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Director: Stanley Kubrick (Dir)
Release Date:   1962
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 13 Jun 1962
Duration (in mins):   152
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Cast:   James Mason (Humbert Humbert)  
    Sue Lyon (Lolita Haze)  
    Shelley Winters (Charlotte Haze)  
    Peter Sellers (Clare Quilty)  
    Marianne Stone (Vivian Darkbloom)  
    Diana Decker (Jean Farlow)  
    Jerry Stovin (John Farlow)  
    Gary Cockrell (Dick)  
    Suzanne Gibbs (Mona Farlow)  
    Roberta Shore (Lorna)  
    Eric Lane (Roy)  
    Shirley Douglas (Mrs. Starch)  
    Roland Brand (Bill)  
    Colin Maitland (Charlie)  
    Cec Linder (Physician)  
    Irvin Allen (Hospital attendant)  
    Lois Maxwell (Nurse Mary Lore)  
    William Greene (Swine)  
    C. Denier Warren (Potts)  
    Isobel Lucas (Haze maid)  
    Maxine Holden (Hotel receptionist)  
    Marion Mathie (Miss Lebone)  
    Craig Sams (Rex)  
    John Harrison (Tom)  
    James Dyrenforth (Beale senior)  
    Terrance Kilburn    

Summary: Humbert Humbert walks into the disordered mansion of amoral television playwright Clare Quilty and shoots the drunken, mocking author. Humbert then recalls the events that began 4 years earlier: Newly arrived from England, Humbert, a staid middle-aged professor and translator of French poetry, plans to spend the summer in New Hampshire before moving on to a position as a lecturer at an Ohio college. Charlotte Haze, a sexually frustrated widow, is anxious to rent him a room in her house, but her overbearing manner nearly drives him away until he meets her precocious adolescent daughter, Lolita. The girl so arouses Humbert's passion that to be near her he marries Charlotte, meanwhile recording his impressions of mother and daughter in a diary. Charlotte's possessiveness soon awakens murderous desires in Humbert, but the problem of her presence is solved when she reads his diary and, hysterical, runs into the path of an automobile. Humbert retrieves Lolita from the summer camp where her mother had disposed of her and drives with her to Ohio, enrolling her in a private school. Lolita's interest in boys gives him no peace, however, and their relationship becomes strained as she chafes at his interference. When he discovers that Lolita has used the cover of her performance in a school play for meetings with an unknown man, Humbert takes her from school. They embark on a cross-country trip, but Humbert suspects that they are being followed. Both fall ill, and Lolita, hospitalized, disappears one night from her hospital room. Some time later, Humbert receives a letter from Lolita in which she reveals that she is married and pregnant and asks for financial help. When he visits her, she tells him that she left him for Quilty, who, in various disguises, pursued and tormented Humbert wherever he went with Lolita. Quilty abandoned the girl when she balked at becoming part of his "weird" circle, and she married a younger man. Humbert, his pride gone, begs her to come back to him, but she refuses, preferring to remain with her husband. His world at an end, Humbert gives Lolita all of his money and then goes to find Quilty. [An epilog explains that Humbert dies of a heart attack in prison.] 

Production Company: A. A. Productions  
  Seven Arts Productions  
  Transworld Pictures  
Distribution Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.  
Director: Stanley Kubrick (Dir)
  Dennis Stock (2nd unit dir)
  Rene Dupont (Asst dir)
  Roy Millichip (Asst dir)
  John Danischewsky (1st, 2d & 3d asst dir)
Producer: James B. Harris (Prod)
Writer: Vladimir Nabokov (Scr)
Photography: Oswald Morris (Dir of photog)
  Denys Coop (Cam op)
  Jimmy Turrell (Focus)
Art Direction: Bill Andrews (Art dir)
  Syd Cain (Assoc art dir)
Film Editor: Anthony Harvey (Film ed)
  W. W. Armour (Film ed)
  Lois Gray (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Andrew Low (Set dresser)
  Peter James (Set dresser)
  Frank Willson (Chief draughtsman)
  A. Van Montagu (Scenic artist)
Costumes: Elsa Fennell (Ward supv)
  Barbara Gillett (Ward mistress)
  Gene Coffin (Miss Winters' cost)
Music: Nelson Riddle (Mus)
  Gil Grau (Orch)
Sound: Winston Ryder (Dub ed)
  Len Shilton (Sd rec)
  H. L. Bird (Sd mix)
  Don Wortham (Boom op)
Make Up: George Partleton (Makeup)
  Betty Glasow (Hairdresser)
Production Misc: Raymond Anzarut (Prod supv)
  Robert Sterne (Prod mgr)
  Pamela Davies (Cont)
  Joan Parcell (Prod secy)
  James Liggat (Casting dir)
  Harry Phipps (Constr mgr)
  Terry Parr (Prod buyer)
  Joe Pearce (Stills)
  Ron Osborn (Camera grip)
  Wally Thompson (Elec gaffer)
  Chambers & Partners (Main titles)
Country: United States

Music: "Theme from Lolita" by Bob Harris.
Composer: Bob Harris
Source Text: Based on the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (Paris, 1955).
Authors: Vladimir Nabokov

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Seven Arts Productions 31/12/1961 dd/mm/yyyy LP21994

Physical Properties: b&w:
  Sd: RCA

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Adolescence
  Automobile accidents
  Family relationships
  New Hampshire
  Human sexuality
  Television scriptwriters

Note: Filmed in part in Great Britain and in Albany, New York. Opened in London in Sep 1962. 

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