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Dear Heart
Alternate Title: The Big Weekend
Director: Delbert Mann (Dir)
Release Date:   1964
Premiere Information:   Los Angeles opening: 2 Dec 1964
Duration (in mins):   114
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Cast:   Glenn Ford (Harry Mork)  
    Geraldine Page (Evie Jackson)  
    Michael Anderson, Jr. (Patrick)  
    Barbara Nichols (June)  
    Charles Drake (Frank Taylor)  
    Patricia Barry (Daphne Mitchell)  
    Angela Lansbury (Phyllis)  
    Ruth McDevitt (Miss Tait)  
    Neva Patterson (Connie)  
    Alice Pearce (Miss Moore)  
    Richard Deacon (Mr. Cruikshank)  
    Joanna Crawford (Emile Zola Bernkrand)  
    Peter Turgeon (Peterson)  
    Ken Lynch ("The Masher")  
    Mary Wickes (Miss Fox)  
    James O'Rear (Marvin)  
    Nelson Olmsted (Herb)  
    Steven Bell    

Summary: Evie Jackson, a smalltown postmistress whose compulsive friendliness causes men to avoid her, arrives in New York City to attend a postmasters' convention and meets Harry Mork, a recently-promoted greeting card salesman staying at the same hotel. Harry, who is engaged to Phyllis, a widow from Altoona, Pennsylvania, looks forward to settling down after years on the road. Like other men, he is wary of Evie, but after an unhappy rendezvous with June, a magazine salesgirl, he accepts Evie's invitation to a party. He enjoys her company, and she begins to fall in love with him. Evie learns of Harry's forthcoming wedding when he takes her to see the apartment he has rented for himself and his wife, and she decides to return home. Phyllis arrives in New York and visits the apartment with Harry. They find Phyllis' teenaged son, Patrick, living there with his beatnik girl friend, Zola, and learn that the boy plans to stay. Phyllis announces that she prefers to live in hotels because she is tired of housekeeping, and it becomes apparent that she plans to marry Harry to unburden herself of responsibilities and chiefly of the problems involved in raising a son. Harry leaves her and rushes to Pennsylvania Station in time to prevent Evie's departure. 

Production Company: Out-of-Towners Co.  
Production Text: A Martin Manulis Production
Distribution Company: Warner Bros. Pictures  
Director: Delbert Mann (Dir)
  Carter DeHaven Jr. (Asst dir)
Producer: Martin Manulis (Prod)
Writer: Tad Mosel (Story & scr)
Photography: Russell Harlan (Dir of photog)
Art Direction: Joseph Wright (Art dir)
Film Editor: Folmar Blangsted (Film ed)
Set Decoration: Howard Bristol (Set dec)
Costumes: Don Feld (Cost des)
Music: Henry Mancini (Mus)
Sound: Robert B. Lee (Sd)
Make Up: Gordon Bau (Makeup supv)
  Jean Burt Reilly (Supv hairstylist)
Production Misc: Dorothy Aldrin (Scr supv)
  Norman Stuart (Dial supv)
Country: United States

Songs: "Dear Heart," music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.
Composer: Ray Evans
  Jay Livingston
  Henry Mancini

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Out-of-Towners Co. 27/3/1965 dd/mm/yyyy LP32382

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Altoona (PA)
  Conventions (Gatherings)
  Family relationships
  New York City
  Pennsylvania Station (New York City)

Note: Prerelease titles: The Out-of-Towners and The Big Weekend

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