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Director: John Sturges (Dir)
Release Date:   1969
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles opening: 11 Dec 1969
Duration (in mins):   133
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Cast:   Gregory Peck (Charles Keith)  
    Richard Crenna (Jim Pruett)  
    David Janssen (Ted Dougherty)  
    James Franciscus (Clayton Stone)  
    Gene Hackman (Buzz Lloyd)  
    Lee Grant (Celia Pruett)  
    Nancy Kovack (Teresa Stone)  
    Mariette Hartley (Betty Lloyd)  
    Scott Brady (Public affairs officer)  
    Craig Huebing (Flight director)  
    John Carter (Flight surgeon)  
    George Gaynes (Mission director)  
    Tom Stewart (Houston Cap Com)  
    Frank Marth (Space systems director)  
    Duke Hobbie (Titan systems specialist)  
    Dennis Robertson (Launch director)  
    George Smith (Cape weather officer)  
    Vincent Van Lynn (Cannon, journalist)  
    Walter Brooke (Radin, network commentator)  
    Mauritz Hugo (Hardy)  
    Bill Couch (Russian cosmonaut)  
    Mary-Linda Rapelye (Priscilla Keith)  

Summary: A space team consisting of pilot Buzz Lloyd, scientist Clayton Stone, and mission commander Jim Pruett tests man's endurance in outer space. Observing that the crew's efficiency has faltered after five months, Houston supervisor Charles Keith orders its return. Upon reentry, however, the ship malfunctions, leaving the astronauts with no means of reaching earth. Veteran astronaut Ted Dougherty and a presidential mandate compel the reluctant Keith to mount a rescue effort. As the astronauts' oxygen runs out, the rescue mission races against time. When the launching of Dougherty's spaceship from Cape Kennedy is delayed by a hurricane, the astronauts' wives are brought to Houston for televised conversations with their husbands. During his interview Lloyd becomes hysterical, in so doing consuming additional oxygen. To compensate for this loss Keith suggests a sacrificial suicide, a possibility which the team rejects. Leaving the vehicle to correct a mechanical defect, Pruett rips his suit and floats away in space. Although the oxygen has dangerously diminished, Stone donates his supply to Lloyd, breathing the little left inside the ship's cabin. Panicking, Lloyd opens the hatch, depleting Stone's precious store. As hope dims, a Russian spaceship arrives with sufficient oxygen to maintain the American astronauts. 

Production Company: Frankovich Productions, Inc.  
Production Text: An M. J. Frankovich-John Sturges Production
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures  
Director: John Sturges (Dir)
  Ralph Black (2nd unit dir)
  Daniel J. McCauley (Asst dir)
Producer: M. J. Frankovich (Prod)
  Frank Capra, Jr. (Assoc prod)
Writer: Mayo Simon (Scr)
Photography: Daniel Fapp (Dir of photog)
  W. Wallace Kelley (Dir of photog 2d unit)
  Nelson Tyler (Aerial photog)
Art Direction: Lyle Wheeler (Prod des)
Film Editor: Walter Thompson (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Frank [A.] Tuttle (Set dec)
Costumes: Seth Banks (Cost)
Sound: Les Fresholtz (Sd)
  Arthur Piantadosi (Sd)
Special Effects: Lawrence W. Butler (Spec visual eff)
  Donald Glouner (Spec visual eff)
  Robie Robinson (Spec visual eff)
  Hal Landaker (Video supv)
Production Misc: William O'Sullivan (Executive prod mgr)
  John Franco (Scr supv)
  Martin Caidin (Tech adv)
  George Smith (Tech adv)
  Philco-Ford Corp. (Coöp)
  Norman Stuart (Dial coach)
  William Widmayer (Photography cons)
MPAA Rating: G
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the novel Marooned by Martin Caidin (New York, 1964).
Authors: Martin Caidin

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Frankovich Productions, Inc. 1/12/1969 dd/mm/yyyy LP37888

Physical Properties: col: Eastmancolor
  Widescreen/ratio: Panavision

Genre: Science fiction
Subjects (Major): Astronauts
  Cape Canaveral (FL)
  Houston (TX)
  United States. Presidents
  Space rescue
  Spaceship crews

Note: Location scenes filmed at Cape Kennedy and in Houston. 

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