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Director: William Keighley (Dir)
Release Date:   17 May 1947
Production Date:   late Mar--late Jun 1946; addl seq began early Sep 1946
Duration (in mins):   74
Duration (in feet):   6,632
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Cast:   Shirley Temple (Barbara [Ohmstead])  
    Franchot Tone ([David] Flanner)  
    Guy Madison ([Corporal] Phil [Vaughn])  
    Lina Romay (Raquel [Mendoza])  
    Gene Lockhart (Prescott)  
    Corinna Mura (Senora Mendoza)  
    Grant Mitchell (Crenshaw)  
    Julio Villarreal (Senor [Gaspar] Mendoza)  
    Manuel Arvide (Registrar)  
    José R. Goula (Doctor Diego)  
    Trude Marson (Miss Lippincott)  
    Carol Forman (Nurse)  
    Alma Beltran (Nurse)  
    Paul Fierro (Clerk at civil registry)  
    Charles Trowbridge (Judge Riberol)  
    Lucio Villegas (Chairman of meeting)  
    Gabriel Peralta (Doctor)  
    Ted Kelly (Attendant)  
    Martín Garralaga (Attendant)  
    Tony Roux (Mexican witness)  
    Eumenio Blanco (Mexican witness)  
    Roque Ybarra (Mexican witness)  
    Israel García (Bailiff)  
    Ben Ortiz (Court clerk)  
    Alex Montoya (First lawyer)  
    Paul Ravel (Second lawyer)  
    Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. (Flanner's friend)  
    Robert Tafur (Flanner's friend)  
    Blanca Vischer (Flanner's friend)  
    Anita Camargo (Flanner's friend)  
    Elena Durán (Flanner's friend)  
    Robert Manning (Greeter)  
    Leo Cleary (Barnes)  
    John Parrish (Gilhooley)  
    Manuel Paris (Maitre d'hotel)  
    Felipe Turich (Waiter)  
    Joaquín Elizondo (Captain of waiters)  
    Forbes Murray (American ambassador)  
    Harry Denny (American diplomat)  
    Franklin Farnum (American diplomat)  
    Fred Godoy (Mexican diplomat)  
    Ralph Navarro Norwood (Mexican diplomat)  
    Ramon Numoz (Mexican diplomat)  
    Trini Varela (Señora Diaz)  
    Rodolfo Hoyos Sr. (Storekeeper of serape shop)  
    Vi Ingraham (Flower girl)  
    Mario Santos (Singer)  
    Kay Christopher (Bride)  
    Robert Bray (Bridegroom)  
    Alfredo Palacios (Desk clerk)  
    Lita Cortez (Woman at desk)  
    Dolores Castelli (Servant girl)  
    Julia Montoya (Seamstress)  
    Frances Domínguez (Seamstress)  
    Joe Domínguez (Gardner)  
    Robert Emmet O'Connor (Gardner)  
    Eduardo Noriega (Dancer)  
    Ernesto Monato (Policeman)  
    George Treviño (Taxi driver)  
    Mike Rodríguez (Taxi driver)  
    Augie Gómez (Taxi driver)  
    Alfredo Berumen (Witness)  
    Ernesto Zambrano (Witness)  
    Charles O'Curran (Bandleader)  
    Salvador Báguez (Boatman)  
    Herbert Rawlinson (American)  
    Lupe González (Indian woman)  
    Lucille Charles (Girl)  
    Jose Portugal (Boy)  
    Estralita Zarco    
    George Mendoza    
    Mary Worth    
    Paulita Arviza    
    Rosa Dorca    
    Vida Aldana    
    George Brenner    
    Fred Cordova    
    Josephine Parra    
    Alphonse Du Bois    
    Wilbur Mack    

Summary: Midwestern teenager Barbara Ohmstead arrives in Mexico City and is disappointed when Corporal Phil Vaughn, who is flying in from Panama to marry her, fails to appear at the train station. At the American consulate, Barbara learns from David Flanner, the overworked vice consul, that Phil's flight has been delayed until tomorrow. Moments after Barbara leaves David's office to find a hotel, however, Phil shows up, having caught a last-minute military flight. Phil, who tells David that he fell in love with Barbara when she accidentally dove on top of him in a swimming pool, determines to find and marry her before his two-day pass expires. Barbara, meanwhile, has no luck securing accommodations and seeks help from David, who is attending his fiancée Rachel Mendoza's harp recital. Before David can say no, an exhausted Barbara faints from hunger. Feeling sorry for the teenager, David takes her to a nice restaurant and is seen dancing the jitterbug with her by Rachel's conservative father, Don Gaspar. Embarrassed, David rushes Barbara to his hotel, but because no rooms are available, she decides to go to Xochimilco, where she and Phil were supposed to spend their wedding night. Concerned for Barbara's safety, David accompanies her there, and the two enjoy a romantic boat ride together. When David suddenly remembers he has a dinner date with Rachel, however, he falls into the water and must replace his soaking wet suit with traditional Mexican attire. David then hides to avoid being spotted by a friend of Rachel's, and Barbara, unaware of the friend, angrily runs off. David chases after her and is slugged by Phil, who has just arrived and mistakes him for a masher. After they spend the night with David in his hotel room, the would-be newlyweds rush to the courthouse, but are told they need a health certificate to marry and will have to wait to get one as all of the doctors in Mexico City are attending a conference. Undaunted, Barbara and Phil go to the conference and try to explain their predicament to a doctor, but as he speaks only Spanish, he has no idea what they are requesting. When Barbara's subsequent insult is misintrepreted as a compliment, however, the flattered doctor signs their certificate. Armed with the certificate, Barbara and Phil return to the courthouse, but are informed by an enterprising Mexican that they need four witnesses. After paying for their witnesses, the couple finds a willing judge, but he tells Barbara, who falsified her age on her tourist card, that she is too young to marry without parental consent. At their wit's end, the couple goes to Rachel's family estate, where David is entertaining visiting American politicians. David, whose romance with Rachel is suffering because of Barbara's persistence, promises to help the couple marry outside the country and sends them on their way. The impetuous Barbara, however, argues with Phil and returns to David's garden party. Although David tries to convince Barbara to rejoin Phil, who is hiding in a tree, she refuses to listen and goes for a swim in the Mendozas' pool. When she accidentally dives on top of a passing David, she is momentarily knocked out and awakens madly in love with the diplomat. Now desperate, David finds Phil and sends him to Barbara's room. Barbara, however, is still in love with David and breaks her engagement with Phil. After a heartbroken Phil informs David of his "victory," David threatens to spank Barbara, who screams and brings Phil running. Phil slugs David and throws Barbara into the pool, then dives on top of her. Smitten once again, Barbara finally walks down the aisle with Phil, while David and a forgiving Rachel reunite. 

Production Company: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.  
Production Text: A William Keighley Picture
Distribution Company: RKO Radio Pictures, Inc.  
Director: William Keighley (Dir)
  Frank Heath (Asst dir)
  Nate Levinson (Asst dir)
Producer: Warren Duff (Prod)
  Robert Sparks (Exec prod)
Writer: Michael Kanin (Scr)
  Vicki Baum (Story)
  Bess Taffel (Contr to dial)
Photography: Edward Cronjager (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Albert S. D'Agostino (Art dir)
  Ralph Berger (Art dir)
Film Editor: Ralph Dawson (Film ed)
  David Hempstead (Supv ed)
Set Decoration: Darrell Silvera (Set dec)
  Tom Oliphant (Set dec)
Costumes: Edward Stevenson (Gowns)
Music: C. Bakaleinikoff (Mus dir)
  Leigh Harline (Mus)
Sound: Earl A. Wolcott (Sd)
  Clem Portman (Sd)
Special Effects: Russell A. Cully (Spec eff)
  Harold Palmer (Mont)
Dance: Charles O'Curran (Dance dir)
Make Up: Gordon Bau (Makeup supv)
Production Misc: John Burch (Prod mgr)
  Salvador Báguez (Franchot Tone's Spanish language coach)
Country: United States

Songs: "I Love Geraniums" and "Ven aqui," music by Leigh Harline, lyrics by Mort Greene.
Composer: Mort Greene
  Leigh Harline

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
RKO Radio Pictures,Inc. 10/5/1947 dd/mm/yyyy LP1071

PCA NO: 11593
Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: RCA Sound System

Genre: Romantic comedy
Sub-Genre: with songs
Subjects (Major): Adolescents
  Americans in foreign countries
  Mexico City (Mexico)
Subjects (Minor): Boating accidents
  Jitterbug (Dance)
  Xochimilco (Mexico)

Note: RKO borrowed Guy Madison and Shirley Temple from David O. Selznick's company for this production. HR news items add the following information about the production: Joseph Cotten was first cast in the role of "David Flanner," but turned down the part because he felt he was too old to be linked romantically with Temple's character. As a result of his refusal, Cotten was put on suspension by Selznick. In onscreen credits Julian Villarreal's name is misspelled as "Villareal."
       In early Mar 1946, RKO announced that the film was to be shot in and around its new Churubusco studios near Mexico City. Because of a workers' strike in the Mexican film industry, however, the production remained in Hollywood until mid-Apr 1946. At that time, the cast and crew were scheduled to shoot for twenty-two days in and around the Mexican studio. Over two hundred Spanish-speaking extras were hired to appear in the film. Director William Keighley was to assist in the editing, and producer David Hempstead was borrowed from Selznick's company to supervise the editing. Alfonso Sánchez Tello is credited in HR as "helping" the film's second unit in Mexico City, but the exact nature of his contribution is not known. Modern sources note that the picture cost $1,739,000 to produce and lost $675,000 at the box office. 

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