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The Barbarian
Director: Donald Crisp (Dir)
Release Date:   Sep 1920
Duration (in reels):   6
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Cast:   Monroe Salisbury (Eric Straive)  
    George Berrell (Elliott Straive)  
    Barney Sherry (James Heatherton)  
    Elinor Hancock (Mrs. Heatherton)  
    Jane Novak (Floria Heatherton)  
    Anne Cudahy (Sylvia Heatherton)  
    Michael Cudahy (Roswell Heatherton)  
    Alan Hale (Mark Brant)  
    Milton Markwell (Mainhall)  
    Lillian Leighton (Redwing)  

Summary: Eric Straive, reared in the Canadian Northwest and educated by his erudite father, is a child of nature. His father dies as he reaches manhood. Capitalists use a forged document to claim rights over Eric's estate. Eric meets a white woman for the first time when James Heatherton brings his daughter, Floria, to camp nearby while he investigates mineral deposits. Eric is attracted to Floria, but she spurns him as a barbarian. When Heatherton's representative, Brant, calls upon Eric's lawyer to complete the deal, Eric exposes the forgery through Redwing, who was present when the elder Straive died. Enraged, Eric nearly kills Brant but is calmed by Floria. Eric gives his estate to found a conservatory where the poor may be taught to sing, thus making possible Floria's ambition. 

Production Company: The Monroe Salisbury Players, Inc.  
Distribution Company: Pioneer Film Corp.  
Director: Donald Crisp (Dir)
Writer: E. P. Heath (Scen)
Country: United States
Language: English

Source Text: Based on the short story "The Barbarian" by Theodore Seixas Solomons in The Popular Magazine (7 Feb 1920).
Authors: Theodore Seixas Solomons

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Milton Markwell 29/9/1920 dd/mm/yyyy LU15733

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Northwest
Subjects (Major): Canadian Northwest
  Social customs
Subjects (Minor): Forgers and forgery

Note: Contemporary trade journals mention the film's upcoming premiere in Venice, CA in Sep 1920 and a pre-release screening in Venice on 17 Aug 1920, but no reviews appear until after Apr 1921. It is listed in the AFI Catalog of Feature Films, 1921-30 (F2.0261). Solomon's story was called "a complete novel" by The Popular Magazine , but no evidence that it was ever published in book form has been located. 

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