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Mata Hari, Agent H-21
Director: Jean-Louis Richard (Dir)
Release Date:   Jan 1967
Duration (in mins):   106
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Cast:   Jeanne Moreau (Mata Hari)  
    Jean-Louis Trintignant (Capt. François Lassalle)  
    Claude Rich (Julien, the chauffeur)  
    Frank Villard (Colonel Pelletier)  
    Albert Rémy (Adam Zelle)  
    Georges Riquier (Ludovic)  
    Henri Garcin (Gaston)  
    Hella Petri (Baronne du Maine)  
    Marie Dubois (Soldier's fiancée)  
    Nicole Desailly (Mata Hari's maid)  
    Carla Marlier (Chambermaid)  
    Jean-Marie Drot (German spy chief)  
    Marcel Berbert (Plainclothesman following Mata Hari)  
    Georges Géret    
    Charles Denner    

Summary: Paris, 1917. German spy Mata Hari (née Margaretha Geertruida Zelle in Holland), posing as a Javanese dancer, is ordered by Ludovic to seduce French Capt. François Lassalle, thereby enabling another spy to steal secret documents. Although successful, she falls in love with the officer. Later, during a similar mission, Mata Hari is observed by François making love to Colonel Pelletier. Abandoned by François, Mata Hari flees to Spain, but she later returns to France to follow François to the front. They are reunited, but the next morning François is killed by a German patrol. In Paris Mata Hari is betrayed to the French by her German commanders. Arrested and convicted of espionage, she is shot outside the Château de Vincennes. 

Production Company: Fida Cinematografica  
  Films du Carrosse  
Distribution Company: Magna Pictures Distribution Corp.  
Director: Jean-Louis Richard (Dir)
  Christian de Chalonges (Asst dir)
Producer: Eugène Lépicier (Prod)
Writer: Jean-Louis Richard (Scr)
  François Truffaut (Scr)
  François Truffaut (Dial)
Photography: Michel Kelber (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Claude Pignot (Art dir)
Film Editor: Kenout Peltier (Film ed)
Costumes: Pierre Cardin (Cost)
Music: Georges Delerue (Mus)
Sound: André Hervée (Sd)
Production Misc: Georges Casati (Prod mgr)
Country: France

Genre: Biography
Subjects (Major): Capital punishment
  Ch^Dteau de Vincennes
  Exotic dancers
  Paris (France)
  World War I
  Margaretha Geertruida Zelle

Note: Opened in Paris in Jan 1965 as Mata-Hari agent H-21 ; running time: 95 min; in Rome in Feb 1965 as Mata Hari, agente segreto H 21 ; running time: 100 min. 

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