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The Innocent Lie
Director: Sidney Olcott (Dir)
Release Date:   8 May 1916
Duration (in reels):   5
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Cast:   Valentine Grant (Nora O'Brien)  
    Jack J. Clark (Terry O'Brien)  
    Morris Foster (Pat O'Brien)  
    Hunter Arden (Nora Owen)  
    Robert Cain (Captain Stewart)  
    Frank Losee    
    William Courtleigh Jr.    
    Helen Lindroth    
    Charles Ferguson    

Summary: After Nora O'Brien comes to America from Ireland to see her brother, she suffers a concussion. She is then mistaken for another Irish Nora who had been planning to come to the United States to visit her seldom seen aunt, Mrs. Watson, but who decided, finally, to stay at home. A dazed Nora is taken to Mrs. Watson's home and treated like family, and then, when Mrs. Watson's son Jack returns from college he falls in love with his new cousin. Nora recovers from her injury and realizes that a mistake has been made, but she has been so impressed with the Watson's kindness that she does not want to confess that she is not related to them. Finally, however, the truth comes out, and because Nora already feels like a Watson, she eagerly consents to marry Jack in order to make her ties to the family completely legal and official. 

Production Company: Famous Players Film Co.  
Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures Corp.  
Director: Sidney Olcott (Dir)
Writer: Lois Zellner (Scen)
  Hugh Ford (Story)
Photography: Alphonso Liguori (Cam)
Country: United States

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Famous Players Film Co. 21/4/1916 dd/mm/yyyy LU8124

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Amnesia
  Mistaken identity
Subjects (Minor): Aunts
  College students

Note: This production was filmed in Bermuda. 

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