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Seven Seas to Calais
Alternate Title: Il dominatore dei sette mari
Director: Rudolph Maté (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles opening: 6 Mar 1963
Duration (in mins):   102
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Cast:   Rod Taylor (Sir Francis Drake)  
    Keith Michell (Malcolm Marsh)  
    Irene Worth (Queen Elizabeth)  
    Hedy Vessel (Arabella)  
    Basil Dignam (Walsingham)  
    Anthony Dawson (Burleigh)  
    Gianni Cajafi (Tom Moone)  
    Mario Girotti (Babington)  
    Esmeralda Ruspoli (Mary of Scotland)  
    Marco Guglielmi (Fletcher)  
    Arturo Dominici (Mendoza)  
    Gianni Solaro (Medina Sidonie)  
    Adriano Vitale (Recalde)  
    Bruno Ukmar (Emmanuel)  
    Franco Ukmar (Francisco)  
    Aldo Bufi-Landi (Vigeois)  
    Umberto Raho (Philip of Spain)  
    Luciano Melani (Winter)  
    Jacopo Tecchi (Garcia)  
    Giuseppe Abbrescia (Chester)  
    Rossella D'Aquino (Potato)  
    Anna Santarsiero    
    Luciana Gilli (Other Indian wives)  

Summary: In 1577, England's supremacy on the high seas keeps her from falling under Spanish domination. Though Queen Elizabeth outwardly disapproves of Francis Drake and his band of pirates, she secretly finances his raids against the treasure ships of Spain. After pillaging the gold mines of the Incas and looting Spanish vessels off Panama, Drake lands in California and names the country New Albion. When he makes a triumphant return to England, Elizabeth knights him. Aided by his faithful friend, Malcolm, and Sir Francis Walsingham, Drake thwarts a Spanish plot to murder the queen and replace her with Mary of Scotland. Enraged, King Philip of Spain gives the order for his mighty armada to attack England. But during a storm, Drake turns the tables, and the tattered remnants of the Spanish fleet are forced to retreat. With England safe from invasion, Drake sails off to new adventures. 

Production Company: Adelphia Compagnia Cinematografica  
Distribution Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.  
Director: Rudolph Maté (Dir)
  Primo Zeglio (Dir)
  Rinaldo Ricci (Asst dir)
Producer: Paolo Moffa (Exec prod)
Writer: Filippo Sanjust (Scr)
  George St. George (Scr)
  Lindsay Galloway (Story & scr)
Photography: Giulio Gianini (Dir of photog)
  Gianni Narzisi (2nd unit photog)
  Vittorio Bernini (Cam)
Art Direction: Nicola Cantatore (Art dir)
Film Editor: Franco Fraticelli (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Antonio Martini (Set dec)
  Brunello Serena (Set dec)
  Adele Tosi (Set dec)
Costumes: Filippo Sanjust (Cost des)
Music: Franco Mannino (Mus comp & cond)
Sound: Mario Messina (Sd dir)
Special Effects: Eros Bacciucchi (Spec eff)
Make Up: Maurizio Giustini (Makeup)
  Giancarlo Marin (Hairdresser)
Production Misc: Luciano Cattania (Prod mgr)
  Anna Gruber (Scr girl)
  Angelo Pennoni (Stills)
  Bruno Ukmar (Fencing master)
Country: Italy

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Adelphia Compagnia Cinematografica 29/8/1962 dd/mm/yyyy LP23374

Physical Properties: col: Eastmancolor
  Sd: Westrex
  Widescreen/ratio: CinemaScope

Genre: Melodrama
Subjects (Major): California
  Sir Francis Drake
  Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 1533-1603
  Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, 1542-1587
  Philip II, King of Spain, 1527-1598
  Armada, 1588
  Francis Walsingham

Note: Copyright length: 99 min. Opened in Rome in Aug 1962 as Il dominatore dei sette mari . Anthony Dawson is a pseudonym for Antonio Margheriti. 

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