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Barefoot in the Park
Director: Gene Saks (Dir)
Release Date:   1967
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 25 May 1967
Duration (in mins):   105
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Cast:   Robert Redford (Paul Bratter)  
    Jane Fonda (Corie Bratter)  
    Charles Boyer (Victor Velasco)  
    Mildred Natwick (Mrs. Ethel Banks)  
    Herbert Edelman (Telephone man)  
    James Stone (Delivery man)  
    Ted Hartley (Frank)  
    Mabel Albertson (Aunt Harriet)  
    Fritz Feld (Restaurant proprietor)  
    John Indrisano (Cop)  
    Paul E. Burns (Bum in park)  

Summary: After spending their entire 6-day honeymoon in a suite at New York's Plaza Hotel, Corie and Paul Bratter move into their Greenwich Village apartment. For the optimistic Corie, the whole adventure of making a home is pure enchantment; but Paul, a conservative lawyer, is dismayed by the inconvenience and general drabness. Their upstairs neighbor, Victor Velasco, is a self-admitted rake accustomed to using their bedroom window to reach his own quarters because he has been evicted by the landlord. Corie is fascinated by Victor's continental manner, and she decides that he would be the perfect companion for her widowed mother. When they all go to an Albanian restaurant on Staten Island, Corie's mother, Mrs. Banks, drinks and eats everything that is bad for her ulcer, falls down a flight of stairs, and ends up spending the night at Victor's. The evening also precipitates a quarrel between Corie and Paul, and Corie demands a divorce. Paul goes on a binge, gives his topcoat to a tramp in Washington Square, and starts running barefoot in the 30-degree weather to Central Park. After a talk with her mother, who admits to a pleasant but harmless evening with Victor, Corie realizes that marriage should be more than a lark. Repentant, she goes to find Paul and bring him home; but, drunkenly determined to live up to Corie's idea of fun, he crawls out on the roof through their skylight and teeters on the ledge. Corie climbs after him and assures him that she does not want him to change. A crowd of sidewalk spectators, including Mrs. Banks and Victor, break into spontaneous applause as the newlyweds reconcile. 

Production Company: Nancy Enterprises  
  Hal Wallis Productions  
  Paramount Pictures Corp.  
Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures Corp.  
Director: Gene Saks (Dir)
  Howard Grace (Asst dir)
Producer: Hal B. Wallis (Prod)
  Neil Simon (Assoc prod)
  Paul Nathan (Assoc prod)
Writer: Neil Simon (Scr)
Photography: Joseph La Shelle (Cine)
Art Direction: Hal Pereira (Art dir)
  Walter Tyler (Art dir)
Film Editor: William A. Lyon (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Robert R. Benton (Set dec)
  Arthur Krams (Set dec)
Costumes: Edith Head (Cost des)
Music: Neal Hefti (Mus)
Sound: Harold Lewis (Sd)
  Charles Grenzbach (Sd)
Special Effects: Paul K. Lerpae (Spec photog eff)
  Farciot Edouart (Process photog)
Make Up: Wally Westmore (Makeup)
  Frank McCoy (Makeup)
  Nellie Manley (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: William W. Gray (Unit prod mgr)
  Frank Caffey (Unit prod mgr)
  Charlsie Bryant (Scr supv)
Country: United States

Songs: "Barefoot in the Park," words by Johnny Mercer, music by Neal Hefti.
Composer: Neal Hefti
  Johnny Mercer
Source Text: Based on the play Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon (New York, 23 Oct 1963).
Authors: Neil Simon

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Nancy Enterprises 25/5/1967 dd/mm/yyyy LP34529

Physical Properties: col: Technicolor

Genre: Romantic comedy
Subjects (Major): Bohemians and bohemianism
  Family relationships
  New York City--Central Park
  New York City--Greenwich Village
  New York City--Staten Island
  Plaza Hotel (New York City)

Note: Location scenes filmed in New York City. 

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