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La tía Tula
Director: Miguel Picazo (Dir)
Release Date:   1965
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 2 Jun 1965
Duration (in mins):   86
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Cast:   Aurora Bautista (Tula)  
    Carlos Estrada (Ramiro)  
    Mari Loli Cobos (Tulita)  
    Carlos Sánchez Jiménez (Ramirín)  
    Chiro Bermejo (Emilio)  
    José María Prada (Padre Alvarez)  
    Manuel Granada (Uncle Pedro)  
    Enriqueta Carballeira (Juanita)  
    Irene Gutiérrez Caba (Herminia)  
    Laly Soldevila (Amalita)  
    Julia Delgado Caro (Doña Cinta)  
    Montserrat Julió (Paquita)  
    Paloma Lorena (Milagros)  
    Margarita Calahorra (Pilar)  
    Esmeralda Adam (Solita)  
    Lola Gaos (Jacinta)  
    Emilia Zambrana (Nieves)  
    María Hevia (Agueda)  

Summary: Tula, an attractive spinster, invites her brother-in-law Ramiro, a bank employee, and his children, Tulita and Ramirín, to share her home after the death of her sister Rosa. She enjoys the role of protector but gradually becomes disturbed by the jealousy that arises between Ramiro and her suitor, Emilio. Her deep-seated fear of men, conditioned by religious principles and the morality of her social class, surfaces as the widowed Ramiro becomes increasingly aware of her sexual presence and attempts physical displays of affection. She coldly rejects his marriage proposals and decides to leave the household for a vacation at the nearby home of her uncle Pedro. During this sojourn she softens and considers marrying Ramiro. In the meantime, however, Ramiro gives way to desire and seduces Pedro's teenage daughter, Juanita; he then accepts the social consequences of his action by marrying the girl. Tula bids good-by to the couple at the train station and wanders off alone. 

Production Company: Eco Films  
  Surco Films  
Distribution Company: United International Films  
Director: Miguel Picazo (Dir)
Producer: Nino Quevedo (Prod)
Writer: Miguel Picazo (Scr)
  Luis Sánchez Enciso (Scr)
  José Hernández Miguel (Scr)
  Miguel Picazo (Scr)
  Manuel López Yubero (Scr)
Photography: Juan Julio Baena (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Luis Argüello (Art dir)
Film Editor: Pedro del Rey (Film ed)
Music: Antonio Pérez Olea (Mus)
Make Up: Carmen Martín (Makeup)
  Manuel Martín (Makeup)
  Josefa Rubio Martos (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Antonio López Moreno (Prod ch)
  José Luis Ruíz Marcos (Prod secy)
  José Salvador Sanchíz (Stills)
Country: Spain

Source Text: Based on the novel La tía Tula by Miguel de Unamuno (Madrid, 1921).
Authors: Miguel de Unamuno

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Spinsters
  Family life

Note: Opened in Madrid in Sep 1964; running time 118 min. Synopsis applies to 118 min version. 

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