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Alternate Title: A Salute to a Rebel
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner (Dir)
Release Date:   1970
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 4 Feb 1970
Duration (in mins):   170
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Cast:   George C. Scott (Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.)  
    Karl Malden (Gen. Omar N. Bradley)  
    Michael Bates (Field Marshall Sir Bernard Law Montgomery)  
    Edward Binns (Maj. Gen. Walter Bedell Smith)  
    Lawrence Dobkin (Col. Gaston Bell)  
    John Doucette (Maj. Gen. Lucian K. Truscott)  
    James Edwards (Sgt. William George Meeks)  
    Frank Latimore (Lieut. Col. Henry Davenport)  
    Richard Münch (Col. Gen Alfred Jodl)  
    Morgan Paull (Capt. Richard N. Jenson)  
    Siegfried Rauch (Capt. Oskar Steiger)  
    Paul Stevens (Lieut. Col. Charles R. Codman)  
    Michael Strong (Brig. Gen. Hobart Carver)  
    Karl Michael Vogler (Field Marshall Erwin Rommel)  
    Stephen Young (Capt. Chester B. Hansen)  
    Peter Barkworth (Col. John Welkin)  
    John Barrie (Air Vice-Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham)  
    David Bauer (Lieut. Gen. Harry Buford)  
    Tim Considine (Soldier who gets slapped)  
    Albert Dumortier (Moroccan minister)  
    Gerald Flood (Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder)  
    Jack Gwillim (Gen. Sir Harold Alexander)  
    David Healy (Clergyman)  
    Bill Hickman (General Patton's driver)  
    Sandy Kevin (Correspondent)  
    Carey Loftin (General Bradley's driver)  
    Alan MacNaughtan (British briefing officer)  
    Lionel Murton (Third Army chaplain)  
    Clint Ritchie (Tank captain)  
    Douglas Wilmer (Maj. Gen. Francis de Guingand)  
    Patrick J. Zurica (1st Lieut. Alexander Stiller)  
    Lowell Thomas (Narrator [see note])  
    Abraxas Aaran (Willy, a dog)  

Summary: In 1943, after German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps has severely defeated American tank units in the Kasserine Pass, Tunisia, Gen. George S. Patton is sent to spearhead the U. S. sector of the North African campaign. His dramatic flair for leadership revitalizes the tank corps; an avid student of military history, he indulges his mystical belief in reincarnation and envisions the succession of great warriors and battles that have preceded him. Aided by his deputy commander, Gen. Omar N. Bradley, Patton scores a decisive victory over Rommel at El Guettar, which eventually leads to the German expulsion from North Africa. His next assignment is to lead the 7th Army into Sicily by taking Palermo, but instead he is ordered to protect the flank of his chief rival, British Field Marshal Montgomery, while Montgomery leads the attack. On his own initiative, Patton pushes forward and takes Messina, the island's main port and primary objective of the campaign, thereby intensifying his feud with Montgomery. Shortly thereafter, Patton visits a field hospital where, in a fit of rage, he slaps a weeping, battle-fatigued soldier; his action causes Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower to demand the general's public apology and to eventually relieve Patton of his command. In spite of his probation, Patton's worth as a decoy during a tour of the Mediterranean is acknowledged, and he eventually assumes leadership of the 3rd Army under the command of Bradley. He forces his men through an impasse at Normandy and comes to a dramatic rescue of the beleaguered 101st Airborne under siege at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. Patton pushes his troops all the way to Czechoslovakia where, with total victory imminent, he is ordered to allow Montgomery and the Russian troops to rout the already disorganized German army. At the war's end, Patton cannot refrain from insulting America's current ally, Russia; unable to make the transition to peacetime, he is removed from command and bids a sad farewell to his staff. 

Production Company: Twentieth Century--Fox Film Corp.  
Production Text: A Frank McCarthy-Franklin J. Schaffner Production
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner (Dir)
  Michael Moore (2nd unit dir)
  Eli Dunn (Asst dir)
  José López Rodero (Asst dir)
Producer: Frank McCarthy (Prod)
  Frank Caffey (Assoc prod)
Writer: Francis Ford Coppola (Scr)
  Edmund H. North (Scr--screen story)
Photography: Fred Koenekamp (Dir of photog)
  Clifford Stine (2nd unit photog)
  Cecilio Paniagua (2nd unit photog)
Art Direction: Urie McCleary (Art dir)
  Gil Parrondo (Art dir)
Film Editor: Hugh S. Fowler (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Antonio Mateos (Set dec)
  Pierre-Louis Thévenet (Set dec)
Music: Jerry Goldsmith (Mus)
  Arthur Morton (Orch)
Sound: James Corcoran (Sd supv)
  Douglas O. Williams (Sd re-rec)
  Ted Soderberg (Sd re-rec)
  Murray Spivack (Sd re-rec)
  Don Bassman (Sd prod)
Special Effects: L. B. Abbott (Spec photog eff)
  Art Cruickshank (Spec photog eff)
  Richard Vetter (Proc cons)
  Carl Williams (Proc cons)
  Pacific Title (Main titles)
Make Up: Dan Striepeke (Makeup supv)
  Del Acevedo (Makeup artist)
Production Misc: Francisco Day (Unit prod mgr)
  Eduardo G. Maroto (Unit prod mgr)
  Tadeo Villalba (Unit prod mgr)
  Paul D., (Gen.) Harkins (Tech adv)
  Glover S. Johns Jr. (Col.) (Tech adv)
  Omar N., (Gen.) Bradley (Sr military adv)
  Luis Martin, (Lieut. Col.) Pozuelo (Spanish military adv)
  Joe Canutt (Action coordinator)
  Alex Weldon (Mechanical eff)
  Michael McLean (Casting)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the book Patton: Ordeal and Triumph by Ladislas Farago (New York, 1964) and the book A Soldier's Story by Omar N. Bradley (New York, 1951).
Authors: Ladislas Farago
  Omar N. Bradley

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Twentieth Century--Fox Film Corp. 30/12/1969 dd/mm/yyyy LP38179

Physical Properties: col: De Luxe
  Sd: Westrex
  gauge: 35 & 70
  Widescreen/ratio: Dimension 150, see note

Genre: Biography
Subjects (Major): Ambition
  Bastogne (Belgium)
  Battle fatigue
  General Omar Bradley
  Bulge, Battle of the, 1944-1945
  Dwight D. Eisenhower
  El Guettar (Tunisia)
  Great Britain. Army
  Alfred Jodl
  Kasserine Pass (Tunisia)
  Military life
  Bernard Law Montgomery
  Normandy (France)
  Africa, North
  General George Patton, III
  General Erwin Rommel
  Tanks (Military science)
  Russia. Army
  United States. Army
  United States. Army Air Corps--101st Airborne Division
  United States Army--General Staff
  World War II

Note: Location scenes filmed in Spain, England, Morocco, and Greece. Also known as Patton: A Salute to a Rebel . Dimension 150 process used only in 70mm roadshow prints. Fox Movietone News clips were accompanied by a revised narration delivered by Lowell Thomas, who also narrated the original clips. 

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