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The Hoodlum
Director: Sidney A. Franklin (Dir)
Release Date:   1 Sep 1919
Duration (in feet):   6,462
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Mary Pickford (Amy Burke)  
    Ralph Lewis (Alexander Guthrie)  
    Kenneth Harlan (John Graham)  
    Melvin Messenger (Dish Lowry)  
    Dwight Crittenden (John Burke)  
    Aggie Herring (Nora)  
    Andrew Arbuckle (Pat O'Shaughnessy)  
    Max Davidson (Abram Isaacs)  
    Paul Mullen (The pugilist)  
    Buddie Messenger    

Summary: Pampered Amy Burke lives in a New York mansion with her wealthy grandfather, Alexander Guthrie. She upsets him when, on the eve of their planned trip to Europe, she decides instead to live with her returning father, a sociologist, in an East Side slum, where he can make observations for a book. Although at first she is disgusted with her new surroundings, Amy gradually learns the joys of shooting craps, dancing the shimmy, and escaping from the cops. After she befriends John Graham, and learns that he had gone to jail because financiers headed by her grandfather made him the scapegoat for their improprieties, she disguises herself as a boy and with John breaks into her grandfather's safe. They are caught after finding papers which clear John's name. Amy's grandfather, who earlier, disguised himself to check on Amy and softened while observing her, promises to right the wrong. Amy and John marry and escape rice-throwing well-wishers by switching autos. 

Production Company: Mary Pickford Co.  
Distribution Company: First National Exhibitors' Circuit, Inc.  
Director: Sidney A. Franklin (Dir)
  Alfred L. Werker (Asst dir)
Photography: Charles Rosher (Cam)
Art Direction: Max Parker (Art dir)
Film Editor: Edward McDermott (Film ed)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the novel "Burkeses Amy" by Julie Mathilde Lippman (New York, 1915).
Authors: Julie Mathilde Lippman

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Mary Pickford and First National Exhibitors Circuit 18/8/1919 dd/mm/yyyy LP14081

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Comedy-drama
Subjects (Major): Disguise
  Male impersonation
Subjects (Minor): Fathers and daughters
  New York City--East Side

Note: It is unclear whether Alfred L. Werker served as assistant director, casting director, or both. 

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