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Two for the Road
Director: Stanley Donen (Dir)
Release Date:   1967
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 27 Apr 1967
Duration (in mins):   112
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Cast:   Audrey Hepburn (Joanna Wallace)  
    Albert Finney (Mark Wallace)  
    Eleanor Bron (Cathy Manchester)  
    William Daniels (Howard Manchester)  
    Claude Dauphin (Maurice Dalbret)  
    Nadia Gray (Françoise Dalbret)  
    Georges Descrières (David)  
    Gabrielle Middleton (Ruth Manchester)  
    Jacqueline Bisset (Jackie)  
    Judy Cornwell (Pat)  
    Irene Hilda (Yvonne de Florac)  
    Dominique Joos (Sylvia)  
    Kathy Chelimsky (Caroline)  
    Carol Van Dyke (Michelle)  
    Karyn Balm (Simone)  
    Mario Verdon (Palamos)  
    Roger Dann (Gilbert, Comte de Florac)  
    Libby Morris (American lady)  
    Yves Barsacq (Police inspector)  
    Hélène Tossy (Madame Solange)  
    Jean-François Lalet (Boat officer)  
    Albert Michel (Customs officer)  
    Joanna Jones    
    Sofia Torkeli    
    Patricia Viterbo    
    Olga George Picot    
    Clarissa Hillel (Joanna's touring girl friends)  
    Cathy Jones    

Summary: In their 12th year of marriage Joanna and Mark Wallace are en route to the French Riviera for a business and social meeting with Mark's benefactor, architect Maurice Dalbret. Joanna and Mark had met years before on such a trip: Mark was then a fledgling architect hitchhiking through Europe, and Joanna was a music student on tour with a group of American schoolgirls. Their first encounter blossomed into romance, and by the time they reached the Côte d'Azur they knew they were in love and ready for marriage. Soon afterward they returned to Europe, but their motor trip was spoiled by their companions, the snobbish Cathy and Howard Manchester and their obnoxious daughter Ruth. Having learned their lesson, Joanna and Mark took their next vacation alone. Then, while Joanna was pregnant, Mark made a business trip by himself and experienced his first marital infidelity. Success came fairly easy for Mark, but his affluence and sense of self-importance alienated Joanna; and eventually she drifted into an indiscreet affair of her own. Driven to the brink of divorce, they are now forced to evaluate themselves and their marriage. Mutually willing to concede that they have changed but have grown maturely dependent upon each other, they are able to save their marriage. 

Production Company: Stanley Donen Films, Inc.  
Production Text: A Stanley Donen Production
Distribution Company: Twentieth Century--Fox Film Corp.  
Director: Stanley Donen (Dir)
  Jacques Corbel (Asst dir)
Producer: Stanley Donen (Prod)
  Arthur Carroll (Prod exec)
  James Ware (Assoc prod)
Writer: Frederic Raphael (Scr)
Photography: Christopher Challis (Dir of photog)
  Austin Dempster (2nd unit cam)
  Henri Tiquet (Cam op)
  Guy Tabary (Aerial cam)
Art Direction: Willy Holt (Art dir)
  Marc Frederix (Asst art dir)
Film Editor: Richard Marden (Film ed)
  Madeleine Gug (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Roger Volper (Set dec)
Costumes: Hardy Amies (Mr. Finney's clothes)
  Clare Rendlesham (Miss Hepburn's ward supervised by)
  Ken Scott (Miss Hepburn's clothes by)
  Michele Rosier (Miss Hepburn's clothes by)
  Paco Rabanne (Miss Hepburn's clothes by)
  Mary Quant (Miss Hepburn's clothes by)
  Foale & Tuffin (Miss Hepburn's clothes by)
  Sophie Issartel Rochas (Ward coordinator)
Music: Henry Mancini (Mus)
Sound: Jo de Bretagne (Sd mix)
  Sharpe Ludski Enterprises (Dub ed)
  C. T. S. Studios (London) (Re-rec)
Special Effects: Gilbert Manzon (Spec eff)
Make Up: Alberto De Rossi (Makeup)
  Georges Bouban (Makeup)
  Grazia De Rossi (Hairdresser)
Production Misc: Christian Ferry (Prod supv)
  Pierre Fivas (Prod mgr)
  Paul Lemaire (Prod mgr)
  Maurice Binder (Titles)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Stanley Donen Films, Inc. 31/12/1966 dd/mm/yyyy LP34888

Physical Properties: col: De Luxe
  Widescreen/ratio: Panavision

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Americans in foreign countries
  Riviera (France)
  Snobs and snobbishness

Note: Location scenes filmed at Beauvallon, Saint-Tropez, La Colle sur le Loup, Nice, and Paris. Released in Great Britain in Oct 1967. 

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