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Palm Springs Weekend
Director: Norman Taurog (Dir)
Release Date:   1963
Premiere Information:   New York opening: 5 Nov 1963
Duration (in mins):   100
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Cast:   Troy Donahue (Jim Munroe)  
    Connie Stevens (Gail Lewis)  
    Ty Hardin (Stretch Fortune)  
    Stefanie Powers (Bunny Dixon)  
    Robert Conrad (Eric Dean)  
    Andrew Duggan (Chief Dixon)  
    Jack Weston (Coach Campbell)  
    Carole Cook (Mrs. Yates)  
    Jerry Van Dyke (Biff Roberts)  
    Zeme North (Amanda North)  
    Billy Mumy (Boom-Boom)  
    Dorothy Green (Cora Dixon)  
    Robert Gothie (Gabby)  
    Greg Benedict (Hap)  
    Gary Kincaid (Fred)  
    Mark Dempsey (Mike)  
    Jim Shane (Dave)  
    Tina Cole (Ruth Stewart)  
    Sandy Kevin    
    Roger Bacon    
    Margo Spinker    
    The Modern Folk Quartet    

Summary: Every Easter, Palm Springs, California, is invaded by youngsters seeking fun and adventure, to the distress of Police Chief Dixon and his wife, Cora. On one of the buses headed for the vacation spot is a college basketball team with its captain, medical student Jim Munroe, and Coach Campbell. On the same bus is Hollywood High School senior Gail Lewis, who pretends to be a wealthy college girl. The bus breaks down, and Gail gets a ride to the resort with playboy Eric Dean, the spoiled son of a millionaire. On the way they meet Stretch Fortune, a Hollywood stuntman from Texas, to whom Gail becomes attracted. In Palm Springs, Jim meets Chief Dixon's daughter Bunny, who works in a record shop; and he takes her to a party, which is invaded by local hoodlums. After a brawl that ends up at the police station, everyone is released with a warning, but Chief Dixon forbids Jim to see his daughter again. Meanwhile, Eric tries to force himself on Gail, but she is rescued by Stretch, who gives Eric a beating. Stretch is pursued by the maddened Eric, who sideswipes Stretch's car, causing it to overturn. Jim, who has been trailing the two, pulls Stretch from the burning wreck. Gail visits Stretch at the hospital, confesses that she is only a high school student, and obtains his forgiveness. Meanwhile, Coach Campbell has won the affections of Mrs. Yates, a widow who owns the hotel where the team is staying, and Gail's homely roommate, Amanda North, has paired off with Biff Roberts, a bumbling member of the basketball team. As the students leave Palm Springs, Bunny promises to wait for Jim until he finishes medical school, and even Chief Dixon softens enough to invite the young people back next Easter. 

Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures  
Director: Norman Taurog (Dir)
  Charles L. Hansen (Asst dir)
  Stanley Goldsmith (Asst dir)
  Phil Ball (Asst dir)
  Mecca Graham (Asst dir)
  Bob Templeton (Asst dir)
Producer: Michael A. Hoey (Prod)
Writer: Earl Hamner Jr. (Scr)
Photography: Harold Lipstein (Dir of photog)
  George Nogle (Cam op)
  Alan MacKenzie (Asst cam)
  J. B. Allen (Asst cam)
Art Direction: LeRoy Deane (Art dir)
  Charles H. Clarke (Asst art dir)
Film Editor: Folmar Blangsted (Film ed)
  Tom Martin (Film ed)
Set Decoration: George James Hopkins (Set dec)
Costumes: B. Richards (Men's cost)
  M. Butler (Men's cost)
  Joyce Rogers (Women's cost)
  May Booth (Women's cost)
  Norma Brown (Women's cost)
Music: Frank Perkins (Mus)
Sound: Stanley Jones (Sd mix)
  Robert J. Miller (Rec)
  John Jensen (Boom op)
Make Up: Gordon Bau (Makeup supv)
  Norman Pringle (Makeup)
  Fred Williams (Makeup)
  Faye Chaney (Body makeup)
  Jean Burt Reilly (Supv hairstyles)
  Ray Foreman (Hairstyles)
  Fae Smith (Hairstyles)
Production Misc: Charles L. Hansen (Prod asst)
  Dorothy Aldrin (Scr supv)
  Joseph Barry (Loc mgr)
  Robert Cooper (Prop master)
  Jack Mintz (Dial dir)
  Bert Six (Stills)
  Charles O'Bannon (Gaffer)
  Harold Noyes (Grip)
Country: United States

Songs: "Live Young," words and music by Larry Kusik and Paul Evans, sung by Troy Donahue.
Composer: Paul Evans
  Larry Kusik

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Warner Bros. Pictures 23/11/1963 dd/mm/yyyy LP29432

Physical Properties: col: Technicolor

Genre: Comedy
Subjects (Major): Athletes
  Athletic coaches
  Automobile accidents
  Family relationships
  Hollywood (CA)
  Palm Springs (CA)
  Motion picture stuntmen and stand-ins

Note: Location scenes filmed in Palm Springs, California. 

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