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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Director: Ronald Neame (Dir)
Release Date:   1969
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 2 Mar 1969
Duration (in mins):   116
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Cast:   Maggie Smith (Jean Brodie)  
    Robert Stephens (Teddy Lloyd)  
    Pamela Franklin (Sandy)  
    Gordon Jackson (Gordon Lowther)  
    Celia Johnson (Miss MacKay)  
    Diane Grayson (Jenny)  
    Jane Carr (Mary McGregor)  
    Shirley Steedman (Monica)  
    Lavinia Lang (Emily Carstairs)  
    Antoinette Biggerstaff (Helen McPhee)  
    Margo Cunningham (Miss Campbell)  
    Isla Cameron (Miss McKenzie)  
    Rona Anderson (Miss Lockhart)  
    Ann Way (Miss Gaunt)  
    Molly Weir (Miss Alison Kerr)  
    Helena Gloag (Miss Kerr)  
    John Dunbar (Mr. Burrage)  
    Heather Seymour (Clara)  
    Lesley Paterson (Prefect)  
    Kristen Hatfield    
    Hilary Berlin    
    Jennifer Irvine    
    Gillian Evans    
    Janette Sattler    
    Diane Robillard    
    Helen Wigglesworth    
    Jane Anthony    
    Antonia Moss (Schoolgirls)  

Summary: In 1932 Miss Jean Brodie, a middle-aged spinster, teaches at Edinburgh's exclusive Marcia Blaine School. A romantic devoted to art and music, as well as a fascist sympathizer, Miss Brodie belittles those who do not share her enthusiasms. From her students she recruits a coterie, including the attractive Jenny; the impressionable Mary McGregor, a wealthy orphan; and the subtle Sandy, who proves to be her nemesis. Courted by Lowther, a retiring music instructor at whose ancestral home she spends the weekends, Miss Brodie carries on an affair with Lloyd, an earthy art teacher and the father of a large Catholic family. Miss Brodie's antagonist is the humorless headmistress, Miss MacKay, who repeatedly attempts to dismiss her. Jealous of Miss Brodie's eulogies to Jenny's beauty and stung by the teacher's indifferent prediction that she will make a superior secret service agent, Sandy takes Lloyd as her lover. When she discovers that his portrait of her resembles Miss Brodie, she breaks with the artist, assuring him that he is an aging mediocrity. Learning that Mary's brother has run off to Spain, Miss Brodie assumes that he has joined Franco's forces and encourages her to join him. En route to Spain, her train is bombed and Mary is killed. At a school convocation Lloyd informs Miss Brodie of Lowther's impending marriage to the chemistry teacher, Miss Lockhart. Shortly thereafter, Miss Brodie is dismissed for propagandizing in the classroom. Stunned, she asks Sandy who has betrayed her. Sandy spitefully proclaims her liaison with Lloyd and reveals her treachery, citing as justification the absurdity of Mary's death. 

Production Company: Twentieth Century--Fox Productions  
Distribution Company: Twentieth Century--Fox Film Corp.  
Director: Ronald Neame (Dir)
  Ted Sturgis (Asst dir)
Producer: Robert Fryer (Prod)
  James Cresson (Co-prod)
Writer: Jay Presson Allen (Scr)
Photography: Ted Moore (Dir of photog)
  Robert Kindred (Cam op)
Art Direction: John Howell (Prod des)
  Brian Herbert (Art dir)
Film Editor: Norman Savage (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Pamela Cornell (Set dresser)
Costumes: Elizabeth Haffenden (Color cost des)
  Joan Bridge (Color cost des)
  Jackie Cummins (Ward supv)
Music: Rod McKuen (Orig mus comp)
  Arthur Greenslade (Arr & cond)
Sound: Jock May (Sd mix)
  Gordon McCallum (Sd rec)
  Winston Ryder (Sd ed)
Make Up: Ernest Gasser (Chief makeup)
  Pat McDermott (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: David Anderson (Prod supv)
  Annabel Davis-Goff (Cont)
  Lorna Rhind (Loc adv)
  Anne Donne (Casting)
  Margaret Gordon (Dial coach)
Country: Great Britain
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the novel The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (London, 1961) and the play of the same name by Jay Presson Allen (Torquey, England, 5 Apr 1966).
Authors: Jay Presson Allen
  Muriel Spark

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Twentieth Century--Fox Productions 31/12/1968 dd/mm/yyyy LP36762

Physical Properties: col: De Luxe

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Adolescence
  Art teachers
  Boarding schools
  Edinburgh (Scotland)
  Fascists and fascism
  Francisco Franco
  Music teachers
  Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Note: Location scenes filmed in London and Edinburgh. London opening: Feb 1969. 

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