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The Love-Ins
Director: Arthur Dreifuss (Dir)
Release Date:   1967
Premiere Information:   San Francisco opening: 26 Jul 1967
Duration (in mins):   91
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Cast:   Richard Todd (Dr. Jonathan Barnett)  
    James MacArthur (Larry Osborne)  
    Susan Oliver (Patricia Cross)  
    Mark Goddard (Elliot)  
    Carol Booth (Harriet)  
    Marc Cavell (Mario)  
    Janee Michelle (Lamelle)  
    Ronnie Eckstine (Bobby)  
    Michael Evans (Reverend Spencer)  
    Hortense Petra (Mrs. Sacaccio)  
    James Lloyd (Mr. Henning)  
    Mario Roccuzzo (Hippie on LSD)  
    Joe Pyne    
    The Chocolate Watch Band    
    The U. F. O.'s    
    The New Age (Themselves)  
    Donnie Brooks    

Summary: The administrators of a West Coast college expel two students, Larry Osborne and Patricia Cross, for publishing an underground avant-garde newspaper, and professor of philosophy Jonathan Barnett resigns in protest. Barnett then appears on the Joe Pyne television show, where it is revealed that in a scholarly thesis he advocated the use of LSD for religious meditation; and he becomes a hero with the hippie element in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district. Evicted from his apartment, he moves in with Larry and Patricia and a group of their friends. Although initially sincere in following the hippie way of life, Barnett soon takes the young people's hero worship to heart. Encouraged by a hippie opportunist, Elliot, he begins to picture himself as a "messiah" and becomes involved in a money-making scheme in which a series of admission-priced "happenings" are arranged. At one of these Patricia takes a double dose of LSD and begins to do a striptease while imagining herself to be Alice in Wonderland. After witnessing the performance, Larry quarrels with Patricia and writes a series of articles exposing the hypocrisy of Barnett's cult. Patricia also becomes disillusioned when she tells Barnett that she is pregnant and is told to have an abortion lest she destroy his public image. She attempts suicide but is saved by Larry, who then takes a gun to a mass hippie rally and kills Barnett. As the crowd threatens to retaliate with a lynching, a young hippie grabs a microphone and starts to preach love and peace. Too late Larry realizes that by killing Barnett he has created a martyr and opened the way for a new "messiah." 

Production Company: Four Leaf Productions  
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures  
Director: Arthur Dreifuss (Dir)
  Donald C. Klune (Asst dir)
Producer: Sam Katzman (Prod)
  Jerome F. Katzman (Assoc prod)
Writer: Hal Collins (Scr)
  Arthur Dreifuss (Scr)
Photography: John F. Warren (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: George W. Davis (Art dir)
  Charles K. Hagedon (Art dir)
Film Editor: Ben Lewis (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Henry Grace (Set dec)
  James Berkey (Set dec)
Music: Fred Karger (Mus scored & cond)
Sound: Franklin Milton (Rec supv)
Dance: Hal Belfer (Choreog)
Make Up: William Tuttle (Makeup)
  Mary Keats (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Robert Stone (Unit prod mgr)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Four Leaf Productions 1/9/1967 dd/mm/yyyy LP34866

Physical Properties: Sd:
  col: Pathé

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Alice in Wonderland (Book)
  College life
  Communal living
  Hero worship
  Psychedelic states
  San Francisco--Haight-Ashbury

Note: Copyright length: 86 min. 

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