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Remedy for Riches
Director: Erle C. Kenton (Dir)
Release Date:   29 Nov 1940
Production Date:   began early Sep 1940
Duration (in mins):   60, 66 or 68
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Cast:   Jean Hersholt (Dr. Christian)  
    Dorothy Lovett (Judy Price)  
    Edgar Kennedy (George Browning)  
    Jed Prouty (Emerson)  
    Walter Catlett (Clem)  
    Robert Baldwin (Roy Davis)  
    Warren Hull (Tom Stewart)  
    Maude Eburne (Mrs. Hastings)  
    Margaret McWade (Gertrude)  
    Halline Hill (Abby)  
    Renie Riano (Mrs. Gattle)  
    Barry Macollum (Harvey Manning)  
    Lester Scharff (Eddie)  
    Prudence Penny    
    Stanley Blystone    
    Grace Hayle    
    Edward Hearn    

Summary: While driving through River's End, city slicker Tom Stewart meets his old college football teammate, Roy Davis, who convinces his friend to build his new resort in River's End. For his hotel, Tom purchases grocer George Browning's land near the city dump, and as the crew begins construction, they strike oil on the property. While the townspeople celebrate their newfound fortune, town physician Dr. Christian remains dubious of the claim and insists on a geological survey. The doctor's suspicions are well founded, for Tom is a confidence man intent on selling shares in the worthless property to the gullible residents of River's End. To placate the doctor, Tom hires Emerson, an ex-carnival barker, to pose as a geologist. Dr. Christian's concerns remain unmitigated, however, and he asks his friend, geologist Harvey Manning, to come and investigate. When Tom learns of Manning's arrival, he has him jailed for pickpocketing. Luckily for the local citizenry, Dr. Christian discovers Tom's scheme in time, springs Manning from jail and oversees the arrest of the con man. 

Production Company: Stephens-Lang Productions  
Distribution Company: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.  
Director: Erle C. Kenton (Dir)
  Glenn Cook (Asst dir)
Producer: William Stephens (Prod)
Writer: Lee Loeb (Orig scr)
  Dorothy Barstow (Story ed)
Photography: John Alton (Photog)
Art Direction: Bernard Herzbrun (Art dir)
Film Editor: Paul Weatherwax (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Earl Wooden (Set dresser)
Costumes: Waldron Johnson (Cost)
Music: C. Bakaleinikoff (Mus dir)
Sound: L. John Myers (Rec)
Country: United States
Series: Dr. Christian

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. 29/11/1940 dd/mm/yyyy LP10212

PCA NO: 6720
Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: Western Electric System

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Confidence men
  Impersonation and imposture
  Small town life
Subjects (Minor): False arrests

Note: For additional information about the series, consult the Series Index and see entry above for Meet Dr. Christian. 

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