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Maggie Pepper
Director: Chester Withey (Dir)
Release Date:   23 Feb 1919
Duration (in feet):   4,426
Duration (in reels):   5
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Cast:   Ethel Clayton (Maggie Pepper)  
    Elliott Dexter (Joe Holbrook)  
    Winifred Greenwood (Ada Darkin)  
    Tully Marshall (Sam Darkin)  
    Edna Mae Wilson (Claire Darkin)  
    Raymond Hatton (Jake Rothschild)  
    Marcia Manon (Alice Keane)  
    Clyde Benson (John Hargen)  
    Billy Elmer (Dud Corey)  
    Bud Duncan (Delivery boy)  
    C. H. Geldart (Detective)  
    Fay Holderness (Mrs. Thatcher)  

Summary: Maggie Pepper, a strong-willed, sharp-witted saleswoman for an old-fashioned drygoods store, raises her deceased brother's daughter Claire, because Claire's mother Ada is a thief. After the store's owner, Joe Holbrook, learns from Maggie, who does not know him, of her ideas to improve the store, the manager, feeling threatened, fires Maggie. Joe then reveals his identity, hires her as his assistant, and the implementation of her ideas soon makes the store prosper. When Ada marries Sam Darkin, they take Claire and teach her to be a pickpocket. After Ada and Claire are apprehended in Joe's store, Ada is imprisoned, while Maggie gets Claire back. When Joe's fiancĂ©e breaks their engagement upon seeing his interest in Maggie, Maggie leaves, and to protect Claire from Darkin, decides to move to Pittsburgh. After Joe is wounded helping Maggie prevent Darkin from kidnapping Claire, he pretends to be seriously hurt so that she will nurse him overnight. The next day, Joe demands that she marry him, and she consents. 

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corp.  
Distribution Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corp.; Paramount Pictures  
Director: Chester Withey (Dir)
  Louis Howland (Asst dir)
Producer: Jesse L. Lasky (Pres)
Writer: Gardner Hunting (Scen)
Photography: David Abel (Cam)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the play Maggie Pepper by Charles Klein (New York, 13 Aug 1911).
Authors: Charles Klein

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Famous Players-Lasky Corp. 15/1/1919 dd/mm/yyyy LP13285

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Nursing back to health
Subjects (Minor): Dismissal (Employment)
  Pittsburgh (PA)

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