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Don Juan
Director: Alan Crosland (Dir)
Release Date:   19 Feb 1927
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 6 Aug 1926
Duration (in feet):   10,018
Duration (in reels):   10
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Cast:   John Barrymore (Don Juan/Don José)  
    Mary Astor (Adriana Della Varnese)  
    Willard Louis (Pedrillo)  
    Estelle Taylor (Lucretia Borgia)  
    Helene Costello (Rena, Adriana's maid)  
    Myrna Loy (Maia, Lucretia's maid)  
    Jane Winton (Beatrice)  
    John Roche (Leandro)  
    June Marlowe (Trusia)  
    Yvonne Day (Don Juan, 5 years old)  
    Philippe De Lacey (Don Juan, 10 years old)  
    John George (Hunchback)  
    Helena D'Algy (Murderess of José)  
    Warner Oland (Caesar Borgia)  
    Montagu Love (Donati)  
    Josef Swickard (Duke Della Varnese)  
    Lionel Braham (Duke Margoni)  
    Phyllis Haver (Imperia)  
    Nigel De Brulier (Marquis Rinaldo)  
    Hedda Hopper (Marquise Rinaldo)  
    Helen Lee Worthing (Eleanora)  
    Emily Fitzroy (The dowager)  
    Gustav von Seyffertitz (Alchemist)  
    Sheldon Lewis    
    Gibson Gowland    
    Dick Sutherland (Gentlemen of Rome)  

Summary: In the prolog, Don José, warned of his wife's infidelity, seals his wife's lover alive in his hiding place and drives her from the castle; abandoned to his lust, he is stabbed by his last mistress, and with his dying words he implores his son, Juan, to take all from women but yield nothing. Ten years later, young Don Juan is famous as a lover and pursued by many women, including the powerful Lucretia Borgia, who invites him to her ball; his contempt for her incites her hatred of Adriana, the daughter of the Duke Della Varnese, with whom he is enraptured; and Lucretia plots to marry her to Donati and poison the duke. Don Juan intervenes and thwarts the scheme, winning the love of Adriana, but the Borgia declare war on the duke's kinsmen, offering them safety if Adriana marries Donati; Don Juan is summoned to the wedding, but he prefers death to marriage with Lucretia. He escapes and kills Donati in a duel; the lovers are led to the death-tower, but while Adriana pretends suicide, he escapes; and following a series of battles, he defeats his pursuers and is united with Adriana. 

Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
  The Vitaphone Corp.  
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Director: Alan Crosland (Dir)
  Gordon Hollingshead (Asst dir)
Writer: Bess Meredyth (Scr)
  Walter Anthony (Titles)
  Maude Fulton (Titles)
  Victor Vance (Art titles)
Photography: Byron Haskins (Dir of photog)
  Frank Kesson (Asst cam)
Art Direction: Ben Carré (Art dir)
Film Editor: Harold McCord (Film ed)
Music: William Axt (Original music)
  Maj. Edward Bowes (Music arr by)
  David Mendoza (Music arr by)
  William Axt (Music arr by)
Sound: George R. Groves (Rec eng)
Dance: Marion Morgan (Bacchanalian art dancing)
Production Misc: A. C. Wilson (Props)
  F. N. Murphy (Elec eff)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Inspired by the poem Don Juan by George Gordon, Lord Byron (London, 1819--1824).
Authors: Lord George Gordon Byron

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 9/6/1926 dd/mm/yyyy LP22815

Physical Properties: Si: Sd eff & mus score by Vitaphone

Genre: Romance
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): Cesare Borgia
  Lucrezia Borgia
  Don Juan (Legendary character)
  Rome (Italy)--History


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