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Singapore Woman
Alternate Title: Jinx Woman
Director: Jean Negulesco (Dir)
Release Date:   17 May 1941
Production Date:   14977
Duration (in mins):   65
Duration (in feet):   5,797
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Cast:   Brenda Marshall (Vicki Moore)  
    David Bruce (David Ritchie)  
    Virginia Field (Claire Weston)  
    Jerome Cowan (Jim North)  
    Rose Hobart (Alice North)  
    Heather Angel (Frieda)  
    Richard Ainley (John Wetherby)  
    Dorothy Tree (Mrs. Bennett)  
    Bruce Lester (Clyde)  
    Connie Leon (Suwa)  
    Douglas Walton (Roy Bennett)  
    Gilbert Emery (Sir Stanley Moore)  
    Stanley Logan (Commissioner)  
    Abner Biberman (Singa)  
    Eva Puig (Natasha)  
    Ian MacWolfe (Melrose)  
    Charles Irwin (Reporter)  
    Ernie Stanton (Reporter)  
    Lowden Adams (Reporter)  
    Jack Richardson (Reporter)  
    Garrett Craig (Reporter)  
    George Campeau (Reporter)  
    Marten Lamont (Young man)  
    Lyle Moraine (Young man)  
    Harry Cording (Café proprietor)  
    Chester Gan (Waiter)  
    Gloria Franklin (Eurasian woman)  
    Anthony Warde (Seaman)  
    Frank Hagney (Foreman)  
    David Thursby (Frank)  
    Leyland Hodgson (Sullivan)  
    Maureen Roden-Ryan (Nurse)  
    Louise Brien (Nurse)  
    Ann Edmonds (Telephone operator)  
    Leonard Mudie (Doctor)  
    Alexis Smith (Secretary)  
    Alec Harford (Steward)  
    Louis Vincenot (Malay policeman)  
    Wedgewood Nowell    
    Jack Davidson    

Summary: At a dockside bar in Singapore, a group of wealthy people, including David Ritchie and Jim and Alice North are shocked to see Vicki Moore, a former acquaintance, drunk and down on her luck. David remembers when he first met Vicki, the night her father, Sir Stanley Moore, agreed to lend him the money for his rubber project: Vicki returns from an evening out to find Roy Bennett, a former lover, waiting in her room. He threatens to kill her and, as she runs out of the room, kills himself. The next day when the police question the Moores and David, Mrs. Bennett, Roy's wife, accuses Vicki of murder and puts a curse on her. From that time, men associated with Vicki have died or lost everything. This night, after the rest of the party leave the bar, David returns to talk to Vicki. She is rude and demands that he buy her drinks, but when a fight breaks out in the bar, David carries Vicki back to his plantation. The next morning he explains to a hungover Vicki that he owes his success to her father and intends to pay him back by taking care of her. Leaving her to decide for herself if she will stop drinking, David returns to Singapore. There he finds his fiancée, Claire Weston, has arrived two weeks early. He makes an excuse to avoid taking her to the plantation and returns alone because he intends to take Vicki back to Singapore. A heavy storm blows in that night, however, forcing David to remain at the plantation, and he succumbs to his attraction to Vicki. The next morning, David tells Vicki about Claire and she pretends that the previous night meant nothing to her. Angrily, David leaves for town, but a broken bridge forces him to return unexpectedly. A distraught Vicki confesses that although she cares for him, she always lashes out when she is hurt. After the bridge is repaired, David leaves for town, but his business suffers because he cannot decide between Vicki and Claire. Finally, David decides to re-open the Moore copper mines in order to restore Vicki's inheritance. Meanwhile, Claire drives out to the plantation, determined to learn what has happened between her and David, and finds him with Vicki. Vicki talks to Claire and realizes that Claire is more interested in David's position than in him. Because of this, when David asks Vicki to marry him after the mines are opened, she accepts, but then learns that her husband, John Wetherby, whom she believed to be dead, is alive and wants money from her. Vicki suggests that they drive out to the mines to talk to David and on the way they have a serious automobile accident. When David learns that Vicki is married, he leaves the hospital without seeing her. Vicki recovers and begs David's friend North to give David a letter. In return she promises never to see David again. In the letter, she transfers complete ownership of the mines to David. When David learns that Wetherby died that morning, he rushes after Vicki and finds her waiting in the dockside bar for a ship. They leave the bar together and Vicki finally believes that her jinx is broken. 

Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Brand Name: A Warner Bros.--First National Picture
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  
Director: Jean Negulesco (Dir)
  Hugh MacMullan (Dial dir)
  Bill Kissel (Asst dir)
Producer: Bryan Foy (Prod)
  Harlan Thompson (Assoc prod)
Writer: M. Coates Webster (Scr)
  Allen Rivkin (Scr)
  Laird Doyle (Story)
  Robert Presnell (Contr wrt)
Photography: Ted McCord (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Charles Novi (Art dir)
Film Editor: Everett Dodd (Film ed)
Costumes: Damon Giffard (Gowns)
Music: Adolph Deutsch (Mus)
  Leo F. Forbstein (Mus dir)
Sound: Francis J. Scheid (Sd)
Make Up: Perc Westmore (Makeup artist)
Production Misc: Louis P. Vincenot (Tech adv)
  Jack Saper (Unit mgr)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc. 17/5/1941 dd/mm/yyyy LP10461

PCA NO: 7034
Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: RCA Sound System

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Alcoholics
  Plantation owners
Subjects (Minor): Automobile accidents
  Gold diggers
  Missing persons, Assumed dead
  Romantic rivalry
  Rubber plantations

Note: The working titles of this film were Singapore and Jinx Woman . According to a HR news item dated 10 Dec 1941, Warner Bros. contract player Jeffrey Lynn was suspended by the studio for refusing to accept a part in the film. A 10 Feb 1941 HR news item stated that Howard Jackson was assigned to write the score, but his contribution to the completed film has not been confirmed. The film was a remake of the 1936 Warner Bros. film Dangerous , starring Bette Davis and directed by Alfred E. Green (see AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1931-40 ; F3: 0938). That film was written by Laird Doyle, who is given story credit for Singapore Woman by SAB. 

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