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Queen of the Pirates
Alternate Title: La venere dei pirati
Director: Mario Costa (Dir)
Release Date:   1961
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 26 Jul 1961
Duration (in mins):   80
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Cast:   Gianna Maria Canale (Sandra)  
    Massimo Serato (Cesare)  
    Scilla Gabel (Isabella)  
    Paul Müller (The Duke)  
    José Jaspé (Mirko)  
    Livio Lorenzon (Pirate chief)  
    Giustino Durano (Battista)  
    Moira Orfei (Jana)  
    Andrea Aureli    
    Franco Fantasia    
    Nando Tamberlani    
    Raffaele Baldassarre    
    Giulio Battiferri    
    Luigi Marturano    
    Gianni Solaro    
    Anna Maria Mustari    

Summary: In the 16th century, the Duchy of Doruzzo is under the tyrannical rule of Duke Zulian and his daughter, Isabella. When an unjustly accused sea captain, Mirko, and young and fiery Sandra, who believes Mirko to be her father, are brought before the duke, he decides to hang Mirko and sell Sandra into a Turkish harem. They are freed, however, by Cesare, Count of Santa Croce, a nobleman who the duke hopes will wed Isabella. Sandra and Mirko embark on a career of piracy, and Cesare sets out to capture them. Instead he falls in love with Sandra and joins her in planning an assault on the duke's palace. As the pirates battle their way ashore, they are joined by the oppressed peasants, and the attack is successful. The duke is fatally wounded by Cesare but before dying confesses that Sandra is the rightful heiress to the duchy. Many years ago, he reveals, he ordered Mirko to kill her, but the sea captain spared the young girl's life and reared her as his daughter. Isabella retires to a convent, and Sandra, now the Duchess of Doruzzo, prepares to marry Cesare and right the wrongs committed by Zulian. 

Production Company: Max Production  
Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures  
Director: Mario Costa (Dir)
  Richard McNamara (Dir english version)
  Mario Tota (Asst dir)
Producer: Ottavio Poggi (Prod)
Writer: Nino Stresa (Scr)
  Ottavio Poggi (Scr)
  John Byrne (Scr english vers)
  Kurt Nachmann (Story)
  Rolf Olsen (Story)
Photography: Raffaele Masciocchi (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Ernesto Kromberg (Art dir)
Film Editor: Renato Cinquini (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Amedeo Mellone (Set dec)
Costumes: Giancarlo Bartolini Salimbeni (Cost)
Music: Carlo Rustichelli (Mus)
Sound: Alessandro Sarandrea (Sd)
Make Up: Maurizio Giustini (Makeup)
  Adriana Cassini (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Rino Merolle (Prod mgr)
  Franco Fantasia (Fencing master)
Country: Italy

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Max Production 1/8/1961 dd/mm/yyyy LP20443

Physical Properties: col: see note
  Widescreen/ratio: SuperCinescope

Genre: Adventure
Subjects (Major): Despots
  Family relationships
  Impersonation and imposture
  Sea captains

Note: Opened in Rome in Eastmancolor in Aug 1960 as La venere dei pirati ; running time: ca85 min; released in West Germany in Apr 1961 as Venus der Piraten ; running time: 78 min. West German coproduction status uncertain. 

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