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The Green Berets
Director: John Wayne (Dir)
Release Date:   1968
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 19 Jun 1968
Duration (in mins):   141
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Cast:   John Wayne (Col. Mike Kirby)  
    David Janssen (George Beckworth)  
    Jim Hutton (Sergeant Petersen)  
    Aldo Ray (Sergeant Muldoon)  
    Raymond St. Jacques (Doc McGee)  
    Bruce Cabot (Colonel Morgan)  
    George Takei (Captain Nim)  
    Luke Askew (Sergeant Provo)  
    Jack Soo (Colonel Cai)  
    Patrick Wayne (Lieutenant Jamison)  
    Irene Tsu (Lin)  
    Edward Faulkner (Captain MacDanials)  
    Jason Evers (Captain Coleman)  
    Mike Henry (Sergeant Kowalski)  
    Craig Jue (Hamchunk)  
    Chuck Roberson (Sergeant Griffin)  
    Eddy Donno (Sergeant Watson)  
    Rudy Robins (Sergeant Parks)  
    Richard "Cactus" Pryor (Collier)  
    Bach Yen (Vietnamese singer)  
    Frank Koomen (Lieutenant Sachs)  
    William Olds (General Phan Son Ti)  
    Yodying Apibal (ARVN soldier)  
    Chuck Bail (Sergeant Lark)  
    Vincent Cadiente (Viet Cong soldier)  
    William Shannon (Sergeant White)  

Summary: Col. Mike Kirby of the U. S. Special Forces takes charge of a strike camp located deep in Viet Cong territory near Da Nang. On hand to report on the unit's action is George Beckworth, a liberal war correspondent whose newspaper has voiced serious misgivings about American intervention in Vietnam. Despite the best efforts of Kirby's men, assisted by South Vietnamese regulars and Montagnard tribesmen, the camp is captured by the enemy. Upon witnessing the torture of a Viet Cong infiltrator during interrogation, Beckworth protests against the Green Berets' tactics, but when he learns of Viet Cong atrocities, he changes his mind about the nature of the conflict and even joins in the fighting. Eventually, Kirby and his men are able to retake the camp after a U. S. Air Force plane has decimated the enemy ranks. Then, aided by Lin, a seductive Vietnamese model whose father was killed by the Viet Cong, Kirby and Vietnamese Colonel Cai capture a high-ranking enemy officer and lead him back to headquarters for questioning. Before the unit returns to the camp, however, Petersen is killed by a booby trap. Kirby must then explain to Hamchunk, a war orphan whom Petersen adopted, that his idol died so the children like him might live. 

Production Company: Batjac Productions, Inc.  
Distribution Company: Warner Bros.--Seven Arts, Inc.  
Director: John Wayne (Dir)
  Ray Kellogg (Dir)
  Mervyn LeRoy (Uncredited dir)
  Cliff Lyons (2nd unit dir)
  Joe L. Cramer (Asst dir)
  Newt Arnold (Asst dir)
Producer: John Wayne (Exec prod)
  Michael Wayne (Prod)
Writer: James Lee Barrett (Scr)
Photography: Winton C. Hoch (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Walter M. Simonds (Prod des)
Film Editor: Otho Lovering (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Ray Moyer (Set dec)
Costumes: Jerry Alpert (Cost)
Music: Miklos Rozsa (Mus)
Sound: Stanley Jones (Sd)
Special Effects: Sass Bedig (Spec eff)
Make Up: Dave Grayson (Makeup)
Production Misc: Lee Lukather (Unit prod mgr)
  Crayton Smith (Scr supv)
  William C., (Lieut. Col.) Byrns (Defense dept. project officer)
  Jerold R., (Maj.) Dodds (Sp forces adv)
  Capt. August Schomburg Jr. (Fort benning project officer)
  "Red" Turner (Prop)
  "Hank" Wynands (Constr coordinator)
  Wayne Fitzgerald (Title des)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the novel The Green Berets by Robin Moore (New York, 1965).
Authors: Robin Moore

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Batjac Productions, Inc. 1/7/1968 dd/mm/yyyy LP36530

Physical Properties: col: Technicolor
  Widescreen/ratio: Panavision

Genre: Melodrama
Sub-Genre: Vietnam War
Subjects (Major): Combat
  Da Nang
  Guerrilla warfare
  Mines, Military
  Montagnards (Vietnam)
  United States. Air Force
  United States. Army. Special Forces
  United States--History--Vietnam War, 1964--1973
  Republic of Vietnam
  War crimes
  War victims

Note: Location scenes filmed in Georgia and Alabama. 

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