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Charros, gauchos y manolas
Alternate Title: Revista musical Cugat
Director: Xavier Cugat (Dir)
Release Date:   Mar 1930
Premiere Information:   World premiere in Los Angeles: 15 Mar 1930
Production Date:   late 1929
Duration (in mins):   91
Duration (in reels):   9
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Cast:   Carmen Castillo (Mexican artist)  
    Delia Magaña (Mexican artist)  
    Samuel Pedraza (Mexican artist)  
    Carlos Gómez "Don Chema"    
    Paul Ellis (Argentinian artist)  
    Carmen Granada (Argentinian artist)  
    Vicente Padula (Argentinian artist)  
    Carlos Lucanti    
    María Alba (Spanish artist)  
    Martín Garralaga (Spanish artist)  
    Marina Ortiz (Spanish artist)  
    José Peña "Pepet"    
    Romualdo Tirado (Master of ceremonies)  
    Luis Alvarez    
    María Calvo    
    Luis Elorriaga    
    Manuel Conesa    

Summary: The magazine, Paintings of the People , initiates a contest to select the best watercolor painting of ethnic peoples and customs. A hungry, bohemian painter invokes his muse to help him to produce the winning painting, and when he experiments with scenes set in Mexico, Argentina and Spain, his paintings come to life. In Xochimilco, Mexico, a young bachelor has a drunken dream that his girl friend is performing Josephine Baker's famous banana dance in a Parisian nightclub. In Buenos Aires, an Italian and a Galician are rivals for the affections of a Creole girl. At the other side of the Hispanic world, a Sevillian girl tells of her tragic romance with a matador, who obstinately continues to appear in the ring despite having been injured. 

Production Company: Hollywood Spanish Pictures Co.  
Director: Xavier Cugat (Dir)
Producer: Rodolfo Montes (Prod)
  Xavier Cugat (Prod)
Writer: Xavier Cugat (Scr)
Music: Xavier Cugat (Mus dir)
Country: United States
Language: Spanish

Music: "Rumba de la escoba" and "Baile del patio," composers undetermined.
Songs: "Estrellita" by Manuel M. Ponce; "Amapola" by Joseph M. Lacalle; "Mañanitas de Tepic," "Yo con tu amor sueño," "En la playa," "El negro engrupido" and "La princesita," composers undetermined.
Composer: Joseph M. Lacalle
  Manuel M. Ponce
Source Text:

Physical Properties: Sd:

Genre: Musical
Subjects (Major): Argentina
  Bohemians and bohemianism
Subjects (Minor): Bachelors
  Josephine Baker
  Bullfighters and bullfighting
  Impersonation and imposture
  Paris (France)
  Romantic rivalry

Note: This film's working title was Revista musical Cugat . Some sources indicate that the film was shot at the Tiffany Studios, while others state that it was shot at Universal Studios. These sources also include Don Alvarado and Carmen Guerrero in the cast, but their appearance in the released film has not been confirmed. A contemporary news item announced that the producers would also prepare an English-language version, Hollywood Spanish Follies , but no evidence has been located to confirm that that film was ever made. 

Bibliographic Sources:   Date   Page
CM   Jun 1930   p. 576.
La Opinión   17 Mar 1930.   

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