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Land of Hunted Men
Alternate Title: Robber's Roost
Director: S. Roy Luby (Dir)
Release Date:   26 Mar 1943
Production Date:   mid-Dec--late Dec 1942
Duration (in mins):   57
Duration (in feet):   5,192
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Cast:   Ray "Crash" Corrigan (Crash)  
    Denny Moore (Denny Moore)  
    Max "Alibi" Terhune (Alibi) and Elmer
    Phyllis Adair (Dorrie)  
    Charles King (Faro [Wilson])  
    John Merton (Pelham)  
    Ted Mapes (Piebald)  
    Frank McCarrol (Tabasco)  
    Forrest Taylor (Dad [Oliver])  
    Steve Clark ([Sheriff Andy] Wallace)  
    Fred Toones (Snowflake)  

Summary: While trying to capture stagecoach robbers, Range Buster Denny Moore is shot in the arm. Denny then joins up with his fellow Range Busters, Crash and Alibi, and hides at a line shack belonging to their friend, rancher "Dad" Oliver. Vigilantes led by businessman Faro Wilson claim that Denny is a robber, but cannot find him. While Denny recuperates, Crash sends their black cook, Snowflake, to work undercover and gather information about Faro. Crash and Alibi, meanwhile, go to meet with Sheriff Andy Wallace at his office, and overhear mine manager Pelham threatening Andy if he does not find the outlaws who stole the mine payroll. Andy maintains that Faro has impeded his progress. Crash and Alibi then pose as cattle buyers and meet Snowflake, who is now working at Faro's saloon. When Crash starts winning at cards, Snowflake overhears Faro making plans to get the money back by accusing Crash of cheating. Snowflake warns Crash, who then fights his accuser. Crash and Alibi soon escape and spend the night at the Oliver farm. Later, Faro's thugs come gunning for Crash and Alibi at the line shack, and Denny fends them off until Crash and Alibi can chase them away. That night at the Olivers', Crash and Denny compete for the affection of Dad's daughter Dorrie, and Snowflake brings over the money that Crash won during the card game, which he retrieved from the floor during the fight. After Crash asks Snowflake to have Andy check the serial numbers on the bills at the bank, Pelham arranges for another payroll to be shipped by buckboard and guarded by Andy and his deputy. When Snowflake overhears Pelham plotting with Faro to rob the buckboard and keep the payroll, Snowflake warns Andy about Pelham's duplicity. Andy and Crash realize that Faro is the leader of the outlaws when the bank confirms that the serial numbers on Crash's winnings are the same as the bills stolen from the stagecoach. The next day, the Range Busters watch the progress of the buckboard from afar, and emerge only after Faro and his gang attack it. The Range Busters round up the outlaws, and turn them over to Andy for arrest. Their work completed, the Range Busters ride off for their next adventure. 

Production Company: Range Busters, Inc.  
Production Text: A George W. Weeks Production; William L. Nolte in Charge of Production
Distribution Company: Monogram Pictures Corp.  
Director: S. Roy Luby (Dir)
Writer: William L. Nolte (Orig story)
  Elizabeth Beecher (Cont)
Photography: James Brown (Photog)
Film Editor: Roy Claire (Film ed)
Music: Frank Sanucci (Mus dir)
Sound: Lyle Willey (Sd)
Production Misc: Clark L. Paylow (Asst prod mgr)
Country: United States
Language: English
Series: The Range Busters

Songs: "Trail to Mexico," traditional.

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Range Busters, Inc. 5/2/1943 dd/mm/yyyy LP11866

PCA NO: 9077

Genre: Western
Subjects (Major): Duplicity
  Stagecoach robberies
Subjects (Minor): African Americans
  Fathers and daughters
  Gunshot wounds
  Romantic rivalry
  Ventriloquists and ventriloquism

Note: The working title of this film was Robber's Roost . The title card reads " Land of Hunted Men --Another Adventure with the Range Busters." Opening credits include the following statement: "Featured Song 'The Trail to Mexico' sung by Phyllis Adair" and "Photographed on Ray Corrigan's Ranch" in Simi Valley, CA. Modern sources include Carl Sepulveda, Tex Palmer, Augie Gomez, Al Haskell and Ray Jones to the cast. For further information on the "Range Busters" series, see the entry for The Range Busters in AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1931-40 ; F3.3620 and consult the Series Index. 

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