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The Delightful Rogue
Director: Lynn Shores (Dir)
Release Date:   22 Sep 1929
Duration (in mins):   64
Duration (in feet):   6,532
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Rod La Rocque (Lastro)  
    Rita La Roy (Nydra)  
    Charles Byer (Harry Beall)  
    Ed Brady (MacDougal)  
    Harry Semels (Hymie)  
    Sam Blum (Junipero)  
    Bert Moorehouse (Nielson)  

Summary: Lastro, a languid Latin who prides himself on his villainy, seizes a yacht and turns pirate on the tropical seas. Wanted for murder, arson, and robbery, Lastro sails into Tapit, where he encounters Junipero, a native leader, and proffers a better photograph than the one on the handbill offering a reward for his capture. In a cafe he meets Nydra, an American dancer sought after by Harry Beall, scion of a wealthy family, and when Lastro becomes interested, his audacity amuses the girl; Lastro flings Beall aside in a skirmish and vanquishes Junipero and his police. Later, Lastro kidnaps Beall, and Nydra comes to plead for her lover's freedom. Lastro agrees but insists that she spend the night in his cabin, and behind locked doors they talk the night away. Beall's indignant attitude at her actions causes Nydra to leave him in disgust and sail away with the pirate. 

Production Company: RKO Productions, Inc.  
Distribution Company: RKO Distributing Corp.  
Director: Lynn Shores (Dir)
  A. Leslie Pearce (Dial dir)
Producer: William Le Baron (Prod)
Writer: Wallace Smith (Adpt)
  Wallace Smith (Dial)
Art Direction: Max Rée (Art dir)
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "Gay Love," words by Sidney Clare, music by Oscar Levant.
Composer: Sidney Clare
  Oscar Levant
Source Text: Based on the short story "A Woman Decides" by Wallace Smith in Cosmopolitan (publication date undetermined).
Authors: Wallace Smith

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
RKO Distributing Corp. 22/9/1929 dd/mm/yyyy LP810
RKO Productions, Inc. 22/9/1929 dd/mm/yyyy LP898

Physical Properties: Sd: Photophone
  Sd, also Si: Also si; 6,274 ft.

Genre: Romance
Subjects (Major): Dancers
  South Seas

Note: The Delightful Rogue was copyrighted twice, both times on 22 Sep 1929. Copyright records show that submitted information was the same for both entries, except for the claimants, which were corporate variations for RKO. 

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
Film Daily   20 Oct 1929.   
Variety   23 Oct 1929   p. 14.

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