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Nine Hours to Rama
Director: Mark Robson (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 3 Apr 1963
Duration (in mins):   125
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Cast:   Horst Buchholz (Naturam Godse)  
    José Ferrer (Superintendent Gopal Das)  
    Valerie Gearon (Rani Mehta)  
    Don Borisenko (Naryan Apte)  
    Robert Morley (P. K. Mussadi)  
    Diane Baker (Sheila )  
    Harry Andrews (General Singh)  
    Jairaj (G. D. Birla)  
    David Abraham (Detective Munda)  
    Achla Sachdev (Mother)  
    Marne Maitland (Karnick)  
    Harold Goldblatt (Selvrag Prahlad)  
    Wolfe Morris (Detective Bose)  
    Francis Matthews (Rampure)  
    Nagendra Nath (Magin Mehta)  
    Jack Hedley (Kilpatrick)  
    Bobby Naidoo (Retiring room manager)  
    Allan Cuthbertson (Captain Goff)  
    Peter Illing (Frank Ramamurti)  
    Jagdev (Detective)  
    Frank Olegario (Barburao)  
    Joseph Cuby (Chacko)  
    Shay Gorman (Duty officer)  
    Nigel Phoenix (S.N.S. boy)  
    Harold Kasket (Datta)  
    Christopher Carlos (Shankar)  
    S. N. Selk (Father)  
    Julian Sherrier (P. K.'s secretary)  
    M. Y. Shaikh    
    Manohargin (Policemen)  
    Jagdish Raj    
    Keshov Singh    
    Sheri Mohan (Detectives)  
    Kurt Christian (Young Natu)  
    Shashi Pameholi (Young Apte)  
    Thali Kouri (The madame)  
    Ishaq Bux (Gardener)  
    Kunlan Malik (Bus conductor)  
    Lal Bahadur (Beggar)  
    R. S. Bansal (Astrologer)  
    Rani Verma (Sita)  
    Baseo Panday (Laundryman)  
    J. S. Casshyap (Mahatma Gandhi)  

Summary: Following his rejection from the British Army because of his Brahmin ancestry, a young Indian, Naturam Godse, learns that his child bride and his father have been killed during communal riots. After promising his mother to fight violence with violence, Natu joins a reactionary political group opposing Mahatma Gandhi and his policy of nonviolence. While employed as a newspaper editor, he falls in love with Rani Mehta, a beautiful married woman who is a firm believer in the teachings of the Mahatma, but their affair ends because of political differences. Natu is then ordered to assassinate Gandhi during a prayer meeting at the home of an Indian industrialist. As Natu and his confederate, Naryan Apte, await the appointed hour of the execution, Natu recalls the events of his early life. Suddenly beset by doubts, he spends a few drunken hours with a Punjabi prostitute named Sheila and then seeks out Rani. When she once more rejects him, he decides to go through with his assignment. Although Gopal Das, the local police chief, has learned of the assassination plot, he is unable to persuade Gandhi to postpone the prayer meeting. Rani also learns of the plan but arrives too late to prevent Natu from firing the fatal shots. Knowing he has killed a great man and that he must be executed for his crime, Natu allows himself to be dragged off by Das's officers. 

Production Company: Red Lion Productions  
Production Text: A Mark Robson Production
Distribution Company: Twentieth Century--Fox Film Corp.  
Director: Mark Robson (Dir)
  Kip Gowans (Asst dir)
  Tom Sachs (Asst dir)
  David Giffard (1st & 2nd asst dir)
Producer: Mark Robson (Prod)
  Bob McNaught (Assoc prod)
Writer: Nelson Gidding (Scr)
Photography: Arthur Ibbetson (Dir of photog)
  Paul Wilson (Cam op)
  Freddie Cooper (Cam focus)
  Ted Moore (Dir of photog, 2d unit)
  John Winbolt (Cam op, 2d unit)
  Tony Spratling (Focus, 2d unit)
Art Direction: Elliot Scott (Art dir)
  Ivor Beddoes (Asst art dir)
Film Editor: Ernest Walter (Film ed)
  Peter Elliott (Assembly ed)
  Margaret Miller (Film ed)
Set Decoration: John Jarvis (Set dresser)
  Reg Bream (Draughtsman)
  Tony Pratt (Draughtsman)
  John Graysmark (Draughtsman)
  Ram Yedekar (Location art dir)
Costumes: David ffolkes (Ward)
  Betty Adamson (Ward)
  Barbara Gillett (Ward)
Music: Malcolm Arnold (Mus comp & cond)
Sound: Harry Miller (Sd ed)
  Gerry Turner (Sd rec)
  J. B. Smith (Sd rec)
  Mickey Hickey (Sd cam op)
  John Streeter (Boom op)
Make Up: Harold Fletcher (Makeup)
  Wally Schneiderman (Makeup)
  Pearl Tipaldi (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Chimankant Gandhi (Loc assoc prod)
  Baba Shaikh (Loc asst dir)
  David Middlemas (Prod mgr)
  R. L. M. Davidson (Loc mgr)
  Elaine Schreyeck (Cont)
  Joyce Herlihy (Prod secy)
  Rita Davison (Cont, 2d unit)
  Harvey Woods (Casting dir)
  Irene Howard (Casting dir)
  Bill Isaacs (Prod buyer)
  Norman Gryspeerdt (Stills)
  Tom Ramsey (Stagehand)
  Michael Dempsey (Stagehand)
  P. L. Pace (Stagehand)
  Tommy Ibbetson (Chargehand prop)
  Anthony Condon (Chargehand elec)
  Larry Cleary (Constr mgr, 2d unit)
  L. Kelly (Grip, 2d unit)
  Maurice Budge (Grip, 2d unit)
  Harry Hunt (Rigger, 2d unit)
  Saul Bass (Title des)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the novel Nine Hours to Rama by Stanley Wolpert (New York, 1962).
Authors: Stanley Wolpert

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Red Lion Productions 31/12/1962 dd/mm/yyyy LP23684

Physical Properties: col: De Luxe
  Sd: Westrex
  Widescreen/ratio: CinemaScope

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): Assassination
  Mahatma Gandhi
  Naturam Godse

Note: Location scenes filmed in India. Opened in London in Mar 1963. Also known as Nine Hours To Live

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