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The Deep Purple
Director: R. A. Walsh (Dir)
Release Date:   2 May 1920
Duration (in feet):   6,661
Duration (in reels):   6-7
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Cast:   Miriam Cooper (Doris Moore)  
    Helen Ware (Kate Fallon)  
    Vincent Serrano (Harry Leland)  
    W. J. Ferguson (Pop Clark)  
    Stuart Sage (William Lake)  
    William B. Mack (Gordon Laylock)  
    Lincoln Plumer (Connelly)  
    Ethel Hallor (Flossie)  
    Harold Horne (Billy)  
    Lorraine Frost (Phyllis Lake)  
    Louis Mackintosh (Mrs. Lake)  
    Amy Ongley (Christine)  
    Walter Lawrence (Finn)  
    J. C. King (Inspector George Bruce)  
    Edward Sturgis (Skinny)  
    Charles DeLima (Blake)  
    Marjorie Brenner (Louise)  
    Bird Millman (Wire walker)  

Summary: Two con men, Pop Clark and Harry Leland, take rooms in a small town boardinghouse, where Leland makes love to Doris Moore, a young woman restless to leave her village. Leland convinces Doris to follow the con men to New York City, where she stays in a boardinghouse run by Kate Fallon, a woman with a disreputable past who poses as Leland's aunt. Clark and Leland plan to use Doris to lure young engineer William Lake into a compromising situation, but Kate, who has befriended Doris, tells Lake of the con men's plan, and Lake removes Doris from the clutches of Clark and Leland. Meanwhile, Laylock, a reformed crook and a friend of Kate's, is freed from jail, where he was placed through the contrivance of Clark and Leland, and kills Leland in a pistol duel. Lake persuades his friend, Inspector Bruce, that Leland has committed suicide, and Laylock goes free. Finally, Doris and Lake become engaged. 

Production Company: Mayflower Photoplay Corp.  
Distribution Company: Realart Pictures Corp.  
Director: R. A. Walsh (Dir)
  Harold Horne (Asst dir)
Producer: R. A. Walsh (Prod)
Writer: Earle Browne (Scen)
Photography: Jacques Bizeul (Cam)
Art Direction: William Menzies (Art dir)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the play The Deep Purple by Paul Armstrong, Wilson Mizner (Chicago, 3 Oct 1910).
Authors: Paul Armstrong
  Wilson Mizner

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Mayflower Photoplay Corp. 6/5/1920 dd/mm/yyyy LP15076

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Crime
Subjects (Major): Blackmail
  Confidence men
Subjects (Minor): Engineers
  New York City

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