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The Clean Gun
Director: Harry Harvey (Dir)
Release Date:   Oct 1917
Duration (in reels):   4
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Cast:   Stanley J. Preston (Jack Algers)  
    Edward Jobson (Dean Grayson)  
    Kathleen Kirkham (Matie Norton)  
    Robert Weycross (Senator Norton)  
    William Marshall (Edward Brantonx)  
    Harl McInroy (Doctor Bristow)  
    Charles Edler (Stephen Crawfield)  
    Louise Sothern (Della Markham)  

Summary: Stephen Crawfield, an old friend of Senator Norton, needs a large sum of money immediately, so he proposes to the Senator's daughter Matie. She refuses him, and later Crawfield overhears Matie accept the proposal of Jack Algers, a young society man. Jack's millionaire uncle, Dean Grayson, who refuses to give Jack money to marry, is shot and killed at Senator Norton's hunting party, during which a mysterious stranger lurks behind trees. When a gun which looks like Jack's is found in a tree stump, Jack entrusts both guns to Crawfield, who switches Jack's clean gun with the used one. Jack is arrested and Crawfield courts Matie again, but Della Markham, who loves Crawfield, warns him to stop his suit and says that she saw him shoot Grayson. Their conversation, which is overheard by Senator Norton and Matie, leads to Crawfield's arrest and Jack's release. The mysterious stranger, who has continued his lurking, buys a ticket for a journey and, grinning at the spectators, says that he has merely butted into the story. 

Production Company: Falcon Features  
Distribution Company: General Film Co.  
Director: Harry Harvey (Dir)
Producer: H. M. Horkheimer (Supv)
  E. D. Horkheimer (Supv)
Writer: Capt. Leslie T. Peacocke (Scen)
Photography: Eddie Saunders (Cam)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the short story "The Clean Gun" by Barr Moses in People's Magazine (publication date undetermined).
Authors: Barr Moses

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
General Film Co., Inc. 26/10/1917 dd/mm/yyyy LP11626

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Subjects (Major): Fortune hunters
  Marriage--Forced by circumstances
Subjects (Minor): Upper classes
  Fathers and daughters

Note: According to a pre-production news item, this film was to be part of the Horkheimer's Fortune Photoplays series, which disbanded in Jun 1917 and became Falcon Features in Aug 1917. 

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