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The Seats of the Mighty
Director: T. Hays Hunter (Dir)
Release Date:   7 Dec 1914
Duration (in reels):   7
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Cast:   Lionel Barrymore (Monsieur Doltaire)  
    A. P. Jackson (Monsieur Duvarney)  
    Clinton Preston (Juxte Duvarney)  
    Millicent Evans (Alixe Duvarney)  
    Glen White (Captain Robert Moray)  
    Lois Meredith (Mathilde)  
    Jack Hopkins (Voban)  
    Harold Hartsell (Bigot)  
    William Cavanaugh (Vaudrieul)  
    N. J. Thompson (Gabord)  
    Charles Graham (Labrouke)  
    Madame Landuska (Jamond, the dancer)  
    Grace Leigh (La Pompadour)  
    Marjorie Bonner (Madame du Barry)  
    John Wade (Sir John Godric)  
    Thomas Jefferson (King Louis of France)  
    Arthur Morrison (General Wolf)  

Summary: Captain Robert Moray lives in the colony of Virginia during the French and Indian War, and is in love with Alixe Duvarney, the daughter of the Governor of Canada. Moray is captured by the French and taken to Canada where he is held prisoner by Monsieur Doltaire, King Louis' representative in America. Doltaire unsuccessfully tries to compel Moray to reveal the location of some valuable papers, and his hatred for his prisoner increases when he learns about Moray's love for Alixe, whom Doltaire himself admires. Doltaire incriminates Moray as a spy and coerces Alixe to give him up to save his life. They thwart Doltaire, however, when Alixe helps Moray to escape. During the escape, he turns over valuable information to General Wolfe whose English troops storm and capture the city of Quebec, killing Doltaire. Finally, Alixe and Moray are free to establish a new life together. 

Production Company: Colonial Motion Picture Corp.  
Distribution Company: World Film Corp.  
Director: T. Hays Hunter (Dir)
Producer: Lewis J. Selznick (Pres)
Country: United States

Source Text: Based on the novel The Seats of the Mighty by Sir Gilbert Parker (New York, 1894).
Authors: Sir Gilbert Parker

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
Colonial Motion Picture Corp. 2/12/1914 dd/mm/yyyy LP3880

Physical Properties: b&w:

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: Historical
Subjects (Major): Diplomats
Subjects (Minor): Canada--History
  Quebec (Canada)
  United States--History--French and Indian War, 1755-1763
  James Wolfe

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