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Director: Ridley Scott (Dir)
Release Date:   5 May 2000
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles premiere: 1 May 2000; Los Angeles and New York openings: 5 May 2000; London opening: 12 May 2000.
Production Date:   began 1 Feb 1999 in Farnham, Surrey, England; Mar 1999 in Ouarzazate, Morocco; Apr-May 1999 in Malta; Jun 1999 in Italy; re-shoots in Lone Pine, CA.
Duration (in mins):   150 or 154
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Cast:   Russell Crowe (Maximus [Decimus Meridias])  
    Joaquin Phoenix (Commodus)  
    Connie Nielsen (Lucilla)  
    Oliver Reed (Proximo)  
    Richard Harris (Marcus Aurelius)  
    Derek Jacobi (Gracchus)  
    Djimon Hounsou (Juba)  
    David Schofield (Falco)  
    John Shrapnel (Gaius)  
    Tomas Arana (Quintus)  
    Ralf Moeller (Hagen)  
    Spencer Treat Clark (Lucius)  
    David Hemmings (Cassius)  
    Tommy Flanagan (Cicero)  
    Sven-Ole Thorsen (Tiger)  
    Omid Djalili (Slave trader)  
    Nicholas McGaughey (Praetorian officer)  
    Chris Kell (Scribe)  
    Tony Curran (Assassin #1)  
    Mark Lewis (Assassin #2)  
    John Quinn (Valerius)  
    Alun Raglan (Praetorian guard #1)  
    David Bailie (Engineer)  
    Chick Allen (German leader)  
    Dave Nicholls (Giant man)  
    Al Hunter Ashton (Rome trainer #1)  
    Billy Dowd (Narrator )  
    Ray Calleja (Lucius' attendant)  
    Giannina Facio (Maximus' wife)  
  and Giorgio Cantarini (Maximus' son)  

Summary: In a bleak winter forest in the year 180 A.D., Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridias reviews his battle-weary troops before they launch their final campaign to conquer Germania. Maximus is greatly admired by his men, alongside whom he fights during the battle and leads them to victory. Commodus and his sister Lucilla, the scions of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, travel to Maximus’ army camp, having been summoned by their father. On their arrival they learn that the soldiers have been gone for nineteen days. Commodus rides to the front to honor his father but is affronted when Marcus Aurelius pays homage to Maximus. The emperor, who loves Maximus as a son, believes that he is slowly dying and sends for Maximus that night to ask him to succeed him after his death and give the control of Rome to the Senate. Maximus, longing only to return to his native Spain and his family, rejects the idea, but Marcus Aurelius is adamant as he believes that Commodus is morally corrupt. While Maximus prays alone to devotional figures of his family for guidance, Marcus Aurelius tells Commodus his decision. Commodus feels betrayed and, sobbing, murders his father. The murder is covered up and Commodus immediately seizes power. When Maximus refuses to vow his loyalty, Commodus orders his immediate execution. In a remote forest location, Maximus overwhelms his would-be assassins and, injured, rides for home, but arrives to find that his wife and son have been hanged and burned to death by Commodus’ Praetorian guards. Maximus collapses and while unconscious is taken prisoner by a slave trader. A fellow captive named Juba befriends Maximus and treats his wound, after which they are both sold to fight promoter Proximo to be trained as gladiators. Proximo assumes that Maximus is a deserter from the Roman army and he is dubbed “Spaniard.” While a reluctant Maximus is being trained as a gladiator, Commodus returns to Rome as emperor but is uninterested in the actual work of ruling. Lucilla acts as a mediator between Commodus and the hostile Senate, while Commodus focuses on his plans to hold 150 days of games to honor his father. In time, Maximus gains the respect of his fellow gladiators as well as the crowds who cheer him on as he repeatedly defeats his foes, but Maximus remains disgusted by the blood sport. Proximo meets privately with Maximus and admits that he was once a gladiator who was granted his freedom by Marcus Aurelius. Proximo informs him that they will be fighting in Commodus’ games at the Roman coliseum and advises him that if he wins that crowd, he, too, might win his own freedom. Meanwhile, Lucilla, a widow who was once in love with Maximus, tries to keep her brother from dissolving the Senate, resorting even to sleeping tonics to keep him at bay. Proximo and his gladiators arrive in Rome and are assigned to fight a re-creation of the Battle of Carthage. The gladiators are awed by the size of the coliseum but once inside the arena, they battle for their lives. Maximus uses his skills as a general and urges his fellow gladiators to work together, and they succeed in killing the opposition. The audience cheers them on and, when Commodus goes down to meet the gladiators, he demands that Maximus remove the helmet that hides his face. Maximus then reveals his true identity and vows vengeance, but when the frightened Commodus calls forth his Praetorian guards, the crowds boo him until he gives Maximus the thumbs-up symbol of approval. Commodus later confides to Lucilla that his guards lied to him that Maximus was dead and that this must mean he does not have their respect. Lucilla advises him to force them to respect him, but later secretly meets with Maximus to seek his help against Commodus, whom she fears. Maximus is too embittered to offer his support. In an attempt to kill Maximus, Commodus next pits him against several vicious tigers and a top gladiator; although Maximus again survives, he refuses to kill the gladiator. Maximus’ former assistant, Cicero, makes contact with him and Maximus sends him to Lucilla to tell her he has changed his mind and will help her. When Lucilla arranges for Maximus to meet with Gracchus, a Roman senator who opposes Commodus, Maximus relates to Gracchus that it was Marcus Aurelius’ final wish that power be returned to the Senate. Maximus then asks for his freedom, in return for which he will gather his troops and kill Commodus and his guards. When Gracchus is arrested soon after, Lucilla arranges with Proximo to free Maximus that night. At the palace, Commodus is stunned when Lucilla’s son Lucius innocently reveals that his mother believes that Maximus is the savior of Rome. Lucilla returns as Commodus is telling Lucius a story about ancestral betrayal, and she realizes that her disloyalty has been discovered. As a result, Commodus’ spies slip a poisonous snake into the bed of senator Gaius, who is sympathetic to Lucilla’s cause. Before Maximus can be freed, Commodus’ Praetorian guards arrive at Proximo’s encampment. After giving Maximus the keys to free all the slaves, Proximo fights the Praetorians to his death. The slaves rally to combat the guards while Maximus escapes to meet Cicero. Maximus finds Cicero at the appointed place seated on his horse, but Cicero cries out a warning and is hanged by a noose around his neck, while Maximus is captured Commodus’ forces. Commodus now demands that Lucilla live estranged from her son, and implies that he hopes that he and she will produce their own heir. He then decides to fight Maximus himself as part of the games, but to ensure his own victory, stabs the former general in the back, and then has his man, Quintus, cover the wound with armor. Commodus and Maximus face off in the arena, but when Commodus loses his sword, Quintus refuses to give him another. Commodus then pulls a knife from his sleeve and they fight hand-to-hand, but Maximus overpowers him and finally gains his revenge, killing Commodus. As Maximus slowly dies from the knife wound, he tells Quintus to free his men, reinstate Gracchus and restore the dream of Rome as Marcus Aurelius had wished. After Lucilla runs to his side and assures him that Lucius is safe, Maximus dies with visions of his family walking through fields to greet him. Lucilla weeps over his body, then demands that the people of Rome honor him. Gracchus and the slaves carry Maximus’ body from the arena, leaving Commodus in the dirt. Later, Juba buries the carved devotional figures of Maximus’ family, and having earned his own freedom, pledges to see his friend again in time. 

Production Company: Scott Free Productions (DreamWorks, LLC)
Production Text: A Ridley Scott Film; A Douglas Wick Production
Distribution Company: DreamWorks Distribution, LLC  
  Universal City Studios, Inc. (Vivendi Universal)
Director: Ridley Scott (Dir)
  Terry Needham (1st asst dir)
  Adam Somner (2d asst dir)
  Alexander Witt (2d unit dir)
  Hannah Quinn (2d 2d asst dir)
  Emma Horton (3d asst dir)
  Adrian Toynton (2d unit, 2d asst dir)
  Robert Wright (U.K. unit, 2d 2d asst dir)
  Gary Talbot (U.K. unit, 3d asst dir)
  Ahmed Hatimi (Morocco unit, 1st asst dir)
  Zinedine Ibnou Jabal (Morocco unit, 2d asst dir)
  Ali Cherkaoui (Morocco unit, 2d asst dir)
  Mohamed Nasrate (Morocco unit, 2d asst dir)
Producer: Douglas Wick (Prod)
  David Franzoni (Prod)
  Branko Lustig (Prod)
  Walter F. Parkes (Exec prod)
  Laurie MacDonald (Exec prod)
  Terry Needham (Assoc prod)
Writer: David Franzoni (Scr)
  John Logan (Scr)
  William Nicholson (Scr)
  David Franzoni (Story)
Photography: John Mathieson (Dir of photog)
  Alexander Witt (2d unit dir of photog)
  Peter Taylor ("A" cam op)
  Klemens Becker ("B" cam and Steadicam op)
  Simon Hume ("A" cam focus puller)
  Sascha Mieke ("B" cam focus puller)
  Craig Bloor ("A" cam clapper loader)
  Tom McFarling ("B" cam clapper loader)
  Ciro Candia (Clapper loader)
  Agapios Louka (Cam tech)
  Jaap Buitendijk (Still photog)
  Lester Dunton (Video op)
  Roger Lowe (Chief lighting tech)
  Andy Cole (Asst chief lighting tech)
  Vic Chandler (Elec)
  Gary Nagle (Elec)
  Fred Todd (Elec)
  Dave McWhinnie (Elec)
  Larry Prinz (Rigging elec gaffer)
  Alan Williams (Rigging elec gaffer)
  Terry Eden (Rigging elec best boy)
  David Bruce (Generator op)
  David Appleby (Key grip)
  Rupert Lloyd-Parry (Key grip)
  Adrian McCarthy (Best boy grip)
  Phil Murphy (Cam grip)
  Colin Hazell (Crane op)
  Clive Jackson (2d unit, "A" cam op)
  Keith McNamara (2d unit, "A" cam focus puller)
  Branko Knez (2d unit, "B" cam op)
  Zoran Mikincic Budin (2d unit, "B" cam focus puller)
  John Bowman (2d unit, video op)
  Malcolm Huse (2d unit, grip)
  Ben Gooder (Malta unit, D & E cam op)
  Felix Schroer (Malta unit, D & E cam op)
  Nick Penn (Malta unit, cam focus puller)
  Tim Flemming (Malta unit, cam focus puller)
  Giancarlo McDonnell (Malta unit, elec)
  Zeljko Vrscak (Malta unit, elec)
  Dean Brkic (Malta unit, elec)
  Vlado Ceh (Malta unit, elec)
  Istvan Denc (Malta unit, elec)
  Damir Radinovic (Malta unit, elec)
  Samir Kadric (Malta unit, elec)
  Stjepan Vrbanic (Malta unit, elec)
  Alan Coates (Malta unit, generator op)
  Drago Ljubic (Malta unit, grip)
  Vlado Rukavina (Malta unit, grip)
  Josip Matausic (Malta unit, grip)
  Dubravko Topol (Malta unit, grip)
  Nenad Sokac (Malta unit, grip)
  Ashley Bond (U.K. unit, cam focus puller)
  Derek Walker (U.K. unit, cam clapper loader)
  Mark Hutton (U.K. unit, generator op)
  Nobby Clarke (U.K. unit, elec rigger)
  Eamonn O'Keeffe (Morocco unit, "A" cam focus puller)
  Brahim Ait Belkas (Morocco unit, cam asst)
  Driss Ayad (Morocco unit, cam asst)
  El Mokhtar Aboukal (Morocco unit, video assist)
  Abdellatif El Ansary (Morocco unit, elec)
  Ismail El Moulloua (Morocco unit, elec)
  Abdelkader Benouna (Morocco unit, elec)
  Hicham Bouchta (Morocco unit, elec)
  Tahar Ajoualil (Morocco unit, elec)
  Mohammed Rami (Morocco unit, elec)
  Abdenaziz Bizzi (Morocco unit, grip)
  Mustapha El Idrissi (Morocco unit, grip)
  Paul Legall (Morocco unit, crane op)
Art Direction: Arthur Max (Prod des)
  Clifford Robinson (Art dir-vehicles)
  Sylvain Despretz (Illustrator)
  John King (Malta unit, supv art dir)
  Peter Russell (Malta unit, art dir)
  Adam O'Neill (Malta unit, asst art dir)
  Helen Xenopoulou (Malta unit, draughtsman)
  Toad Tozer (Malta unit, draughtsman)
  Anthony Caron-Delion (Malta unit, draughtsman)
  Jody King (Malta unit, art dept prod asst)
  Michelle Borg (Malta unit, art dept prod asst)
  David Allday (U.K. unit, supv art dir)
  Keith Pain (U.K. unit, art dir)
  Claire Richards (U.K. unit, art dept prod asst)
  Harry Pain (U.K. unit, art dept prod asst)
  Benjamin Fernandez (Morocco unit, supv art dir)
  Jose Luis Del Barco (Morocco unit, asst art dir)
  Carlos Bodelon (Morocco unit, asst art dir)
  Alejandro Fernandez (Morocco unit, draughtsman)
  Samiri Menouer (Morocco unit, art dept prod asst)
Film Editor: Pietro Scalia (Ed)
  Chisako Yokoyama (1st asst ed)
  Michael Reynolds (1st asst ed)
  Fulvio Valsangiacomo (Asst ed)
  Steven R. Sacks (Apprentice ed)
  Bob Drwila (Ed trainee)
  Kona Cutting (Negative cutter)
  Chris Womack (U.K. unit, asst ed)
  Paul Elman (U.K. unit, asst ed)
  Valerio Bonelli (U.K. unit, AVID asst)
  Andrew Haigh (U.K. unit, apprentice ed)
  Karen Hurley (U.K. unit, ed trainee)
Set Decoration: Crispian Sallis (Set dec)
  Graeme Purdy (Prop master)
  Philip McDonald (Morocco unit, prop master)
  Peter Hooper (Asst prop master)
  Mickey Woolfson (Standby props)
  Kieron McNamara (Standby props)
  Stephen McDonald (Standby props)
  Denis Hopperton (Dressing props supv)
  Colin Fox (Drapery master)
  Stephen Ashby (Drapesman)
  Lucinda Sturgis (Buyer)
  Malcolm Roberts (Const mgr)
  Perry Bell (Standby painter)
  Mark Brady (Standby carpenter)
  Richard Law (Standby rigger)
  Eddie O'Neill (Standby stagehand)
  Sonja Klaus (Malta unit, set dec)
  Bruce Bigg (Malta unit, prop master)
  James Parker (Malta unit, props)
  Petr Richter (Malta unit, props)
  Ivo Ujevic (Malta unit, props)
  Doug Purdy (Malta unit, props)
  Lawrence Cauchi (Malta unit, props buyer)
  Brian Reilly (Malta unit, H.O.D. painter)
  Michael Howlett (Malta unit, H.O.D. metal worker)
  Robert Voysey (Malta unit, H.O.D. plasterer)
  Graham Bruce Weames (Malta unit, H.O.D. carpenter)
  Steve Sansom (Malta unit, H.O.D. rigger)
  Keith Smith (Malta unit, H.O.D. stagehand)
  Jille Azis (U.K. unit, set dec)
  Anthony Rycyk (U.K. unit, props)
  Paul Turley (U.K. unit, props)
  John Russo (U.K. unit, props)
  Malcolm Keane (U.K. unit, H.O.D. props painter)
  Robert Walker (U.K. unit, scenic artist)
  Cynthia Sadler (U.K. unit, scenic artist)
  Julie Philpott (U.K. unit, draughtsman/set dressing)
  Katy Henderson (U.K. unit, set dec asst)
  Nicola De Fresnes (U.K. unit, set dec asst)
  Gina Cromwell (U.K. unit, set dressing buyer)
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  Abdelkrim Raiss (Morocco unit, props buyer)
  Caroline Sina (Morocco unit, drapes)
  Abderarrahim El Hajli (Morocco unit, drapes)
Costumes: Janty Yates (Cost des)
  Lucinda Sturgis (Buyer)
  Simon Atherton (Supv armourer)
  Tommy Dunne (Armourer)
  Alan Hausmann (Armourer)
  William Englefield (Armourer)
  Paul Castleman (Armourer)
  Ivo Coveney (Mr. Crowe's armourer)
  Rosemary Burrows (Cost supv)
  Samantha Howarth (Asst cost des)
  William McPhail (Ward master)
  Michael Castellano (Mr. Crowe's dresser)
  Tim Shanahan (Cost)
  Bruno De Santa (Cost)
  Amanda Trewin (Cost)
  William Steggle (Cost)
  Andrea Cripps (Cost)
  John Laurie (Cost)
  Dave Whiteing (Cost)
  Tim Guthrie (Cost)
  Peter Edmonds (Cost)
  Neil Murphy (Cost)
  Anabel Campbell (Cost)
  Peter Hornbuckle (Cost)
  Rupert Steggle (Cost)
  David Evans (Cost)
  Michael Mooney (Malta unit, cost)
  Yvonne Zarb Cousin (Malta unit, cost)
  Bridget Kenningham (Malta unit, cost)
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  Martin Adams (Jewelry handrafted by)
Music: Hans Zimmer (Mus)
  Lisa Gerrard (Mus)
  Lisa Gerrard Courtesy of 4AD Ltd. (Score vocals perf by)
  Adam Milo Smalley (Mus supv)
  Todd Homme (Exec in charge of mus)
  Dashiell Rae (Mus ed)
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  Tony Stanton (Copyist)
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Sound: Per Hallberg (Supv sd ed)
  Scott Millan (Re-rec mixer)
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Special Effects: John Nelson (Visual eff supv)
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Make Up: Paul Engelen (Key makeup artist)
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Production Misc: Louis DiGiaimo (Casting)
  Martin Cohen (Post prod exec)
  Branko Lustig (Unit prod mgr)
  Ty Warren (Prod supv)
  Lisa Dennis Kennedy (Post prod supv)
  Judi Bunn (Unit mgr)
  Annie Wotton (Scr supv)
  Sallie Beechinor (Prod coord)
  Lisa Marie Serra (Post prod coord)
  Lesley Keane (Asst prod coord)
  Jim Turner (Prod controller)
  Kathleen Mackie (U.K. casting)
  Stephanie Corsalini (U.S. casting assoc)
  Billy Dowd (Gladiator and crowd casting)
  Rob Martin (Casting asst)
  Rob Harris (Unit pub)
  Judi Dickerson (Mr. Crowe's dial coach)
  Sandra Butterworth (Dial coach)
  Nicholas Powell (Fight master)
  Andreas Petrides (Asst fight master)
  Gerry Gore (Transportation coord)
  Paul "Sled" Reynolds (Chief animal trainer)
  Thierry Le Portier (Animal trainer)
  Steve Dent (Horse master)
  Peter White (Asst horse master)
  Julie Payne (Asst to Mr. Scott)
  Milly Leigh (Asst to Mr. Scott)
  Anne Lai (Asst to Mr. Scott)
  Steven Kent Foster (Scott Free exec)
  Neville Shulman (Consultant to Ridley Scott)
  Joy Johnson (Asst to Mr. Parkes)
  Cory C. Myler (Asst to Mr. Parkes)
  Linda Kroll (Asst to Ms. MacDonald)
  Nancy Safran (Asst to Mr. Wick)
  David A. Schreiber (Asst to Mr. Wick)
  Aminta Townshend (Asst to Mr. Lustig)
  Robert Long (Asst to Mr. Crowe)
  Jemma Kearney (Asst to Mr. Phoenix)
  Rick O'Bryan (Mr. Crowe's trainer)
  Anya Gripari (Set prod asst)
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  Benjamin Harrison (Set prod asst)
  Mark Taylor (Set prod asst)
  David Oliver (Prod asst)
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  Lucien Nunes-Vaz (Projectionist)
  L. A. Maddogs (Voice casting)
  Brian Cook (2d unit, prod supv)
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  Carozze D'Epoca, Rome (Malta unit, chariots & horses provided by)
  Randy Miller (Malta unit, tiger trainer)
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Stand In: Phil Neilson (Stunt coord)
  Stuart Clarke (Maximus' stunt double)
  Peter White (Maximus' stunt double)
  Randy Scott Miller (Maximus/Tiger double)
  Sebastian Abbatiello (Stunts)
  Ben Bellman (Stunts)
  Sergio Casadei (Stunts)
  Alejandro Cobo (Stunts)
  Forbes Cowan (Stunts)
  Walter Difrancesco (Stunts)
  Mohammed Enahal (Stunts)
  Alejandro Garcia (Stunts)
  Andy Hric (Stunts)
  Chuck Jeffreys (Stunts)
  Radowan Kak (Stunts)
  MIchael Ian Lambert (Stunts)
  Miroslav Lhotka (Stunts)
  Tony Lucken (Stunts)
  Chris Manger (Stunts)
  Graham Mullins (Stunts)
  Mark Newman (Stunts)
  Jane Omorogbe (Stunts)
  Marc Roberts (Stunts)
  Jose Maria Serrano (Stunts)
  Gordon Smith (Stunts)
  R. J. Steel (Stunts)
  Martin Uhrovcik (Stunts)
  Seoras Wallace (Stunts)
  Eugenio Alonso (Stunts)
  Georges Branche (Stunts)
  Alessandro Casalino (Stunts)
  Eugene Collier (Stunts)
  Ricardo Cruz (Stunts)
  Peter Drozda (Stunts)
  Neil Finnighan (Stunts)
  Joss Gower (Stunts)
  Martin Hub (Stunts)
  Kevin Johnson (Stunts)
  Vincent Keane (Stunts)
  Derek Lea (Stunts)
  Guy List (Stunts)
  Tom Lucy (Stunts)
  Ivan Mica (Stunts)
  Mustapha Natouri (Stunts)
  Ray L. Nicholas (Stunts)
  Hernan Ortiz (Stunts)
  Jean-Phillipe Roman (Stunts)
  David Slaivre (Stunts)
  Brian Smyj (Stunts)
  Jennifer Stoute (Stunts)
  Pavel Vokoun (Stunts)
  David Weiss (Stunts)
  Carlo Antonioni (Stunts)
  Manuel Cabrera (Stunts)
  Viktor Cervenka (Stunts)
  Gianluca Coppetta (Stunts)
  Michel Didier (Stunts)
  Zdenek Dvoracek (Stunts)
  Kamil Fojtik (Stunts)
  Carlton Headley (Stunts)
  Charles Jarman (Stunts)
  Morgan Johnson (Stunts)
  Ivo Kristof (Stunts)
  Stephane Lelievre (Stunts)
  Trevor Lovell (Stunts)
  Robbie MacFarlane (Stunts)
  Peter Miles (Stunts)
  Miroslav Navratil (Stunts)
  Peter Olgyay (Stunts)
  Pauline Richards (Stunts)
  Ken Scotland (Stunts)
  C. C. Smiff (Stunts)
  Eddie Stacey (Stunts)
  Marek Toth (Stunts)
  Ian Walker (Stunts)
  Tubardh Wilson (Stunts)
  Aidan Harrington (U.K. unit, stand-in)
  Collette Appleby (U.K. unit, stand-in)
  Patrick Flanagan (U.K. unit, stand-in)
  Mark Fisher (U.K. unit, stand-in)
  Jim Durban (U.K. unit, stand-in)
  Nicky White (U.K. unit, stand-in)
Color Personnel: Dale Grahn (Col timer)
  Keith Bryant (Technicolor London, rushes timer)
  Colin Coull (Mill Film, Ltd., colour timer)
MPAA Rating: R
Country: United States
Language: English

Music: "Pavor" and "Etruria" written by Walter Maioli & Natalia Van Ravenstein, performed by Synaulia, courtesy of Amiata Media Srl.
Composer: Walter Maioli
  Natalia Van Ravenstein
Source Text:

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
DreamWorks, LLC & Universal City Studios, Inc. 8/5/2000 dd/mm/yyyy PA0000986134

PCA NO: 37084
Physical Properties: Sd: Dolby Digital; DTS Sound; SDDS (Sony Dynamic Digital Sound) in selected theatres
  Lenses/Prints: Panavision Camera and Lenses; prints by Technicolor
  Lenses/Prints: AVID; Kodak
  gauge: 35mm

Genre: Epic
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): Duplicity
  Commodus, Emperor of Rome, 180-192, A.D.
  Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome, 161-180, A.D.
  Rome--Ancient history
Subjects (Minor): Africans
  Brothers and sisters
  Coloseum (Rome)
  Death and dying
  Dogs, War use of
  Fathers and sons
  Praetorian Guard

Note: With the exception of the production company names, the film opens with only the title and the following prologue: “At the height of its power the Roman empire was vast, stretching from the deserts of Africa to the borders of Northern England. Over one quarter of the world’s population lived and died under the rule of the caesars. In the winter of 180 A.D., Emperor Marcus Aurelius’ twelve-year campaign against the barbarian tribes in Germania was drawing to an end. Just one final stronghold stands in the way of Roman victory and the promise of peace throughout the empire.” All other credits appear at the end of the film. Russell Crowe's character is named Maximus in the film's end credits, however the full name is spoken as "Maximus Decimus Meridias" within the film. The correct spelling of this full name is unconfirmed as the Final Shooting Script dated 5 May 1999 lists the name as "Caius Fabius Maximus" (p. 74).
       The character of Maximus is fictional, however, the characters of Marcus Aurelius, Commodus and Lucilla are based on actual persons. Marcus Aurelius (121--180 A.D.) was adopted by the emperor Antoninus Pius and succeeded him. He initially shared power with his adoptive brother, Lucius Verus, but was the sole emperor after 169 A.D. Although he was also known as a philosopher and humanitarian, there is no historical evidence that he enjoined his successor to return ruling power to the Senate. His death is documented as having been caused by illness. In 164 A.D., then seventeen-year-old Lucilla, the daughter of Marcus Aurelius, was married to Lucius Verus. After his death, she became the wife of Claudius Pompeianus Quintianus of Antioch. Historical sources note that Commodus (161--192 A.D.) served as joint emperor with his father for three years before the death of Marcus Aurelius. After Commodus’ succession, he founded peace with Germania and returned to Rome. History records that Commodus was indeed out of favor with the Senate but popular with the people. He fought in gladiatorial games, always the victor, and his reign was marked by his frequently staged tributes to himself. Commodus was eventually murdered at the order of his own advisers.
       A Time magazine article dated 8 May 2000 noted that actor Jude Law was tested for the role of “Commodus.” According to a May 2000 article in Talk , writer David Franzoni first conceived the story in May 1996, and director Ridley Scott indicated that his first choice for the role of “Maximus” was Mel Gibson. Gibson, who had just finished the film The Patriot , turned down the role. According to an article dated 25 May 2001 in LAT ’s “Calendar” section, producer Douglas Wick first offered the project to his own studio, Sony Pictures, but they passed on it.
       Numerous news items note that the nineteenth-century painting “Pollice Verso (Thumbs Down)” by Jean-Léon Gérôme inspired Ridley Scott’s vision of the film. According to a 27 Apr 2000 article in The Times (London) , Scott first considered a forest in Bratislava for the opening battle scene, however, he later arranged with the British Forestry Commission to use a British forest that was already scheduled for de-forestation. The area was known as the Bourne Woods, near Farnham, England. The film’s presskit notes the following about the production: Ouarzazate, Morocco was the location for scenes including the marketplace, “Proximo’s” school and the small arena. The Moroccan army aided the production by constructing a bridge across a river that afforded transport to another location. Malta was the site for the reconstruction of Rome and the Coliseum. The production crew built a model of one-third of the Coliseum and used special effects to complete the rest of the structure as seen in the film. Numerous news items add that additional sets were built around Fort Ricasoli, an eighteenth-century fort in Malta.
       Gladiator marked the final feature appearance of British actor Oliver Reed, who died of a heart attack while off the set on 2 May 1999. The end credits for Gladiator include the following dedication: “To our friend Oliver Reed.” According to the presskit, in the original screenplay the character “Proximo” survives the Praetorian assault. After Reed’s death, the script was revised to include “Proximo’s” release of the slaves and his death at the hands of the Praetorian guards. A body double and special effects were employed to make it appear that Reed performed the entirety of this scene.
       The production cost of the film was estimated at $105 million by various news sources. DreamWorks handled the domestic distribution, and Universal handled the foreign distribution. The 10 May 2000 issue of HR reported that the film grossed $34.8 million domestic box-office on its opening weekend. According to Var , the film grossed $415 million box-office worldwide by 27 Jul 2000. The film was re-released on 22 Nov 2000 in IMAX theatres around the U.S. as promotional support for the release of the DVD version, according to a 24 Nov 2000 article in Screen International . HR noted on 11 Aug 2000 that the film received the Gold Australian Box Office Achievement Award for “the highest grossing film in the market over the [previous] twelve months.” The award was sponsored by Hoyt Cinemas.
       In addition to being selected as one of AFI's top ten films of 2000, Gladiator was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for Actor in a Leading Role, Drama (Russell Crowe), Actor in a Supporting Role (Joaquin Phoenix) and Director (Ridley Scott), and won Golden Globe Awards for Best Picture, Drama and Original Score (Lisa Gerrard, Hans Zimmer). The film was nominated for Academy Awards in the following categories: Performance by an actor in a supporting role (Joaquin Phoenix), Achievement in art direction (Art direction Arthur Max, Set decoration Crispian Sallis), Achievement in cinematography (John Mathieson), Achievement in directing (Ridley Scott), Achievement in film editing (Pietro Scalia), Achievement in music (original score) (Hans Zimmer), Screenplay written directly for the screen (David Franzoni and John Logan and William Nicholson). The film won Academy Awards in the following categories: Performance by an actor in a leading role (Russell Crowe), Achievement in costume design (Janty Yates), Achievement in sound (Scott Millan, Bob Beemer and Ken Weston), Achievement in visual effects (John Nelson, Neil Corbould, Tim Burke and Rob Harvey) and Best Picture (A Douglas Wick in association with Scott Free Production, Douglas Wick, David Franzoni and Branko Lustig, Producers).
       On 16 May 2006, a musical version of Gladiator , with book and lyrics by Roger Hyams and music by Gavin Greenaway, based on themes from the film written by Hans Zimmer, opened in North Hollywood, CA. The Workshop presentation was produced by Brian Eastman and directed by James Robinson. 

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