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Alternate Title: Chimes at Midnight
Director: Orson Welles (Dir)
Release Date:   1967
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 19 Mar 1967
Duration (in mins):   115
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Cast:   Orson Welles (Sir John [Jack] Falstaff)  
    Jeanne Moreau (Doll Tearsheet)  
    Margaret Rutherford (Hostess Quickly)  
    John Gielgud (King Henry IV)  
    Keith Baxter (Prince Hal, later King Henry V)  
    Marina Vlady (Kate Percy)  
    Norman Rodway (Henry Percy, called Hotspur)  
    Alan Webb (Justice Shallow)  
    Walter Chiari (Mr. Silence)  
    Michael Aldridge (Pistol)  
    Tony Beckley (Poins)  
    Fernando Rey (Worcester)  
    Beatrice Welles (Falstaff's page)  
    Andrew Faulds (Westmoreland)  
    José Nieto (Northumberland)  
    Jeremy Rowe (Prince John)  
    Paddy Bedford (Bardolph)  
    Ralph Richardson (Narrator )  
    Julio Peña    
    Fernando Hilbeck    
    Andrés Meguto    
    Keith Pyott    
    Charles Farrell    

Summary: When Henry IV assumes the throne of England, rumors are widespread that he had a hand in the elimination of Richard II, and the country divides into factions. Although a growing number of rebels rally behind the son of the Duke of Northumberland, Prince Hal ignores the threat to his father, the king, and passes his time carousing with his inseparable friend, the blustering and cheating Falstaff. Eventually, however, Prince Hal goes into battle against the rebels. But Falstaff attributes this exploit to himself; and the king, deceived by Falstaff's bragging, is convinced that his son is a coward. When the rebels are finally vanquished, Prince Hal visits the king on his deathbed and vows to reform. When King Henry dies, Prince Hal is crowned Henry V. Falstaff attends the coronation, confident that the new king will bestow a high-ranking title upon him. Instead, he is cast off. Filled with sadness at seeing his former wastrel companion transformed into a responsible ruler, Falstaff dies a lonely and embittered man. 

Production Company: Alpine Productions  
  Internacional Films Española  
Distribution Company: Peppercorn--Wormser, Inc.  
  U--M Film Distributors  
Director: Orson Welles (Dir)
  Jesús Franco (2nd unit dir)
  Antonio Fuentes (Asst dir)
  Juan Cobos (Asst dir)
Producer: Harry Saltzman (Pres)
  Emiliano Piedra (Prod)
  Angel Escolano (Prod)
  Alessandro Tasca (Exec prod)
Writer: Orson Welles (Scr)
Photography: Edmond Richard (Dir of photog)
  Adolphe Charlet (Cam op)
  Alejandro Ulloa (2nd unit photog)
Art Direction: José Antonio de la Guerra (Art dir)
  Mariano Erdorza (Art dir)
Film Editor: Fritz Muller (Film ed)
Costumes: Orson Welles (Cost des)
Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (Mus)
  Pierluigi Urbini (Mus cond)
  Carlo Franci (Mus dir)
Sound: Peter Parasheles (Sd rec)
Make Up: Francisco Puyol (Makeup)
Production Misc: Gustavo Quintana (Prod mgr)
Country: Spain

Source Text: Based on the play Henry IV , Parts I and II by William Shakespeare (Part I: London, ca. 1597, published 1598; Part II: London, ca. 1598, published 1598), his play Henry V (London, ca. 1599, published 1600), his play Richard II (London, ca. 1595, published 1597) and his play The Merry Wives of Windsor (London, ca. 1600, published 1602) and the book The Chronicles of England by Raphael Holinshed (London, 1577).
Authors: Raphael Holinshed
  William Shakespeare

Genre: Comedy-drama
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): Braggarts
  Family relationships
  Great Britain--History--Lancaster/York
  Henry IV, King of England, 1399-1413
  Henry V (England)
  Richard II

Note: Filmed in Barcelona, Madrid, and other Spanish locations. Released in Spain in May 1966 as Campanadas a medianoche ; running time: 119 min. Also known as Chimes at Midnight . The narration is taken from the Holinshed work cited. 

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