a warrior, and with Merry riding along, leaves for war with the men. Aragorn, accompanied by Legolas and Gimli, rides into the mountain from which no man has been seen to return. Legolas explains to Gimli that the ghost warriors in the mountain have been cursed because they swore, and then reneged on, an allegiance to the last king of Gondor, from whom Aragorn is descended. Upon encountering the threatening ghosts inside the mountain, Aragorn shows his sword and demands that they fight for him in fulfillment of their promise. While the enemy amasses on Pelennor Fields at the base of Minas Tirith, Faramir’s horse drags his body to the gate, where it is taken to Denethor. As the Orcs and other enemy creatures attack and the walls of the city collapse, Denethor cries out for all to flee for their lives. With his staff, Gandalf knocks him out and takes command. During the ensuing battle, the soldiers of Minas Tirith fight valiantly and Pippin, despite his diminutive size, saves Gandalf’s life. Several miles away, Gollum abandons the unsuspecting Frodo in the tunnel inhabited by Shelob, a giant spider that he hopes will eat the Hobbit so that he can gain possession of the ring. Frodo becomes entangled in the spider’s web, but uses an elf light given to him by the Elf Queen Galadriel to hold the arachnid at bay. Upon escaping, Frodo is attacked by Gollum, but manages to fling him over the cliff before fainting. A vision of Galadriel urging him to carry out his task spurs Frodo to consciousness and he continues on, unaware that Shelob stalks him. She stings and wraps him in her webbing, but then must contend with Sam, who has returned and fights her off. Believing Frodo is dead, Sam hides when thugs from Sauron’s tower pass by, but is ashamed when they capture Frodo, who was merely poisoned. Sam follows and when the unruly thugs fight among themselves, he rescues Frodo. At Minas Tirith, Pippin realizes that Faramir is still alive and about to be burned on a funeral pyre by the crazed Denethor. With Gandalf’s help, Pippin rescues Faramir, but Denethor is killed in the fire. When Theoden and the Rohirrim arrive at Pelennor Fields, they initially succeed in attacking Sauron’s armies from behind, but when the Haradrim, a race of Humans from the south appear, riding the elephant-like Mumakil, the men are crushed and scattered by the beasts’ tusks. A valiant swordswoman, Eowyn saves Theoden from a deathblow from the Witchking, although Theoden ultimately dies from his wounds. After Merry saves Eowyn’s life, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas arrive with the ghost warriors, and defeat Sauron’s troops. After the battle, Gandalf worries that Sam and Frodo must cross a great plains, where the enemy is regrouping, before climbing Mount Doom. At Aragorn’s suggestion, the fellowship and their allies attack the back gate of Mordor to divert Sauron’s attention. In Frodo’s name, they charge, and are soon reinforced by eagles called by Gandalf to help. As the fight rages, Frodo and Sam cross the plains in safety and Sam carries the exhausted Frodo up the mountain. Gollum attacks again, but Sam repels him, as Frodo continues climbing. Later, Sam finds Frodo at the Crack of Doom unable to release the ring into the fires. When Frodo slips the ring on his finger and disappears, Gollum finds him by his footprints and struggles with him, finally biting off his finger to get the ring. Gollum and the ring then fall off the precipice into the burning lava. As the ring dissolves below them, Sam pulls Frodo to safety. With the destruction of the ring, the enemy warriors fall and Sauron’s tower collapses. When Mount Doom erupts, Frodo and Sam, who have sought refuge on a large boulder as the molten lava flows around them, believe that their end is near, but they are rescued by Gandalf and the eagles and flown to safety. Later, Aragorn’s coronation is held at Minas Tirith, Elrond reunites the king with Arwen and the Hobbits are honored for their service to Middle-earth. Thirteen months after setting off on their original journey to Rivendell, the four Hobbits return to their beloved Shire. Although Sam starts a family, Frodo is unable to fit into his old life. While suffering from the wounds and injuries he incurred, he writes about their ordeal in a book started by his elderly uncle, Bilbo, many years before. After four years pass, Bilbo joins Elrond and Galadriel on the last Elf ship to the West. The Hobbits and Gandalf accompany him to the harbor, where Sam, Pippin and Merry are surprised to learn that Frodo and Gandalf are also leaving for the “undying lands.” Before the boat departs, Frodo gives Sam the book, in which he has left room for Sam to write his own story. Afterward, the tearful Sam finds solace with his family.

Production Company: New Line Cinema (AOL Time Warner)
  Wingnut Films  
Production Text: A Wingnut Films Production
Distribution Company: New Line Cinema (AOL Time Warner)
Director: Peter Jackson (Dir)
  John Mahaffie (2d unit dir)
  Geoff Murphy (2d unit dir)
  Carolynne Cunningham (1st asst dir)
  Simon Warnock (1st asst dir, 2d unit)
  David Norris (1st asst dir, 2d unit)
  Liz Tan (1st asst dir, 2d unit)
  Richard Barker (1st asst dir, 2d unit)
  Marty Walsh (1st asst dir, Miniatures unit)
  Rod Smith (2d asst dir, Lava & paths of the dead miniatures unit)
  Guy Campbell (Key 2d asst dir)
  Marc Ashton (Key 2d asst dir)
  Louise Harness (Key 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Emma Cross (Key 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Stephanie Weststrate (Addl 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Richard Matthews (Addl 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Edith Thompson (Addl 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Chris Husson (Addl 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Joanne Pearce (2d 2d asst dir)
  Skot Thomas (2d 2d asst dir)
  Eric Houghton (3rd asst dir)
  Sarah Rose (3rd asst dir)
  Zo Hartley (3rd asst dir)
  Darren Mackie (3rd asst dir)
  Gene Keelan (3rd asst dir)
Producer: Barrie M. Osborne (Prod)
  Peter Jackson (Prod)
  Fran Walsh (Prod)
  Mark Ordesky (Exec prod)
  Bob Weinstein (Exec prod)
  Harvey Weinstein (Exec prod)
  Robert Shaye (Exec prod)
  Michael Lynne (Exec prod)
  Rick Porras (Co-prod)
  Jamie Selkirk (Co-prod)
Writer: Fran Walsh (Scr)
  Philippa Boyens (Scr)
  Peter Jackson (Scr)
Photography: Andrew Lesnie (Dir of photog)
  Allen Guilford (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  John Cavill (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Simon Raby (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Richard Bluck (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Nigel Bluck (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Alun Bollinger (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Phil Pastuhov (Aerial dir of photog)
  Alex Funke (Visual eff dir of photog, Miniatures unit)
  Chuck Schuman (Dir of photog, Lava & paths of the dead miniatures unit)
  David Hardberger (Dir of photog, Lava & paths of the dead miniatures unit)
  Brian Van't Hul (VFX cine, Weta Digital)
  Guy Robinson (Sky photog, Weta Digital)
  Alfie Speight (Cam pilot)
  Peter McCaffery (Cam op)
  Cameron McLean (Cam op)
  Gerry Vasbenter (Cam op)
  John Day (Cam op)
  Rewa Harre (Cam op)
  Rob Marsh (Cam op)
  Colin Deane (Focus puller)
  Dean McCarroll (Focus puller)
  Adam Clark (Focus puller)
  Paul Samuels (Focus puller)
  Ulric Raymond (Focus puller)
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Art Direction: Grant Major (Prod des)
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Set Decoration: Dan Hennah (Set dec)
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  Ivan Moran (Lead compositor, Weta Digital)
  Lisa Moore Alway (Lead compositor, Weta Digital)
  Fred Place (Lead compositor, Weta Digital)
  Karim Sahai (Lead compositor, Weta Digital)
  Doug Tubach (Lead compositor, Sandbox Pictures)
  Johan Aberg (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Holly Acton (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  David Brunette (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Chris Burn (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Catherine Burrow (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Jodi Campanaro (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Norman Cates (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Simon Dye (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Claire Inglis (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Moritz Glaesle (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Simon Jung (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Rita Kunzler (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  David Man Yiu-Chung (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Jolene McCaffrey (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Michael F. Miller (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Tor-Björn Olsson (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Helen Paul (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Hannah Peirce (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Jason Porter (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Donny Rausch (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Tom Rolfe (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Campbell Rose (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Tomoko Shin (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Christian Zeh (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Lindsay Adams (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Alex Fry (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Kory Juul (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Lance Anthony Mabin (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Steve McGee (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Mike Root (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Christoph Salzmann (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  John Stillman (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Tamara Stone (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Guerdon Trueblood (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Udo Smutney (Compositor, Weta Digital)
  Paul Freeman (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Martyn Culpitt (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Tony Cole (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Tim Rudgard (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Puck Murphy (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Jonny Kofoed (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Greg Spencer (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Sam Cole (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Jon Baxter (Compositor, Oktobor Films)
  Tom Proctor (Digital compositor, Sandbox Pictures)
  Justin Blaustein (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Colleen Brattesani (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Enid Dalkoff (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Lisa Hodge (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  TJ Morgan (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Andrew Mumford (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Hilary Sperling (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Marty Taylor (Compositing inferno artist, Rythym & Hues)
  Julian Bryant (Inferno artist, Weta Digital)
  Mark Hopkins (Inferno artist, Weta Digital)
  Nathan Brunskill (2d I/O inferno asst, Rythym & Hues)
  Jenny McGee (2d I/O inferno asst, Rythym & Hues)
  Kevin Tengan (2d I/O inferno asst, Rythym & Hues)
  Max Dennison (Head of matte painting, Weta Digital)
  Ronn Brown (Senior matte painter, Weta Digital)
  Dylan Cole (Senior matte painter, Weta Digital)
  Karen deJong (Senior matte painter, Weta Digital)
  Roger Kupelian (Senior matte painter, Weta Digital)
  Mathieu Raynault (Senior matte painter, Weta Digital)
  Annie Taunga (Matte painting coord, Weta Digital)
  Kyla Bendall (Lead digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Andrew Camenisch (Lead digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Glen Christie (Lead digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Dave Cardwell (Lead digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Tibor Madjar (Lead digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Marco Revelant (Lead digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  John Butiu (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Florian Fernandez (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Paul Jenness (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Andrew Kunzel (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  James Ogle (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  David Ostler (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Orash Rahnema (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Ileana Stravoskiadi (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Wade Acuff (Digital modeller, Weta Digital)
  Andrea Merlo (Lead creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Julian Butler (Lead creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Steve Preeg (Lead creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Bay Raitt (Creature facial lead, Weta Digital)
  Gino Acevedo (Creature FX art dir, Weta Digital)
  Tim McCallum (Rotomation tech supv, Weta Digital)
  Frederic Fortin (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Briana Hamilton (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Jeff Martin (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Peter Megow (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Noah Peterson (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Navin Martin Pinto (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Jakob Schmidt (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Craig Lewis Stevenson (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Eric Tang (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Stephen Unterfranz (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Marco Vidaurre (Creature TD, Weta Digital)
  Paul Campion (Lead texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Mel James (Lead texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Sergei Nevshupov (Lead texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Dmitri Krasnokoutski (Lead texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Hillary Yeo Tze Ann (Lead texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Ben Dishart (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Simeon Duncombe (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Nick Gabchenko (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Glen Gustafson (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  John Huikku (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  George Edwin Oliver Jr. (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Robert O'Neill (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Lance Powell (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Jason Snyman (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  David Swift (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  Angela Ursillo (Texture painter, Weta Digital)
  John Haley (Lead Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Geoff Tobin (Lead Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Lisa Wild (Lead Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Dave R. Howe (Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Linda Johnson (Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Dylan Neill (Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Terrance Tornberg (Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Malcolm Wright (Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Chris Young (Massive TD, Weta Digital)
  Giant Studios, Inc. (Motion capture tech provided by)
  Mahria Sangster (Mocap/Massive coord, Weta Digital)
  David Bawel (Mocap supv, Weta Digital)
  Lisa Wildermoth (Mocap asst dir, Weta Digital)
  Carrie Thiel (Mocap combat choreographer, Weta Digital)
  Michelle Ladd (Mocap combat choreographer, Weta Digital)
  Sharon James (Mocap combat choreographer, Weta Digital)
  John Curtis (Mocap tech, Weta Digital)
  James Van der Reyden (Mocap studio TD, Weta Digital)
  Frank Cowlrick (Mocap stage mgr, Weta Digital)
  Jacob Botting (Mocap stage hand, Weta Digital)
  Emily Pearce (Mocap stage hand, Weta Digital)
  Patrick Runyon (Motion ed lead TD, Weta Digital)
  Sandra Warren (Motion ed lead, Weta Digital)
  Bassim Haddad (Senior motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Mike Wallis (Mocap/Anim asst, Weta Digital)
  Hans Butler (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Nick Carter (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Kevin Cushing (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Tom Holzinger (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Brett Ineson (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Jacob Luamanuvae-Su'a (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Danie Lupovici (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Sverker Nordqvist (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Emi Tahira (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Todd Widup (Motion ed, Weta Digital)
  Lee Bramwell (Senior cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Nic Marrison (Senior cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Matt Mueller (Senior cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Stephan Remstedt (Senior cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Malcolm Angell (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Erina Fon (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Eric Gambini (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Richard Hopkins (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Alex Kramer (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Brian McMillin (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Sean Mathiesen (On-set tech, Weta Digital)
  Michael Bain (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Emily Cobb (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Mark Evans (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Allan Torp Jensen (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Sergei Koudriavtsev (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Lars Kramer (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Vicky Kwan (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  James McCallum (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Wolfgang Neidermeier (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Alexander Nowotny (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Rolfe Schneider (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Albrecht Steinmetz (Cam TD, Weta Digital)
  Jeff Hameluck (Senior software developer, Weta Digital)
  Philip Hunter (Software developer, Weta Digital)
  Martin Preston (Software developer, Weta Digital)
  Shane Cooper (Software developer, Weta Digital)
  Bret Hughes (Pipeline eng supv, Weta Digital)
  Lance Lones (Pipeline eng, Weta Digital)
  Joe Spampinato (Pipeline eng, Weta Digital)
  Remy Torre (Pipeline eng, Weta Digital)
  Paula Bell (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Jim Croasdale (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Brett Dix (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Quentin Hema (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Alex Mein Smith (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Barry Metin (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Emrys Plaisted (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Kara Vandeleur (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Phil Van der Reyden (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Christine Watkins (Senior paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Mia Askew (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Ned Barraud (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Suzanne Becker (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Sandrine Bernet (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  John-Michael Bills (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Alicia Bissinger (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Jennifer Bloomfield (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Barbara Bordo (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  HyeSeung Nam (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Marcus Carter (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Tim Cheng (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Christine Cram (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Doug Cram (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Steven Cronin (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Loring Doyle (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Mia Jewett (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Agnes Leroux (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  David Luke (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Brenda Mah-Madjar (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Siuan McGahan (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Angela Menz (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Lauren Morimoto (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Troy Ramsey (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Derek Rausch (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Paul Redican (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Sandra Reis (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Anne Ritter (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Jennifer Scheer (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Hamish Schumacher (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Brad Selkirk (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Murray Smallwood (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Cameron Smith (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Justin Steel (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Petra Stueben (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Jensen Toms (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Trish Whalan (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Melissa Widup (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Joyce Young (Paint & roto artist, Weta Digital)
  Dan Klem (3D artist, Sandbox Pictures)
  Cheryl Kerr (Seq mgr, Weta Digital)
  Cyndi Ochs (Seq mgr, Weta Digital)
  Sandy Coco Taylor (Seq mgr, Weta Digital)
  Marvyn Young (Seq mgr, Weta Digital)
  Clare Burgess (Seq mgr, Weta Digital)
  Roman Gadner (Digital imaging eng, Weta Digital)
  Adrian Samuels (Digital resource mgr, Weta Digital)
  Roland Watson (Digital resource coord, Weta Digital)
  Fiona Foster (Pre-prod coord, Weta Digital)
  Kevin L. Sherwood (Code/Cam coord, Weta Digital)
  Ann Cloet (IT coord, Weta Digital)
  Gail Appleton (Post coord, Oktobor Films)
  Mitch Fishman (I/O coord, Rythym & Hues)
  Jade Lorier (Scanning coord, Weta Digital)
  Nick Booth (Scan/Record supv, Weta Digital)
  Mohan Ramachandran (Scan/Record tech, Weta Digital)
  Paul Gunn (Systems mgr, Weta Digital)
  Shane McEwan (Systems support, Weta Digital)
  Joe Hall (Systems admin, Sandbox Pictures)
  Aaron Caskey (System admin, Weta Digital)
  Evan John Fraser (System admin, Weta Digital)
  Bill Ryder (System admin, Weta Digital)
  Adam Shand (System admin, Weta Digital)
  Glen Sharah (System admin, Weta Digital)
  Glenn Anderson (Macintosh programmer, Weta Digital)
  Campbell Taylor Fairweather (Tech support lead, Weta Digital)
  Campbell March (Tech support lead, Weta Digital)
  Malcolm Aitchison (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Geoff Gordon (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Geoff Hadfield (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Ben Hall (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Katherine Hurst (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Damian Mackle (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  David Miles (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Tim Nicholas (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Siong Long Choong (Tech support, Weta Digital)
  Svend Andersen (System coder, Weta Digital)
  Loren Brookes (System coder, Weta Digital)
  David Gilligan (System coder, Weta Digital)
  John Clegg (System coder, Weta Digital)
  Lulu Lianhlupuii Pachuau (System coder, Weta Digital)
  James Hourihan (C4 coding supv, Tweak Films)
  Christopher Horvath (C4 coding TD, Tweak Films)
  Betty Shaw (Wrangling mgr, Weta Digital)
  Graeme Demmocks (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Tristan McMahon (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Mike O'Neill (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Giuseppe Poli (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Nick Shore (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Aaron Symes (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Murray Nuttall (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Edward Wilkie (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Joseph Wilkie (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Lucas Young (Render/Data wrangler, Weta Digital)
  Charlie McClellan (VFX prod R&D/Pre, Weta Digital)
  Robyn Isaacs (VFX prod, Oktobor Films)
  Steve Dubin (VFX prod, Rythym & Hues)
  James Whitlam (VFX prod, Rising Sun Pictures)
  Stephanie Taylor (Prod, Rythym & Hues)
  Patrick Mooney (Line prod, Sandbox Pictures)
  Dean Lyon (VFX supv, Oktobor Films)
  John P. Nugent (VFX supv, Sandbox Pictures)
  John Sheils (Digital FX supv R&D/Pre, Weta Digital)
  Nicholas Titmarsh (Digital FX supv, Rythym & Hues)
  Tim Crosbie (Digital FX supv, Rising Sun Pictures)
  John-Mark Austin (Digital lead, Rythym & Hues)
  Pacific Titles (Titles by)
  Alan Lee (Des)
  Company Wide Shut (Layout by)
  Pixar's RenderMan (Rendered with)
Make Up: Richard Taylor (Spec makeup, creatures, armour and miniatures)
  Peter Owen (Makeup & hair des)
  Peter King (Makeup & hair des)
  Jose L. Perez (Key makeup & hair)
  Nancy Hennah (Makeup & hair)
  Rick Findlater (Makeup & hair)
  Kerryn Roberts (Makeup & hair)
  Lenore Stewart (Makeup & hair)
  Jeremy Woodhead (Makeup & hair)
  Janine Schneider (Makeup & hair)
  Vivienne Macgillicuddy (Makeup & hair)
  Catherine Maguire (Makeup & hair)
  Noreen Wilkie (Makeup & hair)
  Ivana Primorac (Makeup & hair)
  Emma Moncrieff (Makeup & hair)
  Angela Mooar (Makeup & hair)
  Allie Rutherford (Makeup & hair)
  Gail Wilson (Makeup & hair)
  Davina Lamont (Makeup & hair)
  Margaret Aston (Makeup & hair)
  Tera Treanor (Makeup & hair)
  Caroline Turner (Wig tech)
  Jessica Lalande (Wigmaker)
  Gail Taylor (Wigmaker)
  Debbie Fitzpatrick (Wigmaker)
  Elizabeth Pick (Wigmaker)
  Louise Leonard (Wigmaker)
  Andrew Black (Optometrist)
  Weta Workshop Ltd., New Zealand (Spec makeup, creatures, armour, weapons and miniatures)
  Gino Acevedo (Prosthetics supv, Weta Workshop)
  Mike Asquith (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Jamie Beswarick (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Shaun Bolton (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Daniel Falconer (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Warren Mahy (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Ben Wootten (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Sacha Lees (Designer/Sculptor, Weta Workshop)
  Vance Hartwell (Senior prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Brad Greenwood (Senior prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Rogier Samuels (Senior prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Freya Blackwood (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Carola Brockhoff (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Rob Burns (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Chris Covich (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  John Craney (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Jorkas Damen (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Sarah Durno (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Susan Durno (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Xander Forterie (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Ben Hawker (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Luke Hawker (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Darran Holmes (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Nori Honda (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Rich Mayberry (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Les Nairn (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Megumi Ogo (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Roman Reyes (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Gareth Selwood (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Carlos Slater (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Steve Unwin (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Mark Viniello (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Mike HG Bates (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Ryk Fortuna (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Kenny Wilson (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Karen Purvis (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Frances Richardson (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Mike Stringer (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Bill Perryman (Creatures/Prosthetics, Weta Workshop)
  Marjory Hamlin (Prosthetics supv, Weta Workshop)
  Kym Sainsbury (Prosthetics supv, Weta Workshop)
  Dominie Till (Prosthetics supv, Weta Workshop)
  Karen Adcock (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Andrew Beattie (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Sean Foot (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Bill Hunt (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Tami Lane (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Dan Perry (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Deb Watson (Prosthetics makeup, Weta Workshop)
  Lynne Walsh (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Gilly Fiford (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Hil Irwin (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Megan Bint (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Sharon Thomas (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Gavin Skudder (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Fiona Sole (Hair, Weta Workshop)
  Dominic Taylor (Mechanist/Eng, Weta Workshop)
  Bill Thomson (Mechanist/Eng, Weta Workshop)
  Warren Beaton (Mechanist/Eng, Weta Workshop)
  Gordon Barrell (Mechanist/Eng, Weta Workshop)
  Tama Berkeljon (Mechanist/Eng, Weta Workshop)
  Bruce Tanner (Mechanist/Eng, Weta Workshop)
Production Misc: John Hubbard (UK casting)
  Amy MacLean (UK casting)
  Victoria Burrows (U.S. casting)
  Liz Mullane (New Zealand casting)
  Ann Robinson (Australian casting)
  Cynthia Morahan (N.Z. cast coord)
  Miranda Rivers (Extras casting coord)
  Tina Cleary (Extras casting coord)
  Victoria Cole (Extras casting coord)
  Amanda Duncan (Extras casting coord)
  Nikolas Korda (Unit prod mgr)
  Zane Weiner (Unit prod mgr)
  Bridget Bourke (1B prod mgr)
  Carol Kim (Prod mgr, 2d unit)
  Brigitte Yorke (Prod mgr, 2d unit)
  Belindalee Hope (Prod mgr, Miniatures unit)
  Libby Hazell (Visual eff prod mgr)
  Robin Saxen (Prod mgr, Weta Digital)
  Nikki Birchfield (Prod mgr, Lava & paths of the dead miniatures unit)
  Annette Wullems (Senior prod mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Jamie Wilson (On-set prod mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Hannah Bianchini (Prod mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Savannah Green (Prod mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Sue Hardy (Prod mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Gayle Munro (Prod mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Albert Mason (Prod mgr R&D/Pre, Weta Digital)
  Peta Sinclair (Unit mgr)
  Mike Turner (Unit mgr)
  Rua Howe (Unit mgr)
  Kevin Magill (Unit mgr)
  Jessica Hogan (Unit coord)
  Carla Fry (Exec in charge of prod)
  Paul Prokop (Exec in charge of finance)
  Jody Levin (Exec in charge of post prod)
  Lauren Ritchie (Exec in charge of visual eff)
  Suzanne Rosencrans (Bus & legal affairs exec)
  Andrew Matthews (Exec in charge of film investment)
  Paul Broucek (Exec in charge of mus)
  Lori Silfen (Mus bus affairs exec)
  John F. X. Walsh (Mus bus affairs exec)
  Lee Berger (Exec prod, Rythym & Hues)
  Sue Thompson (The Film Unit CEO)
  Rosemary Dority (Post prod supv)
  Jonas Thaler (Post prod supv)
  Tania Rodger (Workshop mgr, Weta Workshop)
  Jason Docherty (Workshop supv, Weta Workshop)
  Richard Sharkey (Supv unit loc mgr)
  Robin Murphy (Supv loc mgr)
  Jared Connon (Loc mgr)
  Harry Whitehurst (Loc mgr)
  Peter Tonks (Loc mgr)
  Alicia Williams (Loc coord)
  Jill Soper (Advance loc coord)
  Jenny Morgan (Advance loc coord)
  Dave Comer (Loc scout)
  Dave Kolmer (Loc scout)
  Nathan Sim (Loc asst)
  Bob Anderson (Swordmaster)
  Tony Woolf (Cultural fighting styles)
  Victoria Sullivan (Scr supv)
  Oksana Sokol (Scr supv)
  Dianne Moffatt (Scr supv)
  Veronique Lawrence (Scr supv)
  Merrin Ruck (Scr supv, Miniatures unit)
  Kandy Corvette (Scr supv, Lava & paths of the dead miniatures unit)
  Helen McNamara (Tech cont)
  Andrew Jack (Supv dialect coach)
  Róisín Carty (Key dialect coach)
  Linda Cartwright (Dialect coach)
  Suzanne Celeste (Dialect coach)
  David Salo (Tolkien linguist)
  Claire Raskind Cooper (Unit pub)
  Melissa Booth (Pub)
  Hannah Clarke (Pub coord, Weta Digital)
  Judy Alley (Archivist)
  Leslie Oliver (Recruitment, Weta Digital)
  Susan Cuthbert (HR mgr, Weta Digital)
  Cathy Adams (HR asst, Weta Digital)
  Don Reynolds (Horse trainer)
  Grahame Ware Jr. (Horse trainer)
  Steve Old (Horse coord)
  Lee Somervell (Stable foreman)
  Mark Kinaston-Smith (Horse makeup/Rider)
  John Scott (Tech adv)
  Lyle Edge (Tech adv)
  Robbie Miller ([Riding] Instructor)
  Helen Young ([Riding] Instructor)
  Dion Church (Safety rider)
  Wayne McCormack (Safety rider)
  Jo Friesen (Coord)
  Angela van der Weerdof (Asst)
  Ray Lenaghan (Veterinarian)
  Graham Carthew (Veterinarian)
  Paul Constable (Farrier)
  Mike Hayden (Paramedic/Safety)
  Steve Butler (Safety/Medic)
  Andy Buckley R.N. (Safety/Medic)
  Diane Moynagh (Nurse)
  Barry Thomson (Security coord)
  Ravi Dubé (Transport mgr)
  Murray O'Neil (Transport coord)
  Glenn Shaw (Transport coord)
  Reg Gibson (Transport coord)
  Carl McHugh (Transport capt)
  Arthur Matthews (Transport capt)
  Kent Greenwood (Transport capt)
  Michael Strickland (Transport capt)
  Aaron Gibson (Co-capt)
  Isaac Lane (Co-capt)
  Rob Faint (Co-capt)
  Arthur Fell (Driver)
  Alistair Howden (Driver)
  Stuart Karena (Driver)
  Brent Ormsby (Driver)
  Spencer Faulkner (Driver)
  Jerram Murray (Driver)
  Bruce Bartley (Driver)
  Betty Graham (Driver)
  Steve Harvey (Driver)
  Gary Tudor (Mechanic)
  Rob Koch (Mechanic)
  Tamsin Webber (Transport asst)
  Matthew Dravitzki (Facility mgr)
  Donyale Hema (Facility mgr, Weta Digital)
  Suzanne Labrie (Head of facilities, Weta Digital)
  Mike Gunn (Facility tech, Weta Digital)
  Jacqui Pryor (Housing coord, Weta Digital)
  Georgina White (Housing coord, Weta Digital)
  Flying Trestles (Catering by)
  Karl Steiglbauer (Craft services)
  Carey Cambridge (Craft services)
  Duncan Nimmo (IT support)
  Reece Geraghty (IT support)
  Helen Takacs (IT support)
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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Country: New Zealand and United States
Language: English

Songs: "Into the West," words and music by Howard Shore, Fran Walsh and Annie Lennox, performed by Annie Lennox, Annie Lennox appears courtesy of BMG Ariola Munchen GmbH.
Composer: Annie Lennox
  Howard Shore
  Fran Walsh
Source Text: Based on the novel The Return of the King: Being the Third Part of "The Lord of the Rings" by J. R. R. Tolkien (London, 1954).
Authors: J. R. R. Tolkien

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Lord Dritte Productions Deutschland Filmproduktion, GmbH & Co. KG. 5/2/2004 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001201547
New Line Productions, Inc. 5/2/2004 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001201547

PCA NO: 40415
Physical Properties: Sd: SDDS (Sony Dynamic Digital Sound); Dolby Digital EX; dts Digital Sound in selected theatres
  col: Fujifilm
  Lenses/Prints: photographed on Kodak Motion Picture Film; prints by DeLuxe
  Widescreen/ratio: Arriflex widescreen

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: War
Subjects (Major): Friendship
  Mythical characters
  Mythical lands
Subjects (Minor): Battles
  Falls from heights
  Fathers and daughters
  Fathers and sons
  Unrequited love
  Women warriors

Note: The Return of the King is the third and final episode of The Lord of the Rings trilogy based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic of the same name. The three films were released in consecutive Decembers, from 2001 through 2003. For further information about J. R. R. Tolkien, his works, the film trilogy and the first and second episodes, please see the entries above and below for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers , respectively.
       As in the previous two films of the trilogy, The Return of the King has no opening cast or crew credits. Within the end credits, some cast members are credited twice. In the first appearance, most of the lead performers are credited on individual title cards, with each actor’s name superimposed over a line drawing of his or her character. During this sequence, only Andy Serkis’ credit provides a corresponding character name; his credit reads: “featuring Andy Serkis as Gollum.” The second cast list, which scrolls, begins with the credit: “Featuring VOICE OF THE RING Alan Howard” and then proceeds alphabetically with each actor’s name, beginning with Noel Appleby as “Everard Proudfoot” and ending with Elijah Wood as “Frodo.” Later, within the crew credits, actors serving as “additional character voices” and “featured orcs” are listed as a group. Also credited here are the appearances of Billy and Katie Jackson, the offspring of producer-director-writer Peter Jackson and producer-screenwriter Fran Walsh, who are listed as “featured children.” Alexandra Astin, the daughter of Sean Astin, the actor who portrays “Sam Gamgee” in the trilogy, appears in The Return of the King near the end of the film as Sam’s daughter, “Eleanor Gamgee.” According to a 14 Dec 2003 LAT article, Royd Tolkien, the great-grandson of J. R. R., and Royd’s friend, Justin Nicholls, appear briefly in the film as "Gondorian rangers."
       The following information is taken from the studio presskit: End credits include a “personal thanks” from the “Filmmakers” to several individuals and organizations “for their contribution" to the making of the movie, among them, E-Film and various New Zealand governmental agencies. The acknowledgment is followed by a “special thanks,” which reads: “to Peter Nelson & Ken Kamins and to the thousands of others who helped make this film a reality.” The film’s dedication names “Carla Fry, Brian Bansgrove and Brent Robb,” and “Joan Jackson and Bill Jackson,” for whom the films, The Two Towers and The Fellowship of the Ring were also dedicated, respectively. Before the dedication, the following inscription in the Maori language appears: “ Me mahara tonu tātou ngā Uri-āpakura nō tuānuku nei, nō te wāotū, te tu kekēhua ana o ngā Eldarin kua hohoū mai i te Uru-moana .” According to a Jan 2004 NYT article, the running time of the end credits is nine minutes and thirty-three seconds, possibly a record length. Production crew credits, excluding the cast, number over 1,670 names.
       During the film, whenever characters speak in the fictional Elvish language invented by Tolkien, English subtitles appear onscreen. Although many of the character and place names in Tolkien’s novels, such as “Barad-dûr,” “Théoden” and “Sméagol,” appear with diacritical marks, the film’s onscreen credits list them without the diacritics. Voice-over narration by various characters is heard intermittently throughout the film. As in the previous productions, the evil “Sauron” is presented as a giant eye and a disembodied, almost whispering male voice. The eye appears in different settings: in a character’s mind, in the crystal ball known as "Saruman’s" “seeing stone” or atop Sauron’s fortress tower at Barad-Dur between spiked pinnacles. Early in the film, when "Pippin" becomes entranced with the seeing stone, it appears to be flaming in his hands. When the power of the infamous ring that Frodo bears is activated, its effect on the character is shown by brief slow-motion shots, and by throbbing pulses enhanced with mechanized, reverberating sounds. Throughout the film, flashes of memory and slow-motion visions are experienced by different characters. The film ends with voice-over by Elijah Wood, as Frodo, telling Sam that his part of the story will go on.
       The Return of the King opens with a flashback to Gollum’s distant past, when he was a hobbit-like creature known as “Smeagol.” During this scene, Smeagol kills his brother Deagol to attain the “ring of power” that is central to the story, and, then, in a montage, Smeagol is shown to deteriorate mentally and physically, over many years, into the wretched creature known as Gollum. During the montage, and as the scene changes to the film’s “present,” Serkis, who plays “Gollum,” is heard speaking in voice-over narration. The opening scene is the only time in the trilogy that Serkis is shown without extensive computer-generated effects. According to a Dec 2003 DV article, Weta Digital developed a software tool called subsurface scattering in order to make Gollum look more realistic. To read more about the making of Gollum, which Jackson describes as “probably the most actor-driven digital creature that has ever been used in a film,” see the note in the entry below for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers .
       The film contains many computer-generated characters, such as the good Ents, who appeared in the second film, and most of the villainous characters, who have appeared throughout the films. As the LAT reviewer quipped, “viewers…have likely seen enough bad-tempered Orcs to last them a lifetime.” New to the third film is the character of Shelob, an enormous, digitally rendered spider that was only referred to briefly by Gollum in the second film, and is seen fully in The Return of the King . Studio production notes state that the appearance of the creature is based on New Zealand’s tunnel web spider, of which the arachnophobic Jackson was particularly terrified as a child. Shelob appears in Tolkien’s book The Two Towers , but was moved by the screenwriters to the third episode. Another CG beast featured in the film is the multi-tusked, elephant-like Mumakil, which not only stomp and crush their opposition, but swing their heads, allowing their tusks to sweep the enemy aside like golf balls. Also new to the third film in the trilogy are the ghost warriors, who are a multitude of green transparent creatures with skull-like features.
       As expressed in the HR review, the screenwriters made “noteworthy departures” from Tolkien’s book, including ”such crucial moments as what happens when Frodo is finally standing on a ledge over the Crack of Doom...and how Aragorn makes use of the Army of the Dead that only he can command.” Although “whole swaths of the book have been condensed,” the review reports that Jackson and company “usually realize splendidly whatever they can take on.” Referring to the events in the story that happen after the fall of Sauron, several reviews noted that a series of “codas” or endings finished the film, with each showing what happened to the various characters after the war, such as Aragorn’s coronation, the Hobbits' return to the Shire and the departure of the last elf ship to the West. After some of these sequences, the screen goes to black before the next begins. While the LAT review felt that the film was “unsure of where it ought to end,” the HR review noted that after “the battle...winds down to a sublime denouement, [the film takes] only 20 minutes to wrap up [what] Tolkien took a hundred pages.”
       The three Lord of the Ring films were shot entirely in New Zealand. According to studio production notes for The Return of the King , the battles at the fictional Pelennor Fields were staged and shot on a sheep farm at Twizel, South Island. Using state-of-the-arts computer-generated effects, Jackson’s company, Weta Digital, added most of the 200,000 warriors. The Var review described the sequence as “the mother of all cinematic battles.” Outside of Wellington, the set for Minas Tirith was constructed at the Dry Creek Quarry. Sequences set in the wasteland of Mordor were shot on location in Mount Ruapehu. An exterior set was built in Deerpark Heights, located near Queenstown, for the Paths of the Dead ghost soldier sequence. As in the previous films, miniature and “bigature” facsimiles of the sets were used for various shots and, according to studio notes, most of the miniatures were built on stages at Stone Street Studios, Wellington.
       According to various sources, although additional shooting for The Return of the King occurred in 2002 and 2003, principal photography for that film and its predecessors, The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers , occurred between Oct 1999 and Dec 2000. The simultaneous production of the film and its sequels, which appears to be the first in film history, was made possible by the willingness of New Line Cinema, the production company for the films, to invest in the sequels before determining the box office power of the first film. In a Dec 2003 NYT article, Jackson described New Line’s backing as an “old-fashioned bit of entrepreneurial bravura.” According to a Dec 2003 NYT article, the first two films earned $1.8 billion worldwide and the Var review exclaimed that “ancillary benefits from various versions and packaging will issue forth close to forever.” Various versions have been released on video and DVD, with extended versions of each film including scenes cut from the theatrical releases. One of the scenes added to the extended DVD version of The Return of the King was the death of Saruman, who does not appear in the theatrical release of the third film.
       According to a Dec 2003 USA Today article, Ballantine’s mass-market paperbacks of the Ring trilogy and The Hobbit had recently sold more than sixty-eight million copies, compared to the thirty-two million copies of the four books sold between 1965 and 2001. According to the article, Ballantine‘s Colleen B. Lindsay, who is in charge of promoting the books, reported that letters children write the deceased Tolkien via the publisher have increased from “a dozen or so” per year to the hundreds.
       The country of New Zealand, which contributed financially to the making of the film, gleaned 23,000 jobs for its citizens. Taking advantage of the “Frodo economy,” as it was called in the press, the national tourism department advertised vacation sites with slogans such as “Best Supporting Country in a Motion Picture.” According to a Dec 2003 The Times (London) article, Wellington was locally nicknamed “Wellywood.” Commemorating the film, the British Royal Mint minted 50p, £1 and £2 coins depicting the characters from the story as legal tender. Given the honor of staging the world premiere of the final film, the city of Wellington, according to a 21 Dec 2003 LAT article, invested approximately $4.8 million to overhaul the city’s classic Embassy Theatre. Approximately 125,000 people attended the event, according to a Dec 2003 The Times (London) news item, among them, New Zealand’s prime minister, Helen Clark. A five-kilometer parade preceded the premiere, led by Jackson and the film’s stars, flanked by characters clad in armor and on black horses. Atop the theater, according to the BBC website, was a twenty-meter high model of a Fell Beast and Nazgul rider. The Wellington premiere was followed by openings in London and Los Angeles that were equally successful.
       The Time magazine review called the film “an epic with literature’s depth and opera’s splendor--and one that could only be achieved in the movies.” Comparing the Ring cycle to other recent film trilogies, reviews praised The Lord of the Rings as the best, but noted that it had the advantage of being shot all at once and being previously written by an acclaimed author. The Var review lauded “the literate, generally well-structured overall script, the perfection of the New Zealand locations, the visionary scenic designs, the exceptional visual effects, the costumes, hair and armor and the excellent cast--perhaps the most impressive feat of all has been Jackson’s ability to keep it all in his head through the years and deliver a cohesive work with a proper sense of balance and proportion.”
       The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King , like its two predecessors, was selected as one of AFI’s top ten films of 2003. The film won Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture--Drama, Best Director, Best Original Score--Motion Picture and Best Original Song--Motion Picture for "Into the West." In addition, Jackson, Walsh and Barrie M. Osborne received the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures by the Producers Guild. Jackson also received a Directors Guild of America award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film and was nominated by the Directors Guild of Great Britain for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in International Film. The Los Angeles Film Critics Association named Peter Jackson Best Director and Grant Major Best Production Designer for 2003, while the New York Film Critics Circle named the film the Best Picture of the year. The picture also won the Screen Actors Guild for Best Acting by an Ensemble and from the Art Directors Guild for Best Production Design of a Period or Fantasy Film. The Broadcast Film Critics Association gave Critics' Choice Awards to The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast and Best Composer. The film garnered several BAFTA awards and nominations, among them, Best Film of the Year. In 2005, the song "Into the West" won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Media.
       The Academy Awards named The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King as Best Picture of 2003, over its competition, Lost in Translation , Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World , Mystic River and Seabisuit . Other Academy Awards it received were: Best Art Direction, Costume Design, Film Editing, Makeup, Original Score, Original Song (“Into the West”), Sound, Visual Effects and Adapted Screenplay. In addition, Jackson was named Best Director. Having won a total of eleven Oscars, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King tied with M-G-M’s 1959 Ben-Hur and Twentieth Century Fox’s 1997 Titanic for the record of winning the most Oscars in the Academy’s history. Of the three films, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the only film to win all Oscars for which it was nominated.
       In its review of the final film in the trilogy, the Var review stated that, Jackson, after seven years of work, “has pulled off one of the most ambitious and phenomenally successful dream projects of all time, a complete visual rendering of a 1,000-page literary classic beloved by countless readers internationally, a set of films that satisfied the Tolkien purists and, when all is said and done, will generate well upwards of $3 billion in all markets.” After completing his seven-year-long project, Jackson wrote in his studio notes that “the trilogy is truly out of my hands now and in the hands of those for whom these films were made” and that he is “happy to let these films…become whatever this generation, or future generations, make of them."
       In Mar 2006, a $27 million, 3 ½ hour, musical stage adaptation of The Lord of the Rings , written by Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus and produced by Kevin Wallace, opened in Toronto, Canada. Although the show was the most expensive theater production to date, and won several local performing arts awards, it opened to mixed critical reviews. Plans to close the show in early Sep were announced in Jun 2006; however, Wallace announced that, after some revisions, the show would open in London, “its spiritual home,” in Jun 2007.

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