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The Leopard
Alternate Title: Le Guépard
Director: Luchino Visconti (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 12 Aug 1963
Duration (in mins):   165
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Cast:   Burt Lancaster (Prince Don Fabrizio Salina)  
    Alain Delon (Tancredi)  
    Claudia Cardinale (Angelica Sedara/Bertiana)  
    Rina Morelli (Maria Stella)  
    Paolo Stoppa (Don Calogero Sedara)  
    Romolo Valli (Father Pirrone)  
    Lucilla Morlacchi (Concetta)  
    Serge Reggiani (Don Ciccio Tumeo)  
    Ida Galli (Carolina)  
    Ottavia Piccolo (Caterina)  
    Pierre Clementi (Francesco Paolo)  
    Carlo Valenzano (Paolo)  
    Anna Maria Bottini (Governess Mademoiselle Dombreuil)  
    Mario Girotti (Count Cayriaghi)  
    Leslie French (Cavalier Chevally)  
    Olimpia Cavalli (Mariannina)  
    Marino Masè (Tutor)  
    Sandra Chistolini (Youngest daughter)  
    Brook Fuller (Little prince)  
    Giuliano Gemma (Garibaldino general)  
    Giovanni Melisendi (Don Onofrio Rotolo)  
    Howard Nelson Rubien (Don Diego)  
    Lola Braccini (Donna Margherita)  
    Ivo Garrani (Colonel Pallavicino)  
    Vittorio Duse    
    Carlo Lolli    
    Franco Gula    
    Giovanni Materassi    
    Carmelo Artale    
    Anna Maria Surdo    
    Alina Zalewska    
    Winni Riva    
    Giuseppe Spagnitti    
    Rosolino Bua    
    Dante Posani    
    Stelvio Rosi    
    Tina Lattanzi    
    Marcella Rovena    
    Rina de Liguoro    
    Valerio Ruggeri    
    Carlo Palmucci    

Summary: In the spring of 1860, Italy's movement for unification reaches its peak as Garibaldi's Redshirts invade Sicily and crush the Bourbon monarchy. Plebiscites are set up in which Sicilians vote in favor of joining the rest of the peninsula in forming the United Kingdom of Italy. Most strongly affected by the political upheaval is Don Fabrizio, Prince of Salina, who realizes that the inevitable change will mean the end of the privileged class. Aware that he must endure certain changes to preserve vestiges of the dying aristocracy, he accepts the rising middle class. Consequently, when his favorite nephew, Tancredi, falls in love with Angelica Sedara, the daughter of a wealthy bourgeois, Don Fabrizio resolves to support the match, despite the fact that Concetta, one of his three daughters, loves Tancredi. To restore wealth to the Fabrizio family and provide dowries for his other daughters, Don Fabrizio arranges for Concetta to marry Angelica's wealthy tradesman father, Don Calogero Sedara. He refuses, however, to take a senate seat in the newly-formed government, explaining that he is a man caught between the old and the new, and ill at ease in both. Tancredi introduces Angelica to Sicilian society at a lavish ball. After watching the ambitious girl relax in this new life of luxury and beauty, Don Fabrizio leaves the ball and strolls quietly in the gathering dawn--a proud but lonely figure in a changing world. 

Production Company: S. G. C.  
  S. N. P. C.  
Distribution Company: Twentieth Century--Fox Film Corp.  
Director: Luchino Visconti (Dir)
  Rinaldo Ricci (Asst dir)
  Albino Cocco (Asst dir)
  Francesco Massaro (Asst dir)
  Brad Fuller (Asst dir)
Producer: Goffredo Lombardo (Prod)
  Pietro Notarianni (Exec prod)
Writer: Luchino Visconti (Scr)
  Suso Cecchi D'Amico (Scr)
  Pasquale Festa Campanile (Scr)
  Enrico Medioli (Scr)
  Massimo Franciosa (Scr)
  Luchino Visconti (Scr)
Photography: Giuseppe Rotunno (Dir of photog)
  Nino Cristiani (Cam op)
  Enrico Cignitti (Cam op)
  Giuseppe Maccari (Cam op)
Art Direction: Mario Garbuglia (Art dir)
  Ferdinando Giovannoni (Asst art dir)
Film Editor: Mario Serandrei (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Giorgio Pes (Set dec)
  Laudomia Hercolani (Set dec)
  Emilio D'Andria (Asst set dec)
Costumes: Piero Tosi (Cost des)
  Reanda (Mr. Lancaster's and Mr. Delon's cost made by)
  Sartoria Safas (Cost by)
  Véra Marzot (Asst cost des)
  Bice Brichetto (Asst cost des)
Music: Nino Rota (Mus score)
  Franco Ferrara (Cond by)
Sound: Mario Messina (Sd eng)
Make Up: Alberto De Rossi (Makeup)
  Maria Angelini (Hairstyles)
  Amalia Paoletti (Wigs by)
Production Misc: Enzo Provenzale (Prod mgr)
  Giorgio Adriani (Prod mgr)
  Stephan Iscovescu (Scr supv)
  Roberto Cocco (Unit mgr)
  Riccardo Caneva (Unit mgr)
  Gilberto Scarpellini (Unit mgr)
  Gaetano Amata (Unit mgr)
  Bruno Sassaroli (Unit mgr)
  Umberto Sambuco (Asst unit mgr)
  Lamberto Pippia (Asst unit mgr)
  Alessandro Gasparinetti Maj. (Military uniform cons)
  G. B. Poletto (Stills)
  Sydney Pollack (Supervisoru. s. dub vers)
Country: France

Music: Waltz by Giuseppe Verdi, performed by Symphony Orchestra of Santa Cecilia.
Composer: Giuseppe Verdi
Source Text: Based on the novel Il gattopardo by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa (Milan, 1958).
Authors: Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Titanus 29/5/1963 dd/mm/yyyy LP26210

Physical Properties: col: De Luxe
  Sd: Westrex
  Widescreen/ratio: CinemaScope

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): Ambition
  Class conflict
  Family life
  Giuseppe Garibaldi
  Italy--History--19th century
  Military invasion
  Social reform

Note: Location scenes filmed in Sicily. Opened in Paris in Jun 1963 as Le guépard ; running time: 185 min; in Rome in Mar 1963 as Il gattopardo ; running time: 205 min. 

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