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The Age of Innocence
Director: Wesley Ruggles (Dir)
Release Date:   1 Nov 1924
Duration (in feet):   6,700
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Beverly Bayne (Countess Ellen Olanska)  
    Edith Roberts (May Mingott)  
    Elliott Dexter (Newland Archer)  
    Willard Louis (Cornelius Beaufort)  
    Fred Huntley    
    Gertrude Norman    
    Sigrid Holmquist    
    Beverly Bayne    
    Stuart Holmes (Russian Count Olenska)  

Summary: Countess Ellen Olenska leaves her brutish husband in Poland and returns to her socially prominent New York family, which is concerned lest there be scandal. Thus, there is a reception for Ellen, at which is announced the engagement of Ellen's cousin, May Mingott, and Newland Archer. Several men, including Newland, are attracted to Ellen, and the countess later finds it easy to lead a gay life with bohemian friends. A passionate love springs up between Ellen and Newland, despite the resistance of both to it. Newland marries May and hopes to forget Ellen, but in a subsequent meeting they decide to go away together. Visiting Ellen, May shares a confidence that causes the countess to decide to return to her husband. Ellen bids farewell to Newland with the suggestion that he can learn the reason from his wife. Receiving the news that May expects a child, Newland repents and resolves to be worthy of his wife. 

Production Company: Warner Brothers Pictures  
Director: Wesley Ruggles (Dir)
Writer: Olga Printzlau (Cont)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the novel The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (New York, 1920).
Authors: Edith Wharton

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Brothers Pictures 3/11/1924 dd/mm/yyyy LP20739

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Society
Subjects (Major): Bohemians and bohemianism
  New York City

Note: Edith Warton's novel also formed the basis for two other films bearing the same title: RKO's 1934 The Age of Innocence , starring Irene Dunne and John Boles, was directed by Philip Moeller; in 1993 Columbia released a version, which was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. 

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