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Director: Edward Dmytryk (Dir)
Release Date:   1968
Premiere Information:   San Francisco opening: 7 Oct 1968
Duration (in mins):   113
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Cast:   Sean Connery (Shalako)  
    Brigitte Bardot (Countess Irina Lazaar)  
    Stephen Boyd (Bosky Fulton)  
    Jack Hawkins (Sir Charles Daggett)  
    Peter Van Eyck (Frederick von Hallstatt)  
    Honor Blackman (Lady Julia Daggett)  
    Woody Strode (Chato)  
    Eric Sykes (Mako)  
    Alexander Knox (Henry Clarke)  
    Valerie French (Elena Clarke)  
    Julian Mateos (Rojas)  
    Donald Barry (Buffalo)  
    Rodd Redwing (Chato's father)  
    "Chief" Tug Smith (Loco)  
    Hans De Vries (Hans)  
    Walter Brown (Pete Wells)  
    Charles Stalnaker (Marker)  
    Bob Cunningham (Luther)  
    John Clarke (Hockett)  
    Bob Hall (Johnson)  

Summary: In 1880, a party of European aristocrats on a hunting expedition arrives at an Apache reservation in New Mexico. Their "white hunter" guide, Bosky Fulton, knows that their presence violates a territorial treaty with the Indians. French Countess Irina Lazaar separates from the group to hunt for bigger game, is threatened by Indians, and is saved only by the appearance of Shalako, a former cavalry officer turned guide who has been sent by the Army to oust the intruders. The party's leader, Frederick von Hallstatt, refuses to heed the warning, a decision that results in an Apache raid. Shalako sends up smoke signals, and the Indians retreat before killing the Europeans; but Fulton takes off in the last remaining stagecoach with the ammunition, the supplies, and Lady Julia, the adulterous wife of Englishman Sir Charles Daggett. Shalako returns and rounds up the survivors, hoping to get them to the safety of the nearest fort. Meanwhile, the Apaches, led by Chato, the chief's son, attack the stagecoach and kill Lady Julia by forcing her to swallow her own diamonds. Fulton escapes and makes his way to Shalako's group, but he is shot dead by Daggett. Eventually, Chato demands a final test of strength by challenging Shalako to single combat with spears; but when Shalako gets the upper hand, the chief intervenes and orders his men to retreat in exchange for his son's life. Later, when the Europeans finally leave the reservation, Irina chooses to ride off with Shalako. 

Production Company: Kingston Films  
  Palomar Pictures International, Ltd. (ABC Pictures Corp.)
Production Text: A Dimitri De Grunwald Production
Distribution Company: Cinerama Releasing Corp.  
Director: Edward Dmytryk (Dir)
  Bob Simmons (Action seq dir)
  Peter Price (Asst dir)
  Joe Ochoa (Asst dir)
Producer: Euan Lloyd (Prod)
  Dimitri de Grunwald (Exec prod)
  Hal Mason (Assoc prod)
Writer: J. J. Griffith (Scr)
  Hal Hopper (Scr)
  Scot Finch (Scr)
  Clarke Reynolds (Screen story)
Photography: Ted Moore (Dir of photog)
  John Cabrera (2nd unit photog)
Art Direction: Herbert Smith (Art dir)
Film Editor: Bill Blunden (Film ed)
Costumes: Cynthia Tingey (Cost)
Music: Robert Farnon (Mus comp)
  Muir Mathieson (Cond)
Sound: Keith Palmer (Sd)
  George Stephenson (Sd)
Special Effects: Michael Collins (Spec eff)
Make Up: Trevor Crole-Rees (Makeup)
  Pierre Berroyer (Makeup)
Production Misc: Ronnie Bear (Prod mgr)
  Chief Elmer Smith (Tech adv)
  Rodd Redwing (Tech adv)
Country: Great Britain and United States
Language: English

Songs: "Shalako," words by Robert Farnon, music by Jim Dale.
Composer: Jim Dale
  Robert Farnon
Source Text: Based on the novel Shalako by Louis L'Amour (New York, 1962).
Authors: Louis L'Amour

Physical Properties: col: Technicolor
  Widescreen/ratio: Franscope

Genre: Western
Subjects (Major): Apache Indians
  Family relationships
  New Mexico
  Survival skills
  United States. Army. Cavalry

Note: Location scenes for Shalako were filmed in Almería, Spain. Jack Hawkins’ voice was dubbed in the film, as the actor had lost his voice due to surgery for throat cancer in 1966. Shalako opened in London in Dec 1968. 

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