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Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny, and Girly
Alternate Title: Girly
Director: Freddie Francis (Dir)
Release Date:   1970
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 12 Feb 1970
Duration (in mins):   101
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Cast:   Michael Bryant ("New Friend")  
    Ursula Howells (Mumsy)  
    Pat Heywood (Nanny)  
    Howard Trevor (Sonny)  
    Vanessa Howard (Girly)  
    Robert Swann (Soldier)  
    Imogen Hassall (Girl friend)  
    Michael Ripper (Zoo attendant)  
    Hugh Armstrong ("Friend in #5")  

Summary: In a large Victorian house outside of London, Mumsy and Nanny encourage teenagers Sonny and his sister Girly to bring strange men home as playmates. The victims are held captive until the four decide to murder them. On one of their forays, Sonny and Girly see a young man and his date drunkenly leaving a party. Girly invites the couple to play with them at a playground, where Sonny murders the young man's date and convinces him that he was responsible. "New Friend," as he is now called, is brought to the house under the threat of blackmail and soon learns of the strictly enforced rules of the house which, if violated, could result in a fate similar to that of "Friend in #5" who was murdered by bow and arrow. "New Friend" joins in the deadly games in order to attempt an escape; in addition to the permissible lovemaking with Mumsy, he seduces Girly and Nanny to create discord in the family. Girly bludgeons her jealous brother to death for his threats against "New Friend" and then beheads Nanny. Girly and Mumsy finally arrive at an agreement to share "New Friend," but he plots to do away with both of them. 

Production Company: Brigitte Films  
  Fitzroy--Francis Films  
Distribution Company: Cinerama Releasing Corp.  
Director: Freddie Francis (Dir)
  John Stoneman (1st asst dir)
Producer: Ronald J. Kahn (Prod)
  Peter J. Thompson (Assoc prod)
Writer: Brian Comport (Scr)
Photography: David Muir (Dir of photog)
  Moray Grant (Cam op)
Art Direction: Maggie Pinhorn (Art dir)
Film Editor: Tristam Cones (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Dimity Collins (Set dresser)
Costumes: Dulcie Midwinter (Ward)
Music: Bernard Ebbinghouse (Mus comp, arr & cond)
Sound: John Brommage (Sd mix)
Make Up: Phil Leakey (Makeup)
  Gladys Leakey (Hairdresser)
Production Misc: Jilda Smith (Prod mgr)
  Pamela Davies (Cont)
  Katherine Haber (Asst to the prod)
  Rose Tobias Shaw (Casting dir)
  Michael Bastow (Title des)
Country: United Kingdom

Source Text: Based on the play The Happy Family by Maisie Mosco (London, 13 Mar 1966).
Authors: Maisie Mosco

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Fitzroy--Francis Films 12/2/1970 dd/mm/yyyy LP38514

Physical Properties: col: Eastman Color

Genre: Horror
Subjects (Major): Abduction
  Brothers and sisters
  London (England)

Note: Opened in London in Apr 1970. Also known as Girly

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