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Mutiny on the Bounty
Director: Lewis Milestone (Dir)
Release Date:   1962
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 8 Nov 1962
Duration (in mins):   179
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Cast:   Marlon Brando (Fletcher Christian)  
    Trevor Howard (Capt. William Bligh)  
    Richard Harris (John Mills)  
    Hugh Griffith (Alexander Smith)  
    Richard Haydn (William Brown)  
    Tarita (Maimiti)  
    Tim Seely (Edward Young)  
    Percy Herbert (Matthew Quintal)  
    Gordon Jackson (Edward Birkett)  
    Noel Purcell (William McCoy)  
    Duncan Lamont (John Williams)  
    Chips Rafferty (Michael Byrne)  
    Ashley Cowan (Samuel Mack)  
    Eddie Byrne (John Fryer)  
    Keith McConnell (James Morrison)  
    Frank Silvera (Minarii)  
    Ben Wright (Graves)  
    Henry Daniell (Court martial judge)  
    Torin Thatcher (Staines)  
    Matahiarii Tama (Chief Hitihiti)  

Summary: In December of 1787, H. M. S. Bounty sets sail from Portsmouth, England. Her destination is Tahiti, and her mission is to transplant thousands of breadfruit plants from that island to Jamaica in the hope that the plants will become a food staple for plantation slaves. The vessel is commanded by William Bligh, an experienced but tyrannical captain who quickly arouses the ire of the crew. His first officer is Fletcher Christian, a somewhat foppish country gentleman, though an excellent sailor, whose genteel family background irritates the lowborn Bligh. As a result of Bligh's disastrous attempt to reach Tahiti by rounding Cape Horn in midwinter, the ship loses a month of sailing time and arrives in Tahiti at a time when the breadfruit plants are dormant. Bligh is enraged, but the crew is delighted at the prospect of spending 4 months on the beautiful tropical isle. Once the Bounty is again at sea, trouble erupts anew. Goaded on by seaman John Mills and by his own mounting anger against Bligh's cruelty, Christian leads a mutiny and takes control of the ship. Bligh and 18 other men are set adrift in a boat and eventually reach Timor. Christian takes the Bounty back to Tahiti to pick up supplies and those natives, including his own beloved Maimiti, who wish to start a new life with the mutineers. Aware that the British Navy will soon send ships in search of them, Christian looks for a new home and eventually finds the remote and uncharted Pitcairn Island. He soon realizes that he and his men must return to England or forever be hunted as criminals, but he loses the possibility of a choice when some of the mutineers set fire to the Bounty . In a hopeless attempt to save the ship, Christian is fatally burned. Before dying, he urges his men to stifle their rebellious natures and live in peace with one other. 

Production Company: Arcola Pictures Corp.  
Distribution Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.  
Director: Lewis Milestone (Dir)
  Carol Reed (Dir)
  James Havens (2nd unit dir)
  Ridgeway Callow (Asst dir)
Producer: Aaron Rosenberg (Prod)
Writer: Charles Lederer (Scr)
  Eric Ambler (Scr)
  William L. Driscoll (Scr)
  Borden Chase (Scr)
  John Gay (Scr)
  Ben Hecht (Scr (see note))
Photography: Robert Surtees (Dir of photog)
  Harold E. Wellman (Addl photog)
  Charles K. Hagedon (Col cons)
Art Direction: George W. Davis (Art dir)
  J. McMillan Johnson (Art dir)
Film Editor: John McSweeney Jr. (Film ed)
  Thomas J. McCarthy (Associate ed)
Set Decoration: Henry Grace (Set dec)
  Hugh Hunt (Set dec)
Costumes: Moss Mabry (Cost)
Music: Bronislau Kaper (Mus)
  Robert Armbruster (Orch cond)
Sound: Franklin Milton (Rec supv)
Special Effects: A. Arnold Gillespie (Spec visual eff)
  Lee LeBlanc (Spec visual eff)
  Robert R. Hoag (Spec visual eff)
Dance: Hamil Petroff (Choreog)
Make Up: William Tuttle (Makeup)
  Mary Keats (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Donald MacIntyre (Tech adv)
  Bengt Danielsson (Tech adv)
  Aurora Natua (Tech adv)
  Leo Langomazino (Tech adv)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the novel Mutiny on the Bounty by Charles Bernard Nordhoff and James Norman Hall (Boston, 1932).
Authors: Charles Bernard Nordhoff
  James Norman Hall

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Arcola Pictures 19/11/1962 dd/mm/yyyy LP24820

Physical Properties: col: Technicolor
  Sd: Westrex
  gauge: 35 & 70
  Widescreen/ratio: Ultra Panavision 70

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): H.M.S. Bounty
  Captain William Bligh
  Cape Horn
  Fletcher Christian
  Class conflict
  Great Britain. Navy
  John Mills
  Pitcairn Island
  Portsmouth (England)
  Sea captains
  Ship fires

Note: Location scenes filmed in Tahiti. Remake of the 1935 M-G-M film of the same title. Carol Reed began directing the 1962 film but was replaced by Lewis Milestone. Charles Lederer is given sole screen credit for writing the screenplay, although Ambler, Driscoll, Chase, Gay, and Hecht assisted. 

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