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The Graduate
Director: Mike Nichols (Dir)
Release Date:   Dec 1967
Premiere Information:   New York and Los Angeles openings: 21 Dec 1967
Production Date:   began 24 Apr 1967
Duration (in mins):   103 or 105
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Cast:   Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson)  
    Dustin Hoffman (Ben Braddock)  
    Katharine Ross (Elaine Robinson)  
    William Daniels (Mr. Braddock)  
    Murray Hamilton (Mr. Robinson)  
    Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. Braddock)  
    Buck Henry (Room clerk)  
    Brian Avery (Carl Smith)  
    Walter Brooke (Mr. McGuire)  
    Norman Fell (Mr. McCleery)  
    Alice Ghostley (Mrs. Singleman)  
    Marion Lorne (Miss DeWitte)  
    Eddra Gale (Woman on bus)  
    Elizabeth Fraser (Lady #2)  
    Harry Holcolmbe (Minister)  
    Lainie Miller (Stripper)  

Summary: Benjamin Braddock, filled with doubts about his future, returns to his Los Angeles home after graduating from an Eastern college. His parents soon have a party so they can boast of their son's academic achievements and his bright prospects in business. Mrs. Robinson, one of the guests, persuades Ben to drive her home and there tries to seduce him, but her overtures are interrupted by the sound of her husband's car in the driveway. Blatant in her seductive maneuvers, she soon has the nervous and inexperienced Ben meeting her regularly at the Taft Hotel. As the summer passes, Benjamin becomes increasingly bored and listless; he frequently stays out overnight and returns home to loll around the pool. When his worried parents try to interest him in Elaine, Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Ben agrees to date her to avoid having the entire Robinson family invited to dinner. At first Benjamin is rude to Elaine and takes her to a striptease club, but realizing how cruel he has been, he apologizes and the two begin dating. Outraged, Mrs. Robinson demands that Ben stop seeing her daughter; instead he blurts out the truth to a shocked Elaine, who returns to college in Berkeley. Although Ben follows her and tries to persuade her to marry him, Elaine's parents intervene and encourage her to marry Carl Smith, a student whom she has been dating. Ben returns to Los Angeles, but when Mrs. Robinson refuses to divulge any information about the wedding, he races back to Berkeley and learns that the ceremony will take place in Santa Barbara. Arriving at the church as the final vows are being spoken, he screams Elaine's name over the heads of the startled guests. Elaine sees her parents' anger toward Ben, and realizing what their influence has done, she fights off her mother and Carl and races to Ben. After locking the congregation in the church by jamming a crucifix through the door handles, the couple leaps aboard a passing bus and rides away. 

Production Company: Lawrence Turman, Inc.  
Production Text: A Mike Nichols-Lawrence Turman Production
Distribution Company: Embassy Pictures Corp.  
Director: Mike Nichols (Dir)
  Don Kranze (Asst dir)
  Lynn Guthrie (Asst dir)
  Gene Marum (Asst dir)
Producer: Joseph E. Levine (Pres)
  Lawrence Turman (Prod)
Writer: Calder Willingham (Scr)
  Buck Henry (Scr)
Photography: Robert Surtees (Dir of photog)
  George Nogle (Cam op)
  Albert Bettcher (Cam op)
  Emilio Calori (Asst cam)
  Jim Cowan (Asst cam)
  Earl Gilbert (Gaffer)
  Richard Borland (Grip)
  Frank Shugrue (Stills)
Art Direction: Richard Sylbert (Prod des)
  Joel Schiller (Asst prod des)
Film Editor: Sam O'Steen (Film ed)
  Robert Wyman (Asst film ed)
Set Decoration: George Nelson (Set dec)
  Harold Michelson (Sketch artist)
Costumes: Patricia Zipprodt (Cost)
  Maximilian (Furs by)
  Harry Winston (Spec jewelry by)
  Phyllis Garr (Ward)
  Donald J. McDonald (Ward)
Music: Dave Grusin (Addl mus)
Sound: Jack Solomon (Sd)
Make Up: Harry Maret (Makeup)
  Sherry Wilson (Hairdresser)
  Sydney Guilaroff (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: George Justin (Prod supv)
  Meta Rebner (Scr supv)
  Lynn Stalmaster (Casting consultant)
  William Cannon (Prod asst)
  Joyce Lilley (Prod secy)
Country: United States
Language: English

Songs: "The Sounds of Silence," "Scarborough Fair (Canticle)," "Mrs. Robinson," "The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine" and "April Come She Will," words and music by Paul Simon, sung by Simon and Garfunkel.
Composer: Paul Simon
Source Text: Based on the novel The Graduate by Charles Webb (New York, 1963).
Authors: Charles Webb

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Embassy Pictures Corp. & Lawrence Turman, Inc. 20/12/1967 dd/mm/yyyy LP40200

Physical Properties: Sd: Westrex Recording System
  col: Technicolor
  Widescreen/ratio: Panavision

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Disillusionment
  Mothers and daughters
  Romance--Age difference
Subjects (Minor): Aging
  College life
  Drive-in restaurants
  Family relationships
  Generation gap
  Striptease dancers and dancing
  Swimming pools
  California. University (Berkeley)

Note: Location scenes were filmed in Beverly Hills, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and on the University of Southern California campus. A clip from the ABC television series The Newlywed Game is used within the film. The Graduate was ranked 17th on AFI's 2007 100 Years…100 Movies--10th Anniversary Edition list of the greatest American films, moving down from the 7th position it held on AFI's 1997 list.  

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