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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Director: Stanley Kramer (Dir)
Release Date:   1967
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 11 Dec 1967
Duration (in mins):   108
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Cast:   Spencer Tracy (Matt Drayton)  
    Sidney Poitier (John Prentice)  
    Katharine Hepburn (Christina Drayton)  
    Katharine Houghton (Joey Drayton)  
    Cecil Kellaway (Monsignor Ryan)  
    Beah Richards (Mrs. Prentice)  
    Roy Glenn (Mr. Prentice)  
    Isabell Sanford (Tillie)  
    Virginia Christine (Hilary St. George)  
    Alexandra Hay (Carhop)  
    Barbara Randolph (Dorothy)  
    D'Urville Martin (Frankie)  
    Tom Heaton (Peter)  
    Grace Gaynor (Judith)  
    Skip Martin (Delivery boy)  
    John Hudkins (Cab driver)  
    Jacqueline Fontaine (Vocalist)  
    Yuki Tani (Japanese waitress)  
    June Whitley (Edie)  
    Natalie Core    
    Timothy Scott    

Summary: Among the socially prominent citizens of San Francisco are Matt Drayton, the publisher of a liberal newspaper, and his wife, Christina, the owner of a fashionable art gallery. One day their daughter, Joey, returns from a vacation in Hawaii with John Prentice, a black physician whom she has known for only 10 days but intends to marry. Because John must leave the next day for Switzerland on behalf of the World Health Organization, Joey is determined that their wedding take place immediately, and she asks for her parents' permission. Furthermore, John secretly confides to the Draytons that he will not marry Joey without their consent. Suddenly confronted with a test of their longtime liberal beliefs, Matt and Christina find themselves unable to reach a decision. Less involved observers, however, quickly voice their opinions: Christina's business associate, Hilary St. George, is quick to reveal her bigotry; an old family friend, Monsignor Ryan, is confident that the couple will be able to overcome their obstacles; and the Draytons' shocked black maid, Tillie, berates John for his impertinence. Though Christina yields to her daughter's wishes, Matt remains undecided. The dilemma is compounded when Joey persuades John's parents to fly up from Los Angeles. Upon their arrival, Mrs. Prentice sides with Christina; but her husband is dubious about the situation and argues with his son. Mrs. Prentice appeals to Matt recalling the days when they stood on the threshold of a youthful marriage. Realizing that the decision rests with the children, he finally offers Joey and John his blessing; moved by the wisdom of Matt's words, Mr. Prentice also relents. 

Production Company: Columbia Pictures  
Production Text: A Stanley Kramer Production
Director: Stanley Kramer (Dir)
  Ray Gosnell (Asst dir)
  Leonard Kunody (Asst dir)
Producer: Stanley Kramer (Prod)
  George Glass (Assoc prod)
Writer: William Rose (Scr)
Photography: Sam Leavitt (Dir of photog)
  Wilbur Gossman (Cam op)
  Darryl Kenzel (Asst cam)
Art Direction: Robert Clatworthy (Prod des)
Film Editor: Robert C. Jones (Film ed)
  Tony Friedman (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Frank [A.] Tuttle (Set dec)
  Gabriel Resh (Set dec)
  Jim Bochman (Set dec)
Costumes: Jean Louis (Ward supv)
  Joe King (Cost)
  Edna Taylor (Women's ward)
Music: Frank De Vol (Mus)
Sound: Charles J. Rice (Sd)
  Robert Martin (Sd)
  Clem Portman (Re-rec)
  James Rogers (Boom op)
Special Effects: Geza Gaspar (Spec eff)
  Larry Butler (Process photog)
Make Up: Ben Lane (Makeup)
  Joseph Di Bella (Makeup)
  Helen Hunt (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Ivan Volkman (Prod supv)
  Marshall Schlom (Scr supv)
  John Monte (Stills)
  Martin Kashuk (Company grip)
  Les Everson (Ch elec)
  Clarence Peet (Prop master)
Country: United States

Songs: "Glory of Love," words and music by Billy Hill, sung by Jacqueline Fontaine.
Composer: Billy Hill

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Columbia Pictures 31/12/1967 dd/mm/yyyy LP35733

Physical Properties: col: Technicolor

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Art dealers
  African Americans
  Publishers and publishing
  San Francisco (CA)
  Class distinction
  United Nations--World Health Organization

Note: On 28 May 1975, ABC broadcast a pilot for a proposed television series based on Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ; produced and directed by Stanley Kramer. The pilot, starring Leslie Charleson and Bill Overton, centered on a racially mixed couple who confront the prospect of meeting each other's parents. In Mar 2005, Columbia Pictures released Guess Who , a comedy directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan loosely based on the film; however, black actor Bernie Mack took over Spencer Tracy's role of a disgruntled father dealing with his daughter's white finacĂ© played by Ashton Kutcher.  

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