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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
Alternate Title: The Far Side of the World
Director: Peter Weir (Dir)
Release Date:   14 Nov 2003
Production Date:   17 Jun--23 Oct 2002 at Fox Studios Baja, Baja California, Mexico and the Galápagos Islands
Duration (in mins):   135 or 139-140
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Cast: Captain Russell Crowe (Jack Aubrey)  
  Surgeon Paul Bettany (Dr. Stephen Maturin)  
  Officers James D'Arcy (1st Lt. Thomas Pullings)  
    Edward Woodall (2nd Lt. William Mowett)  
    Chris Larkin (Captain Howard, Royal Marines)  
  Midshipmen Max Pirkis (Lord Blakeney)  
    Jack Randall (Boyle)  
    Max Benitz (Peter Calamy)  
    Lee Ingleby (Hollom)  
    Richard Pates (Williamson)  
  Warrant officers Robert Pugh (Mr. Allen, master)  
    Richard McCabe (Mr. Higgins, surgeon's mate)  
    Ian Mercer (Mr. Hollar, boatswain)  
    Tony Dolan (Mr. Lamb, carpenter)  
  Crew David Threlfall (Preserved Killick, captain's steward)  
    Billy Boyd (Barret Bonden, coxswain)  
    Bryan Dick (Joseph Nagle, carpenter's mate)  
    Joseph Morgan (William Warley, cpt. of mizzentop)  
    George Innes (Joe Plaice, able seaman)  
    William Mannering (Faster Doudle, able seaman)  
    Patrick Gallagher (Awkward Davies, able seaman)  
    Alex Palmer (Nehemiah Slade, able seaman)  
    Mark Lewis Jones (Mr. Hogg, whaler)  
    John De Santis (Padeen, loblolly boy)  
    Ousmane Thiam (Black Bill, Killick's mate)  
    Thierry Segall (French captain)  

Summary: In 1805, in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Brazil, the HMS Surprise , a British frigate commanded by Captain Jack Aubrey, comes under an unexpected attack by a French privateer, the Acheron . When return fire from the Surprise proves ineffectual and coxswain Barret Bonden reports their ship’s rudder has been shot away, Jack orders boats lowered to tow his damaged vessel into a fog whiteout. Later, Jack speculates about the Acheron ’s stealth, speed and apparent impregnability and wonders how the French ship, which the Surprise had been trying to locate for seven weeks, found them. Jack then oversees the ship’s numerous repairs while his close friend, Irish surgeon Stephen Maturin, tends to the many wounded. Determined to fulfill his orders to capture the French privateer, Jack refuses to consider returning to England for refitting and orders repairs to be made while the ship rests on the coast’s nearby shoals. Learning that Stephen has had to amputate young midshipman Lord Blakeney’s right arm, Jack brings Blakeney a book about the exploits of famed British naval hero Horatio Nelson, who also suffered the loss of a limb in battle. The crew watches with interest when Stephen performs surgery on the ship’s oldest crew member, Joe Plaice, who has sustained a serious head wound. That evening in the great cabin, Stephen joins Jack for their regular meeting to play violin and cello duets. A few days later as the Surprise returns to open sea, carpenter’s mate Joseph Nagle, captain of the mizzen top William Warley, and another sailor bring Jack a replica of the Acheron , which the crew has nicknamed the “phantom ship.” Nagle explains that Warley had witnessed the boat under construction in a Boston shipyard and built the model with exact detail. Jack is fascinated by the double hull design that allows the ship to sit high in the water and move at great speed. Meanwhile, up on deck, the crew celebrates when Plaice utters his first words since his injury. When older midshipman Hollom joins the crew’s lusty singing, however, the men are inexplicably offended. The following day, Jack is stunned when the Acheron abruptly appears on the horizon closing in behind them, and orders the Surprise to make a top speed escape. Jack then orders a decoy raft made and that night has it placed in the water with lit lanterns and cut adrift to attract the Acheron fire while the Surprise slips away. The following morning the officers are impressed to find that Jack has maneuvered the Surprise in a vast circle and come up behind the Acheron . Jack presses his advantage, chasing the Acheron as it hastily retreats southward toward Cape Horn. Near the cape, a fierce storm abruptly closes in and the French ship disappears. Jack orders the Surprise ’s sails taken in, and as Hollom climbs to the mizzen top to assist Warley, the mast snaps, flinging Warley into the sea. As the mast rigging pulls the Surprise sharply over on its keel, Jack and Nagle are forced to cut the ropes to save the ship, but cannot rescue Warley. In private, Stephen comforts Jack but questions whether Jack’s pursuit of the Acheron has become a reckless obsession. Jack admits his orders were to follow the French only as far as Brazil, but is confident he can catch and defeat the privateer despite its superiority. The Surprise continues southward and the temperature drops drastically, bringing snow and ice. Days later, the crew celebrates when the ship turns northward and Jack confides in his officers that he believes the Acheron is headed to the whaling waters around the Galápagos Islands. Stephen, an amateur botanist, is delighted at the prospect of exploring the life on the “enchanted islands” and interests Blakeney in various studies of insect and plant life. Upon arriving at the islands, the Surprise rescues a small boat filled with the survivors of a whaling vessel destroyed by the Acheron . Confirming the French ship’s direction, Jack orders immediate pursuit. When Stephen angrily protests that Jack assured his island exploration, Jack reminds him the Surprise is a navy battle ship. In anticipation of catching his elusive foe, Jack drills the gunnery crews repeatedly, only to sail into the “doldrums,” a hot, airless tropical region that leaves the ship immobile. Led by the now-fully-recovered Plaice, the crew comes to believe that the Surprise is carrying a “Jonah,” or a curse in the guise of Hollom, who is present wherever misfortune occurs. The feeling is heightened when Jack is forced to flog Nagle for flagrantly displaying disrespect for Hollom in front of the crew. Jack advises Hollom, a misfit who has twice failed the officer’s exam, to earn the men’s respect, but the midshipman remains anxious and fearful. Stephen scoffs at the men’s superstitious talk of a curse and is dismayed when Jack supports his crew. On night watch a few days after the flogging, Hollom thanks Blakeney for his kindness and then throws himself overboard. Just after Hollom’s funeral service, the wind picks up and Jack again sends the Surprise in search of the Acheron . As the ship nears the islands, Stephen enthusiastically tracks an albatross flying close to the railing and is accidentally shot by Marine Capt. Howard as he fires at the bird. Alarmed by his friend’s grave injury, Jack weighs anchor at the islands, where an operating tent is set up for surgeon’s assistant Higgins. Stephen refuses to allow Higgins to operate, however, and conducts the surgery himself as Jack’s steward, Preserved Killick, holds a mirror for him to see his wound. Stephen recovers over the next several days and confesses his guilt to Jack over preventing the Surprise from continuing her mission. When able to walk, Stephen takes Blakeney and Padeen along the volcanic surface of the island to retrieve various animal, insect and plant specimens. Excited by the possibility of capturing a flightless bird, Stephen climbs a hill where he discovers the Acheron anchored in a cove on the far side of the island. Abandoning their collection, Stephen and the others hasten to report to Jack. Inspired by a phasmid, an insect that disguises itself to confuse predators, Jack orders the ship to be disguised as a whaling ship, hoping to lure the Acheron to them. The plan succeeds and the Surprise makes a stunning attack on the larger French ship. Jack leads a boarding party onto the enemy vessel, leaving Blakeney in charge of the British ship. On board the Acheron , a desperate hand-to-hand battle ensues while Blakeney’s quick action prevents the French ship’s cannons from firing. After overcoming the enemy crew, Jack, who has been slightly wounded, searches for the French captain. On the lower deck he finds a physician hovering over the dead captain, and the doctor presents the captain’s sword in surrender. Despite the victory, Jack suffers the loss of many crewmen, including Ship’s Master Mr. Allen and young Peter. At services for the dead, Jack posthumously promotes Peter to lieutenant so that his family may receive a pension. Jack then promotes Lt. Thomas Pullings to captain and awards him command of the Acheron , which sets sail for Jamaica. Before heading for England, Jack sets course for the Galápagos, having promised Stephen that he might return to his exploration. When Stephen comments on the lack of medical care on the Acheron , Jack reveals their physician surrendered the ship to him. Stephen relates that members of the French crew informed him that their doctor had died weeks earlier. Realizing he has been tricked once again, Jack orders a “beat-to-quarters” and the Surprise comes about to pursue the Acheron

Production Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation  
  Universal Studios (Vivendi Universal)
  Miramax Film Corp. (The Walt Disney Company)
Production Text: A Samuel Goldwyn Films Production
Distribution Company: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation  
Director: Peter Weir (Dir)
  David Ellis (2d unit dir)
  Malcolm McDonald (2d unit dir)
  Alan B. Curtiss (1st asst dir)
  Adrian Grunberg (1st asst dir, Mexico)
  Rebecca Strickland (1st asst dir, 2d unit)
  David Bernstein (2d asst dir)
  Lucille Ouyang (2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Steven F. Beaupre (2d 2d asst dir)
  Tyler T. Romary (2d 2d asst dir)
  Susan Ransom (2d 2d asst dir)
  Michelene Mundo (2d 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
  Yumiko Takeya (2d 2d asst dir, 2d unit)
Producer: Samuel Goldwyn Jr. (Prod)
  Peter Weir (Prod)
  Duncan Henderson (Prod)
  Alan B. Curtiss (Exec prod)
  Meyer Gottlieb (Co-prod)
  Todd Arnow (Co-prod)
Writer: Peter Weir (Scr)
  John Collee (Scr)
Photography: Russell Boyd (Dir of photog)
  Sandi Sissel (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Kim Batterham (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  Martin Rosenberg (CVFX dir of photog, ILM)
  Richard Bluck (Miniatures dir of photog, Weta Workshop)
  Don Reddy ('A' cam op)
  Harry Garvin ('B' cam op/Steadicam op)
  Jamie Barber ('C' cam op)
  George Billinger, III (Cam op, 2d unit)
  Heather Page (Cam op, 2d unit)
  Guillermo Rosas (Cam op, 2d unit)
  Bob Hill (VFX 1st asst cam op, ILM)
  Alan Disler (1st asst cam)
  J. Steven Matzinger (1st asst cam)
  Anthony Cappello (1st asst cam, 2d unit)
  Luis Sansans (1st asst cam, 2d unit)
  Gary Scott (1st asst cam, 2d unit)
  Maryan Zurek (1st asst cam, 2d unit)
  Matthew Haskins (2d asst cam)
  Paul Gonsoulin (2d asst cam)
  Noe Muñoz Garcia (2d asst cam, 2d unit)
  Skip Mobley (2d asst cam, 2d unit)
  Nick Shuster (2d asst cam, 2d unit)
  Bernard Sissel (2d asst cam, 2d unit)
  Naomi Villanueva (2d asst cam, 2d unit)
  Mike Cahoon (Cam loader)
  Sal Alvarez (Loader, 2d unit)
  Kirsten Laube (Loader, 2d unit)
  Bob Dunn (Cam tech)
  Stephen Vaughan (Still photog)
  Mark C. Suveg (Video assist op)
  Stan Harrison (Video assist op)
  Adam Barth (Video assist op, 2d unit)
  Jeremy Brill (Video assist op, 2d unit)
  Molly McCourt (Video eng, ILM)
  Chris Centrella (Key grip)
  Gustavo Covarrubias (Key grip, Mexico)
  Anthony T. Marra II (Key grip, 2d unit)
  Bill Summers (Best boy grip)
  Rick Kangrga (Dolly grip)
  Gary Kangrga (Dolly grip, 2d unit)
  James D. Wickman (Dolly grip, 2d unit)
  Jeff Kluttz (Rigging key grip)
  Oscar Gomez (Best boy rigging grip)
  Raul Cortes (Grip)
  Chris Duffy (Grip)
  Rafael Menjí García (Grip)
  Ricardo Covarrubias Garcia (Grip)
  Javier Labastida (Grip)
  Hugh McCallum (Grip)
  Andres Medina (Grip)
  Carlos Mendoza (Grip)
  Patricio Pereda (Grip)
  Humberto Sanchez (Grip)
  Robert Anderson (Grip, 2d unit)
  José Castellanos (Grip, 2d unit)
  Pedro Gonzalez (Grip, 2d unit)
  Luis Miguel Islas (Grip, 2d unit)
  Ismael Paredes Ramirez (Grip, 2d unit)
  Steven Anthony Redondo (Grip, 2d unit)
  Alfredo Audel Roman Hernandez (Grip, 2d unit)
  James B. Walsh (Grip, 2d unit)
  Michael Howell (Crane/Libra head op)
  Jon Philion (Crane/Libra head op)
  John Stephens (Crane/Libra head op)
  Aaron G. York (Crane/Libra head op)
  Patrick Murray (Gaffer)
  David Lee (Gaffer, 2d unit)
  Steve Johnstone (Rigging gaffer)
  Rick Maddux (Best boy)
  Michael J. Fahey (Best boy, 2d unit)
  Tom Skulski (Best boy, 2d unit)
  Carlos Sanchez (Best boy, Mexico)
  Christopher Culliton (Best boy elec, 2d unit)
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  Paul Atkins (Cape Horn footage)
  Ohn Anderson (Cape Horn footage)
  Race Niska Atkins (Cape Horn footage)
  Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. (Cam dollies by)
  Hollywood Rentals Prod Services (Lighting equip supplied by)
Art Direction: William Sandell (Prod des)
  Bruce Crone (Supv art dir)
  Mark Mansbridge (Supv art dir)
  Hector Romero (Art dir)
  Jules Mann (Art dir, ILM)
  Marco Niro (On set asst art dir)
  Daren R. Dochterman (Illustrator)
  George Jenson (Illustrator)
  Dan Sweetman (Storyboard artist)
  David Russell (Storyboard artist)
Film Editor: Lee Smith (Film ed)
  Jon Poll (Addl ed)
  John Lee (1st asst ed)
  Eric A. Lewy (Asst ed)
  Warren Paeff (Asst ed)
  Kristine McPherson (Asst ed)
  Anna Josenhans (Asst ed)
  Ken O'Keefe (Apprentice ed)
  Gary Burritt (Negative cutter)
  Andrea Biklian (Negative preparation, ILM)
  Lee Tucker (Preview eng)
  Tom Ajar (Projectionist)
  Larry Hoki (Projectionist, ILM)
  Kenn Moynihan (Projectionist, ILM)
Set Decoration: Carlos Benassini (Set des)
  William Hiney (Set des)
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Costumes: Wendy Stites (Cost des)
  Marilyn Matthews (Assoc cost des)
  James W. Tyson (Cost supv)
  Dawn Line (Cost supv)
  Rosemary Burrows (UK cost)
  Adolfo Ramirez (Key cost)
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  Antonio Almaraz (Cost)
  Javier Arrieta (Cost)
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Music: Iva Davies (Mus/Synthesizer and sample programming)
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Sound: Arthur Rochester (Prod sd mixer)
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  Jessica Teach (VFX prod asst, ILM)
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  Clark Higgins (VTR op, ILM)
  Geoff Heron (Lead physical eff, ILM)
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  Gail Currey (ILM senior staff)
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  Digital Backlot (Matte paintings by, ILM)
  Shannan Burkley (Matte painter, Asylum)
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  CAFEFX (Galápagos visual eff by)
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  Weta Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand (Miniature ships built & filmed at)
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  EFILM (Digital intermediate by)
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  Tim Cairns (Quality control supv, EFILM)
  Lidar Services, Inc. (Boat scanning & modeling by)
  Paul Maurice (Boat scanning & modeling by)
Make Up: Edouard Henriques, III (Key makeup dept head)
  Kate Biscoe (Makeup artist)
  Gabriel De Cunto (Makeup artist)
  Greg Funk (Makeup artist)
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Production Misc: Mary Selway (Casting)
  Fiona Weir (Casting)
  Judith Bouley (Addl casting)
  Thomas A. Gustafson (Addl casting assoc)
  Merik Zydowicz (Polish casting)
  Kazimierz Suwala (Polish casting)
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  Todd Arnow (Unit prod mgr)
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  Zoe Black (Russell Crowe's violin instructor)
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  Richard Tognetti (Russell Crowe's violin instructor)
  Stefanie Fife (Paul Bettany's cello coach)
  Alison McGillivray (Paul Bettany's cello coach)
  Siss Ltd. (Security for Russell Crowe provided by)
  Mimi Munson (Researcher)
  Martin Bibbings (Gunnery instructor)
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  Jim Barry (Master rigger)
  Igor Bjorksten (Master rigger)
  Jennifer Convey (Ship and sail rigger)
  Paul Denoble (Ship and sail rigger)
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  Jonathan Joseph (Ship and sail rigger)
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  Trevor Schwellnus (Ship and sail rigger)
  Raul Luyando Espinosa (Support boat op)
  Jake T. Hicks (Support boat op)
  L. C. Riches (Support boat op)
  Antonio Valenzuela (Support boat op)
  Rocio Ortega (Animal wrangler)
  Alejandro Cerdeira (Animal handler)
  Jesus Chavez (Animal handler)
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  Gerardo Jordán (Animal handler)
  Mauricia Minera (Animal handler)
  Carlos Rene Minera (Animal handler)
  Claudia Porter Ortega (Animal handler)
  Eduardo Porter (Animal handler)
  Russell McEntyre (Transportation coord)
  Wayne Stone (Transportation capt)
  Ken Sale (Transportation capt, 2d unit)
  For Stars Catering (Catered by)
  Lloyd Thomas (Catered by)
  Brad Grant (Catered by)
  Francis Guevara (Catered by)
  Scott Logie (Catered by)
  Steve Peungraksa (Catered by)
  Mary Small (Catered by)
  Orlando Chongo (Craft service)
  Mauricio Marino (Craft service)
  Ivor Shier (Helicopter pilot)
  D. Timothy Fitzgerald (Staff asst, 2d unit)
  Ramiro Adan Gomez (Staff asst, 2d unit)
  Jason Kemp (Staff asst, 2d unit)
  John Labrucherie (Staff asst, 2d unit)
  Miguel Angel Wilkins (Staff asst, 2d unit)
  Stan Brown (Film shipping)
  Oe Campbell (Film shipping)
  Corporate Helicopters (Helicopters)
Stand In: Doug Coleman (Stunt coord)
  Daniel W. Barringer (Stunt coord)
  Stuart Clark (Russell Crowe's stunt double)
  Joey Anaya (Stunts)
  Phil Aslaksen (Stunts)
  Chino Binamo (Stunts)
  Steve Blalock (Stunts)
  Joey Box (Stunts)
  Jon Braver (Stunts)
  Nick Brett (Stunts)
  Jan Bryant (Stunts)
  Richard Bucher (Stunts)
  Richard Burden (Stunts)
  Jacob Chambers (Stunts)
  Scott Cook (Stunts)
  Critter (Stunts)
  John T. Cypert (Stunts)
  Max Daniels (Stunts)
  Brian Danner (Stunts)
  Darrell Craig Davis (Stunts)
  Loren Dennis (Stunts)
  Danny Downey (Stunts)
  Brian Duffy (Stunts)
  Peter Epstein (Stunts)
  Jeremy Fry (Stunts)
  Mickey Giacomazzi (Stunts)
  Troy Gilbert (Stunts)
  Tad Griffith (Stunts)
  Jimmy Hart (Stunts)
  Zachary Hudson (Stunts)
  Terry Jackson (Stunts)
  Craig Jensen (Stunts)
  Brandon Johnson (Stunts)
  Kim K. Kahana Jr. (Stunts)
  Oliver Keller (Stunts)
  Henry M. Kingi, Jr. (Stunts)
  Kim Koscki (Stunts)
  Theo Kypri (Stunts)
  Luke La Fontaine (Stunts)
  Kurt Lott (Stunts)
  Rich Minga (Stunts)
  Tom Morga (Stunts)
  Mark Norby (Stunts)
  Hugh Aodh O'Brien (Stunts)
  Chris O'Hara (Stunts)
  Vladimir Orlov (Stunts)
  Charles H. Page (Stunts)
  Christopher Palermo (Stunts)
  Sol Paradise (Stunts)
  Victor Quintero (Stunts)
  Allen Robinson (Stunts)
  Erik Rondell (Stunts)
  Terence Rotolo (Stunts)
  Jamie Ryan (Stunts)
  Gregg Sargeant (Stunts)
  Myke Schwartz (Stunts)
  Dennis R. Scott (Stunts)
  Rick Shuster (Stunts)
  Mike Snyder (Stunts)
  Dan Speaker (Stunts)
  John Tamburro (Stunts)
  Cooper Taylor (Stunts)
  Matthew Taylor (Stunts)
  Clark Tucker (Stunts)
  Pete Turner (Stunts)
  Tim Weske (Stunts)
  Brian J. Williams (Stunts)
  David Oliver (Russell Crowe's stand-in)
Color Personnel: Bruce Vecchitto (Col timing supv, ILM)
  Tommy Hooper (Col timing, Asylum)
  Jim Passon (Col timer)
  Michael Eaves (Digital col timer, EFILM)
  Jack Lewars (Digital colorist assist, EFILM)
  Eric Putz (Telecine colorist)
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Country: United States
Language: English

Music: "Ghost of Time," composed by Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon and Richard Tognetti, performed by Iva Davies and Icehouse, featured violin performance by Richard Tognetti, orchestrated by Christopher Gordon; "Endless Ocean," composed by Christopher Gordon and Iva Davies; Violin concerto No. 3 'Strassburg' K.216, 3rd movement, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis," composed by Ralph Vaughn Williams, performed by The New Queen's Hall Orchestra, Barry Wordsworth conducting, courtesy of Decca Music Group Ltd. under license from Universal Music Enterprises; Adagio from Concerto Grosso Op. 6, No. 8 in G Minor Christmas Concerto, composed by Arcangelo Corelli; Prelude (from the Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007), composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by Yo-Yo Ma, cello, courtesy of Sony Classical by arrangement with Sony Music Licensing; Boccherini La Musica Notturna Delle Strade di Madrid No. 6, Op. 30, composed by Luigi Boccherini.
Songs: "O'Sullivan's March," "Spanish Ladies," "Raging Sea/Bonnie Ship the Diamond" and "Don't Forget Your Old Shipmates," traditional.
Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
  Luigi Boccherini
  Arcangelo Corelli
  Iva Davies
  Christopher Gordon
  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  Richard Tognetti
  Ralph Vaughn Williams
Source Text: Based on the novels Master and Commander (London, 1969) and The Far Side of the World by Patrick O'Brian (London, 1984).
Authors: Patrick O'Brian

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation 18/11/2003 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001187979
Miramax Film Corporation 18/11/2003 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001187979
Universal City Studios, LLLP 18/11/2003 dd/mm/yyyy PA0001187979

PCA NO: 39922
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Digital; dts Digital Sound in selected theatres
  col: DeLuxe
  Lenses/Prints: filmed with Panavision cameras and lenses; Kodak Film Stock

Genre: Adventure
Sub-Genre: Sea
Subjects (Major): Friendship
  Great Britain. Navy
  Sea battles
  Sea captains
Subjects (Minor): Amputation
  Cricket (Game)
  Death and dying
  Galápagos Islands (Ecuador)
  Impersonation and imposture
  Military education
  Officers (Military)
  Operations, Surgical
  Sea animals
  Ship crews
  Wounds and injuries

Note: Working titles for the film were Master and Commander and The Far Side of the World . The following written prologue appears in the onscreen credits: "April -- 1805 Napolean is master of Europe, only the British fleet stands before him. Oceans are now battlefields. HMS Surprise , 128 Guns, 197 Souls, N. Coast of Brazil. Admiralty orders to Cpt. J. Aubrey: 'Intercept French Privateer Acheron en route to Pacific intent on carrying the war into those waters ...sink, burn or take her a prize.'" The script combined elements of the first and tenth novels ( Master and Commander and The Far Side of the World )that are part of the twenty-book Aubrey/Maturin series written by Patrick O’Brian (1914--2000). The popular series has been noted for its historical accuracy and specific detailing of seafaring life in the 19th century British Navy. In Dec 1993, the Samuel Goldwyn Company optioned the first book in the series, Master and Commander , but the film moved on to Disney/Touchstone Pictures. A Sep 1996 HR item notes that John McTiernan was under consideration by Touchstone to direct and write the script. A Nov 1998 DV item notes that when Touchstone dropped the project, Twentieth Century Fox picked up the feature rights with Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. mentioned as producer. Fox also acquired rights to all twenty of O’Brian’s novels, the tenth of which was The Far Side of the World . After the film’s release, some news items and reviewers suggested that additional books in the series would also be turned into films.
       Numerous reviews and articles on the film commented on a major change from the two books, in having the enemy that "Jack Aubrey" and the crew of the Surprise pursue changed from American to French. Some journalists suggested this may have been due to the strongly pro-American political climate in the U.S. at the time of the film's production and release just two years after the terrorism attack on New York and Washington in Sep 2001 and the rise of anti-French sentiment over their refusal to support the 2003 U.S. conflict with Iraq. In production notes, however, Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman stated that the change was made in order to avoid lengthy explanations of why America supported Napoleon during that period. Additionally, some of the later books in O’Brian’s series centered solely on the British-French conflict. As noted in various reviews and feature articles, the "PG-13"-rated film avoided certain elements of the novels (disputed by some modern historical sources), including homosexuality within the British Navy, violent conscription of crewmen and extreme hardships endured by the men.
       The film marked the debut of Max Pirkis as "Lord Blakeney." Stars Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany previously appeared together in the 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind . Director Peter Weir worked with fellow Australian director of photography Russell Boyd on several of his early films, including Gallipoli (1981) and The Year of Living Dangerously (1982). Costume designer Wendy Stites, who is married to Weir and often credited as Wendy Weir, has collaborated with the director on numerous films. The film was shot on location in Baja, California, Mexico using the four tanks constructed by Fox Studios in 1996 for James Cameron's 1998 production Titanic . In addition to using numerous model ships, constructed and filmed in New Zealand, an authentic tall ship, the Rose , a former sail-training ship in Rhode Island, was overhauled and doubled as the Surprise . Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was also shot on location in the Galàpagos Islands, which, according to production notes, was the first time a feature film shot there.
       In the closing credits, the producers acknowledge numerous individuals and naval associations, including the United States Department of Navy, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, U. K., the Historic Naval Dockyard & HMS Victory, Portsmith, U. K. and Royal College of Surgeons of England.
       Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was selected by AFI as one of its top ten films of 2003 and also selected by the National Board of Review as one of the ten best films of the year. The picture received two Academy Awards, one for Best Cinematography (Russell Boyd)and one for Best Sound Editing (Richard King). The picture also received Academy Award nominations in the following categories: Picture, Director, Film Editing, Art Direction, Costume Design, Makeup, Sound Mixing and Visual Effects. Additionally, the film received Golden Globe nominations for Peter Weir for Best Director, Best Picture--Drama and Best Actor--Drama for Russell Crowe. Weir was nominated by the Directors Guild for the DGA Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film for 2003. Weir and producers Samuel Goldwyn Jr. and Duncan Henderson were nominated by the Producers Guild for the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures. 

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